Is it possible to charge a laptop from Power Bank

Choose a Power Bank for a laptop

External batteries for the laptop differ significantly from the handlies used to recharge phones. First of all, to restore the capacity of the laptop batteries, more electricity is required, but when selecting a new device, attention should be paid to other distinctive qualities of this type of device.

What models of external batteries are suitable for a laptop. The best models and characteristics

To determine which option is suitable for such a task, you need to find out the laptop capacity. The average value of this parameter is 3000-6000 mAh. This allows you to operate the computer for 5 hours (with some error in a larger or smaller direction, which depends on the intensity of the load).

The principle of operation of the bank is the ability to perform the function of charging a laptop at moments when it is not possible to use a power supply unit. It is important that Power Bank exceeds the capacity of the computer battery. Then it will be possible to charge the battery several times.

Hiper RP15000

The device is equipped with a LI-Ion type battery. The capacity is 15,000 mAh, thanks to this it becomes possible to charge the laptop 2-3 times. It depends on the capacity of the computer battery. The device is made in a black case.

It is permissible to use it for charging other mobile gadgets: tablet, player, smartphone. For the connection, 2 USB-shaped, Micro-USB cable is provided.

The presence of several ports allows you to simultaneously charge different devices. Dimensions of the external battery: 18x9x3 cm.

Defender Lavita 20,000

The capacity is 20,000 mAh. With standard computer parameters, you can exercise up to 4 times without the need to connect the Power Bank device to the network source. The device is equipped with a Li-ion battery. The design provides 2 connectors (USB port). For convenience, there is an info display, a flashlight. Dimensions of the device: 17x8x2.2 cm. Voltage. 5 V, charge current in the first connector. 2.1 A, in the second. 1.5 A. The weight of such a turn of the bank is 490 g.

Cactus CS-PBPT18-18000A

The capacity of this model is 18000 mAh. It is universality, which allows you to exercise a computer, tablet, player and smartphone-any technique that connects via a USB connector.

Type of battery-Li-Ion, 2 USB connectors are installed in the housing. Voltage. 5 V, the charge current changes: 1 and 2.1 and depending on the port. This is a larger model, dimensions: 19.4×8.5×21.8 cm. Weight more than previously considered analogues. 830 g. This is due to the fact that the case is made of anodized aluminum.

Rombica Neo Pro180

The device is characterized by an attractive design, the case is made in silver color. Battery capacity. 18000 mAh. There are 2 USB ports in the case for simultaneous charging of various equipment.

The main advantage is high reliability, so the external battery withstands multiple charging cycles/discharge.

On the front panel, an indicator of the process of work is provided. This allows you to disconnect the computer in time. You can connect any mobile gadgets to such a device.

Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 2 20,000

The model is distinguished by a stylish design. Made in white color. Battery capacity. 20,000 mAh. The duration of charging such a device is 6.2 hours. The case has 2 USB ports, but the main advantage is small weight-330 g. Thanks to this, this model of technology can be taken with you on a trip, it will not weight your luggage.

The case is made of ABS plastic, which allows it to withstand the effects of mechanical loads. The design provides a LI-Ion type battery, relief body surface.

Inter-STEP PB240004U

This is a more functional model. It is equipped with a battery with a capacity of 24000 mAh, which helps to increase the number of charging/discharge cycles. The case is made in gray, there is also a screen on which information about the charging process is displayed. This will allow you to turn off the device in a timely manner.

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Working voltage. 5 V, maximum load. 3000 mAh. The case is made of metal, it provides 4 USB ports and 1 micro-USB connector. In addition, the kit includes 2 cables for connecting mobile devices.

Easyacc Monster 26 000

This model independently determines the charging current and sets the required parameters. This allows you to prevent a computer breakdown with an erroneous connection of the device with inappropriate characteristics. The capacity of the external battery. 26000 mAh.

The kit includes connectors that ensure the possibility of recharging different mobile gadgets: iPhone, iPod, iPad, Bluetooth, etc. 4 USB connectors are installed in the case. So, at the same time you can connect several devices. The maximum charging current is 4.8 A, the weight of this model is 454 g.

Solar energy option

If it is possible to install an external device under direct sun rays, it is recommended to use models of this group. They are charged without the need to connect to a power source.

    Palmexx Electrobank 23000. Such an external device has a more interesting design, the case is made of plastic. On the front panel is a solar battery. Battery capacity. 23000 mAh, it will take it up to 11 hours to charging it.

The housing has 1 USB connector and another 1. Miniusb, you can use adapters to connect various mobile devices. The laptop is connected directly to the USB port. The kit has an adapter for connecting the technique to the micro-USB connector.

