iPhone 7 microphone and speaker not working

Apple hasn’t fixed a serious iPhone 7 bug, check yours

This May, Apple acknowledged a problem with the microphones and speakers in the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Specifically:

During a call, the switch to external speaker icon is inactive

During FaceTime conversations, phone calls, or video chats, the microphone doesn’t work

After updating to iOS 11.3 Users have had their microphones turned off.

iPhone 7 Lightning Connector Replacement- How To

At that time Apple sent out an internal document to all ASCs, stating that a warranty replacement was required even if the warranty ran out. The program was quietly phased out over the summer.

Bug wasn’t fixed even with iOS 12 release.1.1.

In users began to complain that the defect continues to appear, but the cost of replacement was 300 (in Russia, the price of replacing the microphone is 5 thousand. ).

so iOS 12 broke all of my iPhone 7’s microphones and Apple wants 320 to replace it what do i do

michael (@meantomatoes) December 6, 2018

So, iOS 12 broke the microphone on my iPhone 7, Apple wants 320 for the replacement

Called @AppleSupport because iPhone 7 microphone stopped working during calls. It’s a common issue, not damage. Their answer: pay us! Apple doesn’t support its products or customers. #Pixel3 looking pretty good https://t.co/LQJS37yEYc

Michael Seth (@wolfms) November 24, 2018

Called @AppleSupport because my iPhone 7 Plus microphone stopped working during calls. They replied: pay us! Apple does not support their products or customers.

@Apple I upgraded my iPhone 7 to iOS 12.1 it just stopped working, does not work speaker, microphone, does not make calls, I do not hear anything.It was u updated the software to 12.1 and stopped everything.

Ana Carol Oliveira (@anacsso) November 3, 2018

I upgraded my iPhone 7 to iOS 12.1. they just stopped working, the speaker, microphone doesn’t work, you can’t make calls, I can’t hear anything.

Apple ended up demanding money to replace the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus microphones. There is a fear that the bug is not software, but hardware. Because it manifests itself at completely different times for everyone. And the Cupertino people used to replace this part for free. [MacRumors]

How to fix iPhone microphone not working

Have you ever been annoyed by the lack of sound when you want to listen to music on your iPhone? Or have you ever run out of patience because you can’t hear well when calling? Many iPhone users have this question of how to fix a malfunctioning iPhone microphone?

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Before you take further action if your iPhone microphone isn’t working, you should know the possible reasons why the iPhone Mic isn’t working in the first place. And then find the listed 5 best ways to solve this problem.

Why the iPhone 7 microphone fails or does not work as intended?

In this case, there are only two possibilities you need to consider. Either your iPhone’s mic system is failing, or the physical mic (hardware) itself is damaged. Unfortunately, for microphone problems that are related to physical or fluid damage, they usually require service to resolve. Some of the symptoms of a malfunctioning iPhone Mic include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Unable to hear the other person or not hear you during a phone call or FaceTime call.
  • Siri cannot detect voice feedback when prompted.
  • The sound you hear when playing back recorded audio is fuzzy, or you don’t hear sound at all.

When experiencing microphone issues caused by software bugs, you’ll have a better chance of solving the problem by following some applicable workarounds and possible solutions, including several methods highlighted below.

No sound on iPhone X(s/r)/8/7/6 when calling (incoming call) and texting

Many iPhone owners at least once, but faced with problems related to the sound playback on their smartphone. For example, if suddenly all the sound on your iPhone disappears (you cannot hear the other person, the microphone does not work either, music does not play) or your headphones are not connected (not detected). In some cases, the phone is constantly rebooting, showing the familiar “apple” on the screen. What could be the reason?

If the iPhone’s speakerphone doesn’t work, it’s a sign that the audio codec is damaged

Problem 3: iPhone 7 will not connect to cellular network

My iPhone 6 will not connect to my cellular network. It is in search mode. I’ve turned it off several times, put it in airplane mode, and turned the cellular connection on and off. Even roaming is turned on and nothing Michael

Solution: Hi Michael. You were doing something else before this problem started? For example, if the problem occurred after installing an app or update, the cancellation can be fixed.

