iPhone shows that it is charged but does not turn on

Why the iPhone does not turn on, freezes or turns off on the logo with an apple?

A lot of Apple technology users almost simultaneously informed us of the problem when the iPhone does not turn on, the apple logo is burning and the phone freezes. For some owners, the smartphone automatically turns off after the screensaver. All these are varieties of the same problem. We figured out the reasons for such a problem and ways to correct it. Then we will tell you about whether it is possible to fix it on your own at home.

These are the main reasons why the iPhone does not turn on:

  • There is not enough battery charge;
  • Random failure of the operating system;
  • Error during the firmware of the smartphone;
  • Not fully established or problematic update;
  • Damage to memory, battery or iOS.

According to observations, the most common cause of the iPhone breaks is an attempt to perform jailbreak. Naturally, the result of the procedure differs from what should be.

Iphone or iPad hangs, does not turn on and does not respond to the buttons (maybe a black screen)

A common problem. Fully charged iPhone (iPad) took the hover (the program hung) or completely turned off. Pressing on the screen or side button, unfortunately, the device is brought to and not launched.

Don’t worry! In 99%, nothing terrible happened, the smartphone automatically moved to the so.Called “conservation mode”, this happens if you very rarely restart the device.

Iphone 5s Not Charging/Fake Charge/NO Power Fix by U2 IC. Iphone 5s চার্জিং সমাধান DM REPAIR

It should be noted that depending on the model of the device, intensive care methods may differ. So.

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Among the problems that can be fixed with your own hands can be both banal, for example, the use of a cheap Chinese fake instead of the original Apple charger, and quite serious, for example, software failures (software directly affects the chipper controlled).

Pay attention to the charger. Even the original Apple cables are fragile (braids and veins are easily damaged), so what to expect from cheap Chinese products? The phone can show charging, but it will still be zero if the charger is fake or broken. Use only original charging to avoid such problems.

When charging a battery from a computer, also take into account the operability of a USB port. Perhaps there is not enough current strength. Try the usual Apple charger.

Errors during the operation of programs, breakdown of charging devices and iPhone parts (batteries, connectors, loops, etc.) can manifest itself in different ways. A few examples:

  • Iphone does not turn on after discharge (when the battery sat in zero),
  • The application hangs, does not respond to presses or the screen is completely black,
  • The gadget turns on, but hangs after the appearance of the “Apple” logo,
  • The indicator is burning, but the charge level is very low even for a long time,
  • The iPhone is discharged and does not turn on the charge from the cigarette lighter or computer.

Having noticed that the “iPhone” does not turn on after discharge, check if the USB port of the tablet or the stationary computer is broken through which the power supply occurs, and whether the Lighting connector is not contaminated, where the villi and other fine garbage are often hit. In both cases, the phone will simply continue to remain discharged, since the current does not arrive. He does not have enough energy to include. Lighting should be cleaned very carefully. A stream of air or a cloth rolled up with a corner.

With problems with inclusion and charging, first of all, make sure there is a current in sockets. Further, if the phone does not turn on at all, connect it to the charger. In normal condition, the gadget immediately writes that it is charged. The indicator is on, then the process is coming. Remember that the battery is not designed to work at low temperatures. Therefore, wait until the smartphone warms up before connecting the charging, if the battery sat in the cold.

Another situation. You are trying to launch the iPhone, which has been discharged for a long time. If the battery sat down at all, you need to wait 15-60 minutes after connecting the external power and only then press the Home or Power button.

  • Click the power buttons and “home” at the same time (at 7 generation devices. “Power” and the volume button).
  • We are waiting for 10-20 seconds before the Apple logo appears on the gadget screen.
  • Let the buttons. The operating system will start after about one minute.

This method helps with other problems. For example, when the program is “hanging” or not the reaction to the buttons.

Когда логотип Apple то горит, то снова исчезает, нужно провести восстановление. Most likely, the battery sat down due to the software failure. The error was caused by an unsuccessful update of iOS or downloading and installing unlicensed software.

  • Run the iTunes program on the computer and insert a USB cable into the connector,
  • Turn off the smartphone using the combination of Home and Power buttons (if you have iPhone 7, use the volume button instead of Power),
  • Press the “Home” button and, holding it, connect to the computer,
  • Keep Home until the phone screen starts showing the ITUNES logo and the plug icon,
  • On a computer display, the message “The problem with the iPhone arose; It must be updated or restored “,
  • Confirm the recovery.

