Instagram how to write to a computer from a computer

Direct on Instagram on a computer

Modern social networks try to expand the functionality and provide users with the maximum capabilities without switching to other applications. For example, the implementation of access to music and films, or a full.Fledged possibility of communication using messages or videos of calls.

Let’s figure out how the directory on the computer works on the computer, and also consider several useful online services that allow you to effectively manage the account using many useful tools.

Where is the direct on Instagram on the computer

Not everyone knows that Instagram is used not only on a mobile device, but also on a computer. True, the problem is that the full functionality of the application is not available in the computer version.

If you open Instagram in your browser, then you will not find any Direct there. This is all because the web version is not yet equipped with such an update, but we think that soon the developers will delight us. So, here are the little tricks about how to send messages on Instagram on a computer.

A selection of online services for communication on directing through Instagram

Basically, such tools are not designed for communication. Those who begin to use them and pay for access are more interested in the newsletter. Nevertheless, these sites are one of the best answers to the question “How to write to direct Instagram from a computer?””.

    . A relatively new tool that gives us the opportunity to communicate. It is not necessary to start the mailing list, you can simply use personal messages. In general, this is a comprehensive promotion service. But there are also the functionality of the mailings. Over, you can attach almost anything you want to the message. A seven.Day trial is available.

  • Tooligram. Another “advanger” with the ability to massively send messages. In general, everything is simple. Its peculiarity is that there is a program from this site.
  • SMM Geeks. The chip of this option is interesting filtering, the selection of addressees according to the given criteria. It may be convenient if you decide to use drugs for promotion.

How to go to direct on Instagram from a computer? Do not believe that this is impossible, because the social network is designed for a computer. There are several ways to get around this limit of computer functionality. The easiest and most convenient option is expansion-they simply modify the web version and add the opportunities that you need.

We are looking for a direct from a computer or laptop

The question is how to see a direct on Instagram through a computer is interested in many, but there is no direct opportunity. You can not go to the browser and write messages through it to other users. With the installed version of Windows 8 and 10, you can install the Instagram application on a computer or laptop and write messages directly from the application. Outwardly, it is no different from the same application on the iPhone or Android, there is also the possibility of posting photos.

If you do not know how to go to the instagram directed through the computer, and you do not have Windows 8 or 10, install the BlueStacks phone emulator. The program allows you to install the Instagram application and many other programs, as on the phone, since it completely copies the work of the smartphone. The only drawback is slow work and often undercut the system.

The installation of the application takes place quickly, the program itself works properly, but due to high technical requirements and parameters it needs a computer with high technical characteristics and features. You need a fairly large amount of RAM, a good processor and computer.

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Communication on Instagram through a computer

Thanks to the constant development of the social network, Instagram users have the opportunity to communicate with other people. There can be several methods of communication:

  • Through the total chat, which can consist of 2-15 people;
  • Personal messages through a limited chat with two people, it is worth mentioning that you can write absolutely any person on Instagram;
  • Using Комментарии и мнения владельцев on the posts of other users.

Unfortunately for many, such methods of communication are available only through the application. Naturally, the methods of expanding functions through the browser will give you additional opportunities, but they do not apply to Direct. Based on this, the question of how to open a direct on Instagram on a computer is still relevant. Indeed, now there are several ways to open your own profile on PC with all functions.

Also, do not forget about the possibility of Комментарии и мнения владельцев. If you correspond to the Комментарии и мнения владельцев on the publication for you, then the classic expansion of the functions of the browser and the official site will easily give you this opportunity. If the presence of Direct on a computer or laptop is the main goal, consider the options for how to write to direct Instagram from a computer.

How to write SMS on Instagram through services to promote

Sites for promoting the social network Instagram are an excellent solution for viewing messages and sending new SMS. Each service requires the introduction of a login and password, so there is a risk. To prevent loss of account, after the release and completion, change the login and password to the account.

How to write messages on Instagram on a computer through third.Party services to promote? First you need to choose a program suitable for you. There are several services:

For one.Time use of the program, if you need to use Instagram and direct regularly, it is better to install an official version or emulator.

Direct on Instagram on a computer

  • We move from a computer to the Instagram web version.Com
  • Log in under our username and password.
  • In the upper right corner we go to direct.
  • We use the direct (read and send messages).

In the Direct, you can write a message, create a chat and attach a photo (you can also delete messages).

