iPad mini lock button does not work

Broken, does not work Home button on the iPhone, iPad. How to solve the problem?

Many iPhone users have experienced the Home button ceasing to function. The Home button is made of glass, which is sensitive to various influences. Carelessness in using the device and falls provoke breakage of the button. In some cases you can fix it by yourself.

The most common one that affects the working state of the Home button:

Why the power button on your iPhone is broken

There are many reasons that can cause the power button on your iPhone to stop working.

10 reasons why the power button does not work on my iPhone

The most common reason that causes a lot of problems for every iPhone user is a simple software failure. It is not difficult to detect it, in rare cases it is harmless for your iPhone. However, it can scare any user if it catches him by surprise.

Fixing a software failure is easy if it’s a one-time occurrence and there are no problems with updating iOS. In that case, to get the power button on your iPhone working again, you just need to restart your smartphone.

The second most common reason why your power button on your iPhone might not work is an improper update or a bad jailbreak procedure. One way or another, not everyone knows how to update their devices properly.

Many users take the installation of updates very lightly: they don’t download them to the end, they interrupt the final reboot, they download updates with a low percentage of charge because of poor internet connection. Each of these items can cause a “broken” update, which will bring a lot of small and large troubles to your iPhone.

Only a technician can identify a faulty update and tell you exactly why the power button on your iPhone does not work properly. But you can monitor the operation of your device yourself: usually a wrong update does not bring any one problem, there must be other glitches in the system that have not been observed before.

If you find them. try downloading a previous iOS backup via iCloud, if you created one before. The worse from this procedure certainly should not be, and if you correctly diagnosed. the work of the off button will return to normal after you restore the previous version of iOS. Then you can try to update your iPhone again.

Sometimes the power button on your iPhone fails because too much dirt has accumulated inside, preventing the contacts from working. One way or another, we often do not notice with what hands we pick up our smartphone, where we leave it and quite rarely monitor the cleanliness of our iPhone.

If there is dirt in the small slots around the button, you may notice some jamming of the key. But it will work if you press it hard. In this case, you can very carefully clean the small connectors around the iPhone power button with a needle. It is very important not to overdo it, so as not to damage the contacts and not to dismantle the button.

If the dirt has formed an obstacle inside the button and does not allow the contacts to work properly, you are unlikely to be able to clean it yourself. You can try to put some alcohol on the button (one drop, no more) and then press it very carefully as if you are spreading the alcohol inside. Nevertheless, keep in mind that such actions can cause additional damage if the components of the shutoff button plume or any other part in your iPhone have been damaged.

Therefore, to avoid trouble, it is better to contact the master of the service center and ask him to make a diagnosis of your device.

The contact of the iPhone with moisture in most cases has unpleasant consequences. Yes, Apple is trying to protect users and has provided the new iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro with an advanced moisture protection. Nevertheless, the risk of moisture damage is still very high, so if you have experienced moisture on your iPhone, be sure to contact the service center for an experienced technician to perform diagnostics.

If you notice the iPhone power button sticking after contact with moisture, it could indicate damage to the cable or oxidation of the button contacts. It is important to realize that getting into contact with sweet liquids, sodas, tea or coffee is doubly destructive to iPhone components.

Such a problem will be solved only by the full recovery of iPhone after the moisture. This procedure can be performed at a service center.

Dropping your iPhone is no less destructive to its components than contact with moisture. If the power button does not work after a mechanical fall or a severe shock it is possible that its cable is damaged or pins are broken.

Unfortunately it is not possible to fix this problem on your own. However, if you don’t have time to go to a service center or call a repairman at home right now, you can resort to a temporary solution to this problem. setting up an AssistiveTouch hotkey to lock and turn on.

  • Open iPhone settings
  • Go to the main settings menu
  • Open the universal access settings tab
  • Then turn on AssistiveTouch
  • After that the system will offer you to create a special hot button on the screen, which can be responsible for locking or turning on/off your iPhone.

Warning! This is only a temporary fix. Please do not neglect this method and contact a technician in time to avoid other breakdowns.

Power button flatbed malfunction

Unfortunately, even users of Apple products are not immune to system failures and hardware failure on the iPhone. Sometimes there are defects in the components, admitted at the production. Power button flat cable is not an exception.

If you can fix a software failure yourself, then the failure of the power button stub on your iPhone, which can be caused by many different factors, is almost impossible to fix.

over, such a failure can only be diagnosed by the master, so do not postpone your visit to the service center.

Why does the power button on your iPad not work?

Sometimes it happens that the tablet did not fall down, and did not dive into the water, and the button still does not work, then the reason may be in a strong physical impact. Pay attention, is not too much pressure on the button? It could also just be a factory defect.

The power button does not work, the “Home” button on your iPad

The reasons for why the power button does not work, the home button on the iPad, can be very diverse. This is both mechanical wear and tear and the result of damage and liquid intrusion. In this case, the situation will only improve iPad repair.And of course at the authorized Apple service center “A-Service” is always ready to help with this issue.

Usually the problems with the buttons are quite obvious. For example, iPad may not respond to pressing them at all. It will turn on if it is connected to a computer, and the analog of the Home button can be called by software. Also in some cases there is a problem with sensitivity to pressure. to make the button respond, of course, you can, but you will have to press with all your might. Also the buttons can be pressed not every time, or suddenly for some reason pressed independently. And of course using the iPad in this situation from the pleasure turns into an unpleasant procedure.

What is the reason for these problems? If you have been using your favorite tablet for several years, it is possible that the buttons have suffered mechanical wear and tear and have failed. Even the most advanced device does not last forever.

