iPhone fell into water and does not turn on

Water IPhone got into the waterproof iPhone. How so and what to do?

The waterproof “iPhone” fell into the water and wet. Failed, it works poorly, sometimes it does not turn on. This is really possible, and on this topic there was even a study (about the resistance of smartphones by moisture).

How could this? After all, there are so many tests and visual videos in which they just did with the iPhone, and he is not wet in the water!

Apple officially does not guarantee water protection

The truth is that no manufacturer gives such a guarantee (neither Apple, nor Samsung, nor any other well-known brand). They are simply not ready to answer for all scenarios after the smartphone gets into the water even if protection is declared from water and dust. Service center 100% refuse free repairs.

Interestingly, for this purpose, Apple even equips the waterproof iPhone 12 with a special indicator of water hit. This is a sticker strip inside the SIM card tray. It discolor after contact with water [the official description of the indicator] and is legal evidence in the refusal to guarantee.

Where the water got into the iPhone: the speaker, under the display or the device does not turn on at all?

Initially, we will try to determine the “degree of disaster”. Surely, if you are already reading this article, then the drowned man is extracted from the liquid medium and off. Carefully inspect the iPhone screen for water clusters under it. Perhaps he will look as shown in the photo below.

If you find that the water is under the iPhone screen or the liquid completely filled the display and this is visible with the naked eye, we advise you to immediately proceed to the section of drying the device using silica gel.

The next problem in the degree of importance of the drowned man in the form of iPhone is a non.Working dynamics of the device, after the gadget has visited the water or vice versa, the water independently entered the speaker’s speaker. We advise you not to waste time, and move on to reading the section “How to remove water from the IPhone dynamics”.

We smoothly approached one of the most difficult problems, the solution of which will not be able to an ordinary user. If the iPhone falls into the water and does not turn on, do not try to do this every time, after clicking on the “On/OFF” button. We advise how to perform each of the points of our instructions, including disassemble the iPhone. Carefully read the section of the instructions “disassembly iPhone or iPad”, as well as the item “What to do next with the device”, if none of the ways helped you.

Iphone repair after filling

The new Apple smartphones are better protected from water than their predecessors (though the warranty on moisture does not even apply to the iPhone 11 Pro Max). But earlier serious damage to the iPhone could be caused by simply by accidenting a glass of water on it. This happened to the iPhone 6, which came to the specialists of the Apple Pro service center: after moisture, the smartphone stopped turning on.

The engineer opened the device. The red indicator indicates the ingress of liquid (in the usual state it is white)

After examining the gadget, the engineer began to analyze the device and dismantle the motherboard. During the initial inspection, numerous traces of corrosion and oxide of the motherboard were revealed. To start chemical cleaning, you must first dismantle iron protective screens.

Corrosion and oxide from the water have already formed

It is necessary to clean the board of the oxide before diagnostics

To do this, the prepared motherboard is placed in a special bath with chemical solutions, so the so.Called chemical cleaning occurs. Sometimes with very strong corrosion, sparing ultrasound is additionally used.

In this bath, the motherboard is cleaned of signs of moisture

After chemical cleaning, the motherboard looks like it was only released from the factory.

The motherboard looks like new. But this does not mean that there is no damage

The specialist begins diagnostics by inspection of the board. First of all, the motherboard is connected to the laboratory power supply. As a result of the diagnosis, a short circuit (KZ) was revealed in the primary circuit.

When connecting the primary power, KZ was revealed

iphone, fell, water, does, turn

Then, using cooling, the engineer searches for increased heating to determine the failed element. As in the case of the iPhone X, about the repair after the KZ which we recently told, one of the circuit capacitors broke through. This led to a short circuit.

With the help of a freeiser, the engineer searches for increased heating to determine the failed element

To fix the problem, the specialist dismantles the damaged capacitor and sets a new.

Repeated connection to the LBP showed that the KZ is absent. The fee does not consume anything

After that, the motherboard is once again checked on the LBP. The engineer includes the motherboard without the periphery and checks the loading modes and energy consumption.

The board starts and loads with normal energy consumption

Specifically in this case, the repair of the iPhone after water could not cost only the elimination of the KZ in the primary power circuit. Moisture brought into disrepair battery and display module. Therefore, they were also dismantled and replaced by new ones (about how the display changes, you can read here). Of course, there are times when it is enough to clean the fee. But such a case, unfortunately, are single.

In addition to eliminating the short circuit, the engineer replaced the display module and battery

Therefore, when moisture enters the iPhone, we recommend that you contact the service center as early as possible. As you were convinced, there are professional tools in the arsenal of specialists that allow you to qualitatively carry out repairs. The Apple Pro service center gives a guarantee for all types of repair work by Apple, and all readers of Appleinsider.Ru provides a 10% discount.

