iPhone fell to the floor and does not turn on

What to do if the iPhone falls and does not turn on?

About 75% of Apple gadget users are faced with the problem that the iPhone has fallen and does not turn on. Often the device does not start after frost or falling into the snow. What to do in such a situation and how to diagnose a breakdown?

Among the common reasons why the iPhone does not turn on and shows the white screen, they will be:

Mechanical damage: any fall, clamping in a bag or in a ;

Moisture falling under the case: falling into water, snow or prolonged stay in a room with high humidity;

Attempts to install programs of “rounds” of paid applications (jailbrackers);

Sharp leaps in the voltage during charging;

The failure of the battery “from old age”.

If the cause of the breakdown is the battery, it just needs to be replaced. And it is also worth throwing off the phone settings to the factory to exclude the availability of software failures due to jailbrains.

The reasons for the breakdown of the display

Despite the fact that the Apple technique is considered the most reliable electronics in the market, under the influence of some factors it may become unusable.

The common reasons for IPhone screens are:

  • Mechanical damage (fall, blow)
  • Moisture hit
  • Program error
  • Factory defect
  • Hypothermia, overheating

As a result of these factors, the display module may stop working.

If you drop the iPhone on a soft bed or pillow, then this will not affect its functionality. But if you sit on it, a green screen may appear, which indicates damage to the device. In most cases, the screen does not work after falling on a hard surface.

What the color of the divorce is talking about?

If stripes appear on the iPhone screen, then by their color you can approximately determine the area of ​​the breakdown. Vertical defects can have:

White shade

Most often arise due to the failure of the controller of the smartphone monitor. White divorces also appear when problems with the capacitor occur. When hitting a hard surface, radio components easily depart from the printed circuit board. For a malfunction of controllers, as a rule, overheating is responsible. When the iPhone 6 or 5 of the series falls into the water or poured with a drink, the first thing users do is forcibly dried it with a hairdryer. This cannot be done. The technique should dry in natural conditions. Hot air of the hairdryer leads to the fact that the controller simply exfoliates from the module.

Yellow shade

It does not matter the iPhone 5s or the device of an earlier/late version is used, a yellow (usually hasty) area in the center or from the edges of the display may appear on its monitor. Its education is not necessarily preceded by a fall or drowning of a phone. The yellow shade of the defect in 91% of cases indicates poor.Quality gluing the monitor (a multi.Layer structure consisting of a monitor itself and glass). Yellow area. Manifested glue. Another thing is if the iPhone 5s or 6 tone of the picture has changed, as if slightly faded. In this case, the display problems.

Blue shade

The defect indicates poorly contact the connector and/or train. If the stripes flicker and the iPhone 5s screen or later version is greatly buggy, then this may indicate an unstable signal.

iphone, fell, floor, does, turn

Gray shade

The defect appears from the bottom of the monitor and can close ½ part. The problem is found only in the early iPhone models.

A lot of color divorces

If multi.Colored stripes appear, then, most likely, there are problems with the software, update or settings after installing applications.

Horizontal stripes

In addition to vertical defects, horizontal (flashing, flickering, plain or colored) stripes often appear on the iPhone 5s and 6. This signals serious problems with the monitor. If horizontal flaws are detected, the user may notice that the sensor does not work or has become poorly sensitive.

The consequences of falling or squeezing, mechanical loads or moisture can be expressed not only with flaws visible on the display. Minor excesses and light blows at the center of the smartphone monitor in 87% of cases lead to its physical damage. Iphone can only repair the broken display module by replacing it with a new.

DFU recovery

DFU mode means updating the device firmware, which is often adaptive in such situations. If your iPhone is badly damaged, it is recommended to restore the iPhone in DFU mode. Please note that if any damage to the equipment has occurred on your iPhone, at this time restoration of the DFU mode is useless. Therefore, if you are sure that at the moment the hardware is not damaged, use this method.

  • Connect the iPhone XR to a computer using Lightning cable.
  • Step: After connecting the iPhone, click and release the volume increase button.
  • Step: Press and release the volume reduction button.
  • Now hold the power button until the screen becomes black.
  • Step: After the screen becomes black, press and hold the volume reduction button with a side button.
  • Step: release the side button after 5 seconds, continue to hold the volume reduction button.
  • Step: Leave the volume reduction button when iTunes will find iPhone.
  • Step: Now the iPhone XR is successfully transferred to DFU mode.
  • Step: Finally, you must follow the instructions on the screen and restore the iPhone.

