IPTV setting on the Panasonic Smart TV TV

How to install OTTPlayer on Panasonic?

How to install OTTPlayer on Philips Smart TV go to the OTTPLAYER website.ES before setting the player directly on the TV, and create an account there. Remember your login and password. Turn on the TV and enter the application store. There you will find OTTPLAYER. Wait until the installation is completed.

Connection and settings procedure

How to correctly connect an interactive TV?

  • The user provides high.Quality Internet connection through a router or cable.
  • A computer or laptop should be nearby for connecting.
  • It is necessary to know the basics of using the application store.
  • At the last stage, you will need a playlist with a list of channels.

We list consistent steps to install the program and set the TV.

  • Software installation occurs after checking the reliability of the Internet connection.
  • Using the remote control, we go to the central menu and look for the applications.
  • Each Smart TV has its own application store. Through it, load the SS IPTV program.
  • Now the mood and the process is carried out through the gear icon.
  • In the settings, it is necessary to manually register the address of the playlists. They can be found on the resources of providers.
  • Synchronize the process with a computer or laptop. Playlist control occurs through the gadget.
  • After adding playlists, we test the channel viewing.
  • We enjoy free viewing.


To install the Peers application.TV do the following:

  • Download and install this player on your device.
  • If you are the owner of any Smart TV Samsung TV (2010-2013.G. Release), then after pressing the SMART TV button on the TV remote control, go to the ApplicationStore app store and.TV.
  • If you are the owner of Smart TV Samsung 2014, then you can find the Peers application.TV in “Categories” in the “Video” section.
  • Run the application.
  • Add a link (address, URL) to the playlist in the settings
  • Choose the desired channel.


The turn of the detailed analysis of the player Lazy IPTV came. The setting process, the addition of channels to the player with the help of available free M3U playlists will be considered.

One of the main advantages of the player is the uncomplicated setting process. The player takes only 5 MB on the RAM and the common memory of the user gadget. The integration is quite understandable and convenient, in which almost everyone will figure out.

The player manager is highlighted by a player from all available. The user can set the maximum number of playlists, and in the case of failures he will quickly switch to the working playlist.

The user can update the channel list. If an auto.Integrated playlist is used, then you can connect the auto.Renewal function or manually update.

Favorite function allows you not to get confused in the large list of television playlists, moving on to more important only a couple of clicks.

In addition, a large selection of functional commands is available to the user:

  • Search for channels or TV shows,
  • Synchronized viewing story,
  • Reminder of the upcoming translated programs,
  • Other.
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Despite its advantages, the program has objective disadvantages that are revealed at the initial stages of use.

Obvious problems begin when managing the player. The fact is that this program was developed more for tablets and smartphones than for Smart TV. Control using a remote control can turn into an exhausting process for the user. And although only a couple of functional keys do not work, you just can not do without them. For example, there is no way to use digital keys to switch channels, the previous or next channel does not work.

Another obvious drawback of the absence of an inner player. Therefore, users, coupled with Lazyiptv, are forced to install another VLC player or MX player. The constant switching between the two applications will make the user be nervous, and also spends memory on the Android device, providing additional load on it.

How to add a playlist to Lazy IPTV

In order to use the resources of the application, you need to install another additional player “MX player”.


After downloading, you need to go to Lazyiptv and find the player item for the video. In the opening window, it will be necessary to give permission to use the MX player.

Adding playlists is carried out in several touches. First you need to choose playlists. After that, you need to open the player menu and select a playlist at the bottom of the item. Further, you will need to enter a link, for example and press the key to add or save. After that, the user can enjoy viewing your favorite television programs.

What is IPTV

Let’s start from the beginning. With the concept of IPTV, and we will go to the players a little later.

IPTV reads as “ay pi vi”. This is the abbreviation that comes from the English “Internet Protocol Television”-if we speak as simple as possible, television on the Internet (using Internet protocol). In this regard, the name fully reflects the essence: speaking of IPTV, we always mean radio and television channels transmitted and broadcast with the help of a worldwide web.

Viewing programs may have different costs or not have it at all. Everything always depends on a specific package, and they are of various price categories, including free.

Although IPTV requires a high speed of the Internet connection, it, at the same time, has a whole number of advantages:

For example, the number of channels, available when viewing IPTV, is most extensive as possible even compared to cable or satellite TV, and the platforms on which it will go include any device with a screen and access to the Internet.

In particular, it can be Smart TVs or consoles, computers or laptops, tablets, smartphones.

In addition, together with television, you, as a rule, get a whole pile of additional possibilities, video tale, the ability to order this or that content directly from the broadcaster.

IPTV does not require antennas or “plates” for its use, but often needs a decoding prefix.

You can also find a huge number of channels available in 4K resolution (the highest video quality at the moment, which makes sense to count on the user even with a very large TV screen).

SMART TV setting on samsung

Before setting up the SMART TV function, you need to install an Internet connection.

How to do this, described in detail in the previous section, but there are small differences.

For the wired E-series network in the “Settings” column, then the “Network”, a window will appear, where there will be two choice, click “Start”.

Then a form will appear with the requirement to enter the IP address. Any in the range of 192 is suitable.168.One.2 to 192.168.One.254.

Most likely, they will be filled automatically. Enter the remaining data according to the requirements. With proper filling, click “OK”.

It will be enough to select a network with a wireless connection and enter the password. Before that, make sure the LAN cable is connected.

Como instalar IPTV em sua Smart TV Panasonic de forma simples

Set up applications to your taste

iptv, setting, panasonic, smart

After setting up the Internet, you can run Smart TV. You can do this using the Smart Hub key on the control panel.

This is followed by the process of searching and installing the necessary applications through the Samsung store.

Hundreds of television channels and applications

How to download and install forkplayer on TV Panasonic

For Smart TV Panasonic Viera, you can use similar installation methods with other TV models. Only some points will differ. So, the application can be launched directly through the browser. No need to change the address of the DNS and go to the settings. For this method, you will need to enter the Operatv browser in the address bar of the browser.OBOVSE.Ru/2.5/. As a result, the FORKPLAYER starting page opens, where the most popular resources are presented.

With this method, some resources do not open, access to individual sites may be closed. The method of installation with a change of DNS will help to get wider opportunities.

Parental control

Blocking unwanted content for minors is installed and removed in the application settings:

  • Launch OTT Play.
  • Open the “settings” of the player.
  • Choose the point “Parental control”.
  • Enter the default code: 1234.
  • In the menu that opens, you can enable or disable parental control, establish protection of the “adult” channels, settings or changing the provider.
iptv, setting, panasonic, smart

To change the password, turn off parental control, and then turn on again: the player will ask you to enter a new password twice.