If I forgot the password on the Samsung Galaxy phone

How to unlock the Samsung phone if you forgot the password or graphic key?

Users of modern smartphones are often used to maintain confidential information and restrict the access of the screen of the phone using the function of the graphic key, various PIN code or applications with passwords to maximize the possibility of unauthorized access. However, it often happens that, having shuffled with passwords, the user forgets an unnecessarily complex combination and then thinks about how to restore access to his data without losing any of them when discharging the smartphone to factory settings.

In our review, we will talk about the main ways to solve such problems that can easily suit any smartphones in Samsung, regardless of the model and year of release.

There are 5 main methods that are relevant today:

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How to unlock the Samsung phone using Find My Mobile

Find My Mobile. This is a special service for Samsung users, which allows you to use various functions. This will help you unlock Samsung in a matter of minutes. In addition to unlocking, you can use this service as a reserve and recovery platform, or you can erase data and much more.To understand how to unlock the Samsung phone if you forget the password, follow the following actions. Please note that to use this you need to enable the remote control function by choosing the “Settings” “Screen of Loading and Safety” “Find My Mobile” Enable “Remote Management”. In addition, do not forget to enter your Samsung account.

Open the web browser and visit the official Find My Mobile website.

Enter the system using your Samsung ID and password.

Select the option “unlock” from the presented tabs.

Now click the “Unlock” button. He will find all the information about the screen lock.

All Samsung Galaxy Phones: Forgot Password (Factory Reset)

Forgot the login and password from Google account on Samsung Galaxy

Let’s honestly, the situation is almost hopeless. But you don’t need to despair-there are still some options for unlocking. Here they are:

  • Recall. We agree, it sounds like a mockery, but in no case do we pursue this goal. In fact. Go to the page of recording access to the Google account (here is the link) and try different options. For example, enter a login and the system will help restore the password. Try. It will not be worse!
  • Complete the smartphone completely (unfortunately, it does not work for all models). Without certain skills, it will be difficult, but there is nothing to lose. Super Odin, download the software, convert the phone into firmware mode (instructions for Galaxy S9) and proceed. Be careful. All actions exclusively at your fear and risk. With the wrong firmware, it is likely to “ditch” the device, and you will lose the official guarantee. Remember this!
  • Service center. If you have forgotten everything that is possible at all, then the last option remains. Contact the service center. The only moment is to unlock documents (a purchase check check, filled out a warranty card, loan agreement). In general, you will have to prove that this smartphone belongs to you, you honestly spent your money on it, and now you cannot use it because of some kind of stupid blocking.

Sad, but there are no other ways to block galaxy. In this way, two very large companies (Samsung and Google) take care of our security with you.

Is this good or bad? Probably yes, but only until that until it touches you personally.

Unfortunately, everyone can forget the password. No one is safe from this 🙁

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P.S.S. They say that the chances of unlocking are increasing if you put a “like”. Worth a try!

Hey! Today I will show you how to delete the Samsung account from the Android phone without knowing the password. You want to delete your Samsung Galaxy account, but do not know the password or forgot it? Everything is very simple and fast. See the instructions further and write Комментарии и мнения владельцев if you have questions. Go!)

On the main screen, find the settings icon and click on it.

In the settings, click the cloud and accounts on the tab.

Next, click here on the tab of accounts.

Here you need to find your Samsung Account. It will indicate your e.Mail, which is tied to your account. Click on it.

Next, on this page, at the top right, click on the Property button (three points).

In the window that opens, click on the tab Delete the account.

Further, you will be shown warnings. Note. Your Samsung account will be deleted from this phone. Some related data will be deleted with it:

  • Samsung Cloud. Synchronization and backup of data will not be available. Non.Ishronized data will be saved only on your phone. If you back up, you can later restore data on any device by entering your Samsung Account;
  • Find the phone. In case of loss of the phone, you will not be able to detect it or protect your data. You also will not be able to unlock the phone if you forget the password, Pin code or unlock pattern.
  • Samsung Pay. Registered fees and other data will be deleted;
  • Samsung Pass. You will not be able to enter the websites and to supported applications using fingerprints;
  • Below on the right, click on the tab Delete.

Next, enter the password from your account and click on the right on the tab, delete the account.

What to do if you forgot the password? Under the field, click on the tab, drop the password. Then specify your email or phone number. Click on.

Next, you need to confirm your account using email or SMS message. Select the appropriate option and click.

Everything is ready. After successful confirmation, you will be offered to create a new password. Then you will need to enter it and you will delete your Samsung account.

There were questions? Write a comment! Good luck!

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As you know, the stick is always about the two ends. This also applies to access to our Samsung, which is designed to become a barrier for attackers. But at the same time it becomes an obstacle for us when we cannot remember it. In this case, we will come to help various ways to reset the password on your Samsung mobile phone, if for some reason I forgot. We will talk about the most effective of them in our material.

