iPhone fell into the water does not work sound

Water got into the IPhone speaker

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If the iPhone was filled with water. The speaker does not work, it is urgent to perform a number of procedures that will extend the service life of the phone. The serviceability of the internal elements of the smartphone completely depends on how quickly and correctly you will act. In addition to the processes of iPhone oxidation, damage to contacts and microcircuits due to close. Water is an impeccable conductor of electricity, so even a few drops of rain can lead to a malfunction of the board, connectors and speakers of the mobile device.

Experts offer a number of actions that remove moisture from iPhone. Their timely execution will prevent damage to a mobile phone. If, after independent cleaning from water, sounds are still poorly audible or some of the device functions do not work, refer to a qualified master.

Iphone fell into water, useful tips:

If your iPhone is connected to a power source, immediately turn it off, as this can lead to a short circuit. In addition, disconnect USB cables, headphones, or any other accessories connected to it using a wire.

Sound To Remove Water From iPhone Speaker (GUARANTEED)

Completely dry outer surface of the iPhone with a piece of fabric. Avoid the use of electronic drying devices such as a hairdryer.

Keep your iPhone upside down and carefully shake it so that the liquid comes out of the ports and sockets.

If the iPhone is still turned on, turn it off by holding the power button.

iphone, fell, water, does, work

If your iPhone is in a case, remove it to avoid getting any fluids into the inside.

Now that you have taken the necessary precautions to limit damage to your iPhone water, you will be ready to dry the insides. There is not enough space constantly? How to free up a place on the iPhone 5s, 6s, 7s, 8s, without removing applications.

Iphone fell into water or snow. What can be done and what cannot?

Hello! Unfortunately, the reason for writing this article is far from the most negligent. Because you are unlikely to read this instruction so to speak “for the future”, most likely that the trouble has already happened and the iPhone has fallen into snow or water (which is essentially the same thing). Most importantly, it is urgent to save it. Literally every minute on the account! Therefore, we will no longer pull the cat for different places to put off and proceed to the very essence. Go!

Now I’ll tell you what to do so that the device still works and pleases you, as well as about how you can’t do it in any case (believe me with my sad experience, this is also very, very important!). And we will start precisely with the latter. With harmful tips or how to do it under any circumstances.

So, remember, these actions should not be performed:

  • Immediately turn on the iPhone, the faster it will happen the better. Ideally, do this at the moment when he is in the water. You have to find out right away whether it will work or not!?
  • If you turn on, show and tell everyone about it. Look, I have an iPhone in the water and at least that, even works!
  • If others did not believe you, for persuasiveness, throw it into the liquid again. Let them know that Apple does not make any nonsense there!
  • Does not turn on? Sat down the battery. Urgently connect the charger. The phone warms up and the water is so faster to evaporate.
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Why was it all written? In order to finally understand-after the device gets into the water or snow, it must be disconnected immediately, and in no case should not be turned on, put on charging, etc. D. Even for a second to see. “whether it works or not?””. Believe me, it is likely to work with a high probability and only due to the fact that it is still turned off.

Water and electricity are an excellent “bridgehead” for corrosion formation. Therefore, if the first has already happened, then you do not need to add the second. What to do next? First, it would be nice to disassemble the device. It is clear that in the case of the iPhone this is not so simple, but if you can, it is better to start immediately.

If there is no analysis of analysis or the necessary tool, then you can reach the workshop (any, the benefit of them is now full and at every corner) and ask to make it out there. They won’t take much money (for disassembly), and the chances of saving the drowned iPhone will increase many times. You can leave it in the service, they will be cleaned for an additional fee and make it “like new”.

For those who want to dry the iPhone on their own, some tips:

  • Remove all covers, bumper and other accessories. It is also referred to as the glasses installed on the screen, if the water fell under them.
  • It is not recommended to use a hair dryer. You can easily overdo it. Plus, the air stream will “drive” the liquid throughout the device. Just get wet (where you get it) with ordinary napkins.
  • Dip in alcohol is also not a very good venture. Spots can go on the screen.
  • About rice. In principle, you can use it as a moisture absorber, but it must be remembered that it is not omnipotent. And he will be able to help only if the phone is not completely redeemed, but only superficially, and of course, it will not be able to absorb the entire liquid in 2 hours. Throw in rice for 1-2 days. And yes, this is perhaps the only option to try to get rid of moisture without analyzing the phone.
  • Do not dry under direct sunlight, on the battery, heaters, etc. D. A good option is to put a disassembled iPhone somewhere in a draft for drying. During a day or two, the device will dry and you can try to turn it on.

