If you drop the settings on the iPhone what will be deleted

How to reset the iPhone 13/12/11 to factory settings?

Development in the field of technology walks in large steps, which allows almost everyone to have their own smartphone. The world has a huge number of Apple production fans, and among them an impressive number of owners of iPhone smartphones. Reset to factory settings may be necessary for various reasons, starting from freezing the device and ending with the loss of password from the gadget. If you are the owner of the iPhone 11 and you had to face such a question as to lose the iPhone to factory settings, then our article will be useful to you.Reset to the factory settings of the device. This is the removal from the gadget or tablet of all the data stored on it. These can be contacts, messages, uploaded applications, photos, music, etc.D. After this procedure, your device is returned to factory settings.

We want to present to your attention the best way to reset the settings to factory using the program. Support for all IOS versions and devices, including the latest iOS 15 models and all iPhone 13

How to reset iPhone 11 settings using Reiboot

The main advantages of this program are that it helps to get rid of the ease of many problems associated with the iPhone. If your device hung up, then in just a couple of clicks you can enter and get out of the recovery mode. So, for example, if your smartphone hangs on the Apple logo, then you just need to download and install the latest version of the program to correct the freezing problem. And if you forgot your password, then you can remove the iPhone screen lock, even if the device is disabled. Another advantage of this program is that with its help you can drop it to factory settings if you have not been able to do it with iTunes. Reiboot is a strong tool for correcting iOS bugs, such as the iPhone update error, iPhone application failure and t. D.

So, to start working with this program, first go to the Tenorshare website, download and install on your PC program and follow the following instructions:

Settings icon missing from the home screen of your iPhone

Step 1 after you downloaded and installed the program on your PC, connect your smartphone to PC. Next, in the window that appears, click on the “fix the operating system” below. Select the “deep recovery” function.

Step 2 further before recovery, confirm information about the model and download the corresponding firmware package. In “Save the Way” you need to specify the path to download the firmware package from the local folder of the computer or, if you do not have a firmware package, then click “Download”.

Step 3 at the final stage click on “Start restoration” and wait for the complete end of the action.

Your system was successfully repaired

Any iPhone user may need to reset the device to factory settings (for example, before selling or because of bugs in the operating system and applications). If you remember the password or PIN-code from the smartphone and the login and password from the Apple ID account, this is not a problem, but what to do to those who have failed? Fortunately, there is a solution for them, although the task is a little more complicated.

Ios 15 Settings You Need To Turn Off Now

Method of reset on the smartphone itself

Reset the iPhone to factory settings, if you remember the password, you can quickly and simply. Open the “Settings”, go to the “Basic” section and select the “Reset” option at the bottom of the screen. There will be two options in front of you: “Reset all the settings” and “Reset content and settings”. In the first case, the smartphone data will be reset, but the user’s personal data will remain untouched, and in the second all the data will be deleted, including the user. During the discharge process, it may be necessary to enter a password or PIN code from the device and the login and password from the account.

Method of discharge via iTunes with password

You can do the same a little more complicated. Using the iTunes program. Before this procedure, it is recommended to go into the smartphone settings and untie it from the “Find iPhone” function (here you will need a password from Apple ID). Next, you need to run iTunes on a computer, connect a smartphone to a PC using a USB cable and select the “Restore iPhone” option in the “Review” tab. In the process of recovery, all data from the device will be deleted and the latest available version of iOS will be established.

If you do not remember the password from your account, you can go through the recovery procedure during the discharge process. To do this, you will need to indicate the email address to which your account is registered. This address will come to a password reset, moving on which you can set a new password. Write it out, it will come in handy to confirm the reset of the device to the factory settings.

Reiboot allows you to drop the iPhone to factory settings in just a few clicks, deleting all the data, as well as establish the latest IOS version. In addition, she can bypass the requirement to enter a password, which is relevant if you forgot it.

Download and install reiboot, run the program.

In the window that opens, select the “Reset device” option, and then “Reset to the factory settings”.

Wait until Reiboot downloads the latest IOS version and prepares for the recovery mode.

drop, settings, iphone, deleted

Reset iPhone to factory via iCloud

How to reset iPhone to factory settings? Icloud comes to the rescue. He will also be able to delete all the data from the device and roll it back to the factory settings.