The procedure for downloading and installing a new version of iOS will take about 30-40 minutes. There is another method of recovery. DFU mode. The method is radical, as it erases all the data on the phone, returning it to the factory firmware. Therefore, it is first necessary to make a backup, sending all your data to the cloud. Photos, videos, music, etc.P. You can do this through the smartphone settings by finding the “Reserve Copy in ICLOD” function and by clicking on the “Create backup” button.

  • Connect the charger (the charge level should be more than zero),
  • After five minutes, disconnect the charger, connect the smartphone to the computer (stationary or tablet) and enable iTunes,
  • At the same time press Home and Power, hold them for exactly ten seconds, then release the on and off button,
  • Keep the “Home” button (15-30 seconds) before notification to iTunes (when entering the DFU mode, nothing should be on the phone screen).

It remains to confirm the procedure and click on the “Restore” button. If you forgot to rewrite data from the phone, you can cancel the recovery: turn off the USB cable, squeeze Home and Power for 10 seconds. Then the iPhone will simply reboot.

If the above actions were unsuccessful, most likely the discharge of the battery occurred due to natural wear, factory marriage or damage. If you have dropped or poured the phone before this, you can not even look at the indicator. Urgently give the gadget for repairs or call a specialist at home.

Separately, it is worth mentioning the case of the transfer of hours on January 1, 1970. When making such a joke, the smartphone also does not turn on. It is constantly rebooted, charging does not go further than loading the logo. In such a situation, you should wait when the battery sits 100%. Only after complete discharge can it return its performance. If you need a smartphone urgently, you can contact the workshop or independently disassemble the phone, remove the battery, insert it again and assemble a smartphone. Then the date is dumped and it turns on again. Independent actions are possible if you have skills and professional tools (suction cup, tweezers, spatula).

Before carrying a smartphone to the service center, make sure that the cause of the malfunction is a breakdown in the hardware. And in no case do not postpone the trip or call the master if you spilled water on the iPhone, every hour of delay can aggravate the situation.

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Problems with iPhone can manifest itself in different ways, depending on the nature of the malfunction. The following situations are possible:

Problems with iPhone can manifest itself in different ways, depending on the nature of the malfunction. The following situations are possible:

  • The screen is black or extinct, the phone does not respond to pressing buttons and touching the sensor;
  • The iPhone turns on, but hesitates strongly (the display or adapter has become hot and quickly discharges (the battery is enough for several hours, even if the indicator of full charge burns, and the gadget eats all night from the network);
  • The smartphone is charged, but you cannot turn it on. It flashes the logo for a long time, iOS does not start;
  • The iPhone is constantly turning off and does it spontaneously;
  • Iphone does not turn on, but at the same time squeals and vibrates.

If you used the iPhone for a long time in the cold and cannot turn it on. The situation is normal, since the battery is designed only for a certain temperature. Wait for the battery to heat to room temperature, and only then start diagnostics.

First make sure that the battery is charged, and the reason is not in it. Connect the iPhone to the original charger and press Power. The device quickly turns on in normal conditions, but if the iPhone has not worked for a long time, then most likely, the battery went into deep discharge mode and you need to wait about half an hour. Check if the charger is heated, there are no pollutions in the connector. Perhaps the iPhone is not launched, since there is not enough current strength (this happens in the case of using cheap chargers and connecting the battery to a computer USB port).

If you see a black screen, and the phone periodically buzzes and makes a squeak, but does not turn on, try to restart it. For this you need:

  • Press the buttons “Sleep / Awakening mode” and “Home” at the same time (if you have “iPhone” 7 or 7S, use the “Power” and “Volume” combination).
  • Keep them for about 10-15 seconds until the “Apple” logo is loaded.

Hard reboot will not shave the data of “iPhone” (contacts, images, video, etc.). If the smartphone still does not turn on, you will have to act more radically: restore the factory firmware.

To do this, you need to connect an original USB cable to the computer and open the iTunes program, then press the Power and Volume buttons (for models of the 7th generation) or “inclusion” and “home” (for “iPhone” 6 and earlier models) ; let them go when the screen goes out.

After that, press Home and, by connecting the USB cable to the smartphone, hold the button until the iTunes logo turns on and the plug icon appears. Confirm the iOS update procedure (if you want to save data) or iPhone recovery (if the information is already saved on another medium or in the cloud).

