Install the Play Market on Samsung Galaxy. Preparing to install

Google Play is a variety of digital content for devices running Android operating system. All registered users have access to games, programs, books, music and films that are conveniently sorted by categories.

Content is both paid and free, and the first is much more. Having the Google Play installed on your device, you can quickly find and install the necessary applications, such as browsers. If you include the auto-renewal function in the settings, then when a new version of any application is released, it will be automatically updated without the need for user intervention.

Chinese Android smartphones from little.known companies, as a rule, are significantly inferior in value to models from eminent developers. However, such devices usually have an unpleasant minus. the complete absence of Google applications and services, including Google Play. The lack of Google Play is not rare even on devices from better well.known companies, for example, on many smartphones from Xiaomi.

Examples of popular smartphones without installed Google Play:

The absence of Google Play is also found when installing custom firmware on the device.

There are several ways to “unofficial” installation of Google Play on such devices. The effectiveness of a particular method may depend on the model, nucleus and version of the gadget firmware.

Google Play installation methods via smartphone

Method 1

On some smartphones, install the Play Google Play market in the simplest way-through a pre-uploaded apk file. Before installation, you need to allow the installation of applications from unknown sources in the “Safety” menu in the smartphone settings.

Method 2

For owners of smartphones from Xiaomi, there is a special application on a smartphone or Google Installer tablet. When starting, in the application you need to accept the conditions of use, after which it will be possible to select the necessary Google services for loading and installing. The application is sharpened exclusively for Xiaomi gadgets and on many smartphones from other manufacturers can work incorrectly.

Method 3

Google Apps Installer is a similar MEIZU smartphone program. You can download it from the official Meizu store. Installation of Play Market through it occurs in a similar way: you need to accept the conditions of use and select the necessary services for installation. Compatibility with devices from other manufacturers of this application is lower than that of Google Installer.

Method 4

This is a more complex and reliable way to install a Play market on the phone, for those who have not managed to install simple methods. First you need to install the application for changing firmware and system programs. Any Recovery, for example, TWRP or ClockworkMod is suitable. It is also desirable (but not necessarily) to get a ROOT-right.

It is required to create a unique Google services package for the selected device. You can do this using the Open Gapps program. After starting, the program will check the Root-right and ask if the Android version and the smartphone processor have determined correctly. In case of errors, the correct version and the processor must be indicated manually. The next step will be the choice of a package of services. Open Gapps contains 8 versions of such packages.

To install Google Play, it is enough to choose a standard package called Pico, but to obtain additional opportunities, including those associated with Google Play, you should choose Full or Aroma. Having decided on the choice of the package, you need to click the “Download” button, after which it will start loading it. The minimum bag weighs about a hundred megabytes, and large about 1 GB. After downloading, you need to select “install” and install all services will pass automatically (if there is a ROOT-right).

In the absence of a Root-right, the downloaded package must be installed manually as follows:

  • Reload the device in recovery mode, holding a special key combination when turned on. It may vary on different devices, but, as a rule, it is a Home button, a power button and volume increase.
  • Using the volume switch buttons for navigation, select “Install” item.
  • In the menu that appears along the way “Downloads/Opengaps” and find there previously downloaded ZIP archive program.
  • Select a ZIP archive and confirm the installation of the package.
  • At the end of the installation, press the Reboot System button.
install, play, market

After successful installation, you need to connect the device with the Google account. If there is no account, then you need to register. Registration can be passed both on the official website and through the settings of the gadget. The registration procedure through the settings is as follows:

  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Go to the “Accounts” menu (on some devices “Settings of accounts and synchronization”).
  • Select “Add account”, and then “Google”.
  • Following the screenings on the screen, fill out the required data and agree with the use policy.

If desired, there you can also tie a credit card to your account, which will be used to purchase paid content in the market.

Google Play Market

Google Play Market (Google Play Market). This is an incredibly convenient application that helps the owner of the mobile device significantly increase its functionality, loading fresh toys, buy movies, download your favorite music. Now there is no particular need to look for the necessary programs throughout the Internet, when for a couple of clicks it can be downloaded through the above service.

