In which program to make a presentation on a computer

Programs for creating presentations online

Microsoft Sway

SWAY-a new web service from Microsoft for designing stylish presentations and documents. Unlike the usual MS PowerPoint, SWAY does not have so many functions for configuration, but in appearance the presentations look very stylish.

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  • A very simple integration.
  • Stylish design templates for different tasks.
  • Only a Web version that works correctly in all browsers.
  • Exports in the format of the Word and PDF document.
  • Access by link in viewing and editing modes.
  • Need an account Microsoft.

Free, additional functions are available if there is subscription to Microsoft 365.


Canva is a web service, not only for creating presentations, but also many other documents-graphs for social networks, documents in A4 format, infographics, etc. P. A large selection of templates, free and paid, many settings and changes in the slide for your needs and goals.


  • Than 250 thousand templates for the free version and more than 420 thousand templates for the Pro version.
  • Built.In images gallery that can be used to design materials.
  • It is possible to create a video presentation with sound.
  • Web service and application for tablet and smartphone.
  • You can export the presentation in PDF or PPT format, published on a website or a third.Party resource.
  • There is a joint editing in real time.

Free, Pro version 12.95 per month, 119.4 per year

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Prezi. A non.Standard platform for working with a presentation. You can build a presentation not with a linear script, but adapt it to the situation and go different routes. You interact immediately with the entire workspace, bringing the desired block with a zoom.


  • You can move from one block with information to another non.Linear. Not one after another, but in the course of the performance.
  • You can download your PPT presentation and turn it into an interactive card.
  • The free version is greatly limited in the functionality: there is no export in PDF, distance presentation, access to premium images and templates, it is impossible to present or make a presentation with sound accompaniment.
  • For a paid version, a program for installation on PC or Mac is available.
  • English.Language service, but intuitively understandable.
  • Analytics is available for paid accounts.


Genially-an interesting option for training projects: many options for designing materials for learning: presentations, quizes, interesting ideas for designing tasks for classes in your online school.


  • A large number of ideas for various interactives that can be used in the lessons.
  • Ready.Made templates and images from photography for decorating materials.
  • Only a web version, a finished project can be viewed by link.
  • You can export the presentation in PDF or JPG format, only for paid accounts.
  • There is joint editing.
  • English.Language service, but intuitively understandable even without knowledge of the language.

Free, Pro version from 9.9 per month, 89.9 per year


Piktochart-Web Service that specializes in presentations and infographics, however, you can draw up documents in A4 format.


  • A large number of presentation templates and infographics that can be changed to their needs.
  • Built.In images gallery that can be used to design materials.
  • No applications for mobile devices, only a web version is available.
  • You can save the file in the cloud or download in PDF format (for paid accounts).
  • You can shake the link to the document.

Free tariff, Pro version from 29 per month, 290 per year

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Crello-Esche is one online service in which you can create absolutely any graphics and documents-e-books, schedule, brochures, presentations, graphics for social networks, blogs, letters.


  • All templates and graphics are available for a free and paid version.
  • Built.In images gallery that can be used to design materials.
  • It is possible to create a video presentation by uploading a sound file.
  • Web service and application for tablet and smartphone.
  • You can export the presentation in image format, PDF or video file.
  • The number of downloads for the free version is limited.
  • There is a joint editing in real time for the version of Pro.

How to save the presentation made on a computer

After the presentation is made, it must be preserved. In PowerPoint, this is done exactly as in other programs, you need to open the “file” menu and select “Save as”. But, there are some features related to choosing a file format. The main format of PowerPoint presentations is the PPTX format, which is also called the PowerPoint Presentation. When using this format, you will have the opportunity to open the file and continue to edit the presentation, so you need to save the presentation in PPTX.

But, if the presentation is already made, and you are ready to demonstrate it, then in addition to the PPTX format, you can save the presentation in the PPSX format, which is also called the PowerPoint demonstration.

A feature of the PPSX format or PowerPoint demonstration is that when rebuilding such a file, the PowerPoint program does not appear, instead users immediately see the first slide of the presentation, which is open to the entire screen. This allows you to start showing the presentation made immediately after opening the file. But, PPSX files cannot be edited, so you always need to have a copy of the presentation saved in PPTX format.

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How to save PowerPoint presentation

As I said above, if you use my own, and not preinstalled fonts, then other people have a presentation. I advise you to save, transfer and upload a presentation to a webinar room in PDF format.

Click the “file”-“Save as”-give the document a name and select a PDF format from the drop-down list. Save the presentation.

Now, be sure to open it and see if your layout has parted. Just in case.

Everything, the finished presentation can be sent by calling by mail or downloaded to the cloud with access. If you have an offline performance, make several copies to different flash drives and take with you. Successful performances!

