iPhone serial number check

Checking iPhone for authenticity by serial number and IMEI. How to check a used iPhone when you buy it

International warranty on Apple products means that to return the device to the service center the owner does not need neither the receipt nor the warranty card. All you need to repair your iPhone or iPad for free is a unique device number.

Warranty in Russia is different from global practice. Gadget users are advised not to throw away the receipt and documentation that came with the device. It may be required in the following cases:

  • Proof of purchase at a particular store. The retailer can deny Apple warranty service if you can not provide indisputable proof that the defective iPhone 7 128Gb, iPhone 6s or another model was sold by him.
  • Unlocking your device. If a user has been careless about the account registration process and forgets his or her password, ID, answers to secret questions, Apple security will require him or her to confirm that the particular gadget belongs to him or her. A scan of the receipt will do.

Apple’s warranty on iPhone 7 Plus and other models is valid from the moment you activate your device. The one-year warranty covers not only the device itself, but also accessories such as charger, headphones, etc.д. If any of these fail within the first 12 months of operation, you have the right to request a replacement from the manufacturer.

Where you can find the iPhone serial number?

Finding the iPhone serial number is easy. To do this, you need:

  • Go to Settings;
  • Go to About the device;
  • There’s the Serial Number line, which is where your iPhone’s serial number is located.

Also the serial number is on the box from your smartphone.

How to check iPhone serial number

The serial number can be found in these places:

In the “Settings” menu, “Basic”, “About this device”.

The iPhone serial number can have a “0” and never an “O” in it.

To check, you need to enter an alphanumeric code into the corresponding line on the page https://checkcoverage.Apple.com/en/ru/the official website of the company.

Enter the code from the picture and click “Continue.

You can find out the serial number of your device:

whether the iPhone is an original Apple product;

The exact marking of the model. Inexperienced user may not be able to identify the iPhone 6 or 6s in front of him.

If the IMEI and serial number are all clear, you can move on to further inspection of the item. At the slightest discrepancy, stop the inspection and go home, or go to the police, if desired. You can check the authenticity and status of your iPhone at the AppleLab service center. Schedule an appointment with a potential seller in our service center and have an inspection with the help of service specialists.

What the serial number can tell you about the device

The official service will help you learn everything you need to know about your iPhone to make a purchasing decision. Among the important information:

The very fact of downloading the report also allows you to ensure that the buyer is holding an original smartphone and not a fake. If all the information on the site is consistent with the seller’s story, then before you buy, you will have to inspect the case. Here’s what you should know: Apple uses durable materials. Excessive wear and tear can tell about the replacement of the body with a non-original, bought on one of the Chinese sites.

How to determine the authenticity of an iPhone when you buy a used device

Before buying a used iPhone from an ad, it’s worth thinking ahead about how you will check the device. As a rule, the seller allows you to carefully examine the gadget, if he rushes you, citing lack of time, the purchase should be abandoned.

  • Inspect the case and screws to make sure they are not scratched or chipped.
  • Slightly twist the device to make sure there is no play.
  • Check to see if Siri can hear you. If it does not respond you are faced with a fake, or the front microphone of the gadget was damaged (this often happens during careless repair).
  • Check the quality of communication, speakers, camera and accelerometer.
  • Open a new page in Safari and assess the condition of the screen. the presence of spots and evenness of backlighting.

You can also check the authenticity of iPhone by using the App Store: fake or illegally reflashed devices are not capable of downloading applications from it.

Before you buy a used gadget, it is worth checking the iPhone and for water damage, this is very easy to do. Inside the slot for the SIM-card, as well as near the key to the silent mode is a special white mark, which in contact with a liquid changes color to orange.

You can check the authenticity of the iPhone by checking its features. Quick Commands menu and the Wallet app are missing on fakes.

Although there are ways to check the authenticity of the iPhone, the most reliable way is to buy the device from an authorized reseller, or from the Apple website. Only in this case you get a 100% guarantee that the device is designed for our country and was not repaired.

