HP laptop does not work keyboard and touchpad

What to do if the touchpad does not work on the laptop

Surely you have already tried to restart the laptop to solve the problem, but if not yet, be sure to try. Since the touchpad does not work, you will have to use the mouse or press the power button and use the arrows on the keyboard to select “Reload” in the menu that appears.

Often the touchpad automatically turns off when the wired or wireless mouse is connected. Thus, false works are excluded when you touch the panel with your palms when typing the text. Try to turn off the external device, and perhaps the panel will work.

What to do with a non.Working touchpad

Reloading, and turning the touchpad

And so, the first advice is banal. Reboot the laptop (.: During rebooting, the initialization of all devices occurs again and a number of errors will simply be eliminated at the stage of loading OS. ).

Next, try to turn on the touchpad. Usually, you need to pinch the FN button and press one of the functional keys:

  • For asus: fnf9;
  • For Lenovo: FNF5 or FNF8;
  • For HP: most often, instead of a combination, you need to make a double click with a finger in the upper left corner of the touchpad ;
  • For MSI: FNF3 combination;
  • For Samsung: FNF5 or FNF10.

Options for turning on the touchpad on laptops of different brands (ASUS and HP)

Note: By the way, some users note that together with FN on their laptops you need to pinch the Ctrl button! (I myself have not met such laptop models)

Windows 10 OS settings and mouse properties

If you have Windows 10 OS, be sure to open its parameters (combination of Wini buttons) and double.Check the “device/touch panel” tab.

It can be opened in it./ON. Touchpad, adjust the speed of the cursor, set the mode of operation in parallel with the mouse, etc.

Device section / touch panel / Windows 10

After, go to the Windows control panel (not to be confused with parameters!) and open the section “Equipment and sound/mouse”.

If you have a “native” driver for a touchpad, then in the mouse settings there should be a tab responsible for its work (if it is not. Cm. The next step of the article).

Usually, it has options for its./Obt., The mode of display of the icons and the nature of the behavior when connecting to the USB-port of the mouse.

Tip: try to click on the “Tachpad” button (if it is active), and remove the checkplace from the open. Touchpad when connecting a mouse.

Shutdown of the touchpad when connecting the mouse

The touchpad may not work in view of the lack of a driver in the system (usually this happens after reinstalling the OS, recovery operations, updating drivers, etc.D.).

Despite the fact that the new Windows 10 OS (usually) always automatically puts “its” drivers when connecting any devices to the system. They do not always work correctly, and besides, they do not have a control panel in the mouse settings (which I cited a little higher).

In any case, I would recommend to find out the exact model of the laptop, go to the official website of its manufacturer. And find the driver there for the touchpad (by English. “TouchPad Driver”). An example for the Lenovo device is given below.

Official website Lenovo. We are looking for a driver for a touchpad

By the way, you can view the presence of drivers for certain devices in the device manager. Next to those devices for which there are no drivers. Yellow wax will burn. Sign. Screenshots with examples below.

Mice and other indicating devices. Device Manager

The driver on the video card is installed (left), there is no driver (right)

The touchpad can be disconnected in BIOS/UEFI

In some versions, BIOS/UEFI can be special. Settings that allow you to turn off the touchpad (by the way, just the same began to meet in laptops from ASUS and Acer).

To help!

How to enter BIOS (UEFI) on a computer or laptop [Instruction]

Typically, such options are in the “Advanced” section (expanded).

In my example, below (ASUS laptop), it was necessary to translate the Internal Pointing Device (this is a touchpad) in the Enabled mode (T.E. Inclusive). After saving settings (F10 key) and reloading the laptop. The touchpad began to work!

Internal Pointing Device is a touchpad (Enabled. So that inclusive!)

Of course, depending on the model of the laptop and the BIOS version. Your menu may differ somewhat from my example. Be that as it may, look at if you have a device with the name “. Pointing. ” (or “. Touchpad “).

If the operating instructions are preserved, it may have a decoding of all the parameters of your version of BIOS/UEFI.

Disconnect the sensory keyboard service

This recommendation is relevant for devices with a touch screen.

In some cases, due to incorrect operation of the sensory keyboard service, the touchpad may not be inaccessible. And so you should try to turn it off (this, of course, is a “crutch”, but as a temporary measure. Why not?!).

laptop, does, work, keyboard

Touchpad cleaning

Often the touchpad on the laptop does not work due to banal pollution. To remove fat and moisture, the sensor must be wiped with special napkins or a demonseed rag of microfiber. The surface of the sensor should always remain dry and clean.

