iPhone does not update the applications and does not download

Eliminating the problems of updating applications on iPhone

Applications are constantly being finalized and improved by developers. Therefore, if you do not update any applications on the iPhone, then very soon you risk staying with irrelevant software. This will not cause serious problems, but the frozen update icon near the application is an excellent stimulus, so I want to get rid of it as soon as possible.

Before starting to deal with the fact that the applications on the iPhone are not updated, make sure that the problem is really on the phone. Ask other iPhone owners if they have an update: there are already situations when Apple servers stopped responding to requests or the AppStore itself did not work. Apple experts try to quickly eliminate malfunctions, but it is impossible to instantly normalize work.

iphone, does, update, applications

Apple.COM is not available

It is not always the reason for the malfunction in the device, it is quite possible that the App Store server “fell”, or some kind of technical work is carried out. Visit popular forums for Apple owners, go to the manufacturer’s official website and watch the news. If it turns out that the iPhone applications are not updated because of the supplier company, then

Iphone Apps Stuck on Loading After Restore or Transfer? Here is the Fix!

What to do if nothing helped

If none of the ways helped get rid of the problem, then there is only one thing left. To lose the content and settings. In this case, you will lose all the data and programs installed on the device, so copy it in advance in a reliable place. After all the necessary information is saved, go to the device settings, to the “Basic” section, in the “reset” subsection and in it select the “Reset and Request” function. After the discharge is completed, you will receive a clean device in the form in which you were given it in the store, which means that the App Store will work correctly.

Other methods

If the above methods have not helped, try to perform a number of actions:

  • Exit the account in the App Store and get back again.
  • Connect the iPhone to iTunes and make purchases synchronization.
  • Disconnect Apple Music.
  • Check which address is indicated in the Apple ID settings. If you ordered in a foreign App Store, you must indicate the country in the bank of which the attached card is issued.
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Extreme measures. Resetting (settings. Basic. Reset). You can start small and drop only network settings. If it does not help, go to complete discharge.

Before you do a complete reset, create a backup copy of the data. If you have not figured out why downloaded applications on the iPhone are not updated, although they were updated before, then this method will help return the system to a fully operational state.

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If a simple reset did not help, then the radical method remains. The restoration of the device in iTunes in DFU mode. Within the framework of this procedure, the device will be cleared of all information, reset to the original state, after which the system will be updated to the latest version. No errors in iOS interfering with updating applications will not remain.

Reload the iPhone.

Reloading the device is a simple but powerful step that solves many problems of iPhone. Sometimes your phone requires a reboot, and this can solve many problems, including updating applications.

  • Hold the sleep / awakening button on the iPhone.
  • Hold until the slider does not appear at the top of the screen.
  • Draise the slider from left to right to turn off the iPhone.
  • When the device is turned off, press and hold the sleep / awakening button until the Apple logo appears.
  • Release the button and the device will start in the usual mode.

Options for solving the problem

Restart the load

Иногда прерывание закачки приложения вызвано случайным касанием его иконки. With a repeated start, an error is possible, it will not be possible to continue loading from the same place. Only one option remains. Run the process again.

Stop and resume download

In the case when the icon remains gray for a while, it makes sense to suspend the loading process by pressing a “pause” and then restore it

Run the second parallel installation

Sometimes loading another software product from the App Store helps to “push” the hanging application. Therefore, it is worth trying to launch any free.

Repeat the authorization in the App Store

In some cases, repeated authorization in the App Store store helps. Steps sequence:

Update the IP address

In many cases, updating the IP address of the Wi-Fi network is able to return the iPad or iPhone the ability to download applications. Sequencing:

Reload the router

Retrilling the router will help to correct errors and malfunctions of the Internet connection, which interfere with the download. To do this, just turn off the device from the network, wait a few seconds, and then turn on again.

Reload the device

When applications are not updated on the App Store, the situation will help to correct the reloading of the device. After the iPhone or iPad turns on again, you can check the hidden downloads.

Use a computer

One of the stages of eliminating the problem when applications on the iPhone do not download. Apple device synchronization from iTunes to PC. At the same time, the device is connected to the PC with an already advanced ITUNES application. Synchronization of devices is possible subject to the Apple ID account on the phone and PC.

Reset settings

Radical way to resume loading. Make a full reset of settings to factory. Before choosing such a measure, it is recommended to create a backup copy of the iOS device.

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Go to dfu mode

It is not possible to correct the connection of the connection to the App Store, what to do? The last hope to download the application will be the transfer of the device to the DFU mode.

Update software

Developers take into account programmatic errors in new versions of the OS. Therefore, IOS updating can solve many problems, including freezing applications loading. To complete the update is enough:

What to do when it is not updated, not downloaded and the application with the App Store is not loaded: step.By.Step instructions

Problem: the application from the App Store is not loaded

So, a step.By.Step algorithm, how to “bring iPhone to life”. Perform all the steps alternately, without jumping from the beginning to the end. Each next step can be a solution to the problem.