Once poured under the tap 5k: she immediately fucked up sharply, the kayuk thought. I put it on the shelf for the night in the morning turned on, tried to call but I did not hear the interlocutor. I lay down a day and everything worked. Mom still use it. Everything is fine. Apparently not critically flooded.

You think that you know all the ways how you can deceive you when repairing iPhone? We are sure you are mistaken! There is a very interesting scheme in which even the most fierce skeptic may be deceived.

Users complained that their iPhone began to discharge faster after updating on iOS 15.4. Apple answered them that the installed applications and system functions just need to return to normal, which could go to two days

Iphone Water Damage Repair | How to Fix Water Damaged iPhone 7 NOT Turning ON

There are too many rumors around the folding iPhone. Here’s another one: the company will release a smartphone and already tests the display, but the deadlines are shifted again. Is it worth waiting for a folding iPhone? I figured out new rumors from insiders

What is the cost of repairs and terms? Why you can’t immediately say how much such work will cost?

The fact is that if the liquid still got into the gadget itself, then it must first be examined, then disassemble and clean it from the oxide.

Experienced craftsmen know that the first impression is deceptive, and first the fee must be washed from the oxyses and other traces of water in a special vibressure, and only after that the inspection of the fee begins for the presence of damage. Any diagnosis after the fluid gets begins with this.

The diagnosis of iPhone or iPad is carried out under a microscope and depends on the quantity and nature of the damage, therefore it takes from 1 to 5 days. Each case is individual. The amount and type of fluid, the time spent in it, the composition of the liquid, the number of injured elements.

Of course, there are times when it is enough to clean the fee. But such a case, unfortunately, are single.

If we talk about the cost of repairs, then it starts from 1000 and depends on the phone model and the cost of spare parts.

First aid “drowned” iPhone

So, to save your device, at least try to do it, follow the following actions:

  • Remove the device from the water immediately;
  • Turn off the device (if it itself has not turned off already);
  • Pull it out of the cover;
  • Remove the protective film;
  • Pull the SIM card;
  • Wipe the phone with a dry cloth without villi so that there is no water. Grab the buttons and connectors with cotton sticks also thoroughly;
  • Disassemble the body and wipe everything inside, but if you do not have special tools or you do not know how to do it, go to a specialized service center where you will carry out the iPhone repairs after water.

Attention! The steps taken in anyone do not guarantee the complete removal of moisture from the iPhone. What to do if water got into the iPhone? In order to completely dry it, it is necessary to disassemble the device, exploring the internal elements (possibly using a microscope). Even if your iPhone works fine, as you think, do not rush to rejoice, there may be water inside! Due to moisture inside, corrosion will begin over time and the consequences will be sad.

What should not be done with the drowned iPhone

You can save the drowned phone with different methods, but from some actions, users need to refrain for sure. What should not be done in a similar situation:

  • No matter what anyone writes, you cannot use a hairdryer or vacuum cleaner for drying. The flow of air will undoubtedly accelerate drying, but at the same time it will help the rapid development of corrosion, and this is already 100 % ruined equipment;
  • You can not roll up the device in a towel, hoping that the fabric will absorb everything. Such actions inevitably lead to an increase in humidity inside the phone, and hence the early failure;
  • Remove the iPhone in rice at night. This home method is advertised by all without exception, but it has more harm than benefits. Of course, rice is able to remove excess moisture from the body, but not inside the iPhone. In addition, particles of cereals can greatly score ports, which means that further repair will become problematic;
  • Leaving the phone in salt is another way to destroy good equipment. With almost one hundred percent guarantee, the iPhone will not work after such an appeal. The problem is that salt will eliminate surface moisture, but the oxidation process will accelerate.

Do not trust advice and folk methods. Another half.Bastard if, after such actions, the sensor begins to junk. It can even be obscured by the screen, but it’s not so scary yet. In the worst case, the described actions will lead to non.Controversial breakdown. The device will no longer work, which means that it can simply be thrown out.

Important! If there is no necessary knowledge, then the device is prohibited to disassemble independently, especially if the equipment is still under warranty.