In the case of the situation “the touchpad has stopped working” it also makes sense to check the BIOS settings.

In the bootloader menu, for example, in or. The sensor is designated as the Internet Pointing Device. He is in the Advanced tab. If Disable is written in brackets, switch to Enabled and save (F10. Yes).

Tachpad in the BIOS settings

Also, a touch mouse and keyboard may not work on a laptop due to BIOS settings failure. You should check the settings by performing the following actions:

Reload the computer. When the motherboard logo appears, click Del, F2 or F10 to enter the BIOS settings.

HP g4 keyboard or touchpad not working motherboard repair io change part 1

Use the keys with arrows on the keyboard and the Enter key to move on the BIOS settings.

System Properties Keyboard/Mouse Features Device Options

Here, find the “Internal Pointing Device” parameter, press the Enter key and use the arrow keys to select the Enabled option (turn on).

What to do if the touchpad stops working?

It should always be remembered that without sufficient experience, not all manipulations should be carried out independently. If there is an opportunity to contact good specialists, then you should take this chance. The good news is that in most cases, it is precisely the simple manipulations that can be performed independently.

Turn on the touch panel keys

The simplest and most banal cause of the problem is to turn off the sensory panel keyboard on the keyboard. In any laptop model, you can pinch one or 2 keys, after which the touchpad will be turned off. The user can do this by chance and not notice the initial reason. It is necessary to repeat the procedure so that the sensor will work again and you can control the mouse again.

To perform this procedure, press 2 keys on the keyboard. First. Located in the lower left corner and has the designation “FN”. This is a special functional key that is responsible for certain fast actions of the system. To execute a specific command, you need to select another functional button in the top of the keyboard. In most cases, the functions of turning on/off the touchpad in laptops look like this:

  • Acer. FN F7.
  • Samsung. FN F5.
  • Sony. FN F1.
  • Toshiba. FN F5.
  • Lenovo. FN F8 and FN F5.
  • Dell. FN F5.
  • ASUS. FN F9.
laptop, does, work, keyboard

If, after choosing an appropriate team on the keyboard, the touchpad earned, then the problem is solved and you should not worry anymore. If the malfunctions remain, then you should further study the list of solutions.

Activate the panel in the Windows 7, 10 settings

The second common cause of breakdown is to turn off the touchpad in the Windows system. This can be done by the user himself and not even notice, but sometimes the cause is viruses, third.Party applications. When installing any software is the risk that it will complete its system setting up and thereby turn off the touchpad. Especially when it comes to connecting a third.Party wired or wireless mouse that loads and sets its drivers.

To activate the panel in Windows 7, you need to spend a few minutes of your time:

  • Initially go to “Start” and then select “Management Panel”.
  • In this window we find a item called “mouse”, we should enter it.
  • At the top of the window, select “Parameters”. On this tab you will see the name of your touchpad, here you can turn on or disable it.

If we are talking about the new Windows, then everything is a little easier here:

  • Select “Start”, and in the lower left of the lower part, press the gear and enter the parameters.
  • There is a list of available sections in the left side, there you need to find the “touch panel”.
  • Entering this item, you can turn on and off the panel. If there is no such point in the parameters, then this may indicate problems with the train train.

Install or update the drivers

The touch panel in the laptop is a separate physical device. In order for all components to interact with each other, manufacturers are developing drivers. This element is the software that teaches the system to correctly recognize the signals from the device. The touchpad has its own driver, in most cases it is installed automatically, but if there are malfunctions or they become obsolete, then problems arise.

To install or update the driver, you must go to the site of the manufacturer of your laptop. In the “Support and POS” section, you should enter the model and select the operating system. After that, you will open a list of all available drivers, in the section of the touchpad you need to find the newest version and download it. Installation is standard and will not cause problems even for a beginner. After installing the driver, it is necessary to restart the laptop and check the work of the panel.

Elimination of conflicts with other mouse drivers

Often for more comfortable work with a laptop, users connect their own mouse. It can be wired or wireless, but for the operating system it is always a new device for which drivers are needed. In most cases, standard system software is used and the mouse connection does not cause any problems. But if the device is multifunctional, then it sets its software. The mouse can have additional keys for more efficient interaction with files. Most often, complex drivers and programs are installed for game models.

