Install Windows on ASUS laptop from disk

Windows 7 step.By.Step installation: instructions for beginners

Want to install Windows 7 on a computer or laptop, but don’t know how? It’s not as difficult as it seems. Although the first time, of course, it will be difficult. But, having figured out once, you will become a real “IT master” and you can independently install Windows 7 on any computer or laptop. Below are instructions for the step.By.Step installation of Windows 7 for inexperienced newcomers.

Before installing Windows 7, print this page. This will greatly facilitate your task. After all, during the installation of Windows 7, there will be no access to the Internet. The exception is only cases when you have a second PC, a laptop or a smartphone from which you can go to the site if necessary and see what to do next.

Reinstalling from the disk

When reinstalling from the disk, remember that to restore the license you need to use the distribution with exactly the same OS as it was previously. You can find out the version of the installed system on the sticker, which is usually located on the back of the laptop. By the way, there is a licensed key of your copy of Windows.

Remember that when reinstalling the disk a new operating system unfolds, and in order to avoid problems in the future, it is worth deleting the data of the previous Windows.

This is implemented by formatting the system section, so take care in advance about the transfer of all the necessary data from the selected volume of the hard drive for installing Windows. It is not desirable to transfer installed programs, since the connection with the register is lost, and many of them may not start. Do not be lazy, install them again after replacing the OS.

The distribution of the installation disk includes the drivers not for all laptops, so download the drivers in advance for your device on the official resource of the manufacturer. If this is not done, then after installation there is a high probability of the following problems:

If you reinstalled the OS without this, then to eliminate the malfunctions of network equipment you will have to download the distribution of drivers using another computer and carry them using removable media, so do not forget to be safe before reinstalling and download the drivers for the network card and the Wi-Fi module.

To start the installation process, insert the disk into the disc and restart the laptop. After starting the computer, open the loading menu where you should select the loading from the DVD red.

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This dialogue is called on most laptops using the F12 key. And on HP devices, F9 ESC combination is used.

Often this function is absent on outdated computers, so you need to open BIOS and independently edit the priority of the loading. To go to BIOS on laptops, manufacturers use the following keys:

If the brand of your device is not on this list, then find out the current key on loading when turning on the PC window.

The BIOS integration from different manufacturers does not look like, but the sequence of actions to change the download priority is practically identical. Navigation on the windows of the working BIOS of all versions is carried out using the arrows on the keyboard and the Enter keyboard. ESC ,

Slust of actions for BIOS ami:

  • At the top of the screen, select the Boot bookmark.
  • In the list that opens, select “Boot Device Priority”.
  • Using the arrows on the keyboard, move to the first place in the “CDROM” download list.
  • Click on F10 and save the changes by selecting “OK”.

The sequence of action for Bios Phoenix-Award:

After making a change in BIOS and rebooting, a dialogue with the message will appear: “Press Any Key to Boot from CD OR DVD”.

Further installation of Windows 7 is not complicated, follow the following:

Reinstalled Windows is ready to work. In case the boot priorities in the BIOS are changed, return the hard drive in the first place in the list, otherwise the computer will constantly try to start with DVD.

We set up BIOS

BIOS design or advanced option, UEFI, varies depending on the manufacturer and the firmware version. It is impossible to give a universal guide for all PC and laptops models. Therefore, answering how to install Windows on PC, we give a general way of action:

  • Turn off a computer or laptop.
  • With a new turning on, press the BIOS entry key several times. Depending on the manufacturer, it can be Delete, F2, F8, F12 or other button.
  • When you see the BIOS window on the monitor, go to the boot tab.
  • Open by pressing Enter, Boot Device Priority section. It can be called differently-and the header should be present the word boot or “loading”.
  • Open the 1st Boot Device subsection. This is the first carrier to which PC is addressed during the load. By default, this is a system rigid disk. But you need to make sure that for a while the priority drive becomes just created a bootable flash drive. Select the desired option in the list. And click Enter.

