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The screenshot of the screen is a picture of a certain area of ​​the display or the entire desktop. It may be needed if it is necessary to demonstrate the capabilities of the program, show a problem when contacting technical support or fix the contents of the page of the site. Sometimes photographs in the browser are protected from downloading. then they can also simply be screened.

You can create a photo of the screen in good quality using system tools or special software. Today we will tell you how to take a screenshot on a laptop or computer with different methods.

How to screenshot with standard Windows tools

The first thing that comes to mind here is, of course, hot keys and functions already built into the system. You do not need to install software, but there is a minus. Standard services do not offer additional options for editing and fast sending pictures, for example, you will not be able to arrange a long screenshot with scrolling or send a result to instant messengers.

Screenshot in Windows XP

On Windows XP you can create only a screen of the entire monitor. You will also need a graphic editor to save the picture. To capture content:

  • Open the window you want to capture. At the same time, click Alt Print Screen (PRTSCR). Where to look for a button? See in the figure below. Most often it is located at the top of the keyboard between F12 and Scroll Lock.
  • Launch any photo editor, for example, Paint. In the upper line menu, click “Edit”. “insert“. You can use Ctrl v combination.
  • Click on the “file” menu and export the image.

Scissors program in Windows 7

You can use the Buildings “Scissors”. It will remove the selected area or the entire monitor. How to make a screen?

  • Open the “scissors” tool. To do this, click on the “Start” and dial the phrase “scissors” in the search bar.
  • Pull the cursor on the arrow next to the “create” and select “arbitrary shape”, “rectangle” or “all screen”.

✦ When using a rectangular fragment, select the desired area with the mouse.

✦ In full.screen mode, the service will remove the material immediately after choosing the type of capture.

Recommendations for Windows 8.1, 10

To remove the display on Windows 8 and 10, you can use the “Scissors” tool. A quick screenshot can be designed using the keyboard:

Creating a screenshot on a laptop

And as it already said above, almost any keyboard (classic type) provides a key to create screenshots. It is usually called “Print Screen”.

How to Take a Screenshot on Windows 10

But on laptops, most often, you can find some of its contractions of “PRNT SCRN”. “PRT SC” and other derivatives! Perhaps therefore, many beginners simply do not realize that “PRT SC” is “Print Screen”.

(usually the “PRT SC” key is located in the upper right corner of the keyboard, not far from the F12 button. )

And so as to take a screenshot. just click once on this button! Everything that was on the screen will be saved in the buffer (t.e. In memory of the computer). Cm. An example below.

To “see” a converted screenshot. open the Paint or Word program, and then click the combination of CTRLV buttons (this is the “insert” operation).

When working on a laptop for placing a screenshot in a buffer, it is far from always enough to press one button “PRT SC” (on some devices, the work of this key is limited in the BIOS settings).

Therefore, if you did not manage to make the screen first way, try to press the buttons at the same time: “FN PRT SC” (.: without plus and quotation marks). An example below

Next, start Word or Paint similarly and try to perform the Operation Operations.

By the way, also note that in order not to remove the entire screen, but only one active window. you can use the combination of “FN Alt PRT SC”. An example below

Windows tool (Windows)

In Windows 7, 8, 10, 11, there is a convenient “Snipping Tool” tool for working with screenshots. To start this program, you can use the “Start” menu. or just enter this name into the search bar (an example for Windows 10 below).

In addition, you can use a universal way to launch “scissors”:

  • First you need to press Winr. to make the window “execute”;
  • Then in the line “open” insert Snippingtool.EXE
  • And press Ok.

SnippingTool.EXE. launching scissors (method 2)

When the program window opens, you can immediately click on “Create”. An example below.

Then, using the mouse, just highlight the area that you want to screecify (example below).

Please note that after highlighting the desired area, it will have it in the “Scissors” program window. Now you can save the resulting screen (combination of “Ctrls” buttons).

