Install a ringtone on iPhone using iTunes

install, ringtone, iphone, using, itunes

Rington load instructions on iPhone. Itunes 12

Melodies for the iPhone have not lost their relevance, because the change of Rington brings a little diversity in our everyday life. I decided to create a new melody the other day and put it on the iPhone call, but it turned out that in the updated iTunes there are small changes in the integration, which a little complicated the task. If you make and install melodies in outdated versions of iTunes, then read the instructions here. “How to make a free ringtone for iPhone”. Well, we will understand the 12th version of the tuna.

For convenience, the instructions were made from two sections:

The presence of Apple ID for creating your ringtones in the iTunes program is not necessary, even if you just bought the iPhone and did not have time to acquire ID, then the ringtones, like music, you can upload. If you also decide to make your melody on the iPhone call, then you need to download and install the iTunes program on the computer, if you have not done this yet, then hold a few step.By.Step instructions:

Before starting, connect the iPhone to the computer and make sure that itnes costs a checkbox. Handle music and video manually.

How to add ringtone to iTunes

We have already considered the methods of creating ringtones for Apple iPhone. You can create ringtone not only in iTunes, but with other services (Audiko, Ringer.Org) and programs (Iringer, Anyring). Having made a ringtone for the iPhone you need to transfer it to the phone using iTunes. At this stage, new users have a question. How to add ringtone to iTunes?

You can add ready.Made ringtone to the iTunes program in several ways, the easiest way is to simply pull the sound of the ringtone (file in M4R format) in iTunes.

After that, in the left panel of iTunes we go to the “sounds” section (“ringtones”) and observe our ringtone, which was successfully added to the program.

You can add ringtone in another way, for this, select the “file”. “Add file to the media” in iTunes, instead of these actions you can use a combination of hot keys. Ctrlo.

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In the window that appears, select our created ringtone and click the “Open” button. This operation will also add the sound of rington to iTunes and it will appear in the Zvui section.

If in your version of iTunes there is no section of sounds (and it cannot be turned on using the menu button), then you need to add ringtones to the iPhone. In this way.

After the ringtone is added to the iTunes program, it is necessary to perform synchronization with the iPhone (5, 6th points) and the melody will appear on the phone.

How to Set Ringtone in iPhone with iTunes? Step by Step Guide in Tamil

Films and music are added to iTunes similarly.

The record was published in the heading of instructions with ITUNES settings tags, iPhone ringtones. Add a constant link to the bookmarks.

We transfer the file to the iPhone

Ready ringtone in the right format must be thrown off to the device. This is also not as simple as it seems. There are two ways to do this:

  • Using iTunes. To do this, place the created audio file in the folder sounds (ringtones) in iTunes and synchronize data with the device. How to do this depends on your version of iTunes.
  • If you have iTunes version below 10, just drag the file to the iTunes window, opening the ringtones folder (sounds) in the program. Then connect the iPhone to the computer, synchronization of the device will start, and the file will be added to the iPhone.
  • If you have iTunes version from 10 to 12.6, Ringtonian folder (sounds) in the program is hidden. You can open it in several ways: drag the rington file into the program window; click CTRLO, select a file and click OK; Go to the editing menu → Settings → Basic, install ringtones (sounds) and transfer the file to the folder that appears; press the right mouse button on the iTunes menu, select the rule of the menu, install the sound of the sounds and drag the file into the folder that appears. If dragging does not work, copy Ctrl C / Ctrl v. Then connect the iPhone, and synchronization will transfer the file to the device.
  • If you have iTunes 12.7, first connect the iPhone to the computer, wait until the synchronization starts, and then take the ringtone file and drag (copy Ctrl C / Ctrl V) to the image of your device in the device section.

The file will be automatically added to the iPhone.

Stage 3. Determination of the boundaries of the segment of the melody

It is worth noting that after fixing the temporary boundaries of the installed melody, it is advisable to listen to the song and, if necessary, change its duration.

With iTunes

I will say right away: this method does not work with songs bought in iTunes. But if you purchased a track on Bandcamp or SoundCloud, then it is quite.