ADVICE. Reload the iPhone to get out of the DFU mode.

iphone, fell, floor, does, turn

Now the problem with the internal damage to the equipment or the loose connection between the Apple iPhone parts. Independent assembly of iPhone is the wrong solution if a guarantee applies to it. Because Apple closes the warranty service and replacement of the IPhone collected by a third.Party repair service or you.

Iphone does not turn on after falling

If the iPhone 6 has fallen and does not turn on, there is a possibility that the battery connection module was damaged during the impact. This microcircuit ensures the battery from the charger unit. When this element is damaged, the iPhone ceases to charge both in the included state and in the turned off (in the second case, you simply will not be able to turn on the gadget).

By the way, due to the breakdown of this iPhone module, it may not be charged from USB. The damaged charging module leads to a violation of the bonds between the battery and other telephone systems. Whatever the reason for his breakdown, the module needs to be replaced.

How to eliminate the malfunction yourself?

Most users are in no hurry to attribute the phone to specialists. To save money, they try to restore it on their own, as a result of which they only make it worse. Lack of knowledge and skills can adversely affect the work of the device.

Thinking what to do if the iPhone 4, 4s fell and the screen does not turn on, several options come to the head that can become destructive. If you still want to eliminate the problem, try to use the following methods:

  • Check if the water got inside. Often, the ingress of excess moisture or the fall of the phone into the water can negatively affect the work of the gadget. To eliminate the problem, fill the container with rice and put the iPhone there, having previously removed the battery from it.
  • If the phone was in the cold for a long time, heat it with your palms and set to charge for 15-20 minutes. Most likely, the problem is in the discharged battery or in the breakdown of the “home” button. Charging did not help? Then try to hold the volume button with both hands and “Power”.

Important! Before replacing parts or screen, the technician checks the battery condition. Do not try to disassemble the gadget without the necessary knowledge. This can lead to its complete failure.

Only an experienced employee can correctly replace the components of the phone. Our masters will tell you how to solve the problem promptly and help you return the phone to the previous look.

How to disassemble the iPhone

In general terms, the procedure for analyzing all iPhone is approximately the same. However, there are important nuances. The analysis process is completely demonstrated on these videos:

iphone, fell, floor, does, turn

Iphone 5:

After analyzing the iPhone, you can start replacing. In the case of non.Settings with a train, we are talking about either the upper or lower train. The upper train in models after 3G is responsible for the connectors and buttons, including the power button. This may be the reason that the iPhone does not turn on. It is also possible damage to the lower loop. This train is systemic, and its damage just leads to the impossibility of launching iPhone. Fully replacement procedure is shown in the video.

Iphone 5

2) replacing the upper loop in the iPhone 5 is not too different from a similar operation for the iPhone 4.

iphone, fell, floor, does, turn

How to check the battery performance?

When the device is already more than a year, it may not function due to a broken battery. Over, it often breaks down naturally, fully consuming its resource. To check whether the battery really breaks down and therefore the iPhone X does not turn on after the frost, do the following manipulations:

Connect the device to the charger and wait 5-10 minutes, then, try to turn on the smartphone;

Check the work of the charger using other equipment;

Replace the charger with another original option if it does not work;

Try to connect the smartphone to PC, if the computer sees the equipment, then the battery works, if not, you need to replace the battery.

If you understand that the malfunction is in the battery, replace it. To do this, prepare the iPhone X disassembly tools (small cross screws, plastic mediator and tweezers) and a new battery.

Replacing the battery often helps in those situations where the iPhone X fell and does not turn on.

In what situations you need to carry equipment to the service center

Replace the battery yourself if the iPhone XS does not turn on after the cold, you can. But try to repair a motherboard or change the power controller on your own.

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Other problems that require the intervention of the master include:

The smartphone did not turn on after the battery change;

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Computer diagnostics are required to identify the causes of the breakdown.

Only experts can evaluate the degree of IPhone XS malfunction, after special diagnostic procedures. You can entrust your gadget to the masters Apple King. They will quickly eliminate the breakdown if the iPhone XS fell and does not turn on.