Moovly. A program for creating video infographics

Moovly is a service that allows you to create infographics and simple video presentations from the library of images or your pictures, apply an audio row. Animated videos in this program you cannot create.

This is how video infographics created in Moovly looks:

With Moovly you can make infographics, ordinary and video presentations, as well as develop your own advertising banner. The finished video can be converted into Flash or poured on YouTube or in social networks, as well as by e.Mail.

Acquaintance with the program and creating a video:

The program is easy to use, there is a free version. Moovly deficiency in the impossibility of creating an animated video and a small library of ready.Made templates, which is quite enough for a beginner. In addition, if necessary, you will have to manually draw graphs and diagrams.

When choosing a free version on the record, there will be watermarks, the duration is limited to 10 minutes, and the expansion is only up to 480 r., but the term of use is not limited. For 9.9 per month you can make a video up to 30 minutes, but when choosing a maximum tariff for 24, you can work on rollers without restrictions.

Bolide Slideshow Creator

Bolide is a completely free program for creating a slide show, besides, it does not load ads and keeps a video without a watermark. In terms of functionality, Bolide lags behind the previous options, but it has everything you need to make a simple video with music. Pictures can be cut and turned, inserted by an empty frame of any color and apply a static inscription in the photo. Software does not allow you to edit audio (you can not even cut the length), but there is an impressive collection of effects.

In fact, the editor’s functions end in this. The possibilities of saving are also limited to the hard drive as AVI, WMV, FLV, MP4, MKV. But it is extremely simple and will become an excellent option if you need to quickly create a clip without much effort.

  • Distributed free of charge;
  • Does not require registration and does not embed a watermark;
  • Suitable for working on weak computers and laptops;
  • As simple as possible in management.

Fill in all slides with important information

Before creating the presentation, you need to think carefully its contents. The presentation should be substantial, the main points of the report should be prescribed in it, there are visual pictures or graphs. First write your performance on a piece of paper, and then highlight the main theses.

Let’s figure out how to insert various elements into the presentation.

Go into the insert tab. There you will immediately see that you can insert a table, drawings, screenshot of the screen (where the picture is written), figures, diagrams.

Clicking on each element will open a window with a list of possible actions. In fact, everything is very simple and intuitively clear. The table is inserted in the same way as in Word. Click on the table, select the number of columns and lines. Fill the table. The color of the table can be selected anyone, you can also choose different effects for cells, lines thickness.

Inserting the drawing is also not difficult. Click on the drawings and select on your computer which image to insert. You can also insert photos from the Internet by clicking on images from the Internet. The search window opens, where it will be necessary to enter the name of the desired drawing.

To insert a screenshot of any of the open windows into the presentation, click on the picture. If you use the old version of the program and you do not have such a button, read how to make a screenshot here.

You will find a lot of different figures on the figure button. If there is a need to make a list in frames, build a diagram and create other similar elements, use the Smartart button. As you can see in the screenshot below, Smartart has a large selection of ways to streamline information and convey it to the listener.

To insert the diagram, press the diagram. A window will open where you will need to choose the type of diagram (linear, circular, histogram, point, etc.).

By clicking on OK, the window from Excel will open, where it will be necessary to enter the necessary numbers into the table so that the program correctly builds a diagram or graph.

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Also in the insert tab there are video buttons and sound. By clicking on them, you can insert on a slide video or music from a computer or from the Internet, and you can also write down the sound in the microphone.

All inserted elements in the presentation can be moved by slide, adjust their size, change color and make other settings.

Google Slides

Google Slides presentation program is one of the best services for teamwork. The developers paid special attention to the ability to jointly edit projects.

In real time, colleagues working on one project can make edits in it. It is convenient that the changes made to the presentation by each user are entered into a special journal. If necessary, you can see who and what changes made to the project.

In Google Slides, you can work on slides and presentations not only in real time, but offline. Especially for this, an extension for the browser has been created.

In terms of functionality, the online service is very reminiscent of PowerPoint and offers a wide set of editing tools and special effects.

which, program, make, presentation, computer

Program only for users with Google accounting. You can find it in the Google service catalog and install it for free.

  • Joint creation and editing of presentations;
  • The ability to work with MS PowerPoint files;
  • Work without connecting to the Internet;
  • Auto conservation of the changes made;
  • The ability to view projects on a mobile device;
  • The program is distributed free of charge.


Pros: An interesting approach to creating a presentation: instead of slides, a canvas is used to create a presentation. Since it is nonlinear, you can view the entire presentation or increase the scale in certain parts. Prezi can work on any platform. You can cooperate online and publish on the Internet. As in Keynote, there is the possibility of collective work.

Cons: Program effects are not suitable in reporting presentations, commercial offers and other official presentations. These tools are more suitable for impressive presentations, for example for performance.