I note that from the “scissors” the screenshot can be sent to Paint 3D (for Windows 10). With the help of Paint 3D, by the way, the picture can be finished and changed beyond recognition.

And you can transfer the screen to Paint 3D and change it!

The program “Fragment and sketch”

Recently, Windows 10 added another application for working with screenshots. “Fragment and Sketch”. With it, you can also take pictures of the selected area, selected windows or the entire screen. Most likely, in the future this utility will replace the “scissors”.

To call a “fragment and sketch”, click Win Shift S or find a program for the name through the search by the system. Having launched it, select the screenshot area using the buttons that appeared on the display.

To see the screen picture, open Paint and click Ctrl v. When the image appears in the program, it can be edited and saved on a hard disk. In some assemblies of Windows in the “fragment and sketch” there is a editor that allows you to do without Paint. programs

If you have little standard ways, you can try these tools with additional functions.

Nimbus Capture is a browser plugin, with which it is very convenient to make screenshots of web pages. In addition to ordinary shots of the entire screen, windows or a dedicated fragment, it also allows you to capture the full length of the page, even if it does not fit into the screen.

And in Nimbus Capture you can edit images and save them directly in Google Drive. Plus, the plugin can record a video screen.

To take a screenshot, just click on the Nimbus Capture button on the browser panel and select the screen area. You can also configure hot keys and pictures format: PNG or JPG.

All of these functions are available for free. But, if you want to attach your logo to the screenshots, save them in Dropbox and receive operational technical support, you will have to issue a subscription worth 15 a year.

Game screen

Many users, when they are looking for how to make a screen, understand by this to get a picture of the screen from any game.

In general, from many games you can’t take a screenshot in a classic way. for this you need special. utilities. One of the most popular and convenient is Fraps (I recommend it!).


Description of the Link program: see. material

The most popular game lovers program. Allows you to observe the amount of FPS (number of frames per second) in any game, make screenshots and shoot the video of everything that happens on the screen (the program uses its own codec, which does not load much PC, and the video can be recorded even on the old gland).

In general, an indispensable thing for screenshots in games!

After installing and starting the program, I recommend configuring the main parameters.

First open the FPS tab. Here, pay attention to two settings:

Next, open the Screenshots section. Destroy the following here:

After configuring Fraps. You need to start the game. By default, in the upper left corner of the screen you will see yellow numbers that will constantly change (this is FPS, which means Fraps works!).

Now it is enough to press the Page Up button (which we set up in the previous step) and the screenshot go to our folder (by the way, the yellow numbers are characterized by blinking).

Actually, going into the folder, which was set in the settings (by default, this is C: \ Fraps \ Screenshots), in it you will find all the screenshots made (now they can be re.reset with Greenshot and apply arrows).


How to make a screenshot in the game: 4 ways. see. Instructions.

Frame from the film (video player window)

If you just open the video in some player and try to scresh it by clicking the Print Screen button, you may well see the “black” screen, instead of the image itself, which was shown in the player.

In this case, you can do in another way:

  • Use Greenshot (about this program. cm. A little higher in the article);
  • use a player in which there is a function of creating a screenshot. One of these is Gom Player.

Gom Player

Site: https: //

Great free media player, in the arsenal of which there are all the main codecs-t.e. To watch the film, you do not need to download and install anything additionally.

I also want to note a large number of settings in the program (can be configured for various requirements, for different iron). Excellent modern design, convenient navigation, etc.D.

And most importantly (within the framework of this article). there is a special button at the bottom of the screen to quickly create a screenshot of the current frame.

So, start GOM Player, then open some movie in it. Then click the button (or the combination of Ctrle buttons). All. the screenshot is ready!

The default folder, where screenshots are folded. is displayed in the upper part of the screen (usually this is “C: \ Users \ Alex \ Documents \ Gomplayer \ Capture”. Where is ALEX. your account name in Windows).