The official customer of the store from the Google Studio, which includes a set of the most necessary programs for the full.scale work of the market, and other products of the above company. The installer is absolutely universal and unpretentious, as it is associated with absolutely any mobile device, and after downloading, you only need to create an account or introduce an already registered.

In the market, the user will find many high.quality projects and programs with convenient and understandable sorting, as well as search. And if you have not yet discovered a torrent or just decided to thank the author, then you can purchase audio recordings, films and literature right in this store! Without looking at the visible advantages of the application, he has one significant minus. a mandatory check of the license agreement. Say, if you want to download paid content with a license. When you turn on, an error will be displayed in front of you and the product will not turn on.

The developers are very carefully and work well on all kinds of upgrade Google Play Market. Interesting updates are regularly stamped that improve overall functionality. Over time, the Google Play application is updated and some adjustments are made there in the appearance. In the coming year, the service design was redesigned according to the Material Design standard created in Google. The developers of the service really put certain forces into their product to make it extremely simple, so that even the most inept user managed to find the necessary for a couple of clicks and download it to his device.

If for some reason the user cannot purchase a certain application, or there are simply not enough material resources for its purchase, the user will be able to easily in the “list of desires”. You can also familiarize yourself with the Комментарии и мнения владельцев and check the exit of updates. To forever remove the hacked version of the program and return the source. delete the entire cache of the program and all the data related to it and load the original. To do this, click in the application menu tab and find the GP service and click “Delete data”.

Although Google Play has a market for paid applications and other products, in most cases it can be found in it a free version of the program, albeit with less functionality, which in most cases cannot be distinguished from the original version of the product.

Provision of permits

It is possible that the Play Market icon disappeared from the main screen due to the ban on certain actions. Such parameters are regulated through the phone settings. And to restore the display of the application store, you must do the following:

If all permissions are issued, then Play Market is simply obliged to appear on the main screen. In case, this time there is no positive changes, it is recommended to pay attention to alternative ways to solve the problem.

Cleaning the cache

There is a chance that the store icon has retired due to a system failure. Most often, this kind of malfunction occurs due to a crowded storage of the cache. Therefore, to solve the problem, you need to get rid of the extra cache:

install, play, market

Important. Near the “Clean Cache” button, there may be a “clear data” button. Do not mix them up and press only the first, since pressing the second button will lead to the removal of personal information stored as part of the store.

Manual cleaning is not the only way to get rid of garbage that interferes with stable work programs. You can also use specialized software like CCleaner or Clean Master if it is installed on the phone.

How to open and activate the Play Market, its setting on the phone

On board smartphones with the default Android operating system, the Play Market store is installed. It allows you to install free games and applications, as well as make purchases of films and books. This utility plays an important role in the operation of the device, and the descendant of each owner of the Android Smartphone should know how to configure the Play Market application store. Next, we will analyze the main options that may come in handy.

The client of the application store consists of many settings, not all of which are of fundamental importance for an ordinary user. We will analyze the main points that can potentially affect the operation of the device and comfort when operating.

Notification settings

Like any other application on Android, Play Market likes to send notifications. But, if in the case of instant messengers we are talking about timely notification of the incoming message, then in the Play market notifications do not play such an important role, and therefore they can be turned off:

In the Play settings, the marketes presents different types of notifications that the user can control, namely:

If desired, you can turn off all notifications in general, and this will positively affect the autonomy of the device. Also, the lack of unnecessary notification will make the screen more “clean”, and you will not lose important notifications among information messages from the Play Market. At the same time, some notifications are recommended to leave (“account”. if a bank card is tied to your account, “available updates”. if the Play settings of the market is not activated).

Changing load settings

Another important point when setting up Play Market is to change the download parameters. This is a settings section that becomes available after opening the “Connection Settings” tab. Here the user can set the parameters for three scenarios:

For each scenario, it is proposed to install one of three parameters:

  • Any network. Content loading is carried out regardless of whether you are connected to a mobile Internet or Wi-Fi.
  • Only through Wi-Fi. Downloading applications and auto-let in the video is performed exclusively when connecting to the wireless Wi-Fi network.
  • Always ask. Before launching a video playing or downloading the Play Market program asks the user which network can be used to download.

