Is it possible to charge the iPhone not original charging

“Well, that you are not native!”: Is there an alternative to original cables and is it possible to save on them?

There are two types of extremes: use only the original and buy the cheapest. This concerns hundreds of little things, from car spare parts to gadgets and their accessories. Charger cables. No exception. Everyone is familiar with such a picture as in the photo below? And the stories about “connected it with an incorrect wire and everything burned out”? Let’s try to figure out how safe it is to use non.Original cables and whether they can be better than complete.

What is the difference between Chinese and original Lightning

They are really dangerous. And we started comparison with this “terrible fairy tale” it is no coincidence.

Chinese cable can harm not only the device itself, but also lead to fire. As a result of the failure of the power controller, there is a risk of fire of your iPhone battery. The consequences can be very serious.

And if you decided to “save”, bought an inexpensive Chinese Lightning cable and picked up a stylish “noun”-raising from Uncle Liao-then do not be surprised that in a couple of months the iPhone will be discharged in a few hours.

Service, repair, replacement of components. Did not convince? Move on.

A piece. The stores most often sell exactly the same cables, only “branded”-already for 300-400.

At best, you will buy the original from your hands for 800, or take a new one from 1790. The difference is very large, but it is not taken from the air.

If you buy a fake, then only online, immediately 5-10. To surely.

Cord quality and isolation. Most often the cord is completely white, when in the original it is rather gray. The material is more “viscous”, there is no matte coating that facilitates unraveling. But the devil is different: the internal structure of the Chinese cable is often noticeably simpler than the original.

The “Chinese” often die on a fracture at the Lightning plug. This is the number one problem, sooner or later any cable with AliExpress dies from it sooner or later. The original in this regard is more resilient: it may look like it has passed through a nuclear war, but it works fine.

Iphone not charging above 80 Percent

I did not like that the Chinese cable is really tight, hard and not suppressed at all. Twist it hard, traces and dents appear in the places of sharp bends on isolation.

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Chinese cables have no guarantee. For me it was a real discovery to find out that the original Apple cables are applied by a full.Fledged warranty. That is, you can come to the store with a lace from a set to iPhone, hand it over and get a new one.

Apple officially replaces them if there are any problems, this is a trifle, but pleasant, if a marriage suddenly reveals in a year.

Buying unreliable cheap Lightning cables is a consequence of the important feature of the Russian market: the lion’s share of the iPhone is purchased on credit or with the last money. In this case, the purchase of expensive original cables and other accessories is not considered.

Naturally, the Chinese do not give any guarantees. If anything, you will solve problems personally with a stall, or write a complaint about the seller in AliExpress. The low price really reduces the risk: you can take five cables with ALI, three of them will work and one will live for more than six months. It seems like it turns out saving, but here you still play roulette.

Chinese cables work unreliable. Buy such a cable, connect to charging, but it does not work. Or iOS writes the message “This accessory is not supported”. And all, then only the return.

Weak microcircuits are placed in Chinese, which easily “die” from stress jumps. Therefore, after a week of use, many of them die for no apparent reason. In addition, Apple has a built.In system control system for accessories. MFI. Ios monitors what you connect [find out exactly how]. And if the accessory is not certified, then in the next update its identifier can be included in the “black list”. And then it can be thrown away.

Buying an original cable, you guarantee yourself predictably normal work with all devices, iOS versions and charger.

Chinese Lightning cables are destroyed. The cheapest Lightning cords have a funny feature. Their plug is assembled from several parts with visible joints. Just as an example above.

This is a direct signal that the cable will fall apart very quickly. And very often such models do not initially work. High percentage of marriage with this production process.

And what to do?

Use only high.Quality non.Original wires for iPhone! All self-respecting and their name manufacturers have long been aware of which chip inside the plug is responsible for initialization in the device. And learned even to fake it. And therefore, do not take Chinese “noname” wiring in the nearest kiosk. They are certainly cheap and affordable. But it will not be more expensive to then repair a mobile phone?

It’s better to spend a little and purchase an accessory, which is a little more expensive than Chinese, but still cheaper than the original. In this area there is where to turn around. Many manufacturers offer their services:

Is it possible to charge the iPhone with non.Original charging. Will not burn?!