If the problem came out of nowhere and nothing else was done a few days before you first noticed it, there may have been an operating system error behind it. Try resetting all settings first to see what happens. If you haven’t tried it yet, here’s how to do it:

  • From the home screen, select “Settings” “Basic” “Reset”.
  • Click Reset all settings.
  • If presented, enter your password.
  • Press “Reset all settings” to confirm.
iphone, microphone, speaker, working

If resetting all settings doesn’t change anything, try a full restore. This will force the phone to update the software and fix possible problems with the operating system.

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If full recovery also fails, the problem must be a hardware malfunction. Contact Apple for additional assistance.

Press “” to zoom in, and “-” to zoom out. To decrease the microphone volume. Move the microphone closer to your mouth if the person you are talking to cannot hear you. How to Test a Microphone on your iPhone,

Dropping an iPhone from a height not only destroys the speaker, but also the iPhone microphone. During a call, it performs a noise-canceling function. Due to a fall, the audio codec or loop fails, causing the smartphone, all incoming sound from the caller, perceives as noise and dampens it.

Why does the iPhone lose audio?

As a rule, such failures occur after dropping the iPhone or getting into it moisture, and even brief contact with water (or dropping it from a low height) is sufficient. In service centers they often offer to solve the problem with the speaker or microphone by replacing the top and bottom flat cables, respectively, but in reality it is very difficult to determine the cause of sound loss on your smartphone, especially on your own.

If you are experiencing these symptoms (up to the fact that you can not turn on the recorder or record video with sound), most likely the problem is much deeper in the failure of audio codec. To determine for sure, you need a full diagnosis of the device, such as in the service center Apple Pro. To the experts got into the hands of iPhone 7, check which just showed a problem with the audio codec. Consider how to replace audio codec on iPhone 7.

Service center

As we wrote above there are more and more cases of sound problems with iPhone 7. Customers are increasingly coming with the same type of problems: I can’t hear the other party or there is no sound in the headphones.

If you began to have problems with the sound in the headphones connected or the microphone began to work intermittently. this can be the first sign of serious defects in your smartphone Apple. An illustrative example of this malfunction is the iPhone 7 Plus, which came to us for repair with the lack of sound when connecting headphones. On his example, we will show what could be the cause of this malfunction.

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The first thing you should check yourself before going to the service center is the functionality of your headphones. Just check the functionality of the headphones on another device. If you use a special adapter “Lightning-to-miniJack 3,5mm”, it is worth checking it too.

In the iPhone itself it is worth checking the Lightning connector for foreign objects or dirt. Because of them there may be a bad contact between the headphones and the flat cable on which the charging jack is located, and as a consequence there is no sound in the headphones, or the iPhone can not charge properly. If you see that the connector is clogged with dirt. clean it. An old toothbrush or fine tweezers are good for this.

Also, go to “Settings” → “Sounds, Haptic Signals” And check if the sound is not programmatically disabled. If none of the above-mentioned manipulations did not help, then it is worth to apply to the service center for fault diagnosis. This type of issue on iPhone 7 Plus can take up to 30 minutes for an experienced service engineer to diagnose the problem.

Apple’s response

Apple has responded quickly enough to the suddenly appeared malfunction, quickly preparing a manual for service centers. According to the algorithm, the staff should first recommend the user to disconnect all the wireless devices from his iPhone, and then, if that doesn’t help, to diagnose the internal parts that are responsible for playing back and recording the sounds.

If during the test there are errors “accessory is not supported” or “the device can not detect the docking station”, the user is guaranteed a free replacement microphone. If you don’t have these problems, then everything is solved by simply resetting your smartphone to factory settings. Apple documentation with such instructions does not mention the nature of the fault. It can be either software or hardware. The problem is solved only by replacing the faulty microphone with a new original part.