Solution: wait for the end of work on Apple servers

Look into the news feed. Perhaps there was a notification that the store’s server has fallen, and technical support is trying to do everything possible to correct the situation. Then it remains only to wait, taking himself something else.

Solution: Check the stability of the Internet connection

Check the Internet connection connection. You can argue that judging by the icon, Wi-Fi works at full power, or 3G/LTE icon is clearly burning. But this is not a sign of full order.

What works to execute: start the Safari browser and download any Internet page of the Internet. If the page is completely displayed, then the connection really operates stably. We proceed to the next step.

Solution: Stop, then resumption of downloading the application

If the application still has a gray icon, it makes sense to suspend download.

What needs to be done: Press the “pause” on the uploading of the application (slip along the application icon). Now press the icon again. Sometimes helps, and the application restores download.

Solution: switching to aircraft mode

Unexpectedly, but the next way can solve the problem. You should go to the “Airplane” mode, just for a while.

What needs to be done: from Springboard, make a gesture from the bottom up, then select the aircraft icon. It will turn on the air mode. After a couple of seconds, disconnect it, slipping again on the icon.

Solution: Removing the application

It did not work out? Remove the application. In fact, it’s very simple.

iphone, does, update, applications

What works to perform: click on a gray.Free icon and hold, the icons will begin to vibrate (go into editing mode), and a small cross will appear on the left on the left. Click on it, the application will delete. Go to the App Store again and repeat the attempt to install the program.

Solution: parallel launch of the second installation

Another non.Standard way, a small secret that few know about is a parallel installation of the second application. Indeed, this can reanimate the first.

What to do: go to the App Store store, select absolutely any application and run to the installation. Often after the start of loading the second application, the first is also restored.

Solution: Repeated authorization in the App Store

What else to do? For example, go into the account of Apple ID.

What works to complete: leave your account. This can be done through the App Store store. The name of your account is displayed on the collection tab. Click on it and select “Exit”. Then again enter the account, then try to repeat the application loading.

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Solution: Reloading the device

And tried to reboot the device? If not, you should take a chance.

What works to execute: press and hold the power key (“Power”) until the iPhone is turned off. Then turn it on again. Check the application icon. After turning on, loading may resume. As an option, try another way of rebooting. “hard”. Squeeze two keys at the same time. Power and “home” (“Power” and “Home”). After rebooting the smartphone, check the application icon again.

Solution: synchronization with PC

The “stubborn” application is still hanging? Synchronize the smartphone with iTunes on your personal computer.

What to do: Connect the gadget to the PC, on which the iTunes application first. Apple ID accounts on a smartphone and PC must match, otherwise nothing will work. Check, if not so, enter both devices under one account. Synchronize the devices.

Solution: Reset settings

If the application is so necessary for you that you are ready to reset the settings, then continue reading. However, pre.Make a backup copy of your device. Now you are ready to reset the settings.

iphone, does, update, applications

What actions to perform: first, reset the network settings. To do this, go to “Settings”, then to “Reset”, and then click “Reset the network settings”. Check the application. Is not downloading? Full settings. Go to the same “Settings” item, then “Basic”, hereinafter “Reset”. And “Reset all the settings”.

Solution: transition to dfu mode

If this did not solve the problem, the last way remains. Put the smartphone into dfu mode.

What needs to be done: connect your iPhone or iPad with a “harmful” application to the computer on which the iTunes program is launched. Now attention:

  • Squeeze the power buttons and “home” (“Power” and “Home”), keep for several seconds (usually ten), until the device starts to reboot, hold more, waiting for the appearance of the Apple logo.
  • As soon as the emblem appeared, release the power button, and continue to hold the “home” button until another logo appears. The iTunes emblem.

Is it possible to avoid the connection of the connection and the appearance of other errors in the App Store

It is almost impossible to prevent errors and problems with the App Store online store, because they suddenly arise. The only thing that can be advised to users is to regularly create backups of iCloud so that when any mistake appears to be prepared for reset of settings, since the reset solves most problems associated with the functionality of Apple devices.

Using one of the ways to solve the problems of the functionality of the App Store, each user will be able to restore the ability to download applications to his “apple” gadget.

How else can I update iOS

Often situations can be quite banal.

For example, a battery charge that should be more than 50%. If it is less, you need to try to connect the gadget to the network.

Perhaps the problem is also associated with a non.Working fingerprint scanner Touch ID. If for some reason it does not work, then it will be possible to update only with iTunes.

We put a new version of iTunes, connect the original iPhone cable, and agree with the system messages.