iPhone turned on but black screen what to do

How to unlock iPhone / iPad with a black screen in 2021

Iphone screen conclusion suddenly becomes black, and you cannot access your phone. Here are three ways to help you unlock the iPhone with a black screen so that you can use it again.

Fixed: How to fix iPhone 8 (Plus) Black Screen But Phone Is On or Black Screen of Death Issue

Black screen. The common problem that most iPhone users come across from time to time. When the iPhone screen becomes black, you cannot answer the call, even if you clearly hear the phone call; You cannot access all the data of the phone, since the screen is black and you cannot enter the lock screen password. Like any other problem with the iPhone display, the iPhone black death screen will be caused by the problem of software or hardware. Some of the problems associated with black screens include the discharge of batteries, equipment failure, application failures and much more. Since fix and unlock the iPhone with a black screen?

If you encounter a black iPhone death screen, how to unlock the iPhone with a black screen? How to remove an iPhone password with a black screen? Do not panic. There are several corrections that you can try to make the phone again.

The reasons for the breakdown

Initially, the user must remember whether it happened to his phone, something extraordinary. For example, he dropped the iPhone and now the screen does not work. Consider the possible causes of the malfunction:

  • Mechanical breakdown. This includes strong blows or falls that entail damage to the display or its train.
  • The previously installed application was terribly optimized.
  • The device could fall into the water or overheat.
  • I need to be overwhelmed by the firmware.
  • Low.Quality details or fake phone.

If one of the options corresponds to the reason why the display has stopped working, look for the answers below.

How to introduce iPhone into recovery mode

The simplest thing that can be done, and this function is available for free is to enter the iPhone recovery mode. After that, it will already be possible to independently load the firmware and try to solve the problem (by the way, there is also the opportunity to get out of the restoration mode of one click).

This is a really useful function. Few people know how to introduce the iPhone in DFU or Recovery

Iphone does not turn on

The third way, if the iPhone does not turn on and the apple is burning, is to use Reiboot utility. Generally speaking, it is strange to me that Apple did not offer its users anything like that, because this thing really helps out. It allows you to return the iPhone in a couple of clicks with a mouse, which is stuck on the Yabloko logo, to life.

Reiboot utility itself will introduce and withdraw the iPhone from the recovery mode

  • Click “Find the restoration mode” and wait for the appearance on the iPhone screen iTunes;
  • After that, click “Acquaintan” and wait for the completion of the reboot.

Iphone is stuck on an apple. Decision

This method does not delete any data from the memory of your iPhone, but simply helps it boot correctly. However, sometimes this may not be enough. In this case, you should resort to more effective measures.

In most cases, there will be enough standard repair

With standard repair from the IPhone memory, no data is removed

This procedure is good in that when executing it does not suffer at all. That is, during the “repair”, of course, the utility cleans the iPhone, but before that it allows you to save on the computer all the data, which then itself restores.

You probably noticed that the Reiboot also provides for a deep iPhone repair. This procedure differs from standard repair in that problems are corrected at a deeper level. In most cases, such serious debugging is not required, so it is still not recommended to resort to it without extreme need. It will be good in situations where the firmware of the device flies.

Honestly, I do not really imagine what is happening at this moment, but my firmware flocked on the iPad twice. For the first time, I took him to an authorized service center and paid for the restoration of 650, and when this happened a second time, I carried out a deep repair using Reiboot and returned the tablet to work on my own. As a result, I didn’t even have to leave the house.

Fix the black screen on the iPhone other methods

Part 2 that we presented. This is the best and safest way to fix the black screen on the iPhone, but if you do not want to install it, there are other common methods that you can try.

Charge your iPhone. When you are faced with an iPhone black screen, the first thing you might think about. This is the fact that the battery of your phone is discharged.

Perhaps you charged your phone, but this may not be enough.

Wait if the Apple logo appears on the screen, this means that your phone is safe.

iphone, turned, black, screen

Close the emergency application. Application failure can also be one of the causes of the black screen on the iPhone. When loading the application, the screen becomes black, which means that with this application that you use, there may be a problem.

To fix the black iPhone death screen, press the “Home” button twice, and then run a finger on the screen left or right to view the list of recently used applications.

Put your finger up on this application to close it, then click the “home” button to return to the main screen.

If your iPhone is back to normal, the black iPhone screen is solved.

Update / Removing the Failure Application. If the black screen of your iPhone has not been fixed, you should try to update or remove the emergency application.

Update: 1. Open the App Store on your iPhone and click the “Update” tab (at the bottom of the page).

The page will have a list of all applications that need to be updated.

Reload the iPhone after appropriate update.

Even if all the iPhone applications are updated, problem applications will still cause a black death screen, because some applications are unsafe.

Removing: 1. Click and hold the application you want to delete.

A pop.Up window with a question whether you want to remove the application.

Press the icon “-” to remove the application.

Forcibly reboot the iPhone. When your iPhone has a black screen and does not answer, you can forcibly restart it to correct the problem with the black death screen iPhone.

Press and hold the “Nutrition” button (awakening / sleeping mode) and the “Home” button for about 10 seconds. (You can compare the model of your phone to force the device in accordance with the button in the picture.)

Wait until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

After rebooting, the black iPhone screen will disappear.