These parameters are important for those who use a mobile Internet with a limited traffic package. In this case, it is recommended to set the value “only wi-fi”. And if for Wi-Fiya your tariffing is not unlimited, then set the meaning “always ask”.

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A wish list

Inside the Play markete on the tablet and smartphone there is the so.called “list of desires”. Content falls into it (applications, books, films) that you wanted to download, but for some reason you did not do this. For example, you can add a paid game to the list of desires, for the purchase of which there is currently no time:

install, play, market
  • Launch an application store.
  • Using a search line and filters, find the content of interest.
  • Go to the page of the book, movie or applications.
  • Press the three points button.
  • Follow “Add to the list of desires”.

To get acquainted with the list of products that interest you, you need to take a few simple steps:

Any content added to the list can always be deleted. To do this, go to its page and click the “Delete from the list of desires” through “Three points”.

Changing the topic

Also in the parameters of the store you can change the topic. True, the user here is not offered a wide selection among design options. There is only a light or dark theme. In addition, you can configure the synchronization of the topic inside the Play Market and inside the shell of the smartphone by setting the default value. To change the parameters, you need:

No more design settings are offers an application store. However, the appearance of the Play of the market can be called neutral, and it is unlikely to annoy anyone even when using standard parameters.

How to enter and get out of Google Play Store?

Finally, it is worth saying a few words about the features of the entrance and exit from Play Market. You can connect an application store by creating a Google account. As a rule, the user registers it as soon as he is going to turn on the smartphone. At the first stage of the setting of the device, he is offered to activate the account by passing authorization or registration. Further, the entrance to the Play Market is automatically performed.

The exit from the account is carried out through the settings of the phone, not the store:

You will simultaneously get out of all applications that use Google’s account. For a second entrance, you will need to visit the “Accounts” section in the phone settings and undergo authorization, indicating the login and password.

How to download the Play Market from a computer to the phone

Some are more familiar to work on their PC, so you can download the installation file, and only then transfer to the smartphone yourself. There are several methods.

  • Go to APK-DL resource.COM and insert the saved address in the line of queries. click on the icon of the magnifying glass;
  • In the flooded window, click on the Download APK File. it is located below.
  • Go to the Google Play page and copy the address;
  • Go here. http: // Apps.Evozi.COM/ APK-Downloader/ and insert the link that was copied into the query line;
  • Then click on the blue button “Generate. “And after checking, press on the green” Click Gee to Download. “”.

These methods are clear and affordable, they will help quickly download the program on the computer, and only then copy manually through the cable to the smartphone. All of the above rules are the same for all devices operating on the Android platform. The correct sequence of actions will allow you to quickly download and register in the system without viruses, without damaging at your device.

Interestingly, since 2016, on MEIZU phone numbers there is no longer a Google Service Prevention, including Google Play. In new products, this application goes as an installer that allows its owner to download the latest software updates.

How to delete?

I think there will be such users who go to remove the product from their phone. I note right away that it will not work without a root-right, you can only disable the already built-in software. It is important to remember that with Play deactivation, the market will be deleted all the user’s information in the application store, the icon from the list will also be removed.

Removing from shutdown differs only in that the installation file will remain in the gadget’s memory when disconnected. There is no need to receive a ROOT to remove Play Market, you just need to know how to deactivate it. To carry out these actions, the latest new version of the service is required, further actions are as follows:

The service will definitely not work without registration, you will not be able to go into it and download the necessary applications, so you still have to go through these steps.

Many Nokia users also want to have an application store on their device in which you can find software software. There are not many suggestions in Microsoft MarketPlace, so there is a need to download a Play Market without android. It is easy to install it on Nokia X, this will help the Nokia X/XL Tools programs, as well as Nokia X2 Tools, it all depends on the model of the device. For nokia gadgets you need:

  • Launch and open the aforementioned program. Enter 1 in the window and click Enter;
  • The driver of installation of drivers will be opened;
  • Connect the device to PC, wait for the installation;
  • Turn off the phone and start the program again, enter 4 and Enter.

