iPhone has been charging for a long time and does not turn on

What to do if the iPhone stopped responding to charging and does not turn on?

Recently, iPhones are increasingly gaining popularity, they are fashionable, stylish and sophisticated. Many different applications, beautiful design will not leave anyone indifferent. But such a beautiful little thing can have their own problems, which are better to know in advance. For example, many users complain that the iPhone does not respond to charging and does not turn on. Such problems do not arise out of the blue, usually difficulties begin to occur after falling the phone, or drowning it in the liquid.

If the iPhone does not turn on, then the reasons may be as follows:

iphone, charging, long, time, does, turn
  • Dissked to zero. To resume the work, you just need to connect it to the power cord and wait 15 minutes. After that, you can try to turn it on. If after charging the iPhone does not turn on, then the problem is worth looking for in another.
  • If after 15 minutes the download of the phone does not go, and lightning and socket were displayed on the screen, then there was still little time after charging.
  • If the iPhone is turned off and does not turn on, it does not respond to charging, what to do. In this case, the iPhone just moved to the conservation mode. This happens if it was not rebooted for a long time.
  • To resume the operation of the device after rebooting, you need to press and hold the lock button and the “home” key for 20 seconds. After that, the loading iOS will begin.

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Important: if you have an iPhone 7, then in order to resume its work, you need to hold the Power button and the volume reduction button for 20 seconds. This will lead to a rigid reload of the device. This usually helps from many problems, including iOS glitches. If the iPhone does not turn on and does not charge, then the device is just hanging. To solve this problem, it will be enough to restart it.

The first steps

Before you run to the service center, you need to understand what the reason may be. As a rule, if this is not a factory marriage (which is extremely rare), but problems with charging, cable or a Lightning plug.

Try another cable

Although this is an obvious solution, for some reason, many immediately begin to look for problems on the phone, instead of asking, for example, a sister, mother or friends to use their cable and check if charging is underway. The wire wears out much more often than it seems to us. It happens that even a simple bend in the plug area (or the process goes only when connected by one side), due to a break in copper veins inside, disables the cord. Therefore, 70% of all problems are decided by the banal replacement of the cable.

Test the charger

Another simple way is to check the charger itself for malfunctions. According to statistics. 10% of all cases of problems with the battery charge associated with a breakdown. The fact is that most users acquire Chinese inexpensive analogues that can fail at any time. In order to make sure that the problem is in a fastener adapter, you need to take another phone and with the help of another cable try to charge this device through your “charger”.

Inspect the iPhone connector

In most cases, the phone cannot be rechargeed due to dust or garbage that gets on contacts and interferes with the passage of current. Carefully, in bright daylight, inspect the Lightning connector for pollution. If you find hairs, dust, sandstone or other garbage, then carefully clean the nest. Isopropyl alcohol or liquid for cleaning contacts of board is suitable as a cleansing solution. If there is nothing like this at hand, then just brush the dust with a dry, clean brush or blow out with compressed air from the cylinder.

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If, when the cable is moved, the “charging” is “charged”, then it is necessary to clean the contacts of the USB port from the oxidation. 9% of all malfunctions are solved using these simple manipulations.

Change the battery

If all the procedures done above did not help, then most likely the battery is faulty in the phone. The warranty life of the LI-IN AKB from Apple is 12 months, after which it can still work for some time if you do not exceed 300-400 charge cycles (3-4 years of work).

Since the visual inspection of the battery in the iPhone is very difficult, you can find out that the problem in the battery can be by several signs:

  • There is an indication, but does not charge or “goes into a minus”;
  • The process does not go in the on state, only in the off;
  • The smartphone is charged poorly or not completely (stops by 80-90%);
  • Iphone is “filled with energy” much slower than usual, instead of 1-2 hours-3-6 hours;
  • The display departs slightly from the case, so the battery has swollen;
  • The charge drops to zero within 1-2 hours or “cut off” immediately after the plug is turned off;
  • There is a cyclic reload iOS or suddenly turns off.

If you find at least one of these signs on your iPhone, then it’s time to change the battery. According to the statistics of service centers, the battery replacement helps in 7% of cases.