Remember, about 10 years ago, on every second forum or blog, you could meet advice that for the iPhone you need to use only an original charger. Yes! Then it was more or less relevant information. But time goes and everything changes! Today, on the latest iPhone models, the company’s adapter from Apple is no longer included with the device. Recently, manufacturers have become less and less put in a box with a smartphone. And what to do? Buy the original or you can charge the iPhone with non.Original charging without risk to damage the phone?!

If you ask a similar question in the company store or service center, then with 100% confidence you will get the answer that you need to buy only an original adapter for several thousand. You will be scared by the stories that after the Chinese charger the smartphone caught fire, exploded and t.P. They are cunning! With branded adapters, such troubles also do not rarely happen! Only about it she will delightfully keep silent!

So is it possible to charge a smartphone with non.Original charging from another manufacturer? Yes, you can! This is indirectly confirmed by the manufacturer himself, when in the latest iPhone models he stopped putting an original power supply in the box!

The main thing is that you do not need to buy the cheapest power supplies, without packaging and normal technical passports from the manufacturer. As a rule, normal charging will not cost cheaper 500. You will not find anything normal for less money! Personally, I buy chargers from Xiaome, Ugreen, Floveme, Baseus for Aliexpress. These are good factory devices that have proven themselves well.

Are YOU charging your iPhone correctly?

Is it possible to charge a smartphone with non.Original charging?

Most often you can. The compatibility of the smartphone and charging does not depend on whether it has been produced by the same company as the smartphone itself. And if your phone supports wireless charging, then the manufacturer himself ordered him to charge from devices of other companies. Because the standard of wireless charging Qi is open and publicly accessible and charging devices using this technology can be released by anyone. Read our material about wireless charging to find out the details.

With wired charges, in fact, the same thing. Everything is regulated by standards. There is nothing wrong if you charge the iPhone cable Lightning from an uncertified manufacturer. Of course, you will see the inscription on the screen “This cable or accessory is not certified”, and the smartphone may refuse to charge, but this is usually treated with a shutdown and re.Connection of the cable. But such cables are ten times cheaper than the original, but at the same time they often suffer from the quality of performance (although much has already been said about the quality of isolation of the original Lightning cable).

If you want apple deductions from buying a cable, you can buy a cable from a certified manufacturer: they usually cost cheaper than the original, but more expensive than a Chinese know-nome. In this case, unpleasant inscriptions will definitely not appear. With charging from the iPad. The same. Yes, and Samsung smartphone can be charged with an adapter and cable from Huawei. Or NONONEMED USB cable from PC. Why. Read below.

Why is this happening

Lightning cables cheaper than 500 are almost always laid as thin as possible. Saving is not taken from the air. As a result, such cables do not support the current strength (A. Ampers) at the level of original or high.Quality Lightning cables.

Original cable, as in the photo above, supports current strength up to 2.1 a (ampere). The current strength, in turn, is one of the parameters that determines how quickly your iPhone is charged.

Fake and low.Quality cables support current strength about 1 a. Can less, can 1.5 A. The run is large. Here it is, the difference in quality. So, you take a Chinese cable, you get charging 2 times longer.

Or not? Why no one notices the problem where the complaints are? If everything were so simple, they would have known about it for a long time. Just there is another factor in the case.

True or not? It is only necessary to charge gadgets with “family” accessories ⁠ ⁠

In dark prehistoric times, each manufacturer of gadgets had its own standard charges with various characteristics, connector shape and their rolling. An attempt to charge the phone with a non.Original power supply could even lead to a spectacular battery explosion. Thanks to the efforts of the European Commission and large companies, Chaos managed to eliminate: most smartphone manufacturers switched to Micro-USB. Despite this, fears to charge devices are not “native” charging still exist among us. We will figure out whether they have a foundation.