As you can see, directing on the computer is a little limited, but it will come down to correspondence.

Instagram promotion will become easier if you respond to messages via PC.

I can’t find direct on Instagram through a computer. What to do?

instagram, write, computer

If there are no icons in the web version on the computer, then try to update the browser (or go from the other).

In Google Chrome: Click on the Troete in the upper right corner. Put the mouse cursor to the “Help” and click “On Browser”.

Start checking the availability of updates. If there are updates, then a new version will be established and direct.

It still does not work to see messages from the computer?

Apparently, the necessary updates have not reached you yet.

But there are two three ways with which you can open a direct through a computer:

  • Instagram for Windows (official program for Windows);
  • Open the mobile version of Instagram on PC (see. In an article or video lesson below);
  • Download Instagram for PC via Bluestacks (Android emulator).

As with PC

If you are watching Instagram tape on Bluestacks or in a browser, then immediately under each post you will see the “Add Comment” field. Click there with the left mouse button, enter the text and click “Publish” or click on the Enter keyboard to send the written messages.

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In the official application for Windows 10 and in the extensions of Chrome (Instagram web, Web for Instagram), you need to click on a round icon so that the commenting field open in a new window or under post.

How to go to the directory from a computer

If you open Instagram.Com in your browser, you won’t find any direct there, as if in the yard 2012. This is all because this function has not yet been brought to the web version; and even in the extensions for the browser (in particular, Instagram web and web for instagram) directors are represented by Kutz. You can not read, you can’t write.

This is what web for instagram says: for technical reasons, you can not write to direct directly from the extension, use a separate application for this.

So, you can fully use the Direct on PC through:

Through the application

The official Instagram application is designed for computers, tablets and Windowsphones based on Windows 10. If you have a different operating system, then you will not be able to use this program. In this case, try an unofficial application or other option.

The official application distributes free through Microsoft Store. Application from Web for Instagram can be downloaded right here, too.

Interestingly, the interlocutor does not have to use the same means of communication: you can write through one application, it is through another. And everyone will see each other.

In the official application, Direct looks like a paper aircraft in the upper right corner on the main page. Click.

In the search bar we write the name of the addressee and fall into the private chat with it. The camera icon on the left. To send entries directly from webcams. Icon of the image on the right. To send media files from a hard drive. By clicking on the inscription “Photolip”, switch the type of content: photo or video.

You can also get to the direct and the other way:

  • Click on the search icon;
  • We write the name of the addressee (channel name), to whom we want to send a message;
  • Click on it with the mouse and click “Write” in the window that appears.
instagram, write, computer

Through the emulator

There is an opportunity to launch mobile applications, including Instagram, from a computer. To do this, install the emulator of the Android operating system. For example, Bluestacks.

In the upper right corner is a search line with which we find and install Instagram.

We launch it and see the Direct icon also in the upper right corner. It looks like a paper plane, a spear tip, to a triangle, which is actually a quadrangle.

We click on it, and we are almost ready to write messages on Instagram. It remains to decide who to write them. To do this, in a line at the top we are looking for a person of interest to us, and when we find, we click on him in the list.

And we get into the chat room for the exchange of messages tet-at. The most supervisory ones may notice that the mobile application intenses (and we, in fact, launched APK on PC) is slightly different from what we saw on Instagram on a computer with Windows 10.

For example, in the list of addressees opposite each name, the camera icon is drawn. For quick sending pictures from the camera.

There are also several additional buttons inside the chat:

Another way to get into this chat: click on a magnifying glass in Instagram in the main window, find through the search for the right person, by clicking the left mouse button to go to the profile and click “Write”.

Through online services

Instagram is a social network uniting a billion user. Naturally, such an audience is processed by all kinds of advertisers, marketers and other graduates of humanitarian universities.

instagram, write, computer

One of the processing means is mass mailings through the instagram direct. For this, first of all, services are imprisoned as:

Their Inte Wee is noticeably different from the standard:

It makes no sense to dwell on it in detail, since in each service it is different, but in general it is understandable without unnecessary explanations. Everything has been done in it for the convenience of work, and the work here is a keyword.

These services are designed to attract new subscribers, promote your brand, communicate with a client base, and t.D and t.P. An ordinary user who does not conduct business in social networks, but only wants to chat with friends on Instagram through a computer, use a paid service for this irrationally. Over, other methods described above are completely free.