iPhone does not respond to buttons what to do

What to do if iPhone does not turn on

If your iPhone unexpectedly stopped turning on and responding to the pressing of the buttons, you do not need to immediately panic and run headlong to the service center. Even Apple devices are not perfect and occasionally can fail, both for technical reasons and software. And not always to return the apparatus to life, the intervention of the master is necessary. Iphone, like any other gadget, can be returned to working condition yourself, especially for this there are a lot of ways.

There are many reasons for the iPhone to include, and a single method of correcting this error simply does not exist. The problem can be both programmatic and technical, which is much worse.

Many Apple telephone owners, seeing that the device does not want to turn on, immediately rush to the service center. But panic may not be justified! Often, many reasons for the failure can be eliminated with your own.

Often the phone refuses to turn on due to the elementary “deep” discharge of the battery. Her charge is simply not enough even to display the brand logo. The device must simply be warmed up and then let it recharge at least 15-20 minutes.

If the smartphone is hung and does not want to respond to the power button, it must be forcibly restart. It is better to do this when the power adapter is turned on, because many devices for forced rebooting require at least 40% of the charge from the battery, which at the moment may simply not be.

But, unfortunately, there are situations in which you have to contact the service to include the phone. But more on that below.

Before analyzing all the existing methods by which you can help the iPhone turn on, it is necessary to consider the main reasons why he refuses to do this.

Forced reboot

If the charger is regular, and the smartphone itself is charged, but does not turn on, try to restart it. Forced rebooting helps to eliminate almost half of the software failures, so do not neglect it.

iphone, does, respond, buttons

To forcibly restart the iPhone, press and hold 10-15 seconds buttons “Power” and “Home” (“Home”). On the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, instead of “home”, you need to keep the volume reduction key. This is due to the fact that on the seventh iPhone there is no mechanical button “Home”, only a sensor that does not work when the device is turned off.

If nothing helped

If the steps indicated above did not help to cope with the problem, most likely, the user encountered hardware failure. Recovery through the iTunes program helps in most cases if the error applies to iOS. In all other cases, there is a high probability of mechanical damage to the device. If the problem lies in the display and when using the phone you feel vibration or sound notifications, when trying to turn it on, then it is necessary to prepare for the replacement of the display.

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It is likely that the damage affected the “Home” or “Power” buttons. In this case, it will not be possible to download the phone in recovery mode. A port could break down to connect a cable, which would entail the impossibility of charging the device or installing updates to the computer on it.

If none of the ways helps, you should contact an authorized reseller or directly in the technical support of Apple.

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It is best to start with the simplest option. Forced system rebooting. Such a move perfectly allows you to solve a number of most common problems. Freezing, unstable work, incorrect display, etc. At the same time, user files remain in safety.

If forced rebooting did not help, you can try the following methods: reset the device to factory settings; firmware update; replacement of the display.

All problems with the phone can be divided into hardware and software. A system failure may include this (an error in the operating system, failure of drivers, etc.) or mechanical damage to the device (overheating of the gadget, entering the liquid case, etc.).

Setting up settings in iPhone 8

As a rule, the phones freeze due to the inclined or uploaded programs. Re.Loading and shutdown methods can restore functions, but if the iPhone 8 Plus is still not turned on, it is better to drop all the settings. Do not forget to save the data. You can update the gadget with two methods.

Reset all the settings. This method does not delete data from the phone. Necessary:

Wipe out content and settings. This method erases all data from the device. For this you need:

If the iPhone 8 does not turn on, what you do not know, and the reboot did not help, then you need to contact the service.

Using Force Restart to enter the DFU mode

When the phone does not function, you should try to enter the DFU mode:

  • Connect the device to the computer with the iTunes program.
  • Open iTunes on a computer and press a button with iphone icon.
  • Press the volume reinforcement button on a smartphone.
  • Quickly let her go.
  • Repeat with the button.
  • Click on the side button and hold until the smartphone is turned off.
  • After the gadget is turned off, press on the side button and at the same time on the volume button, and hold for five seconds.
  • Release only the side button. In iTunes there will be a message that the smartphone is updated.

Non.Standard methods of rebooting the device

There are other, more original methods, restart the iPhone:

Reset of network settings

  • In order to turn off the device in a few seconds, you need to go into “Settings”.
  • In the “main” select the function of resetting network settings.
  • Next, enter the lock password and restart the phone.

Reloading with a malfunction of one of the buttons

The article presents the instruction: what to do if the iPhone is dependent and does not work. They are suitable for any version and model of the device.

