Is it possible to charge iPhone charging from android

Is it possible to charge a smartphone with non.Original charging?

Is it possible in both cases to charge a smartphone? Can. You can charge your phone in any way convenient for you and almost any charging, regardless of current strength. It does not matter that the smartphone is charged from 1 a, and you connect a charger to it with current force 2-3 a.

Is it possible to charge a smartphone with a handle with an output power of 3 amperes, provided that the native charging gives out 1 ampere ? Can. It is always normal that the current source is more powerful than the consumer. The smartphone will take the amount of current from the source (charging) how much its constitution can, within the limits released by the source.

To begin with, a little theory about the battery

Iphone/iPod/iPad installed lithium-ion polymer batteries.

Lithium-ion batteries provide a greater time of operation of the device with smaller weight, since lithium is the lightest metal. In addition, lithium-ion batteries can be charged at any time and not wait for complete discharge, as was the first mobile phones in which nickel batteries were installed.

With everyday use to maintain a lithium battery in good condition, it is necessary that the electrons in it are periodically in motion. To do this and to calibrate the battery indicator, it is necessary to carry out at least one recharge cycle per month (completely charge, and then discharge of the battery).

Iphone is not charged? Check the Lightning cable

I bought Chinese Lightning for 100 in a stall, but the iPhone refused to charge? Before buying, be sure to look at the packaging, if you take the proven certified products Belkin or Griffin, then everything is ok. But when there is no inscription “Made for iPod, iPhone, iPad” on the box, then you can fly with a cable.

The modern battery has a resource of about 1000 cycles, and this is about 3 years of work. So you will rather change your old phone to a new one, because he is just tired of you than you will really begin to suffer because of the killed battery. Unless, of course, you did not kill her with Chinese wires and rootless Power Bank.

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How charging Magsafe works

Magsafe mounts are built into the iPhone 12 case

The iPhone 12 has a special ring consisting of magnets, thanks to which both charging and external accessories like covers or overhead wallets can be attached to its body. In addition, thanks to the Magsafe and iPhone 12 magnetic mount, a pair that supports 15 W charging. But since Magsafe is a charger compatible with the Qi standard, it can charge any smartphones with support for wireless charging. True, the charge rate will be limited to 7.5 watts.

According to the logic of things, for charging any smartphone with support for the Qi standard, it should be placed on the Magsafe site so that the induction coil coincides with the power source and not touch them. But, as it turned out, some devices were able to accept the new charging gadget Apple to themselves. At the moment, at least four Android smartphones are known that support Magsafe: Google Pixel 5, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2, Galaxy S20 Fe and OnePlus 8t. Perhaps there are others, but checks with them were simply not carried out.

The use of a working original old charger will not harm the iPhone battery. However, the charge time of any iPhone model will be about three hours.

The use of fast charging will reduce the recovery time of the battery. To do this, use an original or certified Apple network adapter with a capacity of 20 W and cable.

Is Fast Charging Bad For Battery Life? Android, iPhone Fast Charging Explained

Otherwise, fast charging will not work, and the IPhone service life will be reduced. In addition, the use of fake network adapters can lead to fire.

Can iPhone be charged with iPad or MacBook

How to speed up iPhone charging. Tips for old and new models

Is it possible to charge the iPhone with non.Original charging and what to do if there is no original

Is it possible to charge gadgets not native charging

It all started with the fact that I was outside the house, I realized that I had to work at the computer, but I forgot the charge for my MacBook. At hand was full.Time charging from the iPad Pro and I used it. I understood that, most likely, it was safe, but then I decided to make sure if I risked the failure of the controller or even the battery of my laptop. To do this, I turned to our friends from the Apple Pro service center to find out what they would say about this.

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Does Fast Charging ACTUALLY Ruin Your Battery?

The answer of the experts was quite simple and understandable. They said that I could not spoil the battery. The only problem is the charge speed, which will occur much slower, because the standard feeder of my MacBook Pro 13 issues 61 watts. The adapter that is placed with the new iPad has a capacity of 20 W. There were 18 watts in previous generations, but it does not change much essence. Before that, there were even less powerful charges, but they were very weak, which means they are better not to consider. Although they will also work if you find the right cable.

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The battery of the phone/laptop/tablet is arranged so that it will take as much energy as she needs. That is, if you connect a less powerful power adapter, the device will take everything that was given to it. If more powerful, then only what will turn out to be safe “digested”.

Will the Apple charger charge the Android Smartphone

Apple chargers are different, but often do not fit Android smartphones due to low power

Well, in fact, there are no restrictions on the use of Apple chargers with Android smartphones. Neither Apple nor other manufacturers write about this. So there can be no reason for doubt here. Use them in pairs and do not be afraid. Nothing terrible is guaranteed to happen.

In principle, I understand where the theory about the incompatibility of Apple charger and smartphones running Android came from. The reason for this was the incompatibility of the adapters of the company from Cupertino with counterfeit cables, which were simply blocked when connecting to the device. This was done for security reasons so that a poor.Quality cable could not damage the device or power supply.

Another thing is that some advice on the joint use of Apple charger and smartphones running Android still there:

  • Do not use 5-watt power supplies (from old iPhone) for charging Android smartphones. They are not powerful enough and will charge your device for 4 hours, or even 5.
  • Do not use a 27-watt power adapter from MacBook, it supports only 2 power supply profiles that most likely do not rock your smartphone battery.
  • Choose chargers with support for the USB-PD (Power Delivery) standard-only they will allow you to charge your smartphone at maximum power.
  • It is best for quick charging Android smartphone from the Apple charger to use your own Apple cable from USB-C to USB-C.
possible, charge, iphone, charging

How to charge MacBook?

In fact, I have a special attitude towards Macbook’s charge. I prefer to use a predominantly original charger (out of the box) with a complete cable. Still, the iPhone battery, if you can, in principle, replace budget, and replacing the battery MacBook Pro will go out into a penny. But it is inconvenient with one charging, since it is always necessary to carry it with you (I do not have M1 MacBook Pro), so I took 65 watts charging BASEUS already checked by colleagues. Just to charge my macbook. You can take only a charging adapter, you can immediately with a cable, this is my option.

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This is not my main charging, but I helped out several times a lot

Firstly, such charging is more compact than the original, and easier, it can easily be carried with you in a backpack. Secondly, there are several ports, that is, if necessary, you can also charge iPhone or iPad. Well, there is always a spare charge at hand, I left the house many times and forgot my. As a result, at work I had to borrow from someone.

But my position on this occasion is unchanged: on an ongoing basis it is better to use original Apple power adapters for charging MacBook.

And how did you organize the charge of Apple devices at home or in the office? Tell us in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, it is better to immediately with links for charging if they ordered them somewhere. And in our telegram chat you can post photos of your Setap and discuss it with other readers.