iPhone 7 does not see the SIM-card

Common problems with SIM cards

The problem when a new or a long time in use iPhone does not see the SIM card, is really a global one, because the user is not only left without communication, he is automatically deprived of the ability to access the Internet, which limits the use of the gadget. The disadvantages of the lack of connection to the cell phone provider are more than a lot: a posh smartphone without a network turns almost into a brick. We have to look for the causes of the problem, depending on which will vary the methods of “treatment”. The symptoms of the appearance of the failure are as follows:

  • Smartphone occasionally loses network.
  • iPhone regularly fails to see the SIM card.
  • Your phone doesn’t respond to your SIM card when you try to activate it for the first time.
  • The device writes “No Network” although there were no such problems before.
  • The failure was preceded by a fall or damage to the phone, there was a possibility of moisture in the device.

Any of these precedents makes you think, because the problem with such an expensive device often heralds significant costs, and sometimes to solve the problem by your own efforts simply impossible, which suggests a trip to the service center for help to specialists.

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iPhone does not see the SIM card, what to do

Many fans of the “apple” brand often have the question: “iPhone does not see the SIM card, what to do?”. This problem is not catastrophic, however, you need to know what to do in such situations, whether it is possible to eliminate this problem yourself. And if not, where to go for professional help. The factor why iPhone doesn’t see the SIM-card can be anything, even a seemingly insignificant trifle. System malfunction, damaged SIM card, etc.д. etc.п. Let’s analyze the most frequent malfunctions.

Problems with the firmware

The fact that the “Apple” gadget does not see the SIM, may be due to a software failure iOS, which lost the firmware of the cellular modem. It is impossible to detect such a malfunction without having special equipment at hand. However, if the user has tried to insert several cards into the gadget and the device does not recognize any of them, there is no need to rush to the service center. First you should try to change the firmware on your iPhone.

To change the firmware you need to use iTunes. The user needs to connect the gadget to the PC, enter the device management menu (1) and click the “Repair iPhone” button. (2).

iTunes will download the latest official firmware and install it on your phone. If the user wants to keep the iOS on his gadget in the current version and not update it, he should independently find the appropriate firmware on the Internet (file format IPSW) and download it to the mobile device by pressing the “Repair” (in iTunes) Shift (on the keyboard) combination.

To replace the firmware it is best to use the latest version of iTunes media player.

If reflashing did not solve the SIM problem, it is likely that the iPhone is broken.

Installing the SIM card

Here is how you insert the SIM card into your iPhone? In the box of the phone there is a paper clip (also called (iScrepka), which you can use to open the tray. This paper clip can be spotted with something else: a pin, a needle, nail scissors, even a toothpick. But it is possible to damage the tray. It is on the right side (on the side of the phone).

Take our paper clip, put it into the hole of the tray (very small hole), press a little bit, then the tray comes out a few millimeters. Then just take it out by hand completely.

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When the tray will be at you in hands, place SIM-card in it. It is important that it was placed chip down, otherwise the card will not work. Although the tray is designed in such a way that it is impossible to insert the card in any other way, some users manage to do it.

Now insert the tray with the SIM card back into the slot and press a little.

Mechanical damage to the smartphone

Do not be surprised if after a fall iPhone is no longer visible to the SIM-card. what to do in this case only a master knows. The problem is that smartphones are delicate devices and require careful handling. It is easy to damage the internal part as a result of a fall or bump, and you can not always find out for yourself what the problem is. It is worth giving your smartphone a diagnostic test to find out what the problem is, even if you are going to fix it yourself. It is best to order spare parts in official Apple stores. Chinese analogues, although they cost cheaper, but they do not work well and break regularly.

Malfunction in the settings

It often happens that brand new devices and models of the company Apple may not see the SIM card due to a common malfunction in the system. Let’s find out how to perform a reset to make your cell phone work properly:

  • Restart the device using the correct keys, depending on the model;
  • Go to “Settings” on your gadget;
  • Then go to the Basic tab;

This should help, as any settings that have gone wrong should recalibrate properly. The network settings will be reset to factory defaults, as if the user had turned on the device for the first time. Don’t worry, this action will not affect photos and important documents.

Settings failure

Sometimes even new devices like the iPhone X don’t see the card due to a trivial glitch in the smartphone’s settings.

First, try restarting your iPhone:

  • Press the right button;
  • Wait until the off toggle switch appears;
  • Move it to the desired position;
  • After several seconds, turn the phone back on.

Why doesn’t iPhone see the SIM card, even though you have rebooted the device? Let’s figure it out!

This should help. all the “knocked down” settings of the iPhone 6 or other model will be restored automatically.

What to do if iPhone doesn’t see the SIM card

Below we will consider the main list of reasons that may affect the appearance of problems with visibility of the SIM-card by your phone, and options for their elimination.

Incorrect connection

  • First of all you should check if the SIM card is connected to the phone correctly. First, you need to open the SIM card tray with a special paper clip.

Faulty SIM card

Do not exclude the possibility that the problem is not in iPhone at all, but in the card itself, which for some reason failed. It is possible to check it up with the help of other phone: it is enough to connect a SIM card to it and check its operability. If you believe that the card is faulty, you need to contact the nearest operator’s shop. As a rule, the SIM card replacement procedure is free of charge.

Failure in work of phone

If your iPhone seems to be working incorrectly, the first thing you should try is to reset the phone. As a rule, this simple method in most cases can successfully solve the problem with the functionality of communication.

Failure in network settings

A network setup failure can occur either right after you start using your iPhone, or after some time has passed. In order to fix it, you should try to reset the network settings.

    Open the settings on your smartphone and then go to the main section.