  • Open the service from any device, you can with PC;
  • Enter the login and password from the account;
  • Select the device that is planned to be discharged;
  • Click the “erase” button and your iPhone will be dropped to factory.

Reset iPhone if you forgot the password

But reset the iPhone to factory settings is so easy only with access password. If it had not, the implementation of this procedure will be practically unrealizable. Therefore, if you suddenly forgot the Code-Parol or did not know it at all, you will need to use third-party software. Tenorshare reiboot is best suited for this role. It does not require any activity and even performance from the iPhone, and from you-the password of unlocking or access to the Apple ID account.

The reset button is located at the very bottom, and it is easy not to notice it

Tenorshare Reiboot utility itself can introduce iPhone into dfu mode

From the point of view of the effectiveness of Tenorshare Reiboot, it is no different from iTunes, the only exception that the Tenorshare utility, firstly, allows you to not enter the iPhone into the DFU mode, and, secondly, does not require you to know the password of unlocking. Thus, reset the iPhone to factory settings using Reiboot is even easier than using the standard Apple software. The main thing is to buy a paid license so that the entire set of tools is available immediately.

How to perform factory reset of settings on iPhone 12 in recovery mode

Another way to restore the factory settings of the phone using iTunes is used, in the first time, in cases where the device does not turn on for any reason. To do this, it will be necessary to convert the phone to the recovery mode, and then also restore it. To do this, follow the attached instructions the attached further.

  • Connect your iPhone 12 to a computer using a USB cable. Launch the iTunes program updated to the latest version.
  • Press on the phone and quickly release the volume increase button. Then press the same and quickly release the volume reduction button. After that, click the power button and hold it until the recovery screen appears.
  • In the window of the iTunes program, a warning will appear on the detection of iPhone in recovery mode. Select the “Restore” option in the request.
  • Wait for the completion of the discharge of the phone settings to the factory and subsequent rebooting the phone.

Reasons for reset and preparation for the procedure

Information about resetting all the settings on the gadget will be useful if you now have an iPhone 5 or 5 S or an earlier model, but you plan to change it to the iPhone 6 or 7. In this case, you need to perform the backup procedure, then reset all the settings and data from the old phone, then transfer everything to the new gadget.

Of course, there is no need to do such a discharge for no reason, because each of you probably stores a lot of important and valuable information in the iPhone that does not want to lose. Reset of settings or resetting all information is used in the following cases:

drop, settings, iphone, deleted
  • Before the sale or return of the phone as a gift;
  • After numerous tests of different applications and a large number of experiments;
  • In some cases, the settings must be reset during the failures in the operation of the iOS operating system.

Before demanding the settings, follow the following actions if you want to save your data:

  • Make a backup in iTunes;
  • Copy in iTunes all your data and applications with the iPhone;
  • Save your contacts on another medium;
  • Copy all the photos on the computer;
  • Transfer the video and music.

Now you may not worry what will happen if you drop the phone settings to the factory. The main thing is that all important information is saved. Also, before starting to drop the settings, make sure that after the procedure you will be available to wireless Internet or iTunes program on a computer with access to the network. Mobile Internet on other media is also suitable. In the case of iPhone, it is very important that the phone is officially broken. If it is flipped, then you can’t discard data. If you use iPad and iPod Touch, then you should not worry, you can start work.

What you need to know before the sale of iPhone

You can sell your iPhone or hand it to trad-in, but you need to prepare it for this the same way

How to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone? This can be done using the cloud storage of iCloud, which allows you to save a backup from one iPhone, and then restore it on another. It doesn’t matter which tariff is connected. When buying a new device, Apple offers a temporary unlimited backup.

Why drop iPhone settings before sale? This is necessary in order to clear all the data that you store in the memory of your smartphone: personal photos, calls, messages of messages, data data and much, much more than that of at least some value. In addition, the new owner will clearly be more pleasant to get a pure smartphone, and not clean it yourself.

How to reset iPhone without password? You can reset the blocked iPhone, for example, if you forgot the password. Passfab iPhone Unlocker utility allows you to reset the password and roll back the Apple smartphone to factory settings. True, take into account that this action does not unleash the iPhone from the Apple ID account due to the action of activation blocking.

