iPhone hung on iTunes lace what to do

What does iPhone mean hanging on the lace. On the iPhone screen, the cord and the iTunes icon what to do

Users of smartphones and other mobile devices from Apple may face a situation where the iPhone hangs on the lace. Most often, if the iPhone hung and the iTunes logo appeared on its screen, this means that the process of restoration of the firmware is launched in the device. In this case, it is enough to wait for some time while the iPhone updates the software, reboots and will work again in normal mode.

However, there are situations when the iPhone hung, the ITUNES logo, a USB cable appeared on its display and in this state the device is located for several hours. So that you can cope with this problem yourself, we analyze the common reasons for its appearance and methods of elimination.

Iphone hangs on the lace in normal restoration mode

The main reason that the iPhone is dependent on the iTunes lace is to update the software. If before the iPhone hangs on the iTunes lace, you installed new software products, then to solve the problem you can do the following:

In order not to wait for the firmware update it ends itself, use a rigid reloading of the device. To do this, simultaneously pressed and hold the Home buttons and turning on/off. After these actions, the ITUNES program will disappear and iPhone functionality will be completely restored.

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The error of the modem part and nothing else! Lack of IMEI and error.1 obvious sign. Rebol (rolling) modem and everything will be super. According to the budget- about 4-5 thousand, if there is no equipment at home.

After the last update, there was such a garbage, installed iTunes on another computer and struck without problems!)

Fucking to take a “ornite” mobile and then brains with flakes, jailbreks, Hard restarts and so on, Ipaaaaaa

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Oooooooo!Here it was 3 naval weeks like that :)) I thought that everything, the end!What is the error number?And whether Jale Breke stood?In short, the problem is only on jeeline phones.It will be necessary to work hard To begin with, it will be necessary to download the firmware again, only normal, now I don’t remember the site unfortunately.Next, it will be necessary to restore everything with the help of Tunambrell.In short, read about error 3194 (find in Yandex), and error.1, this is a error in compliance of the firmware, well, in general, you did not put the original.

Everything is just in the case itself, download the firmware, turn on the phone in DFU (in order to transfer the phone to DFU, you need to clamp the Home and Power buttons for 10 seconds, then without letting go of Home release the Power (the phone screen should be black), keep Home more 10 sec. The phone at this time should be connected to the computer. Itunes will determine that the phone is in recovery mode, nothing should be displayed on the phone screen!) and recover through the Shift click on the restorer, and choose the downloaded firmware.

This is 3GS? Put it in DFU and reflash to 6.One.2, if it does not work, check Host so that it does not beat excess into it.

[Fixed] iPhone Stuck in Recovery Mode (NO DATA LOSS & FREE)

Problems in Windows accounting

Some set programs for your account, as well as given settings, can lead to problems in iTunes. In this case, you should try to create a new user account on the computer, which will allow you to check the probability of this reason for the problem.

To create a user account, open the “control panel” window, set the Small Bades Settings in the upper right corner, and then go to the “User Accounts” section.

In the window that opens, select “Management of another account”.

If you are a user of Windows 7, then in this window you can proceed to create an account. If you are the owner of the oldest Windows OS, in the lower area of ​​the window, click on the “Add new user” button in the “Computer Parameters” window.

You will be transferred to the “Parameters” window, where you need to select “Add the user for this computer”, and then complete the creation of a new account.

How to do when your iPhone stuck on the iTunes logo?

Going to a new account, install iTunes on a computer, and then authorize the program, connect the device to the computer and check for the availability of the problem.

Method 1. Forced reloading of the device

One of the most common reasons is to update. If you have updated the phone firmware shortly before the problem, then you should wait for the end of recovery and automatic reboot or solve this forcibly. For this, a hard reboot is used.

This method of “correction” of the recovery mode differs depending on the Apple device model, but will help in a situation where the iPhone depends on the lace.

For the iPhone 8 or more new models, press and immediately release the swing of the volume and decrease the volume, then click the “House” button. Hold it until you see the Apple logo.

