Is it possible to charge iPad charging from iPhone

Is it possible to charge iPad charging from iPhone se

If your battery does not charge or charges slowly, or if you see a warning message, what to do.

If you are trying to charge without wires from the iPhone 8 or later version, make sure that you can charge using the USB adapter and the cable that comes with your device. If this works, then help you with wireless charging. For a third.Party accessory, make sure this apple is certified.

To charge your device, follow the following actions:

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Wall outlets

Connect the USB charger to the USB power supply, then connect the adapter to the wall.

A computer

Connect the charger cable to the port of USB 2.0 or 3.0 on the computer, and not in sleeping mode. Do not use USB ports on the keyboard.

Assessor of food

Connect the cable to the USB-concentrator with power, docking stations, or other Apple-Settlement Accessoire.

As the device is charged, you will see a zipper next to the battery icon in the status bar, or a large battery icon on the lock screen.

How to use iPad Pro as charging (handle) for iPhone: how quickly it charges?

Home iPad how to use iPad Pro as charging (blank) for iPhone: how quickly it charges?

In October 2018, Apple introduced the first version of the iPad Pro tablet, in which the USB Type-C connector is used instead of the Lightning Inte Wee. In addition, the novelty received a new design, support for Face ID has appeared.

But the one function of the tablet frankly surprised. Even fans of the company did not expect to see it. Now the new iPad Pro knows how to charge the iPhone when connecting to it. Of course, such a function interested inquisitive users. They decided to test this opportunity, evaluating using measurements. I must say that the results gave interesting food for thought.

Ipad Pro 11 took part in the tests with a 64 GB and iPhone X memory with a memory capacity of 256 GB. For the purity of the experiment, the researcher (user of the Reddit website) purchased a certified Lightning certified cable to the USB-C connector.

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To get really accurate and urgent results, the tablet was first charged in the experiment, and then the fully discharged iPhone was connected to it. Every quarter of an hour, the battery condition of both devices was measured.

After half an hour of work, the iPhone battery has already charged up to 34%, and in 135 minutes the smartphone charged almost completely. By 96%. At the same time, the iPad Pro retained 65% of the capacity of its battery. It turns out that the declared “chip” is not just a marketing trick. But a quite real working tool. The full charge of the iPhone will require only thirds of the battery of the tablet. Its capacity is 7812 mAh, which makes it possible to use the iPad Pro as a “plug”.

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And you can charge from this tablet not only smartphones from Apple, but also any other mobile devices and even accessories. This is a very successful function of the new iPad Pro, which allows it to temporarily replace backup power sources.

If your device has stopped charging by 80 percent

Your iPhone can get a little warmer, while it charges. To extend the service life of your battery, if the battery becomes too warm, the programs can limit charging above 80 percent. Your iPhone will charge again when the temperature drops. Try to move your iPhone and charger to a cooler place.

Whether IPhone or iPad will explode after recharging chargers from MacBook?

Not! Everything will be fine. Because apple has already been carried out appropriate testing. And not only with 30-watt, but also with more powerful charges for 61 W (MRW22ZM/A)

Why? In the iPhone, a power controller is installed specifically for such cases. He takes exactly as much voltage from the adapter as necessary (approximately 6 watts).

Note: electricity consumption depends on how much the battery is discharged. With 10%, the battery will take more energy than at 80%.

Iphone charging speed using 20, 30 and 61 watts will be approximately the same-from 0 to 100% the device will be charged in 90-120 minutes. While charging with less powerful adapters (5, 12 W) will be carried out considerable longer.

Recently, Apple has updated the list of IOS devices compatible with the technology of fast charging (through adapters by 20, 30 and 61 W):

All iPhone, starting with the iPhone 8 and all the iPad, starting with the iPad 7.

Well, if you do not have a USB-C charging for MacBook, but you want a quick charge (but cheaper), you can buy more affordable and convenient adapters for everyday use. For example, Apple also has a 20-watt USB-s adapter for 2,200, and a third-party manufacturer Baseus has a 30 W charger for 1,200 or more powerful for 65 watts for 2,400.

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A little about the batteries

Before answering the question of whether it is possible to charge the iPhone charging from the iPad, you need to learn a little more about the properties of the battery in these devices. Since the first phones, the material from which batteries for smartphones and tablets have been made has changed. Batteries have become easier and more practical.

The above devices of Apple uses lithium-ion polymer batteries. Due to the fact that lithium is one of the lightest metals, the battery is easy, but practical.

Their main difference from nickel batteries is the ability to charge the battery at any time. Also, the owners of gadgets may not worry that incomplete exercises can damage the battery and reduce its operating time.

For the correct operation of the iPhone or iPad, the developers recommend once a month to completely charge the battery, and then completely discharge it. This will help maintain electrons in motion.

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Fast charging = smart charging

No need to be afraid of progress.

It makes no difference what stand.In charging standard is used in your device, in any case, this process is carried out in several stages. When you connect your phone to a compatible power supply, the controller in the phone and in charging begin to exchange data. Specifically. The current battery charge capacity.

The current supply power will depend on how much your smartphone is discharged. For example, if the battery charge has not crossed the limit of 30-50% (it varies from different manufacturers), then the power supply will work on the whole coil. That is why at first your device is charged very quickly.

Charging iPhone using iPad Pro. How Fast is it?

Then the power begins to gradually decline. Когда заряд доходит до 70%, хвалёные 18 Вт превращаются в 5 Вт, чтобы не перегружать аккумулятор. If you turn off such protection, then the smartphone may explode. Yes, that’s why charging goes for so long.

Is it possible to use a smartphone or tablet during charging?

Nothing bad with your device will happen, the only thing is that the device will be charged for obvious reasons longer.

It is important to pay attention to the current consumed when choosing a charger or Power Bank. When choosing Power Bank, it is recommended to pay attention to output. In the indicated example of 2 ports. One for 2 amperes, one more for 1 ampere. If you need to charge the iPad, this device is well suited.

Macbook power supply

The Apple USB-C Power Adapter 29W adapter comes with new Apple laptops that are equipped with USB Type-C ports. If there is an adapter, they can also be charged with iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

For consumers 5V, he produces current strength 2.4a. This indicator is greater than that of the iPhone adapter and power supply from most iPad and is equal to the charging current from the large iPad Pro.

Apple does not prohibit the use of power supplies from some devices for charging others, although sometimes this leads to a slightly greater battery wear.

Armed with knowledge from this article, you can decipher the inscriptions on the power supply from any gadget, smartphone, tablet or laptop.

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