Program for independent diagnostics:

Instructions for independent replacement for the example of iPhone 11:

Try to discharge to factory settings

If iOS “freezes” or uses an outdated version, the phone will not charge. In this case, you must first update the firmware to the latest version (you can by air). If the problem has not been eliminated, then you will have to make a “hard reboot”. Format the memory and configure the iPhone “like new”. In 4% of cases, such a “shake” really helps.

The power controller burned out

Sometimes, due to voltage jumps or the use of cheap Chinese “crafts” in the form of a zo, the phone also ceases to “see” the charger. When charging, the power is not supplied directly to the battery, but through a special controller with a cipist sewn in a chip. This controller transfers the command to start the process. If the microcircuit burns or shorts, the iPhone will not charge.

The most common questions from our readers:

  • Non.Original charger;
  • High load on iPhone during charging. For example, you set the phone to charge, but you yourself continue to play games or distribute the Internet. We do not recommend this;
  • Partially damaged or torn cable. Inside, the veins are interrupted and the current is partially received, instead of 1 ampere, only 0.2-0.4 A passes, which 3-4 times lengthens the process of filling the battery;
  • It was broken or partially burned out;
  • A weak power source. As a rule, this happens if you use Power Bank or portable POW with an output current of less than 1-2 amperes.
  • If he writes “an accessory is not supported”. The case is in the lace,
  • Perhaps a “died” battery or burned the charging controller U2 (charges, but does not show a zipper). Check if the connector is clogged with mud.
  • Strong load on the processor, graphic subsystem, communication modules (LTE, Wi-Fi), for example, when used as a navigator or access point.
  • The battery has developed a resource after several years of operation, you will have to replace. Approximate cost of work. 1500r- 5000r (for flagships).
  • Another option is to reset to factory settings or flashing, since most likely there was a failure in the iOS system. Iphone can be infected with a virus or miner.

If the percentage of charging is in place and is not added, then first check the cord and connector. If it did not help, then most likely the problems are associated with the battery breakdown. The replacement is required.

  • If the iOS displays the message “Lightning is found in the Lightning connector” or “charging is not available”. Carefully clean the connectors with a cotton swab or wait until the iPhone will dry itself (at the same time heats up a little).
  • It is possible that condensate was formed on the board and the battery was closed, urgent drying of the insides is needed. It is also possible that the problem is in the motherboard or the charge controller, in this case it is better to take the gadget to the service.

The causes of the malfunction

The reliability of the iPhone has been tested for years. The manufacturer takes care of the quality of his gadgets, so the factory marriage is practically excluded, but is allowed. Many malfunctions arise due to inaccurate handling of a smartphone, or with smartphones from the first batch. As well as malfunctions in the software due to independent attempts to reconfigure the phone, dumping the factory settings.

Among the most common reasons why the iPhone stopped turning on is distinguished:

  • Deformation of the nest or pollution on its surface;
  • Broken electric carrot or non-working USB cable;
  • Rupture of the contacts of the train;
  • The use of Chinese cheap accessory for recharging;
  • “Gluck” of the firmware;
  • Problems with the internal components of the iPhone: battery, power controller, motherboard.

Note! With problems with the power controller or battery, a complete disassembly of the phone will be required. Do not try to make it yourself. You can damage the main contacts, which will lead to the complete failure of the device.

Connect iPhone to iTunes in recovery mode

If the iPhone does not respond either to charging or a “hard” reloading, the smartphone must be converted to recovery mode. Here we immediately note that the restoration of the iPhone may not be needed. About everything in order.

First of all, try to return the iPhone to working condition without recovery. This method saved thousands of iPhone without removing data, which implies restoration. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you initially use it.

Connect the iPhone to the computer using the USB cable and run itunes (Finder window at MacOS Catalina).

Enter the iPhone in the recovery mode. For this:

Note: iPhone must be connected to a computer via USB cable.

