iPhone fell into the water do not work speakers

Water got into the IPhone speaker

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If the iPhone was filled with water. The speaker does not work, it is urgent to perform a number of procedures that will extend the service life of the phone. The serviceability of the internal elements of the smartphone completely depends on how quickly and correctly you will act. In addition to the processes of iPhone oxidation, damage to contacts and microcircuits due to close. Water is an impeccable conductor of electricity, so even a few drops of rain can lead to a malfunction of the board, connectors and speakers of the mobile device.

Experts offer a number of actions that remove moisture from iPhone. Their timely execution will prevent damage to a mobile phone. If, after independent cleaning from water, sounds are still poorly audible or some of the device functions do not work, refer to a qualified master.

First actions after moisture hit

If the iPhone fell into the water, and you immediately pulled it out, remove all drops of water from its surface. Glue a smartphone that is wet with a dry napkin or a soft cloth. To avoid fluid entering and oxidation of electronic components, dry the phone that was wetted. There are three ways for this:

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The most effective and safe way to minimize the effect of moisture on the Apple device that was soaked is to use a special iPhone drying cover. In it, the phone should spend at least 48 hours, after which its performance will be fully restored. It is good to use such a gadget after you got with your iPhone in the rain, accidentally dropped it into the toilet, flooded coffee or other liquid. Before drying the device, it must be turned off.

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If there is no case, minimize the effect of moisture on the hitline, the usual rice will help. The procedure for restoring the smartphone, which was wet in the rain, visited the water or on which something spilled, is simple:

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  • Take a deep cup, put the iPhone in it, who visited the water (toilet, puddle)
  • Pour the phone with rice
  • Dry the smartphone in this way at least a day

The rice should absorb all the water and stop the corrosion process on the internal elements of the iPhone. The disadvantage of this method is the inevitable hit of rice particles into the camera, speakers and other smartphone connectors. After you dry the phone, camera, screen sensor and headphones and charging entrances will have to be cleaned.

If you decide to dry your phone with a hairdryer, avoid strong heating. It is best to first disassemble the iPhone model and pull out its battery. After that, direct the minimum air flow to its internal components, because both Apple sensor and cameras, display, speakers are extremely sensitive to any overheating. Unacceptable:

Otherwise, you will need to replace the screen and other repairs of “Yabloko”.

You can also disassemble and dry the iPhone, which hip or completely “drowned” in the water, naturally. Pull the battery and leave the device open for a day. If after falling into the water your smartphone worked and did not turn off, the listed measures should be enough to completely restore the phone.

iphone, fell, water, work, speakers

The smartphone fell in the snow and the sound does not work. What to do

As soon as the iPhone fell into water or wet snow, you need to urgently turn off the device (if it does not turn off automatically when it fell). When you dropped the iPhone, you can not check:

Do not turn on the wet gadget. Then it is likely that damage to the speakers and other components will be minimal. If the speakers do not work on iPhones, the repair will be inexpensive. And in order to change the display module or motherboard affected by snow, you will have to pay a large amount.

The most reliable way to save internal details, if you dropped the iPhone, quickly take it to an authorized service center or a qualified Apple repair specialist. If you yourself are taking the iPhone, found in the snow, make sure that the gadget does not accidentally turn on. In this case, it is necessary to abandon the use of a towel: the humidity inside the iPhone will increase, and the situation will only worsen.

What to do if the iPhone fell in the snow and the service center does not work, or you decided to go there the next day:

  • The most important thing is to turn it off and not turn on (unfortunately, you can’t remove the battery in iPhones. It is likely that the device will work poorly, for example, the sound will disappear)
  • Remove covers, bumpers and other accessories, delete glass and films from the screen if moisture got there
  • Wipe the surface from snow and drops of water, dry the connectors with a cotton swab (dirt in nests is the main reason that the speakers do not work on iPhones and sound disappears)
  • Put the device in a container with raw (in no case prepared) rice. The croup has high hygroscopicity, works as a silica gel filler
  • Close the container and leave for 24 hours
  • Extract the iPhone, remove stuck groats from the connectors

You should not have illusions that the rice has removed all the moisture and restored the iPhone. As a rule, the gadget begins to work poorly (the sound disappears, there are problems with the screen) only a few weeks after the iPhone fell in the snow. Even if it seems to you that the cause of the breakdown is eliminated, you need to take the iPhone to the service center or call an experienced master for diagnosis.

Using network services and mobile applications

If there are very few moisture in the phone, you can use special programs. They will make your speaker work at different frequencies. Due to the reproduction of various frequencies and vibrations of the sound of the dynamics, they will be cleaned of water. And you can use their restored functionality.

iphone, fell, water, work, speakers

The popular representative of this genre is the popular English.Language service FixMyspeakers.Com. Go to it on your smartphone and click on a large button in the center. Loud sound from the speaker will help to save it from the problem.

Other services of this plan are Speaker Cleaner, Soundabout.

What to do if the speaker does not work on the iPhone

First you need to exclude the likelihood that the reason is not in the wrong software settings. The first thing to do is turn off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and check the presence of sound. If there is still no, then do the following:

  • Open the iphone settings menu.
  • Go to the “Main” section.
  • Click the item “Universal Access”.
  • Activate the slider opposite the first item “Assistive Touch” (or this will be called “Universal Access”).
  • Once again check if the sound appeared.
  • If not, restart the smartphone and check again.