Iphone shutdown methods

You must understand that the reasons why the sensor does not work on the iPhone may be a hundred, so here for each case you need to sort through all the options. Perform all actions in order to decide which is more suitable for you. We will start with the simplest.

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The iPhone is off is carried out by the Power button, which is the lock (unlock) device. This method is relevant only if the screen does not work partially, for example, your lower part is broken and you don’t see anything or the screen does not work at all, but at the same time the sensor works (even in this case you can guess about when the strip should appear turning off and pull it in the right direction). Therefore, the procedure is as follows:

  • On your device, clamp the Power key and wait a few seconds (3-5 seconds);
  • If the screen is partially broken, but the sensor works, just pull the slider in the right direction and the phone turns off;
  • If the screen is completely broken, but the sensor works, also click on the Power and wait a few seconds, after which you retreat from the screen about 1 centimeter of the distance and run to the right. This is a kind of such “blind shutdown”. In some cases, it is required to repeat the operation several times in order to get where necessary;
  • If the screen does not work, the sensor also does not work, go to the next point of our article.

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Checking the charge

Iphone owners are happy at the moment when the battery level is enough for a working day. But, alas, this is rare. But by dinner, insidious designations of batteries melt before our eyes. Therefore, if the iPhone 5s turned off and does not turn on, you probably missed the discharge moment and your smartphone just turned off.

This problem should be excluded immediately. Connect the smartphone to the charger or use the wireless docking station. If the gadget is discharged, it will take up to 1 hour so that a logo or charge level appears on the screen.

iphone, does, respond, buttons

What other reasons why the iPhone turned off and does not turn on:

  • Mechanical damage, the gadget fell to the floor, water fell into it or made incorrect repairs.
  • The smartphone was in the cold, the battery was discharged.
  • Factory marriage of parts, when the device, in principle, cannot work with similar defects.
  • Work on iOS violated.

When connecting the device to the charger, check the serviceability of the wires and contact entrance.

The iPhone hung and does not turn off and does not reboot

Usually, in case of freezing iPhone, users try to turn it off or reboot it using a standard procedure, namely by prolonged pressing on the inclusion/lock button. Unfortunately, in most cases, when iPhone freezes, this shutdown method does not work. Iphone continues to work and execute the hovering application, regardless of how long the user presses the power button.

But, the iPhone has an alternative way of turning off, which works bypassing the iOS operating system. Thanks to this, this shutdown method even works on tightly hovering devices. The method consists in at the same time pressing the “home” button and buttons on/locking.

The “Home” and “Turning” buttons must be pressed at the same time and hold it until the dependent iPhone will turn off. After turning off, you need to wait a few seconds and make a short one.Time press on the power button. After that, the iPhone will turn on and start working in normal mode.

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It should be noted that the “home inclusion” key combination is also responsible for obtaining a screenshot. But, to obtain a screenshot on these keys, you need to press literally for 1 second, if you hold the keys longer, then protection from freezes will work and the iPhone will restart.

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If you have an iPhone X or a newer model, then you need to use a new restart method.

If nothing helped at all

In the event that none of the above instructions worked, then everything can be much more serious than the usual system error. It’s all about the mechanical breakdown of the internal part. Find out which component has become faulty, it will not be possible at home. We do not recommend disassemble the gadget with your own hands!

Everything is not so bad if, for example, the phone hangs in place, and then turned off and does not start. It is likely that the battery just failed. This is relevant if the gadget’s life is coming to an end (varies from 3 to 5 years, and on any box this information is written from behind, approximately in the middle) or before that there was an independent replacement of the component, not bought from an official supplier

In any case, there are several options for actions:

  • Take your iPhone for diagnostics at Apple Repair Service Center. In any country, it is usually free and is done right before your eyes. If you can’t fix the gadget in any way, then buying a new device is inevitable;
  • Call a hot fishing line for a trimmer at Support (for Russia number 8-800-555-67-34, check your country at https: // Support.Apple.COM/RU-RU/ht201232). Before making a call, prepare the unique IPhone serial number. The code will be required in order to inform his operator;
  • Make an application for the online show on the website https: // getsupport.Apple.Com/. Describe the problem in detail and the company’s specialists will contact you.
iphone, does, respond, buttons

Whatever the nature of the error, in most cases it can be solved on its own. In general, Apple devices are “slowed down”, and even more so, it freezes, extremely rarely. Most often this happens either due to a sharp temperature difference (there are certain strips for minimum and maximum temperature), or due to the fact that the device simply stands an old IOS version or the device itself is already buggy from the operating system, since for her updates have not been released for a long time. For example, now such things are with the iPhone 4s, which used to “fly”, and now on the latest version 9.3.5 buggy, and worse than most Android.