Entering the folder “C: \ Users \ Alex \ Documents \ Gomplayer \ Capture”. You will see all the created screenshots. Bottom line: convenient, fast and easy!

Other free programs

In this review, I will briefly talk about other free programs for working with screenshots.


  • A picture of both the entire screen and the selected area.
  • The ability to capture the video from the screen and webcam.
  • The ability to save both on a computer and cloud services.
  • Excellent image editor with all the necessary tools.

Screen Shooter

  • A picture of both the entire screen and the selected area.
  • Excellent functionality for editing screenshots.
  • The ability to save both on a computer and cloud services.

Pick Pick

  • A picture of both the entire screen and the selected area.
  • Huge selection of editing tools.
  • The ability to save on a computer, in office applications and cloud services.
  • Russian Support: File. Options. Languages.

Screenshot Captor

  • editor with great functionality.
  • There is an opportunity to make a capture from a webcam.
  • The ability to download the image from the scanner.
  • High quality pictures.
  • Brightness settings.
  • Large selection of editing tools.
  • The ability to compress screenshots.


  • Writing a video from the screen (available only in the Pro version)
  • Convenient editing panel.
  • The ability to maintain a screenshot both on a computer and social networks and cloud service.
  • Need registration to start work.
  • Video recording is available in a paid Pro version.
  • Building files to your servers is available in a paid Pro version.

Screenshot Maker

  • Setting up hot keys for capturing the screen.
  • The ability to take a picture with advanced games.
  • There is an option “screen scissors”.
  • The presence of a compact menu for utility control.

Paid programs

Movavi Screen Recorder

  • Writing video from the screen.
  • Edit editing.
  • Sound level setting.
  • Separation of a video into parts.
  • Add additional audio roads.
  • Adding subtitles.
  • Maintaining files in formats: AVI, WMV, MOV, MP4, etc.D.
  • Record on DVD disk.
  • Export to cloud services.
  • Record to 60 fps. Convenient in games.
  • Simultaneous recording from several sound sources (music, microphone).
  • Support for hot keys.
  • Small distribution size.
  • Download video on social networks and YouTube.


  • Writing photos and videos from the screen.
  • Large set of tools and settings.
  • Support photos and video cameras.
  • The ability to print and scan the image.
  • Conversion support.
  • Recording everything that happens on the screen.
  • Great graphic editor with filter support.
  • Hot support support for capture.
  • Support for multimedia equipment.

Faststone Capture

  • Writing photos and videos from the screen.
  • Change in color depth.
  • The ability to add watermarks.
  • Changing the size of the image.
  • Good set of editing tools.
  • The possibility of sending a picture to office applications, email and saving on a computer.
  • The ability to add signature.
  • Convenient capture of the video.

How to make a screenshot without using the [Print Screen] key

On the keyboards of many laptops, we are in vain looking for the [PRTSCR] key, which is especially annoying when it is necessary to quickly take a screenshot.

However, the “Print Screen” function is often simply hidden and for reasons for saving space can be available on another key.

This function is often among the [f] keys in the upper part of the keyboard. Press the [FN] key and at the same time, for example, the [F11] key, if it has the inscription “Print Screen”.

However, Windows also offers other ways to screech, in particular, using the “Snipping Tool” tool. Enter the “scissors” in Windows OS and click on the line with the search result.

The screen will become grayish and matte. In the software window of the utility, click on the arrow next to the “New” button to open the menu in which you will need to choose the type of fragment, for example, “rectangle”.

The “Scissors” tool allows you to apply marks to the finished screenshots using various pencils

Then drag the cursor to the area, the picture of which you want to make. After that, you can process the screenshot using the “pencil” or “marker” tools. Then keep the screenshot by pressing the diskette icon.

Free HardCopy Free Easy integrates on Windows. With one click of mouse, you can take a picture of the entire screen or individual windows, as well as edit, save and send a screenshot to another user.