How to download Play Market on your phone? As you can see, it is quite simple to make it, you only need to perform all the steps in a certain sequence.

How to install Google Play on Android

Like any program on the Android operating system, Google’s company apparatus store can be installed using APK file. To do this, it is necessary to give the smartphone permission to install applications from unknown sources. Z Ayit in “Settings” “Expanded settings”. Select the Safety tab and activate the toggle switch in the line “Allow the installation from unknown sources”.

The name of the menu items may vary depending on the smartphone, but the corresponding option is always located in the security settings section. You can also immediately go to the next point, and when you try to launch the installation file, the system itself will offer you the appropriate setting.

Next, you need to download the Play Market on the phone APK phone. There are a lot of sites on the Internet where it can be done, but not all of them are safe. We recommend using APKMIRROR (download link), this is a proven supplier of various programs, no problems with you will have. Various versions of the application are available for download, choose the latest.

After downloading, find and run the APC file using any file manager and follow the tips of the smartphone, simultaneously giving all the necessary resolutions.

After the installation is completed, the standard Play Market settings will be required: start the application, go into our account and, if necessary, enter the card details for payments if you plan to make purchases in the store. Just like that, no one will write off your credit card, there will be nothing to be afraid of, but if you do not want to do this, just miss the corresponding step, choosing “no thank you”.

That’s all. the process is uncomplicated and takes no more than five minutes, after which you can use the Google store and download any applications from there.

How to install Google Play services

Now consider what to do if you bought a smartphone from China and by default it comes without Google services that are necessary for the correct functioning of the application store. This situation is characteristic of devices on Chinese firmware, since in the Celestial Empire Google officially does not work. Therefore, buying a smartphone for aliexpress. Find out what firmware he has. global or for the Chinese market.

Installation of Google services and Play Market on Chinese smartphones also does not represent anything complicated. This can be done in several clicks using a special installer called Google Installer. It was originally designed for Xiaomi smartphones, but usually the application also works on devices of other manufacturers (there is an alternative to Google Apps Installer for Meizu). You can download the installer from the built-in application store (Mi Market) or APK file at the next link.

The application will independently install services on the Google device, Play Market and produce the necessary system settings for their correct operation, after which the phone will be ready for full use.

Why Play Market does not work

Did everything according to the instructions, but for some reason Google Play does not work? In this case, one of the methods below can help you:

  • Check the Internet connection. For the correct operation of the application, access to the network is necessary if you do not download something, make sure that everything is in order with the connection.
  • Check the dates and time settings. Google services constantly check the date and time set on your smartphone and compares them with the Play Store. In the event that they do not match, problems may appear. Therefore, make sure that time and date are set correctly.
  • Install the latest version of the application. Google often releases the Play Market updates, which eliminate problems in the stability of its work.
  • Clean the application cache. To do this, open the “settings” “Applications”, find a market in the list, click on it and select “Memory” “Clean Cache”.

Also, resetting all store settings can also help. To do this, take all the same steps as in and the previous paragraph, but instead of “clean the cache”, select “Reset”.

With a probability of 99% Google Play Store is not launched due to one of these problems. If the above methods did not help. write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, indicating the model of your smartphone.

Now you know what to do if the Play Market is not installed on the phone. So you can safely buy devices on AliExpress and save without overpaying in official retail.

How to install Google Play Store?

The easiest way to install the Play Store will already be familiar to you if you are an avid supporter of Google: just install the Play Store APK manually. APK is the Android Evivalent of the Program.exe on your computer.

Instead of downloading the application from the Play Store, you just install it yourself without the help of Play Store. This, of course, is very useful when the application you want to install is Play Store itself.

You can install APK Google Play on your device in two ways: directly on the phone or through the computer. First we will consider a simpler option.

Install Google Play on your phone

In newer versions of Android (Oreo and above), you can use different loading links, and you will be invited to allow loading and installation. APKMIRROR. a safe source, so you can press the yes “yes” icon.