  • KS-SOLAR Power Bank KS-303. This model is characterized by an average capacity of the built.In battery of 20,000 mAh. The housing has 2 USB connectors. Charging current: 1 and 2.1 a, working voltage. 5 V.
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The advantage of this model is the moisture.Proof case. To ensure the safety of USB ports are closed with rubber plugs, then you can operate the device in any conditions. An indicator is provided that allows you to control the charging process. The kit includes various cables.

Directly from the battery

The laptop can be charged directly from the battery if the rated voltage of the laptop battery is also 12 V. Otherwise you can not do without transforming electricity. You can make such devices yourself only if there is experience and relevant knowledge.

An inexpensive option for changing direct current voltage is the use of small boards of adjustable DC. DC converters, with which you can easily raise the battery voltage to the required values.

Another method of charging a laptop from a battery is the use of a voltage converter. That is, if you manage to independently assemble an inverter, at the output of which there will be a variable voltage of 220 V, then you can load a laptop using a conventional network adapter without any restrictions.

This is an extremely dubious method and it is not recommended to use it, since it will be very difficult to give the correct value of the current strength (a) and voltage (c).

How quickly charging is carried out

On average, the charging from the rolling lasts about 3 hours, but if the capacity of the laptop battery is too large, then it may pass for a lot of time before the battery charge is completely restored. When using modern laptopes, this indicator does not matter much, because during charging the battery can be used in normal mode.

In addition, the recovery of the battery charge can be thus can be carried out during movement or in the room not equipped with electric sockets. Charging the laptop through Power Bank will be successfully made only if the external battery itself has a fairly high level of accumulation of electric current.

To avoid the situation when at the right time the capacity of the plug is insufficient to connect consumers to it, you need to regularly connect it to a special adapter or purchase a device with a solar battery.

Small guide

Before we move directly to the list, it is important to clarify several details regarding the charging of laptops using PowerBank.

Can a laptop with PowerBank?

A portable external battery equipped with a USB-C Power Delivery (PD) port is able to charge a laptop. We waited for this moment for a long time, and it finally came, and all thanks to USB Type-C and the USB Power Delivery standard.

Manufacturers are already setting a port of this type in many laptops and smartphones based on Android. Iphone. So far the only flagship that has not switched to a new connector (it still uses Lightning).

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Now many laptops are delivered with USB-C charging devices, which provide faster charging a computer (mainly with a voltage of 60 watts and up to 100 watts).

However, most laptops can also be charged from external batteries with a voltage of 30 W. This, of course, is slow, but it works.

Ideally, for charging laptops, you need to use the USB-C-USB-C cable (USB-C connector must be installed at both ends).

For a full charge, you will need PowerBank with the same or higher output power as the charger of the laptop.

Can a jet with a capacity of 20,000 mAh charge a laptop?

Powerbank with a capacity of 20,000 mAh is able to charge a laptop once or several times. However, at the same time, it should have a USB-C connector, because standard USB-A cannot provide enough voltage for charging a laptop. That is why most laptops for laptops have a USB-C PD port.

You can read about the best external batteries for a laptop in our thematic selection.

How to choose a PowerBank for a laptop?

We will not go into details, and note only one important point: the tension is crucial for whether your laptop will be charged.

Ideally, you will need a powerful external battery with a USB-C with a 30 W output or higher output. This should be enough to power any ultrabook, since most of them are supplied with power adapters at 30, 45 and 60 watts.

How effective such charging is?

So, as we found out to charge a laptop from Power Bank. But no less relevant is the question of how effective such charging is. And does it harm the battery to the battery? Let’s just say that the voltage used in advanced portable batteries (19 volts) is exactly the same as when replenishing the laptop battery using a regular charge. This means that there will be no harm in this regard. The only thing that can fail is the charge speed. Not all portable batteries provide sufficient current strength. It is possible that with a current force of 2 amperes, the laptop will be charged much more slowly than when using the standard charging adapter. However, you need to sacrifice something. Everything is impossible to get at once. Nevertheless, the effect of charging by Powerbank is pretty good. You can charge the laptop at any time and anywhere.

Charging your laptop from a USB power bank. #0101

Whether the loading of the laptop from Power Bank is allowed

The laptop is a universal invention, which is often used outside the house. During trips, when staying in the office, in a cafe or business trip. The standard autonomy of most models does not exceed 3-4 hours and is determined by the type of load. If you doubt whether it is possible to recharge the laptop from Power Bank, the answer of the experts will sound. Yes, you can!