The process of installing new software takes about forty minutes. At this time, it will seem that the iPhone is disconnected. The screen will go out, the phone will not vibrate, buzz and bask hard. During the procedure, the Internet connection should work well, otherwise the software will not load.

If with iOS, firmware and iPhone applications are all right, it is better to contact specialists to search for a malfunction.

Of course, having the necessary tools, you yourself can make out the iPhone and, for example, connect a new battery. But without experience and qualifications, you can accidentally damage other details and, of course, violate the warranty conditions.

Hanging on the Apple logo on the screen is one of the most common problems that iPhone users face. Especially those who have recently bought this brand’s device, and do not yet know about all its features, they can easily encounter the iPhone depends on the Apple logo after hacking or restoring. Your precious device will completely turn into a “brick” and give you a lot of problems and experiences: you will not be able to call someone, write or shoot a photo.

Typical complaint: “iPhone hung on the Apple logo (does not turn on and the apple burns) after the last iOS update. The phone performed the usual renewal procedure, but at the end hung (as I suppose, due to the failure of a new firmware) on the Apple logo. The update installation indicator was stuck there for several hours “.

There are four methods that will help correct the iPhone hovering on the screen with the Apple logo. They are applicable not only for the iPhone, but also for the iPad, iPod Touch after updating to the latest version of iOS, hacking, water damage and much more.

Forcibly reboot the iPhone elimination of iPhone freezing on the Apple logo without loss of data (using special software) restoration of iPhone factory settings using iTunes DFU mode (restoration of the dependent iPhone)

There are many reasons why the iPhone can get stuck on the Apple logo. This can happen during the process of updating, transmitting data or hacking, as well as your iPhone can get stuck on the Apple logo after physical damage. It is very important to identify the reasons why the iPhone is stuck on the logo, so try to understand why this happened. Problems can be divided into two categories: software and hardware.

⦁ Problems with software often lead to iPhone hanging on the Apple logo

Software problems are the most common reasons why the iPhone hangs on the Apple logo. Perhaps something went wrong during the update of iOS, data transfer, hacking or restoration of iPhone. And some users using the older IOS version may also face this problem.

⦁ Problems with equipment also lead to iPhone hanging on Apple logo

Equipment problems are mainly caused by physical damage. For example, you accidentally dropped the phone, and this fall can cause internal damage, which will lead to the iPhone hang on the Apple logo. Dive into water can also cause damage to the equipment, which will lead to the appearance of the Black Logino Apple. Therefore, you need to be careful when you take a shower, swim or even just go to the toilet. It is better not to take iPhone with you.

iphone, shows, charged, does, turn

So, the iPhone is stuck on the Apple logo (the device does not turn on and the apple burns). What to do next?

Forcibly reboot the iPhone

Forced restart will not lead to loss of data, and this can help restore the performance of the iPhone, stuck on the Apple logo. However, be sure to try this method in the first place. This is what you need to do for rebooting:

Iphone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XR, iPhone 11 or iPhone 12, iPhone 8 or iPhone Se (2nd generation): Click and release two buttons: the volume increase button. Now, holding the side button, let it go until you see the Apple logo. After that, check your iPhone and see if it is launched.

Iphone 7: Press and hold the volume reduction button and button “sleep / awakening”. When the Apple logo appears, release both buttons.

Iphone 6s or iPhone SE (1st generation): press and hold the “sleep / awakening” button and “home” button at the same time. When the Apple logo appears, release both buttons.

Elimination of iPhone freezing on the Apple logo without data loss (via software)

Когда iPhone не включается и на экране горит яблоко, большинство людей даже не догадываются, что его можно отремонтировать самостоятельно. This is why we strongly recommend Tenorshare Reiboot to you. The best IPhone software repair program. This iOS system restore the IOS system restore the IOS hanging, such as the white screen of the apple, the black screen of death, the recovery mode, the absence of the screen response, the appearance of the message “Support.Apple.Com/iPhone/restore “much more. Download this tool for correcting iOS errors to get acquainted with all its capabilities.

⦁ Download and install Tenorshare Reiboot on a computer and connect the IPhone hovering iPhone using a USB cable. Click “Start”.

⦁ reiboot will display the corresponding firmware package that can be downloaded. Download the IPSW file and follow the IOS restoration instructions on your device.