Myth. It is only necessary to charge a smartphone or tablet with original charges.

possible, charge, iphone, original, charging

Mini-USB connector has changed Micro-USB, and now many smartphones are already equipped with a USB Type-C connector. The basic electrical characteristics of many charging devices remained the same: the voltage of five volts and the current force of the parseraus were and remain constant.

possible, charge, iphone, original, charging

Of course, 2.5 watts are clearly not enough for modern gadgets. Now you will not surprise anyone with chargers with large current strength and voltage designed for devices with high.Capacity batteries or for fast charging. Charger devices of the first type use increased current strength in order to quickly charge capacious batteries. It is to this class that the majority of modern chargers include, which provide a voltage of 5 V and the maximum current strength of 1–2.5 A. And although not all devices are designed for charging with a large current, from a powerful power supply, the gadget will take exactly as much energy as it needs. The process in modern smartphones and tablets is controlled by controllers that will not supply excessive power to the battery that can harm it.

With fast chargers, the situation is a little different. Modern standards like Quick Charge 3.0 or USB Power Delivery involves the use of voltage up to 20 V, which, in theory, can harm the smartphone not intended for this value. However, all the technologies that use non.Standard voltage require support from both the charger and the gadget. To verify compatibility, the device and the power supply are exchanged by information, and if a simple check is passed, fast charging begins. In the case of using a power supply and a smartphone of different technologies, charging will also begin, but the voltage will be nominal, and the current strength of the controller inside the smartphone will limit it independently.

In fact, with fast chargers, the situation is a little more complicated than we described above. For example, some of the technologies have mutual compatibility.

Charging for a tablet and charging for a smartphone

A popular variety of the question made in the title. Is it possible to charge a smartphone with a charger from a tablet? As we have already said, gadgets independently limit the current consumption, so you can connect the smartphone to the charging charging device and do not worry about anything.

But if you try to charge the tablet with a low.Power power supply for a smartphone, you, with a high degree of probability, will not work out. Most tablets have more capacious batteries, so their connection to the outlet should be carried out through a high.Power adapter. If not so, charging will be carried out too slowly or will not begin at all. Most tablets report this situation in various ways. For example, a pop.Up message or change in the battery in the notifications panel.

Wireless charging: Medium well roasting

The wireless charge algorithm is similar to such a quick: first, the charger and the gadget must install the connection (this time wireless) and coordinate the modes, and only then start the process itself. While you use high.Quality chargers, the maximum that may go wrong is not the standards of a smartphone and charger will coincide, and the “feeding” process will not begin.

Despite the apparent safety of wireless charging, cases of failure of the gadget are still known when it is incorrectly used. This applies primarily to Smart hours. Smartphones use standardized Qi or PMA charges, but the Smart hours of most companies are designed for proprietary protocols. There were reports of several cases of literal “frying” Samsung Gear S3 on the network. Over, problems arose not only when using a cheap analogue of the charger, but with the original block, but from the previous gadget model. In the first case, the cause of the device’s breakdown was the current strength of the current, and in the second-poor contact between the back of the clock and the charger due to different forms.

Friendly chargers: shine and poverty


The incorrect operation of the display sensor during charging is provoked by the appearance of static currents with low potential, which are regarded by the device as a working team. The influence on the scanner of reading a fingerprint can result in the termination of the scanning device, which threatens to replace the entire motherboard, equivalent to the acquisition of a new device. Loss of information and contacts. A sad event.

Enforced adapters and cables are able to disable a chip that controls not only the charging of the battery, but the functions of sleep and USB, the incorrect work of which gives rise to a lot of problems. This is a sudden shutdown of the smartphone, problematic turning on and violation of the charging indicator. The close location of the chip to the iPhone processor can capture when the neighboring path is closed. The original power supply, designed to recharge the battery of a mobile device, is able to extend the life of the fashion device and save the life of its owner.

For safety reasons, do not leave a mobile device for the night without supervision, if an uncertified adapter is used. Avoid overheating of the device in the hot sun in the summer and hypothermia. At minus temperatures. Sensory displays suffer from a sharp temperature difference. A more careful attitude to the device can significantly increase its service life. Economical battery energy consumption, protection of the case from mechanical damage and blows when falling, turning off unnecessary services in the zone of weak signal reception will allow the battery to serve as a battery longer.