For the iPhone 7 Plus, press the Power button and the swing of the volume reduction, respectively, before the company’s logo appears. If the iPhone 6 hung on the lace or iPhone of another model, you should simultaneously clamp the “home” button and turn on. The drawing should be an abyss and then the iPhone comes to its senses.

Standard Reiboot repair (without data loss)

Often, freezing the iPhone on the Apple logo is a sign of a serious problem, which can only be eliminated with the help of specialized software. In the example, we will use one of the representatives of this segment further, namely the product from Tenorshare.

  • Follow the link indicated above, download and install the program on your computer, then run it.
  • Click “Start” and connect the iPhone to the computer.

If for some reason you can’t download the iOS package using Reiboot, this can be done manually using the “Click here” link (indicated by the number 3 on the image above). Upon completion of this procedure, click “import local firmware” (4) and add the corresponding file to the program.

Note! The firmware file has an average of about 5 GB, therefore, with an insufficiently high Internet speed, its download can take it for a long time.

Protective software

The problem under consideration may well be the result of excessive activity not harmful software, but means of protecting the system from its intervention. A third-party or standard antivirus, as well as the Firewall built into it or directly into the system itself, can have a similar effect with infection, for example, to block an Internet connection for individual programs. So, if iTunes cannot contact Apple servers to download the firmware, restore the iPhone. It is possible to exclude antivirus software from the list of potential perpetrators by temporary disconnection, which we previously talked about in separate articles. Having done this, try to restore the phone. Most likely, the procedure will be successful, but if this does not happen, go to the next, last and most radical solution.

Read more: how to disable antivirus and firewall on a computer with Windows

Recovery mode. Ordinary

In the usual IPhone or iPad restoration mode, it is introduced using simple actions, the sequence of these actions is painted here. “How to enter the iPhone in RM”. To get out of the usual Recovery Mode, we simply left the iPhone for a while, he himself rebooted and went out of the recovery mode. For an immediate exit from the recovery regime (so as not to wait), we just forcibly rebooted the iPhone. It turns out that from the usual recovery mode, unlike others, it is easy to get out with the help of rebooting.

iphone, hung, itunes, lace

There are times that after forced rebooting, which is used to get out of the usual recovery mode, the iPhone still continues to load the black screen, on which we see the cord and iTunes again and again. This situation means that the iPhone fell into the so.Called “loop” mode (recovery loop). A phone or tablet in this mode very often drives the ITUNES program. Getting into Recovery Loop can occur for various reasons, for example, as a result of errors when updating or restoring iOS firmware. The recovery loop may occur as a result of a software, hardware or household failure (an example-the cable was accidentally pulled out), once we ourselves introduced the iPhone into the Recovery Loop mode when we tried to lower the IOS firmware from the 6th to 6th to 6th.

Why in the subtitle we added the word “obedient”? Yes, because you can still get out of the obedient restoration loop and return the iPhone to working condition without loss of information, for this we used the Tinyumbrella program, some users with Tinyumbrella have difficulties, and we have found a more convenient way to exit the recovery loop using the program Redsn0w. There are other programs for leaving the loop. IREB and RecBOOT.

The regime of the restoration loop is not obedient

If your iPhone or iPad falls into a naughty recovery loop, then, as a rule, not only forced rebooting is powerless, but also the Redsn0w, IREB, TINYUMBRELLA and RecBOOT programs also cannot withdraw iPhone from the restoration loop loop. As a result of the application of the programs indicated above, the iPhone after rebooting continues to show the USB cable and the iTunes logo. In this case, we did not succeed in avoiding loss of information stored in the iPhone, but it is good if you also made a backup copy earlier.

If you have caught a naughty loop of recovery, then it remains only to connect the iPhone to iTens and try to flash it. Sometimes it’s impossible to flash the phone in this mode, then it is introduced into the DFU mode and try to flash again. As a result of the firmware, the iPhone erases all the information, and we restore it from the backup made earlier. It happens that after the firmware iPhone or iPad is asked to enter someone’s Apple ID and password, but this is a completely different story.