Open iTunes and throw off the song you have chosen there. After that, click on the track with the right mouse button and choose the item “Information about the song”. After that, in the “Parameters” section, select any piece of song with a lasting no more than 30 seconds:

Click on OK and convert this song in AAC. You can do this along the path “File” “Convertation”:

After that you will have a shortened version of your song. Click on it with the right mouse button and select “Show in Finder” (“Show in the conductor” if you use Windows).

Then return to iTunes and delete this “stub” of the song from it, but leave the file in place. Open that Finder folder where you have a spanned shortened version of your favorite song. She will be in format.M4A. Rename it so that the permission of the track is in.M4R:

install, ringtone, iphone, using, itunes

After that, connect your iPhone to the computer and go to iTunes in the device synchronization menu. On the left you will find the item “Sounds”. Just drag your file in format there.M4R:

install, ringtone, iphone, using, itunes

How to put individual melodies on different contacts?

To change the melody of a call for a separate subscriber, which is very convenient when waiting for important calls, you will need:

install, ringtone, iphone, using, itunes
  • Enter the “Phone” menu;
  • Select the necessary contact;
  • Press the “change” key;
  • A list of possible compositions for installing an incoming call or SMS from this subscriber will appear in the upper left corner.

How to install a ringtone on iPhone without itunes

If you want to install your own rington on the iPhone, this can be done without iTunes. We will show how to appoint a ringtone on our own.

To install your own ringtone on the iPhone, it is not necessary to use iTunes.

Instead of iTunes, you can seek help from another application. The GarageBand program allows you to install the melodies of the call directly, without iTunes. The application is completely free, but heavy. It “weighs” a little less than two gigabytes.

So, the application has been installed. Launch GarageBand and select “Audio Recorder” in the “Tracks” section. Then click the “Little Plus” icon in the upper right corner and select “automatically” in “Section A”.

After that, remove the mark above the red button above. To select the desired track from the iPhone, use the loop button in the upper right corner.

Cut the suitable piece of the track, but keep in mind: its length should not exceed 30 seconds. To do this, move the sliders to the right position inside the track.

Click on the soundtrack and touch the area “Share”. If you drag the scissors icon down, the soundtrack will be cut. Now delete unnecessary parts of the composition.

In the upper right corner, press the small arrow and select “My Songs”. Click “choose” on the right and mark the melody of the call. Then, using the download button, you can save the ringtone to the melody of the call. After that, assign him a suitable name.

Now it remains only to set the track as a new ringtone in the section “Settings” section “Sounds and Audio”.

Preparation before installing a ringtone on iPhone using iTunes

To get started, we need a computer with the Mac or Windows operational system. The ITUNES program should be installed on the PC, as well as the audio file of the permissible format (accurately suitable.Mp3) with your favorite track.

  • Launch iTunes. “Menu” “File” “Add to the media”. The conductor window opens. Find and click twice for the desired track.
  • After loading the audio files on iTunes, we include a cursor on it and click on the right mouse button. Click on “information” “Parameters”.
  • Put the marks of the beginning and end of the musical fragment we need. According to the factory installations, the iphone ringtone cannot last longer than 30 seconds. Click “OK”.
  • Once again we put the cursor to the track and click on the right mouse button. Click “Create a version in AAC format”. If you did everything right, a copy of your song will appear in the media text.
  • With the right button, click on the just created audio file and go to the subsection “Show in Finder” (Mac) or “Show in the conductor” (Windows). A folder with a place of storage of audio recording in the PC file system will appear on the screen.
  • By default, the file is stored in.M4A format. Rename the file by changing the extension to.M4R. The necessary expansion can be selected from the drop.Down menu in the lower part of the window or imprinted manually.
  • We return to iTunes and delete the audio file created by us from the media. Click on it with the right mouse button and click “Delete”. In the dialog box that opens, select the option “Leave the file”.
  • Return to the conductor and click twice to the renamed file. Rington will be automatically imported into the media, but already on the tab with calls. If this does not happen, try adding the ringtone to iTunes as indicated in the 1st paragraph.
  • Connect the iPhone to PC and start synchronization with iTunes. Can be done completely, you can only for calls. All the ringtones stored in the iTunes media text will be loaded in the iPhone.
  • We go to iPhone settings Rington sounds. If all previous actions were completed successfully, then the new composition will appear among available standard ringtones. Choosing our ringtone as a melody for a call.

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