Incoming traffic is blocked check your firewall settings

Kaspersky Anti-Virus is blocking or limiting your VPN? Here’s what to do

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Making all the different apps a regular Windows 10 user these days isn’t always easy. For example, hundreds of users have been unable to get around a sudden VPN blocking suddenly imposed by Kaspersky antivirus. This is not an uncommon problem, since VPN and third-party firewalls (they are part of the anti-virus package) do not work well together.

Nevertheless, we have provided some solutions that should come in handy. Of course, it is highly recommended to contact Kaspersky Support if the problem is not resolved after applying all the workarounds.

Disabling Windows Firewall.

On all major versions of Windows, disabling the firewall is done in much the same way.

  • A) It is necessary to enter the Control Panel.
  • B) Next, click the Windows Firewall icon. (If the presentation mode is set to By Category, you have to select System and Security first)
  • C) Under Windows Firewall you will see a window with different firewall settings.
  • D) Find the Disable / Disable Windows Firewall setting.
  • E) And disable the Windows Firewall.

For more information on disabling the system firewall, see the articles How to disable the firewall on Windows 7 and How to disable the Windows 10 firewall

It is also recommended that you disable the firewall system service.

  • A) Go to Control Panel.
  • B) Go to Administrative Tools.
  • C) Click on the Services icon.
  • D) Find the Windows Firewall service.
  • E) Disable it.

However, the simplest solution is not always the right one and instead of turning off the firewall it is better to add your programs to the firewall exceptions and keep your computer adequately protected.

Quick How To: Hamachi inbound traffic blocked FIX (WIndows 10)

How to fix blocked incoming traffic on Hamachi

Several Windows users struggled to configure and use Hamachi after encountering Incoming traffic blocked, check firewall settings error. This error usually occurs when users try to configure it to play a game, or after the computer has been reformatted or updated to a new build of Windows. It turns out that the problem is not only in a particular version of Windows, as it is also reported to occur in Windows 10, Windows 8.1 and Windows 7.

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Hamachi is making the Internet not work. Why Hamachi does not connect to the network? Network connection settings on the computer

Now we will go into the network settings and make some adjustments. Let’s check if the problem remains, and if so, let’s update Hamachi to the latest version.

Settings of network connections on the computer

Let’s go into “Control Panel”. “Network and Internet”. “Network and Sharing Center”.

On the left side of the window, select from the list “Change adapter settings”.

Click on the tab “Advanced” and go to “Advanced Settings”.

If you do not have the tab “Advanced.”. Go to “Organize”. “Presentation” and click on “Menu bar.”.

We’re interested in. “Adapters and Bindings”. At the top of the window, we see a list of network connections, among them is Hamachi. Move it to the top of the list with the special arrows and click on “Okay.”.

As a rule, the problem disappears at this stage for most users. If not, here is how to proceed.

Problem with the update

Hamachi has an automatic update mode. Very often the connection problem is caused by wrong settings in this part of the program. In order to fix it, find the tab in the main window “System. Settings.

In the window that will open, on the left side, go to “Settings. Advanced settings.

Here you need to tick the checkbox “Automatic Update”. Restart your computer. Make sure that the Internet is connected and working. After starting Hamachi should detect the updates and install them.

If there is a tick mark but the new version has not been loaded, in the main window switch to the tab “Help. “Check for updates”. If there are updates available you can update manually.

If this did not help, the problem is most probably with the program itself. In this case it makes sense to uninstall it and download the latest version from the official site.

Note that the standard uninstallation through the “Control Panel.” not enough. This uninstallation leaves behind various “tails” that may interfere with the installation and use of newly installed Hamachi. You should use third-party software, to completely uninstall programs, such as Revo Uninstaller.

Open it and select our program, then click on “Uninstaller.

First, the standard uninstall wizard will run, and then the program will prompt you to scan for remaining files in the system. The user must select the mode, in this case it is “Moderate”. and click on “Scan.”

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After that, Hamachi will be completely removed from your computer. Now you can proceed to install the current version.

Often, after the steps taken, the connection carries out without problems, and no longer bothers the user. If it is “still there” you can write a letter to Support or reinstall the operating system.

Over time, support for old games stops, servers are closed and it is not possible to play multiplayer mode over the Internet. This is where regular gamers can get help from Hamachi, which connects players from all over the world and creates a local network on top of the Internet. But what to do if during the configuration process an error occurs: VPN Status? To avoid further errors, let’s make the correct settings of the program.

How to fix: incoming traffic is blocked on Hamachi

Hamachi. This is a well-known virtual private network application that is used for various applications. For example, players often use Hamachi to create a virtual local network to play with their friends. On Windows 10, some users complain that Hamachi doesn’t work, so we’ll try to fix it.

Before you try to solve this problem, make sure you have downloaded the latest version of Hamachi. If you installed the latest version of Hamachi and the problem persists, uninstall it and try one of these solutions.

Hamachi Troubleshooting Guide:

  • Make sure that anyone can ping anyone by using the context menu Peer. If ping time, you should check your personal firewall settings and make sure they are not blocking pings and game traffic on the Hamachi connection. Instructions for setting up some common firewalls can be found in the “How To” section.
  • Start the game and select LAN mode. Have someone run the game. In most games, everyone should see the posted game in the list and participate immediately.
  • If the above does not work, try connecting to the host server through its IP address
  • If this again does not work, and you are sure that your personal firewall is set up correctly, the game may not cope well with the presence of two network connections (physical and Hamachi) or in general is not satisfied with Example for the game first type. AOE series, type two. CS

How to fix incoming traffic blocked on Hamachi

Several Windows users have struggled to configure and use Hamachi after encountering Incoming traffic blocked, check firewall settings error. Typically, this error occurs when users try to configure it to play a game, or after the computer has been reformatted or upgraded to a newer build of Windows. As it turns out, the problem is not exclusive to a particular version of Windows, as it also occurs in the Windows 10, Windows 8.1 and Windows 7.

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Hamachi incoming traffic blocking error

How to open ports on Windows

Life is now about computers, software and the Internet. Many people constantly use a variety of programs to simplify their work or entertainment.

Because of the requirement of programs to have a stable high-speed Internet connection and open certain ports, many people encounter problems with the performance of some applications. If they are closed then the software may not be updated or just work incorrectly.

Locate problem source

As you know, Hamachi is designed to create virtual private networks (VPN), allowing you to create secure networks of remotely located computers on the Internet, thereby simulating the connection between them in a normal local network.

This program is especially popular with users who actively use various game programs (Vikings, Red Alert 2, Dungeon Siege 3, Ludoria, etc.).). With Hamachi you can play with each other online, even if the official game servers are closed for some reason.

Error blocked incoming traffic in Hamachi may have the following reasons:

  • Connection of the program to the Internet is blocked by the firewall;
  • An antivirus program is blocking an application’s connection to the network;
  • Hamachi program does not work correctly;
  • The program is not run as administrator;
  • There are problems with your router (wrong settings, accidental failure, etc.).д.).

The default firewall very rarely blocks Hamachi, but it’s better to see if it has anything to do with this. Open search (using Windows 10 as an example) and enter the word firewall, then run it.

Go to Turn Windows Firewall on or off and disable it for public and private networks.

Check connection in Hamachi, if error is missing? If yes, then it is probably caused by your firewall, add the program to its exceptions or disable it while you use it.