  • On the iPhone 6s, iPhone 6, iPhone 5s and earlier models. At the same time, click the “Home” and “Power” buttons (the power button, is located on the side or above the case) and hold them for about 20 seconds until the iTunes logo (laptop logo in iOS 13) appears on the screen).
  • On iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. At the same time, press the volume reduction button and the “power” (side) button and hold them for about 20 seconds before the logo appears the ITUNES logo (laptop logo in iOS 13).
  • On the iPhone 8/8 Plus, iPhone X and more new models. Press and immediately release the volume increase button. Press and immediately release the volume reduction button. After click the side button and hold it for about 20 seconds before the iTunes logo appears (laptop logo in iOS 13).

In the iTunes window, click “Extract the iPhone”.

Complete the iPhone reboot. To do this, just click the “Food” button (side button). You can also carry out a forced reboot using the method described above.

As a result of this operation, your iPhone may turn on and earn again as before without the need to restore.

Check the battery

Когда яблочный гаджет заряжается, но не желает запускаться, то причиной этой странности может быть батарея. The iPhone has a peculiarity, it cannot be removed and analyzed by this battery. In this case, you need to put it for charging for the whole night and try to turn it on in the morning.

This is a common action with batteries that are very discharged. Having stood on charging half a day, the battery sometimes replenishes its charge and gains the desired volume of electricity. If the battery could be removed, then it would be worth trying to stir with a power supply or “frog”. But, since our battery is not removable, we have to wait. If your iPhone battery is removable, then the iPhone is not real.

What to do if the iPhone does not turn on and freezes or turns off on the “apple”?

First of all, I would like to say that all devices are subject to such a malfunction, both old iPhone 5, 6, 7, and more modern iPhone X, XS, XR, 11, 12. There is no particular difference in versions. Fortunately, we have several solutions for the situation in which the iPhone depends on the apple and does not turn on. All of them have different complexity, but quite fulfilling with a clear follow of our instructions.

We charge the phone

If the phone is turned off and does not turn on, the first thing you should check the availability of a charge on the battery. Most likely, the iPhone was disconnected from that that he was discharged. You need to put it for charging for at least 10-15 minutes. After that, you can try to turn on the device and check its performance. If the method did not help, boldly go further according to the instructions.

We carry out a compulsory restart

If the iPhone apple logo turns on and goes out without any further changes (provided that it does not turn off completely, but simply freezes and the screen goes out), it is worth the restart. There is a hardware method that allows you to carry out a compulsory reboot of the smartphone using keys. In this way it is usually possible to correct temporary failures.

How to turn on the iPhone if it does not turn on, but only freezes:

  • Iphone 8, x, Se 2020 and newer. Press and quickly release the volume increase key, then. The volume reduction button (also pressed and released) and clamp the power key. It must be kept until the Apple logo appears, then you need to release.
  • Iphone 7. Click and hold the volume button and power button at the same time. We release only when Apple’s logo appears.
  • Iphone 6s, se and more old versions. Clound the power button and the “Home” key. After displaying the image of the apple, let the buttons.

Restore iPhone using iTunes

One of the most effective ways that we can advise in a situation where the iPhone turns on and goes out is to restore the smartphone through iTunes. The service checks the presence of various errors in the operating system and corrects them.

iphone, charging, long, time, does, turn
  • We load the smartphone in recovery mode. The procedure is the same as when rebooting (see above), you need to keep the keys until the recovery screen appears.
  • Open on a computer with Windows or Mac ITUNES program (can be downloaded on the official website of Apple).
  • Connect a telephone in recovery mode to a PC using a USB cable.
  • The ITUNES program will automatically appear a message with a proposal to restore (or update) iPhone. Click on the “Restore” button.

Important! After this procedure is performed, the factory settings will be reset and all uninchronized data will be deleted.

We use tools for restoring other developers

There are a number of third.Party programs that help to correct different problems of smartphones on iOS, including the iPhone turns on and rush on the Apple logo. Among the most popular phones repair tools: IMYFONE FIXPPO, Tenorshare Reiboot, DR.Fone System Repair, Phonerescue, Anyfix iOS System Recovery. In this example, we use Tenorshare Reiboot. But nothing prevents you from using another restoration means.