In old versions, the situation is a little more complicated. you will need to do as follows:

  • Go to the settings and find the “Applications” section. Scroll down in the application menu until you find your mobile browser. for example, Google Chrome.
  • Open the browser and scroll down to the section “Additionally”. There you will find the item “Installation of unknown applications”. Open it and select the option “Resolve this source”. You can disable this option after finishing.
  • Using a browser on your device, go to the XDA or APK Mirror developers forum to download APK for the latest version of Play Store.
  • You can get a warning message that “this type of file can harm your device”. Ignore this (trust us) and click on OK.
  • Open APK (you can click on the finished download of this file in the notifications menu), read new permits (if any) that the new version of the Play Store requests, then click on the “Install” icon.

Install Google Play using a computer

If your device does not have mobile data or Wi-Fi connection, you can download the APK file to your computer. The same process is used, but you will need an application of a file manager if your device does not have a pre.installed application.

  • Download the file manager. for example, ES File Explorer. Allow this application to install applications from unknown sources by performing the same actions that are described for your mobile browser.
  • Using a browser on your PC, visit the XDA developer forum or APK Mirror website to download APK for the latest version of Play Store.
  • Connect the device to the computer using a USB cable and copy APK to the Android device.
  • Find APK using a file manager.
  • Launch APK, take permits and click on “install“.

Elimination of problems in Google Play Store

Google Services Framework is an important service that allows the Play Store to interact with applications on your device, providing automatic updates, etc. D. If these functions stop working or you have other problems, perhaps a problem has arisen with the service itself. In this case, you must clean the cache both in the Google Play Store and in the Google Play Services.

  • Follow the “Application Settings” scheme;
  • Scroll down to the “Google Play Store” section, tape it, then select the “Cleaning Cache” option;
  • Do the same for Google Play Services;
  • The above actions should solve most of the problems that you will face in Play Store.

Note: Depending on what your device you have, it may be necessary to give it to ROOT laws to manually install the Play Store.

Each version of the Play Store can add or subtract functions.

What function should be mandatory in the Google Play store? You like the last updates? Let us know about this in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.


To install Play, a market on your device, first of all, it is necessary to provide the device with Internet access. Then you need to download the file “Play_market_7.four.09_install.APK “. Do this from the link https: // drive.Google.COM/File/D/0BW7WAPK2PGTLOXNOZETHAWN5A3C/View.

To install it on the phone or tablet, go to “Settings”, select “Safety” and place a checkplace opposite “Unknown Sources”. With this action, you consent to download the file.

The file is not only safe for you, but also necessary. However, in the future, be careful when downloading programs from unverified sites or remove this checkmark.

Next, you need to find a downloaded file. It is usually located in the Downloads folder of your device. Launch “Play_market_7.four.09_install.APK “and, following the instructions on the screen, install the Play Market on your Android. How to launch APK files can be read in our separate article.

Play Market для планшета: технические вопросы


Before downloading games and programs from the official application store there is very little left. You need to register in Google. If you have an account, miss the second step and just authorize in it.

To register the account, find the Play Market icon on the device desktop. Click on it.

First of all, you need to come up with a unique name (login) for your Google account.

The second action will be a password entering. Write it down or remember it. It should not be simple, contain only small or large letters, repeated characters or all of the above together. For example, passwords of the type “Sasha1991”, “QWERTY123456”, “AA12345” are very easy. But the combinations of “O8MBXSLT” or “Romzqxcj6gpa” will already be difficult to choose, which sharply increases the safety of your account.

How to install a Play Market on Android?

After moving the file from the computer or the end of the download (if the action was performed on the smartphone), you need to start APK. To do this, just open any file manager and find the directory where the download was performed.

install, play, market

When the installation begins, you will need to provide the program with all the necessary rights. Then you just should wait for the end of the process and press the “Open” button to immediately go to the application.

Registration in Play Market

You can install the Play Market on Android without registration, but use it without providing your account data. it will not work.

Immediately after launch, the application store will demand to add an account if it already exists, or create a new.

Having a profile, it will be enough to indicate your e-mail and password to gain access to the main page of the program. If there is no account, then you will need to register it:

This is where the installation and entry process is completed. You can start using the service, downloading and installing interesting games and programs.