iPhone stopped working after an update

What to do if “Mail” app doesn’t work after updating to iOS 15

After updating the operating system of iOS devices to iOS 15, many users have encountered a number of errors occurring in the work of the device itself, installed applications, etc.д. So, many different failures appeared in the application “Mail”: users can not send an email, it is impossible to display the sender or the application does not start at all. If you find yourself in this situation and want to troubleshoot the “Mail” app on your iPhone, then our article will give you great ways to solve the problem. We’ll take a look at the most common bugs that have occurred recently in the Mail app on iOS devices, and how you can get rid of them as quickly and efficiently as possible.

So far, users have reported many bugs occurring in the Mail app after updating the operating system on iOS devices to iOS 15. Among them, the most common are the following failures:

  • 1. “No sender” error in iOS 15 version
  • 2. Mail app on iPhone does not update
  • 3. Mail app does not sync on iPad/iPhone after updating to iOS 15
  • 4. Mail app does not open on iPhone
  • 5. Mail app on iPhone doesn’t send emails
  • 6. After updating to iOS 15, multiple drafts of emails open every time I launch the Mail app.
  • 7. Mail app notifications are not showing up on the iPhone
  • 8. Unable to add email account
  • 9. The Mail app does not download emails, including Gmail and yahoo emails
  • 10. Because of the iOS 15 update, iPhone will automatically receive mail even if the app is not open.
  • 11. For iPhone 11, except for the inbox, all messages (deleted, sent, etc. Д.) Disappeared and can not be added manually.
  • 12. iPhone impossible to create an email account on iOS 15
  • 13. IMAP Mail stopped working after updating to iOS 15.
  • 14. After updating to iOS 15, gmail cannot work on iPhone.

How to troubleshoot an iPhone XS alarm that has stopped working

Before troubleshooting, check and make sure the date and time settings on your iPhone are set correctly. Incorrect date and time settings may be the main reason. This usually happens if an update overrides your date and time settings and ends up causing time or date conflicts. Be sure to check this first. Set the automatic date and time settings on your device if necessary. If the alarm still doesn’t work, even if the date and time on your phone is set correctly, go ahead and try the following solutions.

As always, after installing new apps or software updates, we recommend performing a software reset or rebooting your phone. It does more than just turn your device off and on again. On mobile devices, a software reset is the easiest solution to various types of problems caused by accidental app errors and system crashes. After installing new software updates, apps may fail due to recent changes. And it can happen in the clock app that you use. To rule out such accidental mismatches, follow these steps to reset your iPhone XS programmatically:

  • Press and hold the Side / Power button and either of the volume buttons at the same time for several seconds.
  • Release the buttons when the Slide to Power Off command appears, and then drag the power off slider to the right.
  • After 30 seconds, press and hold the power / side button again until the phone reboots.

Wait for the phone to boot, then test the alarm clock to see if it works properly.

Touch ID stopped working after upgrade

Eugene Prikhodko Good afternoon. This problem: iPhone 6 128Gb. After updating to iOS 10 Touch ID stopped working.

Eugene Prikhodko Good day. This problem: iPhone 6 128Gb. Touch ID stopped working after system update to iOS 10. When trying to go to any of the top 3 items an error occurs. What to do?

This time with the release of iOS 10, things really went very badly for Apple. As a result, there are thousands of devices that have something not working: for some. calculator, for others. Widgets are missing, for others. problems with Control Center. You. touched Touch ID.

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Open Settings. Touch ID and password. Enter master password and disable iTunes and App Store. 2. Reboot your iPhone by pressing Power Home key until the Apple logo appears. 3. Reopen Settings. Touch ID and password. Enter master password. Remove any existing fingerprints and reboot iPhone.

Go to Settings. Touch ID and Password. Create a new fingerprint.

Solution 2 The problem is particularly acute with iOS 10 firmware. Updating iOS 10.0.2 solved an annoying bug. To make sure you have the current version of iOS 10 installed, open Settings. Basic. Software Update and install.

Solution 3 I can advise you to do a full restore of your device via iTunes, downloading the firmware beforehand. Here is the link for your device: iPhone 6.

Connect your device to iTunes and with Shift (Windows) or Alt/Option (Mac) pressed, choose Restore. Then specify the downloaded firmware. (Will need to disable the Find iPhone feature).

Be sure to! Create a backup before any operations.

What to do if iPhone hangs on apple after update

In case the iPhone hangs on apple after the update, users need to:

  • Connect your iPhone to your computer using a wire.
  • Open iTunes or Finder (depending on OS version).
  • Do a hard reset (method described above).
  • Wait for a notification on your PC or Mac that your iPhone has gone into recovery mode.
  • Click the Refresh button.

What to do if iPhone hangs on apple

After that, iOS will be reinstalled. The data stored in the device memory will not be affected.