Drying in rice is a bad way to solve the problem

Step.By.Step instructions what to do if the iPhone fell into the water

As soon as your smartphone turned out to be poured or fell into the water, start acting:

  • Pull it out of the water as quickly as possible.
  • Disconnect the device using the power button.
  • Remove the cover or tread if these accessories were used. Often it is even required to remove the protective film, since drops of moisture may remain under it. If you installed a special hard screen on the display, then instruct the masters in the service center to delete it.
  • With a soft towel or paper wipes, wipe the smartphone.
  • Using a cocktail tube, remove the water from all holes. It must simply be pulled out of them.
  • Open the compartment for the SIM card and pull it out. In this compartment in (iPhone 5 and 6) there are moisture indicators, on them you can determine how much the phone was damaged. If you have a 3GS, 4 or 4S model, then indicators are located in the headphone jack and dock. If the indicators are red, then this means water got inside. These indicators should also pay attention if you purchase a device from your hands.

In most instructions, they recommend contacting the service center as soon as possible, this is reasonable, since the battery is inside the device and a small part of the power is nevertheless enters the microcircuits. You can’t do without a visit to the repairmen when you completely drowned the smartphone.

If you accidentally overturned a glass of water to the device, you can not immediately contact the service center, but try to act differently:

If moisture indicators did not change their color, then after a day and after all the actions you can try to turn on the device. This can be done in order to copy information in the cloud storage. If in the process of testing the device you find incorrect operation of its individual modules, then you should turn off the power and immediately contact the service center.

If the iPhone got water

Starting with the iPhone 7, the popular Apple Smartphones finally received special protection from moisture. Over, the latest devices, such as the iPhone XS and XS Max, have the maximum IP68 standard. This type of protection means that the phone can calmly survive immersion in water to a depth of 2 m and up to 30 minutes. The remaining models are endowed with the IP67 standard, which guarantees protection against spray and short.Term immersion in water.

If you are the owner of the iPhone 6s or the youngest model, it should be carefully protected from water. However, the matter has already been done. The device has survived the immersion. How to be in such a situation?

Wet Electronics. How to Make them Work?

Iphone repair after filling

After inspecting the gadget, the engineer opened the device. The red indicator indicates a fluid hit, in the normal state it is white.

If the indicator changed the color from white to red, then there was contact with water

Then the specialist dismantled the motherboard and connected it to the laboratory power supply (LBP). The problem with the energy consumption was revealed.

After flooding, problems began with energy consumption on the primary power circuit. When starting, there was a cyclic reboot

One of the features of the iPhone X and more new Apple smartphones, the motherboard of this apparatus is a single design consisting of two separate parts, soldered to each other in the form of a sandwich. The main elements are on the upper part. Processor, memory, power controller and so on, and on the lower. The radio part where the modem is placed and all the components responsible for ensuring that the iPhone connects to the network. To eliminate the problem with energy consumption, the engineer divides the fee into two parts.

On the board you can notice traces of corrosion

The upper half of the fee does not consume anything

Checking the lower part of the energy consumption of the primary circuit

Further, using freezing, the engineer searches for increased heating to determine the failed element.

In this case, the sound amplifier in the iPhone x failed. To fix the problem, the specialist dismantles the damaged element and sets a new.

It is necessary to replace the failed element

iphone, fell, water, does, turn

Since the “sandwich” boards are soldered with a fusible low.Temperature solder, it is soldered by heating without the use of thermophen. Thus, local overheating can be avoided due to uniform heating of the board.

After the adhesion, the board is once again checked on the LBP without periphery. To check the energy consumption.

The board starts with normal energy consumption

After installing the board in the housing, we turn on the phone repeated from the power supply.

Additionally, the specialist replaced the vibration engine, which also failed.

The engineer is assembled in the reverse order and sets the protective seal

The moisture sensor was also replaced, the screen miraculously remained whole

Then the specialist assembles the apparatus. Now it can be used again. This iPhone was repaired here. But it is better, of course, to protect the iPhone from water. If your iPhone is really very expensive for you, just do not take it with you to a bath or pool. These somewhat sweet minutes are unlikely to be worth passing through all the above unpleasant procedures. However, if this could not be avoided, experts from Apple Pro will make a free diagnostics of the gadget, the iPhone service and will quickly replace the part at affordable cost. And before you had cases of water in the iPhone? Pass the survey below. We will find out how relevant this problem is.

Many have heard that it is better to use only original Apple charges. This is an exaggeration and you can buy third.Party accessories. But some are better to avoid.

Android was not so bad platform. And taking into account the new restrictions that have fallen on iOS users, the Google mobile operating room has completely turned into an island of freedom and stability. After all, only here there were banking applications, contactless payment and much of what is no longer on the iPhone

The screen of a modern phone is protected from everything except for aggressive means. For example, alcohol and other solvents. We will tell you why you can’t wipe the screen and what will happen if you do not listen to this advice.

iphone, fell, water, does, turn

After water gets, the iPhone usually turns into a new iPhone (preferably a fresh model) ,