Failure in firmware operation

If the phone still does not see the SIM card, we should assume that there is a serious software issue with iOS. It can be solved by reflashing the device.

  • Connect your iPhone to your computer with a USB cable and then run iTunes.
  • Put the phone into DFU mode. This mode is an emergency mode and is used to solve problems with the operating system of the device.
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Cellular module trouble

Unfortunately, if the recommendations given in the article above still do not bring a positive result, you should suspect a hardware malfunction cellular module failure. A qualified specialist will be able to give you more precise information. Therefore, you should contact the service center, where the diagnosis will be carried out. If the technician discovers that the problem is really a cellular module failure, the faulty part will be replaced.

In most cases, the problem when the iPhone does not see the SIM card is either due to its improper installation in the device, or due to software defects. And only in rare cases there is a hardware malfunction.

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iPhone does not see the SIM card. The solution to this problem.

The problem with recognition of the SIM card in the iPhone is one of the most common with the devices of this brand. What to do in such cases? How to solve this problem? Why the iPhone does not see the SIM card? What are the possible causes of this malfunction?

Here are the answers to all these questions.

iPhone SIM-card is not installed

You finally got your first long-awaited iPhone? Congratulations!

a new iPhone in a box You printed out the package, inserted the SIM-card and were about to call your friends and brag, but you failed? Or maybe you wanted to call a business partner to arrange a meeting, but the network is gone? (We hope you didn’t have a question: how to insert the SIM card into the iPhone? If so, look at the photo.)

iPhone doesn’t see the SIM card

iPhone Can’t See SIM Card!

It’s ok, don’t worry! No matter how expensive and cool your smartphone is, it, like other electronics, is prone to minor malfunctions. You are not the only one who has encountered the problem that your iPhone cannot see the SIM-card. Statistically, this is one of the most common problems with this gadget. Remember that any problem can be solved, the main thing. calmly and methodically find the real cause of this trouble.

iPhone 5 nano SIM slot

Why iPhone doesn’t see the SIM-card? There are several likely reasons why your phone stops seeing your SIM card and refuses to let you make even a single call.

How Do SIM Cards Work?

First try just resetting your phone.

Didn’t help? So the problem is something else, so keep looking.

Producer tricks

If this is the first time you turned your smartphone on, you are probably pretty sure that your iPhone is undamaged and has not been dropped or tampered with in any way. If this is indeed the case, then there could be two reasons for the malfunction. And these two reasons were provided to us by the Apple manufacturing company itself.

Without this procedure iPhone becomes anything. a camera, music player, calculator, but not the device that you can use according to its purpose. to call from it. We hope you know how to activate the iPhone without a SIM card. However, there is nothing complicated about the activation procedure. You will need a computer, internet, and special iTunes software. Just connect to your computer via USB cable and activate your iPhone using this program.

Phone is blocked or banned for a specific carrier.

The fact is that Apple is looking for profit everywhere, even in the choice of operators for their products. Your device may be blocked or your service provider may not be allowed to use it. In order to deal with this trouble, you need to unlock the iPhone using a special program. If you do not have skills in this difficult matter, it is better to contact the service center or the store where you bought your new toy. In principle, you can go to any nearby store that sells smartphones. and most likely they will be able to help you solve all the problems.

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By the way, this problem is often solved simply by canceling the pin code request in the smartphone settings! (Watch this short video below to find out exactly where in the settings to find this feature, and then move the “SIM PIN” slider to the left. so you disable the pin code request).

Also on the market are present R-SIM cards for a complete and high quality unlocking of iPhone purchased outside of our country. The video shows and explains how to use it to unlock an imported iPhone and how it worked safely.

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And in general we recommend not to chase after the savings of a couple of thousands and buy smartphones from us in Russia, and do it in large specialized stores or stores of our service providers. Such a purchase will protect you from a lot of different problems, including some mentioned in this article, from possible and unnecessary spending money to fix them, as well as from wasting your time and nerves.

Before you rush on the Internet to search for addresses of the nearest repair services, rule out all other possible causes. The problem may be much closer to home than you think, and you’ll be able to fix it yourself, quickly and without spending too much money.

When the SIM card fails

The SIM card is not immortal: it could become damaged, demagnetized, or lose its validity period. To check this version, just make sure that your iPhone works with a different SIM card, or test the SIM card on another phone. If all the tests show that your iPhone is fine, you’ll need to go to the nearest service provider’s office and fill out a SIM card replacement form. Within a few days a new SIM card with your old number will be ready, and you will continue to use the phone and number.

iPhone malfunction

If you have been using your phone for a long time, and the check shows the problem is really in the gadget itself, it means that you will have to contact the specialists. You are unlikely you can diagnose the problem that crashed your iPhone by yourself. And to repair. even more so. It is better not to get mixed up, in order not to kill the device permanently. Such failures are most often caused by mechanical impacts on the phone, for example, dropping it. The cause is often negligence of the owners, because they often improperly insert the SIM-card, thus loosening its holder. Broken components on the circuit board, contacts or tracks. This can be caused by dirt, moisture, as well as mechanical effects on the iPhone. In case you have a problem with your phone, you should turn to the service center, where they will diagnose the problem and repair or replace the damaged parts. No need to worry! Thanks to modern equipment your phone will be back to you in just a few hours and a company that is ready to take care of troubleshooting can be found in every city.

If you know how to hold and use a screwdriver, you can try to solve the problem yourself. Watch this video, which shows how to repair iPhone 3G or 3Gs, which does not see the SIM card (the display shows “No SIM card”).

As you can see, there is nothing wrong if your iPhone does not read the SIM card. Keep STIHL, and with the right approach all malfunctions and problems are always solvable!

Good luck with your electronic assistant!

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