iPhone does not work button blocking what to do

The power button does not work on the iPhone

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If the power button does not work on the iPhone, you can still turn on and turn off the device using some tricks. The Power’s non-working button on the smartphone can cause a number of inconvenience, so this problem should be solved as soon as possible, especially if the breakdown occurred due to mechanical damage.

But if you need to urgently turn on the iPhone, and the button does not work and it does not work out, use our recommendations.

The iPhone button of the screen lock does not work. Software solution

There is a function in iOS that can when the buttons lock the screen or home stop working.

To move on to this function, select “Settings” “Basic” “Universal Access”. At this stage, scroll down, click on the “AssistiveTouch” item and move the switch to green.

Now a gray square with a white circle appears on the screen. You can drag it to any place.

To access the lock button, press the “device”, and then click “block the screen”.

To take a picture of the screen when the lock button does not work, press the “apparatus”, then “more” and click on the “screen of the screen”.

Do not worry. The menu and the AssistiveTouch button will not be visible in the screen picture.

How to turn off the iPhone lock button with iOS version 10 and below

If you need to turn off the iPhone without a power button, the Assistive Touch function will help you.

Use the Assistive Touch function on iPhone and iPad as simple as physical buttons. Below is the procedure for activating Assistive Touch on iPhone or iPad under the control of iOS 10:

  • Find the “Settings” application on your iPhone.
  • Find the section “Basic”, which should be in the third section in the upper part of the settings list.
  • Inside the “Basic” section, find the item “Universal Access” and click on it. Scroll down and find the AssistiveTouch item.
  • Transfer the switch next to AssistiveTouch to the ON position to enable it. A floating auxiliary touch button should appear on the screen.

The iPhone volume control button does not work

To adjust the volume, it is not at all necessary to use the physical button on the side panel for this. To configure the volume, you need to make the pile up, starting from the bottom of the display. The emerging control panel will have a virtual volume control slider.

iphone, does, work, button

Nevertheless, the physical volume control button is also used for forced reloading the device-in the event that any failure occurred and the system hidden. In this case, the iPhone or iPad do not turn it on without connecting to a computer, so it is strongly recommended to fix the physical button of the volume adjustment or have installed iTunes on a computer.


A temporary software failure may be caused by firmware flaws or the influence of third.Party programs. The problem can be eliminated using hard rebooting. If it does not help. Make a reset of settings to factory.

Dirt and moisture

If you use a smartphone for a long time, the button could clog. Try to clean it with alcohol.Containing napkins to remove dust and dirt.

With a prolonged finding of the gadget in high humidity conditions, or when the water enters the water, contacts may be oxidized. The device needs to be disassembled and cleaned by the electrical conductive elements from corrosion.

iphone, does, work, button

Create a virtual button

The AssistiveTouch function will replace the real virtual button if the iPhone does not work on the power button. It can be placed anywhere in the screen by simply dragging your fingers. A single press will tear off the internal menu, repeated. Close.

You can activate the function in different ways:

  • “Settings” → “Universal Access” → “Fast Teams”. Select a function and turn it on.
  • “Settings” → “Universal Access” → “Touch”. Install a checkmark opposite AssistiveTouch.

4 Ways to Fix iPhone Touch Screen not Working | iPhone Screen not Responding to Touch |iPhone Repair

You can also activate the function using the Siri voice assistant or add it to a fast universal access team.

Change the train

If the iPhone button does not work on the iPhone, and what to do, you do not know, come to the service center. The engineer will examine the device and determine the cause of the malfunction. You may have to completely disassemble the gadget and replace the train. The exact method of recovery will be known after diagnosis.

Repair on your eyes in 15-30 minutes. Without a margin.

Repair on your eyes in 15-30 minutes. Without a margin.

iphone, does, work, button

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The blocking button for iPhone does not work. The reason for the breakdown

Apple believes that buttons on devices are not needed. Please note: the “older” the model, the more sensory management, even the main “home” became virtual. The latest “defense” line of physical keys remains the lock button-it is still on the case, it is not electronic and is not part of the sensory system, it can be pressed. And it stops working if the train is damaged, so from the point of view of small technical malfunctions, this key is quite problematic. What can be done if the lock button does not work on the iPhone 6 or on another model?