Charge your any laptop with Power Bank.Can We ?

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Modern technologies are constantly developing, so you will not surprise anyone with the presence of portable chargers for laptops that leve up the lack of centralized power supply nearby. For laptop users, this is an extremely useful invention with a lot of advantages.

Over, not every charging box will be able to solve the problem of charging the battery battery. To do this, it must have a number of characteristics and match the connectors of the laptop. We will deal with the intricacies of charging a laptop via Power Bank.

Choosing Power Bank for charging laptops

The correct choice of Power Bank directly affects the possibility of its use for charging laptops. When buying a mobile charging station, you should give preference to devices from trusted manufacturers who use high.Quality components and do not talk about sky.High high indicators of autonomy.

Cheap analogues from dubious suppliers are supplied with low.Quality power sources. And if their description mentions a volume of 20,000 mAh, in practice this may turn out to be a marketing trick, t.To. There is no similar volume. Therefore, the output current on Power Bank will be quite low and insufficient to recharge such a demanding technique as laptop. And with the connection of such an accessory, difficulties may arise.

The average laptop has a 10,000 milliampper battery, so in order for the use of Power Bank to be beneficial, you need to find a model with an identical capacity. In this case, you can charge the laptop up to 70-90% and continue to work.

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The specifics of charging from universal battery

In order for Power Bank to restore the Laptop charge restoration process, you need to correctly connect it to the external device. This is a special item that affects the success of the procedure. Before this, it is necessary to charge the battery up to 100%. If you recently purchased it in a store, conduct a full charging cycle. If the charge is below 100%, there is no special sense in using a pavery for a laptop.

On average, the process takes from 3 hours. The exact duration of the cycle depends on a number of factors, including on the volume of the battery in the laptop and the current strength with which energy will be transferred.

Mini-rating of external batteries suitable for recharging laptops

Finally, we will give several popular PowerBank models, with which you can renew the battery life of the portable PC:

  • Pitatel NPS-153-a fairly powerful universal device with a capacity of 41400 mA/hour, having a 5-volt port for charging phones and a 16/19-volt connector for laptops with a switch. Current strength provided during charging is 4.7 a. The model is equipped with a 70-watt power supply, which can also be used for charging a mobile computer. BP will be able to automatically choose a voltage rated, focusing on the connector used, it also implements a pattern of protection against short circuit and overload. It is possible to charge Power Bank through a car cigarette lighter connector. Finally, the delivery kit includes a rather large bag for carrying a device in which it is convenient to store a cable with adapters. With a weight of 1.35 kg. Such Power Bank will cost you 7000.
  • Xiaomi Mi PowerBank 3 Pro can be called a budget model, but at a cost of about 3000, the device has a capacity of 20 thousand mA/hour, which is enough for many laptop models. There are two ports for recharging smartphones with a value of a voltage of 5 V, and one Type-C USB port for 45 watts laptops. Among the features of the model, one can call the possibility of fast double.Sided charging. The QC0 function allows you to reduce the charge time of Power Bank to 270 minutes instead of 660. The device is equipped with protection against KZ, overloading during Power Bank overload and other emergency situations. With a weight of 440 grams. Powerbank 3 Pro has very modest dimensions (73.5 × 27.4×153.5 mm.).
  • Cactus CSPBPT18–18000al. With a capacity of 18000 mA/hour, this device is designed to charge laptops, providing the voltage at the output of the device in the range of 12/19 volts. The model of the model of the model includes a couple of adapter adapters to connect various mobile devices, the presence of a protection function provides the ability to turn off with sharp voltage jumps during the process of own charging. The charge current fluctuates in the range of 1.0-3.25 A, the external power source 830 grams weighs. At a cost of 5500.
  • Maxoak K2 Laptop PowerBank is the most expensive model in our ranking. You will have to give about 10,000 for 30,000 mA/hour and the possibility of recharging almost any laptops, with the exception of professional gaming, where your own battery has a larger capacity nominal. Here you will not have to worry about the presence of a cable with the desired connector: all the necessary varieties along with adapters are in your native kit, along with a case for carrying. Weighs model 1250 g.

So, a small resume: when choosing a laptop version of PowerBank, carefully study the technical characteristics of your computer, including battery capacity and required current/voltage parameters to recharge your native battery. Choosing a model with all possible set of adapters and cables is unlikely to be necessary: ​​they are inexpensive and are on sale. And finally. An important rule: the capacity of the external battery should be about one and a half times more than that of the internal.

What model Power Bank is operating you? Do not forget to indicate in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев the model of the laptop or bring its main characteristics.