How to carry out a forced reboot of the smartphone depending on the model

If this did not help, and all other modules and functions work as expected, it is worth installing from the official application store any antivirus recommended by users and scan iPhone for the presence of malicious software.

Note! For the primary installation of the reason why the auditory speaker does not work on the iPhone 6s or other models, a headset or column will help. If there is no sound anyway during the conversation, then the problem is no longer with speakers, but with a sound card (built into a common motherboard).

The speaker does not work on the iPhone SE

It is known that only some iPhone models are “sick” for some malfunctions. In the case of SE, it is recommended to turn off the bluetooth module and check whether sound will appear or not. This is a frequent problem of this smartphone, in particular, when updating to iOS 12.3.

The speaker does not work on the iPhone 5 and 5s

As for five, they are rightfully considered eternal. In 2020. It has been performed for 8 years, and they are still in active move. For all the time of some particularly frequent situations related to these models, it was not revealed, and at the expense of the time the factory marriage is excluded immediately.

The speakers here are separated, so if the sound is absent from both modules, it is worth checking fresh updates (until the last iOS they no longer update) and scan the gadget with antivirus.

If the owner changed the cover and after that the sound disappeared, it is worth trying to reproduce the sound without it. Many Chinese accessories interfere with the full functioning of the smartphone. In other cases, it is worth looking for a hardware malfunction.

Iphones 5, 5s, 6 and 6 Plus are no longer supported, so malfunctions of

Note! These models are characterized by excessive sensitivity to temperature changes. Going from the cold to heat, condensation is periodically observed in the deflectors (when hypn its iPhone shows the corresponding message).

The upper speaker does not work on the iPhone 6

It was already mentioned above that the holes for the speakers are protected only. So it was up to the iPhone 7 generation. In new models, the manufacturer began to install a small rubber gasket around the perimeter, which slightly prevents moisture from hitting.

Problems are rare on fives and older, but situations when the upper speaker on the iPhone 6 does not work is completely next. This is mainly due to constructive nuances. The six is ​​thinner, and the sound module is extremely close to the surface of the display, so the oxidation of the contacts here is a common situation.

The speaker does not work on the iPhone 8, X, Xs, XR

For fresh models, the temperature factor is more relevant by increasing capacities and the functionality of hardware filling. Melted contacts or sound card is a common situation, especially for the iPhone x. Not to mention the fact that in comparison with the fives, these gadgets are more fragile and falls are much more difficult.

Note! In the context of high temperatures due to the high load on the processor and RAM, for example, when starting many applications or a demanding game, the sound may disappear due to the lack of a sufficient amount of power card. In this case, this indicates a factory marriage.

Iphone malfunctions after contact with water

Contact with liquid may have different consequences. In one case, damage can be insignificant and visually invisible, and in others. More serious and noticeable, as well as expensive in the repair. Often, after water enters the display panel, bubbles are formed, the phone begins to work incorrectly. If, after flooding, the smartphone began to constantly reboot, spontaneously turn off, and also the screen defects appeared, then you should use professional help.

First of all, it is necessary to establish what damage to the iPhone 11 after contact with the liquid. To reliably find all the malfunctions, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive diagnosis using specialized equipment, tools. The liquid can penetrate other nodes and details, gradually violating their operation and completely disable the device itself. At the first signs of incorrect work of the gadget, you should contact specialists. Only a thorough examination, professional diagnosis will help to find all damage.

What can happen to the drowned iPhone

There are a lot of options for the iPhone after water procedures. The problems are sometimes that sound begins to disappear or the sensor is buggy. However, this is only half a worm.

Inside such “drowned” slowly but surely decay begins. Over, very important, and most importantly, expensive components can suffer. The worst thing that can happen is the motherboard will suffer. To replace this element is the most expensive. In fact, the detail will cost almost the same amount that the new phone.

What conclusions can be drawn from all of the above? Of course, the owners of the iPhone need to be careful and try to avoid situations when the phone may be poured or drowned in water or other liquid. If the unpleasant situation has occurred, do not hesitate. It all starts with simple first aid in the form of drying, but after the device is handed over for repairs to the service. It is impossible to delay with the latter, the harmful effects of water on the technique are enhanced with every minute.

If the iPhone got water

Starting with the iPhone 7, the popular Apple Smartphones finally received special protection from moisture. Over, the latest devices, such as the iPhone XS and XS Max, have the maximum IP68 standard. This type of protection means that the phone can calmly survive immersion in water to a depth of 2 m and up to 30 minutes. The remaining models are endowed with the IP67 standard, which guarantees protection against spray and short.Term immersion in water.

If you are the owner of the iPhone 6s or the youngest model, it should be carefully protected from water. However, the matter has already been done. The device has survived the immersion. How to be in such a situation?

What can not be done

Inappropriate ways of drying the dynamics of a smartphone, which can be not only ineffective, but also dangerous, are common among users of mobile devices. The following methods are strictly forbidden:

    Do not dry the phone with a hairdryer. The air flow temperature can heat up individual elements of the smartphone so much that some contacts will melt.

Important! If you are not sure that the methods described in the article fully returned the performance of the dynamics, be sure to contact the service center for help. This will protect the device from a serious breakdown.