To move to the installation process, press the F10 key and confirm the desire to get out of the BIOS while maintaining the changes made. To change the order of the devices in UEFI, just drag the flash card to the first place in the list using the mouse.

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How to determine the configuration of the laptop

In the Windows 7 operating system, this is done in two clicks, and by itself:

Basic information as shown in the screenshot, I emphasized with a red line. But I think that specifically for this case, the main type of system will be the main thing, that is, its discharge.

In this article, we dismantled the main steps for installing Windows 7 on the ASUS laptop, and if you have questions, ask them in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, not one of them will be ignored.

You can also click on the link to get information how to close background programs.

Reinstallation of Windows on laptop

When we are talking about reinstalling the Windows on the laptop, we mean the wrong process that occurs on the desktop PC. Each model is a unique device with its own set of components. Hence the difficulties: after installing the system, you will need to find and install drivers designed for a particular laptop.

In fairness, it is worth noting that the laptops have one huge plus. If the factory system was not replaced by “its own, more convenient”, then we have the opportunity to use “native” programs to restore. They allow the OS to roll back to the state in which she was at the time of purchase. At the same time, all drivers are preserved, which saves us from the need to search for them. In addition, in this case, the installation carrier is not required, since the disk already has a special section containing files for recovery.

Next, we will consider two Windows reinstalls.

install, windows, asus, laptop, disk

We proceed to the installation of Windows 7

After the laptop loads from the flash drive, a welcome window with choosing a tongue appears on the screen. Select Russian and press the button further.

Select the tongue and press the button further

We agree with the license agreement and notification, putting a checkmark. And press the button further

ASUS TUF Laptop BIOS Boot fix and Windows installation

We agree with the agreement

install, windows, asus, laptop, disk

After that, the window selection window opens and the section for installation.

I install Windows on SSD of a small volume, so I will not break it into sections. I create one section and press the button further.

Select the section for installation further after copying files, the laptop will be reloaded

Dalle enter the user name, set the temporary zone, as well as the network name of the computer.

Indicating the name of the user OS and put him the password

Preparation for installation

This section will be useful for those who are going to reinstall the Windows 7 operating system. The owners of “clean” computers or laptops can be missed, everyone else should familiarize yourself with this section especially carefully so that subsequently the joy of the new installation does not overshadow the grief from lost data, such as a long.Term archive of a family photo album or a collection of favorite films and music.

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First of all, you must prepare your computer or laptop (then I will say just a computer) to work with new software. To do this, you need to remember what important information is stored for you on a computer, then it must be copied to a place protected at the time of installation. It can be a flash card, a hard drive or any portable storage device of a sufficient volume to save all your data. You need to look for such data on the local disk of your computer in folders with photos, my documents and on the desktop. If you are an experienced user, then to maintain information you can use the free space of the second local disk, if any in the system.

In addition, you should have at hand at least a separate medium with a network card driver, and best of all. With drivers of all devices of your computer. If you do not have the right driver at the end of the installation, it does not matter, it can be downloaded on the Internet. But if you don’t have a network card driver, then you won’t work out from the Internet and then you will have to contact friends to help with friends for help.

Stage 5: Settings after installation

After the installation of Windows 7 will be performed, it is necessary to perform a few more actions to set up the system in order to go directly to its use.

    Immediately after installation, a window opens, where you will need to prescribe a computer name and create the first user profile. In the field “Enter user name”, enter the arbitrary name of the profile (account). In the field “Enter the name of the computer” also make an arbitrary name PC. But unlike the name of the account, in the second case, the introduction of the characters of the Cyrillic alphabet is not allowed. Therefore, use only numbers and Latin. After completing these requirements, click “Next”.

Installation of Windows 7 is not very difficult. The installer intenster is quite simple and intuitive, so even a beginner should cope with the task. But if you use the leadership from this article when installing, this will help you avoid all kinds of difficulties and problems that may nevertheless arise when performing this important procedure.

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