iPhone thinks that the headphones are connected what to do

What to do if iPhone shows that I’m in headphones?

The most frequent reasons are moisture, oxides and clogging with dust. A simple example. Wear the phone in your dust clogged. Iphone thinks that dirt is headphones.

What to do if the headphones are not connected, but the iPhone shows the opposite? If the “headphones” mode does not turn off on the iPhone automatically when disconnecting the headphones, then the device should be restarted, and after turning on, check the availability of software updates. Maybe you forgot to “update”, and the old version of the system gives such a failure.

Possible causes of the problem

First of all, it is necessary to understand what is the reason for this behavior. After all, the on the “headphones” mode leads to the fact that the subscriber does not hear his smartphone. There is no sound on it with the headset disconnected.

In fact, there may be a huge number of reasons. Most often, subscribers come across:

  • Pollution of the device;
  • Damage to the connectors;
  • System failure;
  • Getting water on the phone;
  • High humidity in the room.

As a rule, it is possible to accurately determine the cause of the breakdown only by redrawing possible options. Often you can turn off the “headphones” mode without outside help. How exactly?

iphone, thinks, headphones, connected

In 95% of cases, the iPhone activates the function of connected headphones when they are disconnected when contaminating the connector. In rare situations, a software failure is not excluded, which is treated by a reset of settings to factory. In the rest. Cleaning the ports with cotton wool and alcohol.

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How to remove the headphone icon on the phone?

A special combination of keys how to disable the operating mode of the headphones if it shows the presence of a headset even if it is not. The combination of “hot keys” is sewn in any phone. Try to hold the button on/off the device not long, but for a couple of seconds.

Go to the “Settings” menu “Universal Access” “Audiovisual Element” “Adaptation of headphones”. Select the “User Sound Settings” parameter. Follow the instructions on the screen.

iphone, thinks, headphones, connected

Settlement failure

With more serious failures in the iPhone, reset to factory settings can help with subsequent recovery from a backup copy.

    First you should update a backup copy. To do this, open the settings and at the top of the window, select the Apple ID account window.

Software or problem with iron

In fact, not only problems with hardware, but also the failure of the operating system can lead to such an incident. As practice shows, the vast majority of victims have a problem manifested precisely due to a banal error. What can be done in this case:

Insert and extract a plug from the nest of headphones. There is a chance that iOS did not have time to determine that the headphones are extracted. If the user sharply pulled out the plug, the system may continue to believe that they are still connected. Sometimes it is enough to insert several times and pull out the headphones so that the device begins to work again normally.

Connect other headphones. It really can help. If the problem is in the connected accessory. Yes, especially if it costs less than 300.

The problem of poor.Quality accessories is not new, but to make sure that it was not only in your headphones, it would be nice to try alternative.

Reload the device. Simple rebooting the device can solve your problem. Together with the Chinese set and a malfunction in the OS, it is quite possible to achieve that the smartphone will not understand what happened.

Check the headphone connector. If none of the ways above has helped you, then it is time to apply the method of deduction. What if something got into the 3.5-mm iPhone connector? Various contaminants can lead to a closure of contacts of headphones and smartphone. Take a flashlight and look inside. If something really got there, you can use a toothpick or a cotton wand for cleaning the connector.

Remember that everyone needs a measure. Crushing with all its might and scoring along the walls is also not the best option.

Restore or update iOS. If there are no problems with either the connector or with the system, you can use the more radical method.

Try updating iOS from DFU mode. There is a chance that after the update everything will fall into place. Especially if you have installed any system tweaks.


How to disable the headphone mode on “iPhone 6” or any other brainchild from “apple”? It all depends on the situation. The next advice will help those who actively use a smartphone, but rarely connect the headset to it.

It is possible that the problem lies in the clogged connection connector of the headphones. It is recommended to carefully clean it. To do this, it is best to use a toothpick or corner of a sheet of paper.

As soon as the connector is cleaned, you can try to insert the headset into the device, and then turn it off. If everything works out, then the smartphone will switch to the “call” mode. Now another option is clear on how to disable the “iPhone” headphone mode.

What to do if the headphones are connected and there is no sound?

Try connecting the headphones, clamping the volume button and pull the plug out of the headphone nest. Also try to pull out and insert a plug from the headphones several times. You can still carefully knock on the case near the connector (but this is only for shamans. A joke).

If the phone falls and moisture gets inside the speakers, you can not work with it, as before. If you dropped the iPhone in a puddle or snow, shed tea, coffee or juice on it, you must turn off the device and take emergency measures, wait for complete drying and prevent the corrosion of internal details: microcircuits: microcircuits

iphone, thinks, headphones, connected

Iphone shows that the headphones are included?

Some users faced a situation where they extracted a headphone plug from the smartphone connector, but the iPhone writes that the headphones are connected. In this case, it is impossible to play sound on the external dynamics of the phone. Such a problem is rare, but it is found, therefore it is better to prepare for such in advance, everything can happen.

There may be several reasons why the iPhone thinks that the headphones are connected:

iphone, thinks, headphones, connected

My iPhone doesn’t recognize the headphones, the headphones won’t works