⦁ After the system restoration on your iPhone, the Apple logo will appear on your iPhone, and all data on your phone will be restored.

Restoring the IPhone factory settings using iTunes

iphone, shows, charged, does, turn

This is another simple way to fix the problem with the iPhone hang on the Apple logo. In the process, all data on your device will be deleted (therefore, before recovery, save their backup).

Run the iTunes on the computer, connect the iPhone to the computer using a cable, click on the iPhone icon and select the “review”.

Check the charger

Your gadget reports that it is charging, but cannot turn on? The essence of the problem is sometimes a decreased charger. As a result, the battery, which is discharged, is not able to gain the right amount of energy that will be enough for the phone to function. Of course, you will not be able to measure the charging current using a multimeter. But, you can apply good exercise for verification. For this:

In the morning we’ll try to turn on our phone. If he is perfectly charged and began to function, you have to buy a new charge. In addition, you need to check how the charged battery will behave within a day. If it starts to discharge quickly, then we attribute our gadget to the workshop and change the battery.

I want to note that such difficulties with the charge of batteries often occur when you purchase fake chargers, which were made by unknown masters. To avoid such problems, only native charges created by Apple need to be used.

What to do if iPhone does not turn on

Apple technique deservedly enjoys the worldly popularity and love of buyers: these are high.Quality, modern and reliable gadgets with its special “soul” and atmosphere. The rare owner of the iPhone will say that he is dissatisfied with his device or that it has ever seriously failed. Along with this, even “apple” devices, as well as any other electronics, may break.

The reasons are the most diverse, but this is not the essence. So, we will simulate the situation: one “beautiful” in the morning you picked up your beloved iPhone in anticipation of checking the news tape in your favorite social network and found that the device is not turned on. Shock, panic, resentment, disappointment. Calm down! In many cases, the problem manages to solve “low blood”, t.E. Without the need to contact the service center.

Iphone refuses to turn on

The reaction to the buttons is absent. Patient behavior. Staying in a constant black screen. Diagnosis: The battery is completely sat down. IOS malfunctions (less often) are possible.

Important note! If your favorite gadget has visited the cold, it may refuse to turn on precisely because of such an extreme test. Batteries tend to discharge almost instantly at low temperatures. If this happened in your situation, let the iPhone be a little warm before proceeding to further action.

Next, do the following: connect the charger to the iPhone. Let the gadget lie down with connected charging for at least 15-20 minutes. If the problem was precisely in the completely sort of battery, the smartphone will turn on by itself. If this does not happen, follow the following steps in order;

Sweep the Power and Home keys together (home and turning on/blocking buttons) and hold about 15-20 seconds (until the company’s company logo appears on the device screen). The specified combination of keys is responsible for the quick reloading of the device. Wait until the iOS starts completely.

If the iPhone still refuses to turn on

Previously, a recommendation was given regarding the connection of the charger to the iPhone. If with a smartphone, details and components everything is in order, a few minutes later on the display will display the charging indicator. If the indicator does not appear within an hour or the device continues to “ask” to connect the power source, the problem with the high degree of probability in the malfunction of the power adapter, cable and/or connector.

You need to do the following: check the operability of the power adapter and a USB cable in combination with another iPhone. If everything works, your phone has broken a connector. Contact the service center;

Contact the service specializing in the sale of components for the iPhone and check if your smartphone reacts to connecting 100% of the working charger. If it reacts, the charger has broken. Buy a new one.

If the iPhone freezes after turning on

If your iPhone gives “signs of life”, but beyond the corporate logo, red or blue screen does not reach, perform the following actions.

Connect the iPhone to a computer/laptop using a USB cable.2. Turn on itunes. 3. Squeeze the buttons home and shutdown simultaneously to activate forced reboot. Keep the indicated keys clamped until the branded logo appears on the iPhone screen and the further occurrence of the recovery mode screen.4. After waiting for the system offers to restore/update, click “update” and wait for further notification. Itunes will try to normalize the work of the gadget without harm to user data.

If nothing happens after 15-20 minutes, the recovery mode will close yourself and you will have to repeat the implementation of the above actions.

When to contact the service center?One. Charging/recharge/forced rebooting did not give results.2. The screen is still dark, but the phone makes sounds/vibration.3. The display displays the information, but does not react to anything.4. The possibility of forced rebooting is absent due to the physical malfunction of the shutdown buttons and home.5. Iphone “hung” with a proprietary logo on the screen or shows a screen “flooded” in one color.