  • We open the Reiboot program (there is a version for Mac and Windows).
  • We connect a smartphone via a USB cable to a computer.
  • Start the search procedure for problems using the “Start” button.
  • Initially, we recommend using the “Standard Repair” option.
  • In the next window, we confirm the desire to download the suitable firmware of the “Download” key.
  • When the download process ends, click on the “Start Standard Repair” button.
  • We are waiting for about 10 minutes (depending on the version of the phone) without touching the smartphone and computer.

With a high degree of probability now your iPhone will boot in normal mode. The main plus of the method using Tenorshare Reiboot, unlike iTunes, the data will not be damaged or erased. In general, the procedure is similar in other recovery tools, therefore, guided by intuition, there should be no problems.

Restore DFU

If the iPhone is stuck on the Apple logo and is not rebooted (especially after updating the software), it is worth trying the DFU recovery method. This is one of the officially recommended methods for solving the problem. The abbreviation is deciphered “Updating the firmware of the device”. Often this is the last method of solving the problem with your own. The consequence of flashing is the loss of personal data.

How to eliminate the problem when the iPhone does not turn on:

  • Connect the iPhone cable to Mac or Windows and open itunes.
  • We transfer the iPhone into dfu recovery mode. On more recent versions, this occurs in several stages: once press the volume increase. The volume reduction. We clamp the side key until the screen is blackened. Press the power button and the volume button. We release the side key only after 5 seconds, continuing to keep the volume reduction button. Iphone will not report on the transition to this mode, but iTunes will automatically find this. If the Apple logo appears, then the power button was pressed for too long.
  • We agree with the offer of iTunes to start recovery and follow the built.In instructions.

Even if this did not help, there is a high probability that one of the details of the smartphone was damaged. It is worth contacting a service center, preferably authorized, and report the problem.

Problems with the port

Cable is not the only source of problems when it comes to slow charging your smartphone. It is possible that the main culprit is the port from which food is supplied. Inspect it for corrosion or the presence of extraneous items.

Yes, this is clearly not the reason why your device is slowly charging. But this problem is still worth solving, otherwise your gadget will not be charged at all, neither quickly nor slowly.

iphone, charging, long, time, does, turn

To find source of problems, turn off the computer from the network, and then use a flashlight, magnet and wooden (or plastic) toothpick to remove all extra objects. But do not overdo it. Otherwise you can damage the components important for work.

Main reasons

If your case did not fall under the above scenarios, you may have to replace entire modules. Tens of thousands of components are iPhone, here are the main parts of the device that may cause problems.

Lightning connector is broken or clogged

Check the operability of the Lightning connector: whether there are contaminants or extraneous objects in it, for example, crumbs, sand or villi from jeans. The toothpick will help to clean the port, but this must be done carefully so as not to damage the contacts. An ordinary paper clip comes to the rescue: just bend the sharp end.

In order to avoid clogging of the connector, we recommend using special silicone plugs: the output will be hermitely closed and foreign particles will not fall into it.

The battery is dead

This is the most common cause of iPhone non.Inclusion except charging problems. A sign of failure of the battery can be a sharp shutdown with a charge of 10-30%, regular shutdown at cold temperature (below.1 degree). The failed battery can be replaced: the cost of work along with the spare part will be about 2.000. 7.000 in the official service and half the price of neo.Company.

If the phone began to revive after a long non.Use, for example, was left in the desktop box for a long leave, a deep battery discharge is possible (“sleeping battery”). In this case, the destruction of chemical ties within the battery occurs, and as a result, a decrease in voltage to 1-2 volts. The power controller on the motherboard detects a critically low charge level and blocks the charge of the nutritional element. Voltage blocking saves the bloating of the Li-Ion battery, and does not allow harm to the electronic filling of the iPhone.

Any full discharge. The risk of loss of performance, do not bring the energy of the phone to zero. Experts advise keeping the charge in the range from 80 to 20%.

You can try to push the battery, but for this you will have to remove the battery by dismantling the housing. After removal, connect the element to a universal charging device, in the common people called a “frog”. Thanks to the direct energy supply scheme, there is a chance that the battery will come to life.