Restore factory settings via iTunes. If none of the previous methods works, and your iPhone screen is still black, you can use iTunes to fix the black screen on the iPhone / iPad. If possible, make a backup copy of all important files on iPhone in iTunes in advance, because this method will lead to deleting all the data on the iPhone.

1 Open the latest version of the iTunes application on your computer.

Connect the iPhone to a computer using Lightning cable.

Wait a bit, iTunes automatically recognizes your iPhone. (Note: if iTunes cannot recognize your iPhone, stuck on a black screen, you need to put the iPhone into recovery mode.)

iphone, turned, black, screen

A pop.Up window will appear with a request for updating or restoring your iPhone. Click “Restore” to restore iPhone factory settings.

Hardware reset on the iPhone as well as when restoring the factory settings via iTunes, you can perform a full reloading of the device to fix the problems with the black screen on the iPhone. What do you think, all the data on your phone will be lost too. You better make a backup of your data in advance.

Go to the “Settings” click “General” “discharge”.

Click “Wipe out all the contents and settings”, a pop.Up window will appear with a password request for your device.

Type and click “Confirm”. Then your iPhone will be rebooted. The black screen of your iPhone can be repaired.

The final verdict in this article We introduced you to various methods to correct the black death screen iPhone. Most of the methods will lead to loss of your phone data and can cause some damage to your device. Best and safest method. Use UKEYSOFT FONEFIX to eliminate the black screen on the iPhone, it can save all your security data during the process. And with it, you can easily correct various IOS system problems as a professional.

iphone, turned, black, screen

Why is this happening

“Black death screen” is a relatively new concept for iPhone users, we used to have extremely rarely encountered similar system failures. Most often this was decided by banal rebooting or updating the firmware.

Now almost every user of “apple” has observed such malfunctions on his device or on a device of friends. Black screen can appear on most models, regardless of the IOS version.

Several basic causes of this strange glitch are distinguished:

Black screen often appears on devices that have visited the water. Even the new iPhone 7 with protection against moisture from hitting it sin with this. It is not necessary to drown a smartphone for this. It is enough to actively use it in a humid environment, in the rain or several times spray the device.

It is 100% to establish that the black screen began to occur on the device after getting wet will not be able to in any service center. However, the adoption of “water procedures” with a smartphone will be an excessive reason to think about the causes of such glitches.

Problem software

Every year, iOS becomes more open, developers can embed their modules in many standard programs. It can affect the work of iOS.

iphone, turned, black, screen

Any system update can bring part of the code that does not work well with existing applications or settings.

Only the complete cleaning of the device with the restoration of the firmware can minimize the chance of the appearance of the black screen, but not everyone can go to such measures. Not everyone wants to turn its iPhone for 50 thousand into a test landfill.

Iphone 7, 7, 8, 8, x black screen unresponsive, dead, won’t power on, quick and easy.

Masters of service centers note that often the cause of the appearance of the black screen can be problems with the battery. An old worn.Up battery can lead to such.

On new gadgets, a black screen often causes an overheated battery. This can happen even on a completely good device when connecting to a charger.

The screen freezes or does not operate on the iPhone or iPad: check if the display is kissing and remember if the device fell

If the display of your iPhone or iPad cracked, it is likely that this is what caused its freezing.

If the device was damaged as a result of the fall (external damage may be absent at all), it can stop working at all, or the problem will only affect the touch screen. The fall of the iPhone or iPad could lead to damage to the internal components responsible for the touch screen. In this case, it is best to take the device to the service center.

Broken power adapter

The screen may not turn on when the phone is completely discharged. If when connecting to the outlet, the apple company logo does not appear, and the backlight does not light up, the malfunction lies in the charger.

Poor Chinese “chargers”, as a rule, cost cheaper, but fail at the most inopportune moment.

The Lighning connector should also be checked, dust and dirt often clog there, as a result, contact disappears and the battery does not occur.

The approaching sensor for iPhone does not work

Try to check the approaching sensor on the iPhone

The usual iPhone with Touch ID has a lot of sensors, and in the iPhone there are even more of them with Face ID. Therefore, any mechanical damage is fraught with the fact that the screen does not turn on either during or after the call, which is not the norm. The fact is that any sudden blow can be fatal. Worse if the iPhone contacted water. If the iPhone screen does not turn on after the conversation precisely after the accident. It seems you better contact the service center, but first try one life hack.

Be sure to look at the Telecetrass “Ali Baba”: you will find hundreds of cool accessories for iPhone and iPad at pleasant prices!

How to check the approaching sensor on iPhone

If none of the previous methods has helped you, try checking the iPhone sensors manually. One of the most convenient applications is EZ-Lab-Bvitech: it also allows you to check the gyroscope, accelerometer and other sensors in iPhone.

Check the approximation sensor using a special utility

  • Install the application by this link.
  • Open it and activate all the sliders.
  • After that, click in the upper right corner on the icon with a man and start the check.
  • Next, follow the instructions on the screen to check your iPhone systems.
  • To check the approaching sensor, you will need to cover it and wait until the screen darkens. If everything went successfully. You will see the corresponding message on the screen.
  • At the end you will receive an iPhone work report, which will reflect all results.

These are the most working methods if your iPhone does not turn on the screen after the call. If it suddenly did not help. Try to discharge iPhone. But about what to do if the iPhone makes strange sounds. Read in a special material.