One of the reasons the buttons may not work is due to moisture. The iPad does not necessarily fall in a puddle or something else so radical happened to it. You may just automatically grab the key with wet hands, it may be enough for the contact to be broken. In some cases, condensation can lead to corrosion, which occurs if the device is brought from the cold to the warmth and turned on immediately, without waiting for the iPad to warm up to room temperature.

Buttons may also break as a result of mechanical damage. It is caused by a fall or a shock. The key itself may be broken or the cord to it may be damaged.

In some cases, the button is physically intact, but it does not work as a result of a software failure. In this case you can try to restore the functionality with a certain sequence of actions. Try the following:. Launch one of your operating system apps. Once it starts, press Power, and after a while you should see an offer to turn off your device. Now press Home, and the app will stop working. Maybe after that the Home button will work.

Nothing works? Then the best solution. contact our service center “A-Service”. Our certified engineers will run diagnostics and figure out exactly what the problem is with your iPad and why the buttons don’t work. After this you will be offered the best solution to the problem. Among other things, you will be offered a replacement device under the Exchange program (for the same exact, but brand new model from Apple). Contact us, and you will soon be able to use your iPad.

How to unlock an iPad without a password

Apple has released several services to help customers manage their devices, like iTunes, iCloud, Siri, etc. Д. They can erase the lock screen password along with other personal information. So, you better make a full backup for your device and then choose your favorite way to unlock your iPad.

Unlock iPad with iOS Unlocker (the easiest one)

As long as the iPad is locked with a forgotten password, the easiest way. Erase existing password. Because Apple won’t be able to recover your password even if you are able to own your iPad.

To erase your existing password, you’ll need third-party software, Apeaksoft iOS Unlocker.

Unlock Apeaksoft iOS is a professional iPad password remover that can erase any lock screen password from iPad. Whether you forgot your iPad password or entered the password incorrectly, it can unlock the iPad with the screen locked and the situation disabled so that you can use it normally.

  • Unlock iPad from all passwords, such as Face ID, Touch ID, 4-digit, 6-digit, individual number and alphanumeric code.
  • Delete your Apple ID account if you’ve forgotten your iPad‘s Apple ID password.
  • Repair and erase time-limit screen on iPad fast.
  • Compatible with almost all iPad models like iPad Pro 3/2/1, iPad mini 5/4/3/2/1, iPad Air (2019) 2/1, etc. Д.

Step 1 : Connect the iPad to your computer with a USB cable

Download iOS Unlocker to your computer for free by clicking on the download link above. You can download this software on your Windows computer or Mac.

Launch it after a successful installation and select Wipe Password Mode. Connect iPad to computer via USB cable.

Click the Start Button in the main interface of this software.

After successful detection with this program all information of your iPad will be displayed automatically. Click the Start button. Or change your iPad information from the drop-down list if the information is incorrect.

This program then downloads the corresponding iOS firmware from Apple’s server. At this point, make sure your computer is connected to a reliable internet connection.

Once the firmware download is complete, click Unlock button and enter 0000. Then click Unlock again to start unlocking the iPad password

Then this software will unlock your iPad, and your iPad will reboot automatically. After that, you can use your iPad as usual and create a new password to lock the screen.

Unlock your iPad using iTunes

This method requires a computer, Lightning cable and the latest version of iTunes. After that, you can unlock the iPad using iTunes as follows.

Step 1 : Connect your iPad to your computer and start iTunes. Once the unit is detected, click the “iPad” icon in the upper left corner.

Step 2 : Click on the “Summary” tab in the left column and click “Restore iPad”.

Step 3 Fill in the required information and start wiping everything on your iPad, including your lock screen password.

Step 4 When done, reboot your iPad and set it up as a new device or restore your iTunes backup, depending on your situation.

Unlock the iPad via the iPhone eraser

Many people don’t like iTunes in part because it has a lot of bugs. Why not try Apeaksoft iPhone Eraser, Its main functions:

Securely erase screen lock password on iPad in one click.

Choose the erase level according to your situations.

Protect your privacy without recovering from deletion.

Rely on a physical connection to securely wipe your iPad.

Supports iPad 5 / 4 / Pro / Air / Mini and older models.

Work on iOS 11 / 10 / 9 and earlier versions.

In short, this is the best solution to unlock iPad without iTunes.

How to unlock iPad via iPhone Eraser

Step 1 : Connect the locked iPad to iPad Eraser

Download and install iPad Eraser on your computer, then open it. Then connect the locked iPad to your computer using the Lightning cable that came with the device. The program will immediately find your device.

iPad Eraser offers three levels of erase: “Low”, “Medium” and “High”. Read the description on the screen carefully and choose the right level according to your requirements.

Step 3 : Unlock iPad without knowing the password

Back in the home interface, press the “Start” button to start overwriting your device. Once this is done, disconnect the iPad and restart it. You can now access it without a password.

Unlocking your iPad from Siri

Siri. is another way to unlock the iPad without iTunes. This does not require a computer. According to the test, this method is available for iOS 8.2 for iOS 10.

Step 1 : Turn on your iPad and hold the home button until Siri appears. (Siri does not work?)

Step 2 : Ask for “Open watch app”, you will be presented with the watch app.

What to do if the button on your iPhone stops working?

If it is a situation that the button does not work, but at the moment you for some reason can not give the phone for repair, you can use the function on the phone, which will allow you to press the Home, Power, mute button on the screen of your iPhone. To activate this feature, you need to go to Settings = Basic = Universal Access = Assistive Touch = on. If you have done everything correctly, after that you will constantly see a white circle on your phone screen. By pressing this button, you can easily do without buttons for a while.

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