And still know that the most correct “way” will be the campaign of the service. Because when using all these folk methods, of course, there is, but it does not guarantee 100% of a successful outcome.

However, this does not guarantee a repair workshop. It all depends on the degree of damage.

By the way, it must be remembered that even if the iPhone was eliminated and completely cleaned, this is still not the key to a successful “cure”.

Such devices, the so.Called “drowned”, can behave quite unpredictably. That is, he can work for several months (then the loss of sound will begin, the inability to turn on, charge, etc.D.), and maybe several years. Here’s how lucky. In any case, if you correctly dry it and prevent the simplest mistakes, then the chances of successful restoration increase.

P.S. Before you start acting, it is necessary to put a “like” and, thereby, get 20% of luck during the solution of this problem!:)

First actions after moisture hit

If the iPhone fell into the water, and you immediately pulled it out, remove all drops of water from its surface. Glue a smartphone that is wet with a dry napkin or a soft cloth. To avoid fluid entering and oxidation of electronic components, dry the phone that was wetted. There are three ways for this:

The most effective and safe way to minimize the effect of moisture on the Apple device that was soaked is to use a special iPhone drying cover. In it, the phone should spend at least 48 hours, after which its performance will be fully restored. It is good to use such a gadget after you got with your iPhone in the rain, accidentally dropped it into the toilet, flooded coffee or other liquid. Before drying the device, it must be turned off.

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If there is no case, minimize the effect of moisture on the hitline, the usual rice will help. The procedure for restoring the smartphone, which was wet in the rain, visited the water or on which something spilled, is simple:

  • Take a deep cup, put the iPhone in it, who visited the water (toilet, puddle)
  • Pour the phone with rice
  • Dry the smartphone in this way at least a day

The rice should absorb all the water and stop the corrosion process on the internal elements of the iPhone. The disadvantage of this method is the inevitable hit of rice particles into the camera, speakers and other smartphone connectors. After you dry the phone, camera, screen sensor and headphones and charging entrances will have to be cleaned.

If you decide to dry your phone with a hairdryer, avoid strong heating. It is best to first disassemble the iPhone model and pull out its battery. After that, direct the minimum air flow to its internal components, because both Apple sensor and cameras, display, speakers are extremely sensitive to any overheating. Unacceptable:

Otherwise, you will need to replace the screen and other repairs of “Yabloko”.

You can also disassemble and dry the iPhone, which hip or completely “drowned” in the water, naturally. Pull the battery and leave the device open for a day. If after falling into the water your smartphone worked and did not turn off, the listed measures should be enough to completely restore the phone.

What is the cause of the iPhone breakdown

If the iPhone fell in the snow, the speaker, GPS module or touch screen does not work, then moisture got inside the device. Water will enter the connectors, microcircuits and boards, cause short circuits and will lead to a quick destruction of contacts. The faster you can wipe the gadget from the snow and dry, the higher the likelihood that the sound and other iPhone functions will work as it should.

WATCH THIS if your Phone Lost Sound Volume after getting Wet!

However, the complete drying of the fluid is not a guarantee of the performance of the speakers and other details. Snow melts, the liquid evaporates, but minerals and salts remain. The sediment inside the iPhone affects electrical conductivity, causes corroding (decay) of the components, including those responsible for the sound. Many Apple users do not have speakers in iPhones and sound does not work only because they ignored the advice of professionals.

Where the water got into the iPhone: the speaker, under the display or the device does not turn on at all?

Initially, we will try to determine the “degree of disaster”. Surely, if you are already reading this article, then the drowned man is extracted from the liquid medium and off. Carefully inspect the iPhone screen for water clusters under it. Perhaps he will look as shown in the photo below.