In case none of the above methods helped in solving the problem, then there is a chance that it is related to hardware malfunctions. Only the service center can determine the exact cause. Specialists will be able to fully diagnose and repair your failed iPhone.

Restore iPhone with iTunes after iOS 15 update

iTunes can help you in these situations. You can always use iTunes to enter recovery mode / DFU and resolve issues. For example iPhone hangs, black screen on iPhone but it works. Touch or microphone does not work on iOS 15. You can restore your device using iTunes. If your phone is still working, you must first sync your data.

  • Connect your iPhone to the computer where you synced it and open iTunes.
  • Wait for iTunes to sync your iPhone and back it up.
  • Once the backup process is complete, click “Restore iPhone”.
  • When the iPhone recovery should open the settings screen, where you must click on “Restore from iTunes copy”. After that you need to select your own device in iTunes. Look at the creation date and size of each backup and choose the most appropriate one.

If you have never synced your iPhone with iTunes, this method will always work, but the iPhone will erase all the media and information. Connect your iOS device to your computer and open the program iTunes do a forced restart select “Restore.

It is worth noting that this method takes a long time and has a low success rate or the iPhone does not turn on and does not work at all, We recommend using Tenorshare Reiboot to restore iPhone / iPad / iPod.

Why the flashlight on your iPhone may not work

No matter how you look at it, iOS isn’t perfect either, especially if you’re using a new beta. While system errors are rare, they can sometimes get nerve-wracking. Not all users know that if you turn on the flash in the Camera app and run the flashlight in the system, there may be an unexpected glitch that prevents the flashlight from lighting up.

Also due to a bug in iOS, the flashlight may just glitch and not turn off. I personally had this situation on the third beta of iOS 14.

At such moments saved only a quick reboot of the system or closing all the applications that run in the background.

  • Tap the home button on an iPhone with Touch ID or swipe the screen upwards on an iPhone with Face ID.
  • Then you just need to close all the apps that can create a conflict in the system.
  • After that, try activating the flashlight again.

If you have a beta version, you can contact Support Apple with the problem. But these guys take a long time to answer, so it’s better to try rolling back to a previous version or download a stable backup of your iPhone.

Incorrect iPhone settings

Sometimes users go to a service center because their flashlight doesn’t work (doesn’t blink) during a call. In this case it is not a system failure or some kind of error at all, but just wrong settings.

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To enable flashing of the flashlight during a call you need:

  • Go to the settings of your iPhone.
  • After that, open the universal access tab of the device.
  • Go to the audiovisual menu.
  • Activate the flashlight for alerts, calls.

Also don’t forget that the flashlight may refuse to work or turn off if you misconfigure your iPhone. If this happens you can try resetting your device.

  • Go to the main settings menu.
  • Go down and click on the red reset icon.
  • Select the “Reset all settings” option.
  • Confirm your selection.

Keep in mind that your passwords (if you have not enabled the keychain feature) will be erased.

Incorrect updates, inappropriate iPhone firmware version, outdated iOS, incorrect beta installation. all can lead to malfunctioning iPhone.

  • If you’ve never followed the correct update rules that Apple duplicates with each new update, if you are still sitting on iOS 12 (when iOS 14 is on its way), if you have run iOS 14 beta on your iPhone. your problems are understandable and probably can be fixed without going to the service center.
  • If you haven’t updated your iOS in a while, you’ll need to do a system update in your device settings. Keep in mind that your device should be at least 50% charged and have a stable Wi-Fi connection. It’s best not to touch your iPhone when it’s being updated. Just obediently wait for the iPhone to update and then rejoice in the updated device that will thank you for its smooth operation.
  • If you didn’t update correctly. try to either restore from a previous backup (if you made one) or reflash your iPhone.

If you installed a raw beta of iOS, you can roll back to a previous version by following our instructions.

In any case, if the problem with the flashlight not working was caused by your iOS firmware. it will disappear as soon as you update/restore your backup/roll back to the stable build.

Improperly performed jailbreak process

Young craftsmen like to jailbreak their iPhones to try some new tricks or install forbidden/hacked apps.

In most cases after such a procedure the performance and functionality of the iPhone suffers. So, it is better still not to make such a sacrifice and not to risk your device, if you do not want to face a bad iPhone experience later.

If you have already performed a jailbreak process and it affected the flashlight/camera or other iPhone components. You need to reflash your device. You can go to the iLab service center for that.

A sad story that is still a brutal reality. Low-quality repair iPhone by unscrupulous craftsmen can lead to terrible consequences, which will affect the entire operation of the device.

In the area of risk are those who have repaired the camera module or display, because the flashlight is directly connected with these parts and a poor replacement of one of them leads to the bad work of the flashlight.

All you can do yourself in this case is to identify the fault.