In order to prevent conflicts of a connected mouse with a built.In touch panel of a laptop, it is necessary to control devices. To do this, go to the “Device Manager” (can be found through the search) and turn off the mouse. If after its disconnection the touchpad earned, then the problem is in the drivers. It is worth trying to update them or vice versa. Roll back.

HP Touchpad Not Working in Windows 10/8/7 [2021 Tutorial]

Clean the sensor of dirt

In order for the touch panel to respond correctly to touch, it needs good contact with her finger. A laptop is a portable device, it often turns out where it should not be worth it. As a result, dirt appears on the touch layer, which negatively affects the quality of the contact of the finger. This problem manifests itself with slow movements on the screen, twitching, frequent hangs. At a certain moment, the panel simply loses contact with the finger, and the mouse stops on the screen. To solve this problem, it is necessary to clean.

Why the laptop‘s touchpad doesn’t work. Because it is disconnected

Really. This is a very frequent phenomenon when TouchPad is simply disconnected. The user mistakenly thinks that there was a hardware breakdown or a failure at the software level.

In my case, the touchpad on the HP laptop cannot be turned off from Windows from the keyboard. Yes, I didn’t try. But some laptops have on the keyboard the function of turning on / off the touchpad.

In this case, they use the FN key and some functional button on the panel from F1 to F2. For example, on different laptops combinations of the taching shutdown keys are as follows:

It is worth noting that in the described models there are many varieties of laptops and the combination of keys may differ. Checking which keys is very easy to press. Find the touchpad icon on the keyboard and clamp it along with the FN key.

As I said, in my model there is no way to turn off or turn on the touchpad using keyboard keys. But on some types of HP laptops on the touch panel itself, the button has a button at the top left. It must be pressed twice and the touchpad will be disconnected. If anything, touch button.

Some laptop models, such as ASUS, have built.In software that can configure mice and touchpads. Asus Smart Gesture is capable of this. He checks the functionality of the touchpad, and if there are any problems with him, he will indicate this.

How to turn on the touchpad through the BIOS laptop

Sometimes the above methods of activating the touch panel of the laptop do not help at all. In my case, it happened. There are no combinations, no buttons on the touchpad. Here is such a shitty model. Well, let’s look at the BIOS and check the settings.

Most often, the method of entering the BIOS on laptops does not differ. How to enter BIOS? Set some key from F1 to F12. It can also be ESC or DEL keys. See information on the above link or in the passport to the system board.

The BIOS Tachpad option usually has the name Internal Pointing Device and is in the Advanced section. If the parameter is transferred to the Disabled position, this means the touchpad is disconnected. Transfer the parameter to Enabled.

To save the used BIOS settings, press the F10 key and confirm the action.

Solution solution

First, check that the touchpad is not disconnected in the Windows settings themselves. The necessary settings are in the control panel, the “Mouse” section.

On Windows 8 or 8.1 you can press the combinations of the WinQ keys and in the search to enter the key word “mouse”. Click on the result and in the “device parameters” tab, see if the touch panel is turned off. If turned off, then turn on.

Further, if “parameters” or “settings” in the same window, then a window with some touchpad settings will be displayed. Depending on the model, they may differ. Now you need to make sure all the functions of the touchpad are active.

We persist and reboot the computer for a greater effect. If all the actions carried out did not help, then most likely the problem is in the drivers.

Standard methods for activating touchpad on a laptop with Windows 10

As a rule, the touchpad is turned off and turns on in two standard ways: using a combination of certain keys and through the “control panel”. There are also separate utilities from the manufacturers of laptops themselves, with which you can turn on, disable and configure the touch panel.

Using the keyboard

Activate the touch keyboard, if it suddenly turned off and does not work, you can with the help of a special key combination, which, unfortunately, depends on the laptop manufacturer. There is no unified combination.

This combination must be included. It is usually located to the left of the Windows button, which launches the Start system menu system menu. The second key is one of the functional buttons: from F1 to F12. You can determine the button using the icon drawn on it in the form of a panel, which can be crossed out. For example, a combination of fn f1 was made for Sony devices.

On the button for turning on and off the touchpad, the icon is usually drawn in the form of a crossed touch panel

Imagine a few more compliance of manufacturers and combinations:

  • There are two options for ASUS: FNF9 or FNF7.
  • For Lenovo. FNF8 or FNF5.
  • For Acer. FNF7.
  • For Dell, use fnf5.
  • In Toshiba. FNF5.
  • Samsung also uses a combination of FNF5.

On portable computers from HP in the left corner of the touch panel there is usually a button that turns on and turns off the touchpad. For activation, you just need to make a double tap.