If you find that the water is under the iPhone screen or the liquid completely filled the display and this is visible with the naked eye, we advise you to immediately proceed to the section of drying the device using silica gel.

The next problem in the degree of importance of the drowned man in the form of iPhone is a non.Working dynamics of the device, after the gadget has visited the water or vice versa, the water independently entered the speaker’s speaker. We advise you not to waste time, and move on to reading the section “How to remove water from the IPhone dynamics”.

We smoothly approached one of the most difficult problems, the solution of which will not be able to an ordinary user. If the iPhone falls into the water and does not turn on, do not try to do this every time, after clicking on the “On/OFF” button. We advise how to perform each of the points of our instructions, including disassemble the iPhone. Carefully read the section of the instructions “disassembly iPhone or iPad”, as well as the item “What to do next with the device”, if none of the ways helped you.

How to act if water got into the IPhone speaker: useful tips

It is unpleasant when the iPhone was wet or fell into the water. Moisture is able to damage the smartphone or completely disable it. To save the gadget and minimize damage, it is necessary to act quickly. Experts give a lot of useful tips on how to act if water got into the IPhone speaker.

iphone, fell, water, does, work

Depending on the model, the procedure can be different. However, the first thing you need is:

iphone, fell, water, does, work
  • Quickly extract the phone out of the water.
  • Remove the cover, disconnect the headphones and portable charger.
  • Turn off the iPhone.
  • Check the water hit indicator.
  • Get rid of moisture, carefully drying the smartphone.
iphone, fell, water, does, work

The location of the moisture penetration indicator on the iPhone depends on the specific model. The white color of the sensor is a reason for joy. This means that moisture did not get inside the phone. The red indicator indicates the penetration of moisture into the iPhone.

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If the contact of the smartphone with water was not long, then for drying you can do the following:

  • Place the iPhone for a while in a packet with rice. Due to the absorbing properties, rice will eliminate moisture from the surface of the phone.
  • Install a special program for cleaning speakers. Such “extrusion” of water occurs due to a sound with a frequency of over 150 Hz.

It is wrong to dry the phone with a hair dryer, on a hot battery or wrapping in a towel. These methods will reduce the service life of a smartphone.

If the iPhone is very wet and there is a chance of moisture inward, then it is necessary to extract the battery and dry it. In the presence of special devices, the following actions need to be performed:

  • A special plastic device and sucker remove the front panel.
  • Remove locks that fasten the screen with the body.
  • Disconnect from the front panel connecting train.
  • Twist the screws connecting the case to the smartphone board.
  • Display the screws that attach the battery to the main board.
  • Using a plastic blade, reduce the adhesive clutch of the battery.
  • Take out the battery.

After the battery dries, it is necessary to install again on the phone. The installation of the battery is carried out in the reverse order of the above algorithm. If the iPhone does not turn on, the reason for this may be water or incorrect assembly.

With uncertainty in the correct installation of the battery, the installation process can be repeated. If the smartphone still does not turn on or works incorrectly, then you need to seek help from specialists. Experienced craftsmen will be able to eliminate problems and, if necessary, replace spoiled details.

Stage 4: Checking moisture indicators

All iPhone models are endowed with special moisture indicators. On their basis you can conclude how serious the immersion was. The location of this indicator depends on the model of the smartphone:

  • Iphone 2G. Is located in the headphone connector;
  • Iphone 3, 3gs, 4, 4s. In the connector for connecting the charger;
  • Iphone 5 and older models-in the connector for SIM cards.

For example, if you are the owner of the iPhone 6, remove the tray for the SIM card from the phone and pay attention to the connector: you can see a small indicator that is normal to be white or gray. If it is red, this indicates moisture in the device.

What can not be done

Inappropriate ways of drying the dynamics of a smartphone, which can be not only ineffective, but also dangerous, are common among users of mobile devices. The following methods are strictly forbidden:

    Do not dry the phone with a hairdryer. The air flow temperature can heat up individual elements of the smartphone so much that some contacts will melt.

Important! If you are not sure that the methods described in the article fully returned the performance of the dynamics, be sure to contact the service center for help. This will protect the device from a serious breakdown.