iPad video download app. Watching movies with the safari browser

iPhone apps for downloading movies

A selection of programs that allow users to watch their favorite movies without connecting to a network. They can be used to download movies to portable devices via WI-FI connection or USB cable.

AVPlayer is a multifunctional player that allows users to watch videos and download movies to their iPhone or iPad. The player works with all popular video formats, as well as supports playback of music files. Download movies and TV series through the desktop client iTunes or via a direct link. There is an opportunity to integrate the application with cloud services in order to download videos from them.

Zona is an application from the service with the same name, designed for fans of movies and TV series. Built-in library, impressing by its scale. As a bonus, users are offered a variety of TV shows and a section with cartoons. You can select movies and TV series by genre, and there is a separate search box. Of the disadvantages, note that the application does not allow you to continue interrupted viewing from the same place, for this you need to search the timecode manually.

The Documents app is very different from the ones mentioned above, because it is a file manager. The utility is a kind of a complex of applications and can replace the archiver, gallery, text editor, downloader and media player. You can import files from desktop devices, download them from various websites and email accounts. Downloading movies is simple: just select the desired file and click on the download button. Integration with popular cloud storages.

The application for downloading movies to your iPhone allows you to download video to your gadget via the Internet. The app can be downloaded from AppStore.

There are applications that allow you to download videos and movies to your iPhone:

With the Documents app

If you have an older version of the OS, in which Safari does not know how to download videos, you can use the free iOS program Documents. This is a file manager with a built-in browser, which can download videos from the Internet using a direct link.

Copy the link to the video you want to download. For example, let’s save URL of a YouTube video.

Launch Documents and open the built-in browser.

Go to the site of any downloader, which can download videos from the desired site. You can choose a suitable service from Lifehacker’s selection. Use the YBmate Downloader as an example.com, which can download videos from YouTube.

Paste the URL you copied earlier into the field at the uploader website and click “Enter.

When links to different video download formats are displayed, select the appropriate one and click the button next to it. If the service will offer a new download button after that, use it.

In the window that appears, enter any name of the video and click “Done”.

Go back to the main Documents menu and open the Downloads folder.

When the download is complete, click on the three dots in the corner of the file you just saved.

When the context menu appears, tap “Move”.

In the window that appears, select “Photo” and click “Move”.

After that, the downloaded video file will appear in the standard app “Photos”.

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Free Donemax DMtrans license for Windows

To get a free license of Donemax DMtrans program, follow these steps:

Download and install Donemax DMtrans on your computer. Please note that the program has an English interface.

System requirements

Donemax DMtrans requires iTunes installed in the system.

To work in the Donemax DMtrans app, you must connect your mobile device via USB cable to your computer and on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch confirm data access permission for your computer by asking “Trust this computer?”By clicking “Trust”.

Open the program and click Activate at the top of the window. In the activation window, enter the following license key to register the program and then click Activate.

Free Donemax DMtrans license for Windows

If the program has been successfully activated, the message Activation succeeded will appear!

Why to choose Free YouTube Download desktop app instead of online downloader

10 seconds compared to 1 minute for a 4 min YouTube video and 12 minutes compared to 30 minutes for a large short film at 8K resolution when downloading the same links with the DVDVideoSoft app and the online video downloader.

Free YouTube Download has a user-friendly interface. No pop-ups or redirects during installation or use. Whereas online downloaders have quite a few.

Video Downloader. app for downloading videos on iPhone and iPad

The main component of the internet program Video Downloader is a built-in web browser, which resembles the regular Safari, but with slightly reduced functionality. But this browser has a feature of self-search of videos on the page, available for downloading. Just tap and hold your finger on the video you like to upload to your iPhone or iPad for further offline viewing. Alternatively, you can select the “Download All” option from the “Share” menu. Downloads occur in the background and support up to 10 simultaneous content downloads.

The app also features a file manager function. you can sort the downloaded videos into directories, move them around, delete and rename them, as well as protect folders with passwords and play them as playlists. The built-in player has a minimal set of additional functions, among which we can highlight only the background playback and work in audio mode. The Video Downloader app is supported on Apple devices running iOS 6.0 and higher, including it is optimized for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. The program can work with most popular video formats (Flv, mpeg1-4, 3gp, sf, avi, etc.).д.), but not on all Web-sites, the exception are many popular video sharing sites, including YouTube, and other resources. At the moment the application can be downloaded completely free of charge, there’s only one built-in purchase. disabling ads.

How to combine iPhone and iPad?

First, as you know, start iTunes, and connect your devices. When the device icon appears, click on it. Go to the “Preferences” menu. Click the “Synchronize with this (iPhone or iPad) via Wi-Fi” checkbox.

  • Connect iPad and PC via USB cable
  • Wait until the drivers are installed
  • Open iTunes
  • Select the iPad from the “Device” menu.
  • Synchronize gadgets by clicking on the rectangular icon on the upper left.
  • Go to the “Overview” subsection, find “Options” and click on “Sync iPad via WI-FI”.

What you need to know

If you decide to download movies to your iPad or iPhone, you need to know the conditions under which they will run and display correctly on the screen. There are only two of them:

  • Your iPhone or iPad must have a media player built into iOS.
  • The format of the downloaded files must be readable by this program.

The default media player for Apple devices is iTunes. All other software of this kind will run only in its shell. It is one of the few programs that you can download for free. Its functionality is not limited to playing audio and video files. You can create your own library with it and organize it however you want. And also to perform actions of file exchange between different devices or network services. just this trick is the possibility to legally download movies and other media content to the iPhone for free.

The range of supported downloadable video file formats is quite wide, although many users find it insufficient. The following encodings are legitimate:

  • H.264. Allows streaming of Full HD video at 720p. Files with extension.m4v.mp4 and.mov.
  • Motion JPEG. Resolution 1280×720 pixels, bit rate 35 Mbps. Files with extension.avi.
  • MPEG-4. Obsolete encoding used on computer CD players. 640×480 resolution. Stream speed 2.5 Mbps. Files with extension.m4v.mp4 and.mov.

To download movies for iPad in other encodings, you need to install format converters.

Which way to choose?

From the above it can be concluded that if you want to download any video from the network on the iPhone or iPad is simple enough. However, in most cases, the user will have to download the video to your computer beforehand. In our opinion, the most convenient way is to download the video with iTunes in a third-party iOS-video player with built-in codecs. This method, although it requires a computer, eliminates the need for prior conversion of video content.

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