Checking the authenticity of the IMEI

The International Mobile Equipment Identity, or IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) provides comprehensive information about the authenticity of the device. It consists of a unique 15 digits, there is no other such iPhone.

It is possible to check your iPhone for authenticity by IMEI on Apple’s website, packaging barcode, SIM card tray, and through “Settings”. Go to “Settings”. “Main”. “About this device”:

Also the user can see the IMEI number on the display of the cell phone by dialing the combination #06#.

How to know iPhone issue date via serial number

To find out the release date of your iPhone, you need to know its serial number. There are different ways to find out this number. For example, the serial number is always found on the back of the box.

You can also check the serial number in the iPhone settings. To do this, open the settings and go to “Basic. About this device”. Here you will find all the technical information about the device, including the iPhone serial number.

The serial number contains information about the year and week of manufacture of that particular device. You can decipher this information by yourself or using online services.

Online services for determining the date of release

First, let’s consider a simpler option using online services. There are many online services, which help you to decipher iPhone serial number and find out the year of manufacture. You can find such sites via Google search “iPhone serial number info”.

For example you can use https://sndeep.info/en. To do this, go to the link, select “Apple”, enter your serial number, and click “Verify”.

This will open a page with detailed information about your iPhone. Here you’ll find the model name, specifications, and the year and week of manufacture of your iPhone.

You can also get this information via other services. For example, you can use:

Determining release date manually

If you wish you can get the issue date from the serial number manually. You will need the tables below, as well as information about the structure of the serial number.

Prior to 2012, Apple serial numbers were 11 characters long. In these serial numbers, the third left character represents the last digit of the year, and the 4th and 5th characters represent the corresponding week of that year.

The length was later increased to 12 characters, which may include numbers and letters (except the letter O). In these serial numbers, the 4th character stands for the year and the half-year, according to the table below.

Year First half of the year Second half of the year
2010, 2020 С D
2011, 2021 F G
2012, 2022 H J
2013, 2023 K L
2014, 2024 M N
2015, 2025 P Q
2016, 2026 R S
2017, 2027 T V
2018, 2028 W X
2019, 2029 Y Z

A 5 symbol denotes the week of issue according to the table below.

Symbol Production week number Symbol Production week number
1 half year (January-June) 2nd half year (July-December) 1 half year (January-June) 2nd half of the year (July-December)
1 1 27 J 15 41
2 2 28 K 16 42
3 3 29 L 17 43
4 4 30 M 18 44
5 5 31 N 19 45
6 6 32 P 20 46
7 7 33 Q 21 47
8 8 34 R 22 48
9 9 35 T 23 49
С 10 36 V 24 50
D 11 37 W 25 51
F 12 38 X 26 52
G 13 39 Y 53
H 14 40

Checking with iTunes

You can also check the authenticity of the iPhone via iTunes. This is a universal assistant for working with all Apple devices, which not only helps with recovery or transfer of music, files, but also allows you to check if you connected your iPhone to your computer or not.

The following steps are sufficient for checking:

  • Connect your smartphone to your computer with the USB cable;
  • If a notification appears on your phone as to whether or not to trust this PC, tap “Trust”;
  • Open iTunes on your computer. It is advisable to use the latest version;
  • The system automatically detects the new device and displays it in the list;
  • If the phone was not detected, first check if your Windows or Mac sees it at all by going to the list of all connected devices.

In almost 99% of cases the connection of original Apple devices is correct and no problems arise. If the iPhone is not detected by iTunes, this may already signal that you are faced with a fake.

In general, the entire set of methods that we have listed will help you determine with 100% probability whether the iPhone you are holding in your hands or not. Remember that most fakes are sold with an identical appearance, a semblance of iOS operating system in which most of the tabs are the same as in the original. Carefully follow all the points and you can protect yourself from an unwanted purchase.