Useful note! Use only original components for charging your iPhone. The capacities of budget analogues may not be enough to ensure a full charge of the battery. In addition, using non.Original components, you put your device with potential risk.

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To start

Remember! Li-Ion batteries for about 3-4 years, or 300-400 charge-discharge cycles.

If the smartphone lasts longer than this time, it is just time to go to the workshop!

Connect to the charger

Put the smartphone for charging, it is possible that it was just discharged. After some time, after connecting the wire (we advise you to wait at least 15 minutes), the iPhone should give signs of life: the battery silhouette or logo will appear on the screen, after which the iOS load will begin.

If the inclusion does not occur, and the red battery icon shines on the screen (the smartphone is connected to the memory), charging is faulty and it should be changed. Check the serviceability of the cord and power supply on another phone. The problem can be in non.Original charging, try looking for an original kit or its Mfi Lightning analogues.

We recommend that you inspect the Lightning charger connector, the rectangular hole is often clogged with dust and dirt. Detailed instructions below.

Alternative Chinese sets often fail, they are short.Lived, lose their compatibility with the device over time, can cause iPhone spontaneous combustion or simply delay and crumble. Often the defect occurs inside the isolation, a copper vein inside can break off, and the worker in appearance will cease to charge the phone. The highest quality of the non.Original. Chargen devices of Rock and ORICO firms, they do not happen to them.

If the smartphone cannot be launched after 15 minutes, the screen remains black, the backlight does not even turn on, or the image of the outlet and lightning is displayed, the battery was discharged “to zero”. Most likely, you will have to change the batarek to a new one, but more on that below.

Make a “tough” reboot

You can try to “wake up” the device yourself: reboot the device without disconnecting it from charging. To do this, press the “Turning” and “Home” buttons at the same time (or the volume reduction key for models from the 7th generation), hold for 10-20 seconds. In order to forcefully overload the iPhone X, press the volume key, then down and click the power button until the apple sign appears. Detailed instructions for each model see here.

After frost or severe heat

If you keep the iPhone for a long time under the sun’s rays, the battery will overheat more than 45 degrees, and will require cooling before starting work: the thermometer icon will appear and the inscription “The temperature is increased, cool the device”. Until the temperature decreases, the functions of the apparatus will be inaccessible.

iphone, shows, charged, does, turn

Cold below.3.5 degrees, also “turns off” the smartphone: after hypothermia, the device must be held in warmth. Sometimes a cell phone immediately turns off in the cold, this is a sign of a battery that has become unusable: there is a risk that it will have to be replaced.

Restore the iPhone via eiboot

Tenorshare Reiboot is one of the best solutions to solve iOS problems, such as: black screen and endless reloading cycles (the logo can blink). The program offers quick and convenient solutions in several clicks. If any of the methods described above does not help, and remove the wheel endlessly, the chipped logo or just a black screen on the iPhone, you need to do this: do this:

Download Tenorshare Reiboot and install on a computer, connect the iPhone to a computer via a USB cable.

Allow the device to recognize reiboot and click “Standard Repair”.

Download the firmware package to continue the process. 4. Launch standard repairs to fix iOS 15 hanging on a black screen. 5. Ready! Repair is completed.

With solutions such as Tenorshare Reiboot, you can be sure that the apple smartphone will be restored without prejudice to your data. Thanks to tools and the ability to correct almost all the main problems in iOS, this is one of the best tools for recovery in the market.

Iphone 5s does not turn on, an apple burns

If when turning on, the smartphone gives you and does not want to load further, this means only one thing. The firmware has flown. It is worth noting that in this case all your personal data from the phone will be lost. In order to prevent this in the future, we advise you to constantly update backup copies. If an apple burns, your data is lost. This is if you put it briefly.

There is only one solution. To carry to the service center to restore the firmware.

I would like to say that whatever the problem happens to your beloved iPhone 5s, immediately bring it to the service center! Do not try to eliminate the breakdown yourself, otherwise there is a high probability that you will have to buy a new phone.

Iphone X/XS/XR/11: Won’t Turn On While Charging for Long Time?

Even if the breakdown seems insignificant, you should not take risks, because the amount that you plan to save can increase many times to eliminate breakdowns after your repair.