Using the “control panel”

Your touch panel can be disconnected if the removable device “Mouse” is connected to the computer with the appropriate activated parameter in the system settings. How to disable this parameter and turn on the touchpad?

  • Using the Start system menu, we start the “control panel” window on the screen. Open the “control panel” using the “Start” menu
  • In the list of main blocks, click on “Equipment and sound”. Launch one of the main sections called “Equipment and Sound”
  • We pay attention immediately to the links in the first section “Devices and Printers”. We need a “mouse”. We click on it once with the left button. Click on the section “Devices and printers”
  • Now we switch immediately to the Clicpad or Elan tab depending on the model of your laptop. Another possible name of the section is “The parameters of the device”. Click on the “Activate device” button
  • In the tab, click on “Activate the device”. From the item “Disconnecting when connecting an external USB mouse” we remove the mark.

In the standard program from the manufacturer

Laptop manufacturers, for example, Dell and ASUS, often release their software with which you can include and configure the touchpad. For ASUS, this utility is called Smart Gesture. Usually she has already been preinstalled. It just needs to be launched, and in it already disable the functions of deactivation of the touchpad with the connection of the mouse.

  • Using Windows Search, Find the Smart Gesture program if you have a laptop from ASUS. The utility can also be launched through the Windows Explorer. Open the system disk and the Program Files folder. It should be an asus section. Find a file with the utility application in it and open it. Open the Asus Smart Gesture in the Program Files folder on a system disk
  • In the window of the standard utility from the company, we immediately go to the Mouse Detection tab. Remove the mark from the “Disconnecting of the touch panel when connecting the mouse” and click on “Apply”
  • We remove the mark from the “Disconnecting of the touch panel when connecting the mouse”.
  • In order for the changes in the settings to enter into force, click on the “apply” button, located in the lower right corner of the window.

How to eliminate problems

Before using any action, try to restart the device. Why do you need to do it? Perhaps due to long.Term work, the operating system fails. If this did not help, try one of the methods below.

laptop, does, work, keyboard

In the case of contamination of the touchpad, wipe it with a damp cloth or a cotton swab moistened in alcohol. Also make sure that the fingers are dry and clean during operation.

The most common cause of the non.Working touch mouse is its disconnection. To turn on/off the touchpad, special key combinations are provided, which differ depending on the model:

In order to make it easier to navigate, manufacturers apply an image of the touch panel to the desired functional key. In some laptops, for example, HP, the touchpad is turned off by double pressing it in the designated place (usually the left upper corner).

In certain cases, reinstalling drivers will help. To do this, use the CDs going with the laptop. If it is not, the current version of the driver can always be downloaded on the manufacturer’s website, which is even better, because the cause of the malfunction could well be outdated.

If the reason is that the device is disabled in the BIOS settings, you should turn it on. This will need:

laptop, does, work, keyboard
  • Go to BIOS. To do this, click when you turn on the appropriate key (in most cases del). The required key is indicated when loading, for example, “Press del to Run Setup”.
  • Find in the “Advanced” section “Internal Pointing Device” and make sure that it is opposite “Enabled” (inclusive).
  • Go out. To do this, select “Exit” and click “Save Exit Setup”.

The following methods, in most cases, help to solve problems with a non.Working sensory mouse. If in your situation they did not bring the result, then, most likely, the reason is mechanical damage, for example, in the disconnected train, which connects the touchpad. If you are confident in your abilities, you can try to disassemble the laptop and fix it, otherwise it is better to contact a specialist.

Automatic update

The easiest option for solving the NDash problem, installing the necessary drivers through the tasks dispatcher. In this situation, the necessary files will be uploaded from the Myrosoft website, although the developer advises the drivers to reinstall manually, loading their official versions from the support site.

  • We open the context menu by pressing Winrarr, X.
  • Choosing the section “Mouse and other indicating devices”.
  • Click on the site update for the selected equipment.

Installation of the driver from the developer resource

When the above method does not solve the issue or a new driver is not detected, it must be downloaded from the laptop support site:

  • We switch to the appropriate resource.
  • Find our gadget.
  • Choosing a driver for windows 10 corresponding discharge.
  • We load the file.
  • Launch the installer, follow the instructions.

After this method of updating, the Windows 10 driver can be replaced by their own Microsoft servers downloaded from servers. This can cause a mistake that you just got rid of. In this situation, you need to download the Show Or Hide Updates program, with which you can prohibit drivers loading, their automatic search for the touchpad.