To do this, simply turn on the camera and try taking a flash photo with the front and main camera. If you can not do this. most likely the problem is in a broken / poor-quality parts, which you have installed or what damaged during repair. You can go to this service center and ask for a repair or go to the iLab service center so that our craftsmen can make a detailed diagnosis.

Not everyone is happy with iOS 11

On Tuesday, Apple posted the final version of iOS 11 for download. A big step for iPhone and a giant leap for iPad, according to the company’s press release. About 300 features have been updated in the OS, and some features were not previously used in the software. Users of all iOS devices, starting with the iPad Air and fifth-generation iPhone, can update the “operating system” to the eleventh version. But not all users have agreed with Apple’s loud epithets about iOS 11, because they have missed some important features promised in the final version of the operating system.

What’s New in iOS 11?

Apple says iOS 11 makes iPhone and iPad the fastest, smartest smartphone ever.

Support for True Tone on iPhone. Display adjusts color to ambient light; New Control Panel. It has changed in scale and is now comfortable for one-handed use; New Files app. You can save and edit documents right on your device and work through the cloud; There are more simple gestures to control your smartphone.

Control Center

It’s now a single screen instead of the three that existed in iOS 10. Icons have a rounded shape.

Control Center lets you set the features and apps you want, whether it’s an alarm clock, voice recorder, memos, etc.д.

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The default menu has sections for adjusting network options, sliders to change the volume and brightness, screen rotation lock button, music control buttons.

Lock screen

In fact, it is now united with the Notification Center. Standby screen shows time and date, swipe up will open a list of missed notifications. Swipe right to widgets, left to camera.

Portrait mode in camera

Special flash and image stabilization makes it possible to take high-quality photos even in dim light. The Camera app has 9 new filters and the ability to scan QR codes. New filters can be added by third-party developers through Depth API.

In Live Photos it is now possible to loop photos into a clip, there are effects which previously were only possible with SLR cameras. New compression technology will make photos take half the space with the same image quality.

New App Store

The app store has been completely redesigned. Smart search appeared. Apple’s daily editor picks appeared, a separate tab for games, app lists by topic, etc.д. And to symbolize all the changes, apparently, should be the App Store icon, which was changed for the first time since the launch of the store nine years ago.

What’s changed for iPad?

All documents are collected in the Files app. There’s also a separate section for files you’ve worked with recently on your iPad, apps, other iOS devices, iCloud Drive, and services like Box and Dropbox.

The new Dock is accessible from any screen and allows to open applications and switch between them with a simple swiping gesture.

You can put frequently used apps on the left side of the Dock and apps currently open on your iPhone or Mac on the right.

Any additional app can also be opened directly from the panel. In Split View mode, it will appear along with the already open app on the same screen. In Slide Over mode, the second app can be moved to the left. The updated app switcher remembers the user’s preferences while doing so.The iPad also now includes drag-and-drop capabilities. You can easily move text, photos, and files from one app to another.

Apple Pencil and new Notes features

Use Pencil to make annotations in PDFs and screenshots with ease. You can write text right on your Lock screen, and it saves in Notes.

You can also draw and write in Notes and Mail.

In Notes, typed text automatically recedes to the side to make room for your artwork.Documents can be scanned. It automatically detects and scans your document, crops the edges, fixes jaggies and removes glare. And with Apple Pencil, you can sign your document outright.

The QuickType keyboard is a one-stop shop for letters, numbers, symbols, and punctuation, eliminating the need to switch.

Siri, AirPlay 2, Do Not Disturb mode

Siri is much smarter and more realistic in different languages thanks to machine learning technologies. AirPlay 2 lets you sync the playback of music from multiple devices in different rooms. We’ve written about Do Not Disturb before. No talking while driving: the phone sends everyone who wants to call or text you, a notification that you’re driving.

Synchronizing devices

Interestingly, iOS devices can now be automatically tuned. Hold your iPhone to your iPad and the user is automatically logged in with their Apple ID. This way you can import many personal settings and documents.

What features are missing in iOS 11?

Synchronization of iMessage archive in iCloud

At the WWDC 2017 presentation in San Jose, Apple vice president of software development Craig Federighi promised to add iMessage synchronization to the company’s cloud storage iCloud.

This feature is most welcome on iPhones with minimal storage space. The system was supposed to automatically download messages to iCloud, eliminating the need to store them on the device.

There was a feature in some beta versions, but it didn’t make it to the final version. According to Apple’s official Комментарии и мнения владельцев, it still needs to be finalized.

Apple Music and friends

In iOS 11, Apple Music was supposed to allow you to see what music your friends were listening to, and share your own playlists. In addition, it was possible to set up to receive notifications in case of music releases of favorite musicians. The final version of iOS 11 has disabled this feature.