How to make a screen picture using programs

In addition to the means of the Windows operating system, other methods are available to the user to create screenshots on a computer using software. The principle of operation of such programs is the same: they replace the exchange buffer and open the image in the editor window for processing, then save the finished image on the disk or upload it to the online storage.

There are quite a lot of such software in the presence: Faststone Capture, Snagit, Hypersnap, Winsnap, Joxi, Lightshot and T. D. In specialized applications for screenshots, as a rule, more advanced features compared to system tools, in particular, to capture the screen and edit the picture.

Similar programs have similar functionality, choose the application that suits you the most.

Screenshots in Yandex disk

The application installed on a computer from the Yandex disk cloud, includes a tool for creating screenshots: “Screenshots in Yandex.Disk “.

In the “Screenshots editor in Yandex.Disk “You can take a picture of the region, windows or the entire screen. In the program window, you can open a file from a computer for editing in this application.

The screenshot opens in the editor window, in which there are various tools to change the appearance of the created picture.

A similar application is part of the cloud client program

How to take a screenshot on a computer or mobile device

Ways to create screenshots vary depending on devices and operating systems. This article will tell you how to make a screen picture on almost any computer, tablet or smartphone.

Android 4.0 and above

Holders of gadgets with a fourth or more fresh versions of Android can take a screenshot simultaneously pressing the power buttons and lowering the volume. We hold this combination of a fraction of a second, after which we observe a characteristic picture on the screen.

You can find a screenshot made in a system application that performs the functions of a photo gallery on your device. For example, on the Nexus, Pixel, Google Play Edition devices and other episodes with pure Android on board the screenshots are displayed in the Screenshots folder in the Google Photo program.

old Android versions

Unfortunately, Android system to version 4.0 did not have a regular function of creating screen images. The problem was solved by smartphone manufacturers. For example, in some even old Samsung devices, screenshots can be made simultaneously by pressing the power buttons and “Home”.

If this combination does not work in your case, then you should contact Google: perhaps your device also knows how to take screenshots out of the box, but with its cunning combination.

If the search has not given results, try programs like Screenshot (for Android 2.3 and newer) or No Root Screenshot it (for Android 1.5 and more fresh versions of the OS).

In addition, if you have a device with a Root, you can install any modified Android-flash (for example, Lineageos) with the implemented function of creating screenshots.

Appbox Fallback https: // Play.Google.COM/Store/Apps/Details?ID = COM.Edwardkim.Android.screenshotitfullnoroothl = rugl = ru

To take a screenshot on any iPhone or iPad, click the power key for a second and with it “Home”. The screen of the screen created in this way can be found in the standard application “Photo”.

How to take a screenshot on a computer

Windows and Linux

There are many ways to take a screenshot in Windows. One of the simplest is to press the PRTSC key, and then open the Paint program and use the CTRL V combination. A screen picture will appear in the editor window. It will be possible to save the image on the hard drive through the “File” menu.

PRTSC key will work in linux. Immediately after pressing, a dialog box will appear, which will request the path to preserve the screenshot.

The listed methods are suitable for both desktop computers and laptops.


To take a screenshot on any Apple computer, use CMD SHIFT 3 keys combination. The finished picture of the screen will remain on the desktop.

Program and expansion JOXI

JOXI-a similar free screenshot program. I use only a special JOXI expansion for Google Browser to make a long screenshot of the entire site.

He stopped using it constantly and switched to lightshot due to the fact that sometimes Joksi screenshots turned out to be odd. I don’t know what it is connected with.

As you can see, there are a large number of methods for creating screenshots, with different functions. I have to use several services at once, because everyone has their advantages and disadvantages.

Therefore, choose a way for you to create pictures and use with pleasure. I hope the article helped you, and you will share it with friends on social networks.

If you have questions about any of the programs or want to leave a review, then write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. Let’s figure it out and help!