But this is a temporary solution, continue to observe the device: the battery can be discharged too quickly and then you can not do without replacement in the service.

The power button has broken

If when you press you feel a strange tactile response or not a click, malfunctions are possible with the power button. The key itself is made of durable aluminum, but under it there is a fragile spring contact. Metal is crumble due to impact or excessively strong pressing, blocking the operation of the power button itself.

To turn on the equipment, just supply voltage to the power controller. Simply put, turn the charger cable.

To disconnect and reboot the device, you can install the virtual button AssistiveTouch for a while. Bringing the main universal access to the AssistiveTouch SPDs through the settings through the settings.

The charge controller burned out

When charging from a fake device or poor cable, and due to voltage drops, power controller can burn out. Often this happens from charging in a car, hit, moisture. Iphone power controller is a microcircuit that is responsible for the distribution and regulation of energy supply for all nodes of the motherboard and peripheral components. To fix it, it is necessary to completely open the device, so you can not do without the help of specialists. Replacement will cost from 1.500 on older smartphone models, and up to 8.000 for more new in unofficial services.

Malfunction of the motherboard

If problems are in the heart of the phone, then data transfer between individual nodes, processor and controller are violated. The main reasons are a blow to hard surfaces or poor-quality repair due to incorrect assembly at the end of the process. Remember, maybe you recently changed the display for a new. Perhaps during assembly, the master made a mistake and screwed the long bolt into the wrong hole. If so, contact the same service and describe the situation.

As an option, a processor or memory burned out.

The repair of the motherboard can be expensive, sometimes it’s easier to replace it entirely. The price varies greatly. For example, on 6 iPhone model,

Fall or drowning

If the device was bent, dropped, there was a strong blow, it fell into the water, the toilet, snow. You can try to return the electronics to life by simply rebooting. If it does not help, the reason for not turning on may be a mechanical breakdown of the battery or other invisible defects (torn on the board). We recommend taking the phone to diagnostics and find out what exactly happened.

If the iPhone got liquid (beer, rain, soup, but anything), it bugs and does not respond to touch, then the score goes for minutes to remove photos, videos, and other data from it. Folk methods, for example, drying in salt or rice, helps only by a happy chance, and may harm: the time will be lost when the phone could still be saved.

Water is not just a liquid, it contains ions of salts and minerals that harm the technique, causing oxidation reactions and damaging the structure of metals. Water perfectly conducts electricity and causes a short circuit without problems, and anything can happen.

In this situation, it is necessary to remove the smarton from the liquid as soon as possible, quickly dry, turn off and take the device to the service center for repair and removal of data. Not worthwear into anything apparatus.

The purchase of a high.Quality cover will help prevent such situations: it will soften the blow from the fall and tame the device from the drops of water.

Firmware curve or jailbreak is installed

The iPhone can hang in a “brick” state showing the “apple” or constantly rebooted due to unsuccessful firmware or installed jailbreak. You can try to reflash the device by loading a new version of firmware iOS into the Tunets (iTunes). Files download, here all links to archives from the office website of Apple or from the IPSW service, for hacking gadgets. The whole procedure was described in detail here.

The failure of the U2 controller

After replacing the battery with a new one, the phone is still slowly charging? A bad, very bad symptom, which means the problem in the module located on the motherboard. In this case, the same brittle master will be able to weave the U2 power controller for you, but money for work and spare parts will be completely different. But this is a very likely development of events, despite all the reliability of the iPhone 6.

We will analyze the popular issues arising from iPhone users. Let’s tell you what to do in a particular situation.

Why is the iPhone not charged from the Chinese cable?

This means that the wire is not certified Apple is not suitable for this model. Or it is a very “terrible China”, the trash that is asked to the garbage bucket.

Why is my phone slowly charging from the original charger?

We perform the options described in the article, most likely the dust in the connector or the iPhone synchronization cable got into the connector or interrupted.

Why does the phone not charge from not original item?

Most likely you were sold a defective device, and in front of you is not a certified wire for the iPhone.