It is worth immediately making a reservation that the method is temporary and can only be used as a solution to “survive several hours before the repair workshop”. Although there are owners of devices who generally prefer to ignore the problem, especially when it comes to enough old phone, which is still planned to be replaced by new.

The manufacturing company provided for this option by offering a “virtual analogue”. Maybe in future iPhone models the case will become completely solid, and there will not be any protrusions and external keys in it, but for now we turn into virtuality mode if the iPhone button does not work as follows:

  • If the iPhone lies with the “black screen”-that is, in a state of blocking, it can be woken up in different ways. Starting with the sixth version, the fingerprint works, in the top ten, also recognized faces appeared. The side key is not required.
  • You will probably need to dial a password. Everything is as usual.
  • Next, you need to go to the smartphone menu. The item that will help to cope with the problem of the “deceased” block button is located in the “Settings” section.
  • Choose the subparagraph “Basic”, where one more inside lies, it is called universal access, and already in it is an extremely useful corporate “Epplic” functionality called AssistiveTouch.

Assistivetouch is generally one of the most useful iPhone functions. It will help not only if the lock button does not work on the iPhone, but also with problems with Home, volume settings and other functions. This built.In utility allows you to create its own “gestures”, that is, to turn physical buttons into virtual. We need to replace the broken lock. To do this, we perform the following actions:

  • Choose “Create a new gesture”. It can be any, but it is advisable to choose the one that you definitely will not forget. It is proposed to use scrolling to the right or left.
  • The gesture is preserved under any name.
  • This gesture is an analogue that on the desktop is labels. That is, not the program or function itself, but only what causes it. Therefore, now we need to explain to the phone what we want to invest in scrolling.
  • To do this, from the proposed menu, select the “Blocking” item. All! Now the phone will be blocked by a certain gesture.

Many iPhone owners generally refuse to repair physical damage to the button on the side panel. It is worth mentioning right away that this is not the best approach-after all, “Assistive Touch” is not a full-fledged replacement of the functionality, moreover, any technique is arranged in such a way that one breakdown can “catch” for another. But if you are not lucky to drop or spoil the device somewhere on vacation, on a business trip, or there is simply no way to go and fix it, then the technique will help to “hold out” for a long time. Discomfort when using an alternative will practically not be felt.

What to do if the power button does not work on the iPhone

If the inclusion button does not work on the iPhone, it is quite problematic to replace it on its own, especially since such an operation can lead to an even greater failure in the functioning of the device. In a good salon, this procedure will take several tens of minutes, in addition, you will definitely be given a guarantee for the future work of the device in the future.

Often replacing the inclusion button is forced to be made after the fall of the device or its blow, because at the same time there is a damage or rupture of the upper train.

Unfortunately, immediate replacement of the inclusion button on the iPhone is often necessary after the liquid has got into it. In this case, a train is usually damaged, which, of course, needs to be replaced with a new button itself.

Our site will help you decide on the choice of the right company, where repair organizations are already sorted depending on their rating, location and other characteristics.

Block the iPhone if the lock button breaks down is very easy.

Iphone Power Button Not Working! �� [HOW TO FIX ON/OFF BUTTON!]

You just need to go to the main settings and choose a universal access tab there. Then AssistiveTouch. After its activation, you can call the menu, where, among other things, the icon on the locking of the device will be.

Self.Repair of non.Working lock button on iPhone

This method is intended for home craftsmen who boldly take up the repair of everything that has broken. From an iron to an airplane. At least a minimum set of tools for working with miniature details will be required, special magnifying points for the installation of microelectronics are desirable.

So what can be done yourself if the iPhone button broke down?

First of all, we will figure out the device of this element. Blocking button is part of a cable that provides the operation of the device control elements. What breaks? A miniature rubber or plastic “nipple” breaks down, which is pressed on a switching element.

If this rubber nipple has changed and has crushed from active use. There is no pressing and the power button does not work. About positive moments and negative for iPhone owners, find out here. For repair, two options are offered:

You can purchase a new train either on AliExpress, which will take some time to wait for the wait. Alternatively, you can view ads on Avito. There, service centers often put up for sale components for smartphones, or even the broken devices themselves at catchy prices. Or take an inexpensive new device.

As you can see, the problem is when the iPhone button broke down is quite solved.

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