We delete all the data through the Google account

We remember that you cannot unlock the screen, but there is a Google account to access (you have a password for it). In this case, it is possible to remotely delete all the data, which is equivalent to a complete discharge, after which the phone will resemble a new one, since no personal data will remain.

  • Open the Google page.COM/Android/Find in the Internet browser, go into your account.
  • If several models are registered under your account, then you need to choose the one on which you cannot unlock the screen.
  • You will see several options for interacting with the device and a map with a gadget location point on the next page.
  • Next, you need to click on the “cleaning device” and familiarize yourself with the message about what will happen after cleaning. If you agree, then press the green button “Clean the device”.

In the event that you only use the Samsung account, then it is possible to reset the device through the Find My Mobile company service in a similar way.

If there is a goal urgently remove the blocking of the Samsung smartphone, namely to hack the graphic code, then this article spoke in the most possible way about all possible options. It is enough to carry out a factory reboot and access will be open again. Nevertheless, the appeal to professional repairmen of mobile equipment will allow you to quickly remove the lock with minimum time and money. In addition, this option is safe. Professional craftsmen will unlock Samsung, if possible will save important data, give a guarantee for their work.

These types of unlocks are suitable for any Samsung A10/A3/50/A6/A5/J3/J7/C8 ITD phone.

What to do if I forgot the password on the Samsung tablet?

Note that unlocking devices running Android is characterized by a number of features. They depend not only on the manufacturer of the gadget, but also its models, versions of the OS, etc. However, the main methods of unlocking can be distinguished. First of all, it is not necessary to find out and a new PIN code or graphic key was installed. Such situations are not uncommon if children who can climb into such settings of the device, inaccessible to an adult, play with the tablet. In addition, it is worth trying to recall the data, since some methods of unlocking can lead to the loss of all the data stored in the gadget: from the family archive of photos to documentation from work.

Using the service is possible if:

This method of remote removal of the block is possible only if the owner remembers his data from the Samsung account. The manufacturer took care of forgetting customers, creating a similar service that allows you to find, close or open access to the gadget.

Make a complete discharge of your phone

Full reset (also called as Hard Reset or Factory Reset) allows you to restore the gadget to the state of the new, that is, to make the system parameters be thrown out to the factory. At the same time, photographs, videos, contacts, and notes with music will be deleted. Therefore, first you should create a backup copy of the user data. Detailed instructions are on this hyperlink.If a copy of the data is ready, you can proceed to restore the factory state of the gadget. The main thing is to make sure that you have access to the Google account, because after rebooting the phone will require this data. If the access was lost, then you can restore it in the Samsung service center, but for this it is necessary to present documents to the specialist that will confirm the purchase of your gadget.Since you cannot unlock the phone screen, its reset will have to be performed in a more difficult way. Through the standard recovery. Follow the step.By.Step leadership below, but make sure that all the necessary personal data on PC preserve all the necessary personal data.If you have a new model with the Bixby button, then instead of the “home” button you need to hold it along with the other two buttons.We will update this material if something changes. If alternative methods appear, we will add them at that very moment. Also subscribe to our pages. Or. To be the first to know the news from the world Samsung and Android. Found a mistake? Highlight it and click Ctrlenter

Often, owners of smartphones of the South Korean brand do not know how to unlock the Samsung phone. This happens for various reasons:

forgot, password, samsung, galaxy, phone

J1, J2, J5, J7 Samsung Galaxy Forgot password How unlock

  • Forgot a lock pattern.
  • All attempts to remove it have already been used.
  • Errors in the system.
  • Some of the outsiders (often the child) changed access keys.
  • And many others.

Therefore, on the network, the recordings of the desperate owners of Samsung Galaxy and those who do not know how to unlock the gadget without a graphic key appear on the network.

The main reasons for removing the password from the Samsung phone

The reasons to find out how to remove the password on the old Samsung can be several:

  • You constantly forget PIN;
  • You gave the smartphone to relatives who are difficult to enter the key;
  • They gave you a smartphone or you bought it with your hands;
  • The key was installed by chance and absolutely not needed;
  • The smartphone screen is damaged, due to which the touchscreen reacts poorly to touch.

Another reason is the presence of an outdated smartphone that has already developed a sufficient period, and the touchscreen reacts with failures. The introduction of a password in such a situation becomes a true torment.

What else to try

If none of the following methods helped to solve the problem, contact specialized forums where the owners of your gadget model are present.

Contacting the service is usually considered the last means of solving problems with unlocking. But few users know that upon presentation of documents on the phone and checks from the outlet that sold it, they can count on quick professional assistance. In certain cases, the work is done free of charge.