What is iPhone activation blocking? This is a special iPhone binding mechanism for Apple ID account. If you do not have an authorization password, the smartphone will remain tied to it even after a complete discharge. Therefore, you will have to either leave the account or drop it. This is possible using a special utility. Detailed instructions on how to do this is here.

How to reset the password on the iPhone

If you have forgotten the password from the iPhone, it can always be ruined to factory settings

In my opinion, it will be most convenient to use the Tenorshare Reiboot utility, which I already talked about. This is a universal program that allows not only to drop the password from the iPhone, but can also withdraw it from the endless cycle of rebooting, repair its firmware, correct a bunch of systemic errors and return it to life after an unsuccessful update.

Reiboot independently introduces the iPhone into the recovery mode when resetting the password, so everything that you will need. Just connect a smartphone to a computer using a cable.

The Reiboot utility allows you to remove the iPhone password by rollback to factory settings, even if the device has already stopped taking protective combinations, and a warning appeared on the screen that the iPhone is blocked, try again. Therefore, if you need to drop the iPhone to factory settings, you can’t find a way to find a way:

The reset button is located at the very bottom, and it is easy not to notice it

Reiboot itself will introduce iPhone into the recovery mode

Important: the firmware file that Reiboot will offer you is to download is the latest IOS version. The fact is that the operating room is so arranged that when restoring it always requires updating for current assembly. Well, the safety precautions is this. In case you suddenly decide to hack the device. Therefore, agree and download without fear.

The IPhone reset procedure itself to factory settings, if I forgot the password, provides for the complete removal of all data from the IPhone memory. Despite this device, the Apple ID will remain attached to the source account, so you will have the opportunity to restore everything that was in your smartphone. To do this, it is enough at the stage of activation to select the “Restore ICLOUD” parameter, and not configure the smartphone as new. Then you will be invited to choose the last copy with all the data that were deleted. The main thing is to enable the function of automatic preservation of backups in advance.

How to introduce iPhone into recovery mode

Input into the DFU mode is the same as a hard discharge, just a power button must be kept much longer

If you do not want to download third.Party software, you can use the ITUNES or Finder utility depending on the OS version. They allow you to drop the iPhone to factory settings and thereby remove the lock password, allowing you to install a new. But first, we need to learn how to enter the iPhone into the DFU mode:

  • Ipad with Face id: press and quickly release the volume button up, then the volume button. Now press and hold the power button until the reboot begins. Continue to hold the power button until the tablet on the screen appears a computer connection logo.
  • Iphone 8 and newer: press and quickly release the volume button up, then the volume button. After that, press and hold the power button until the computer connection logo appears on the screen.
  • Iphone 7, 7 Plus and iPod Touch 7: At the same time, press and hold the power buttons and decrease the volume. Continue to hold them until a computer connection logo appears on the screen.
  • Ipad with the Home, iPhone 6s, iPhone Se or iPod Touch 6 button: at the same time press and hold the Home button and the power button. Hold them until a computer connection logo appears on the screen.

Tenorshare Reiboot

Often the need to reset iPhone settings arises when various kinds of errors, malfunctions, freezes and other problems appear in the work of iOS. The easiest way to fix this using third.Party software.

Code-Parol and Apple ID are known

If you do not remember the password from Apple ID or want to remove it, proceed to the next solution.

Code-Parol and/or Apple ID are unknown

This method is advisable to use in a situation where there is a need to really discharge the iPhone settings, iOS does not function incorrectly and it is required to restore it and/or the password from Apple ID was forgotten (in this case, you can delete the current account to then use the other). The algorithm of actions is largely different from the proposed above, plus there is one important nuance.

Note! Unlike the previous method and resetting with standard iOS means, it is possible to choose what exactly is required to erase, the following actions involve the removal of all user data on the device.

  • Repeat the steps from points.2 instructions above, but select the “Reset to Factory Settings” function and use the same button to confirm.

This procedure can be performed manually (the link “Click here”), after which it will be necessary to “import local firmware”. The same link will need to be used if you already have an appropriate file.

Note! On average, the image of iOS “weighs” up to 5 GB, consider this when choosing a place on the PC disk. Also, if the Internet connection speed is not high enough, the procedure will take a lot of time.