Is it possible to connect a TV instead of a computer monitor

Connection of the TV to Windows computer as a monitor by the HDMI and VGA cable without Wi-Fi?

There are several situations when it is necessary to connect the TV to the computer via HDMI or VGA cable as a monitor to broadcast the image and sound without using Wi-Fi wireless network. Fortunately, modern Smart TV models fully support the possibility of transmitting pictures from a computer or laptop through a TV. The method of connecting TV by HDMI or VGA cable is the most common and suitable for any model. Samsung, LG, Philips, Sony, etc.D. Therefore, I am sure that this information will be useful to you.

Quite often there are situations when it is advisable to connect the TV to the computer to have a larger monitor instead of a small screen. For example, if you play the game, it is much more pleasant to watch everything on a big display. Or if you want to watch a movie from the Internet directly on TV, and your zombie does not support the Internet connection.

If everything is clear with the TV connectors or the column at once. This is done simply through the Bluetooth settings, then the situation is less obvious here. Although, by and large, there is nothing complicated in connecting the TV to the computer. Even a child can cope with this. The main thing is to know what input connectors TV have, which we want to use as a monitor.

How to connect a TV instead of a monitor

To use the TV as a monitor, select the optimal connection method and connect the devices according to the general scheme. Then the sound quality and image transmission is checked. Only then does watching films enjoy.

You can connect the TV to the computer in the following ways:

  • A wireless connection means creating a local network or a direct connection by Wi-Fi using special adapters or modules built into the TV.
  • Wired connection through the corresponding connectors. Available Inte Weads HDMI, VGA, DVI.

When choosing a connection method, remember that not all cables support the simultaneous transmission of audio and video. Therefore, it is better to choose modern connection methods such as HDMI 2.0 or higher.

Advice. You can choose tulips for connecting your devices, but they have low throughput and will not be able to transfer Full HD and stereo sounder.

Another modern connector that allows you to connect the TV to the computer while transmitting high.Quality audio and video. HDMI connectors are available in modern computers and laptops, but if you need to connect a remote monitor, the long cable will be very expensive and will connect to other types of cables more reasonable. You can also use an adapter for DVI-I. Nevertheless, you will not receive an adapter from HDMI to VGA-connection, because HDMI is a digital signal, and VGA is analogue. To do this, you need a special video converter that converts a digital signal into an analog. A feature of this connector is also the possibility of simultaneous transmission of audio and video signals.

There are also several new connectors introduced to connect the computer to the TV and the monitor. Such as UDI, DisplayPort and Thunderbolt.

Despite the variety of adapters, it is still better to use the same connectors on both devices to minimize the loss of quality of video. Most likely, at least one variety exit is suitable. If you need an adapter from one standard to another, do not rush to buy adapters.


Tvs and computers with DisplayPort connectors enter the market. This port is more powerful than HDMI, but not so popular yet.

possible, connect, instead, computer

Additional connection settings

Sometimes for setting up a TV as a monitor, additional settings are required. They are necessary if the computer does not find the TV automatically. To find it, you need:

  • Click the right mouse button on an empty place on the screen. In the menu that appears, select the properties. Parameters.
  • There, in the center where the monitors are painted, click the “Find” key.
  • After the search is completed, select the maximum screen screens.
  • Go to the “Monitor” tab and select the Options “Frequent Update”.
  • Then return to the settings and assign each display a number where 1 is the main display, and 2 is a secondary.
  • Click “Discover”. The number 2 will appear on the TV screen.
  • Save all changes.

Important: For the most flexible settings, take into account the characteristics of the video card. And only after that set permission and color palette. After making all the changes, reboot the computer.

VGA or DVI wire

VGA is a standard that is used for many years and allows you to connect monitors to laptops and computer video cards. If your TV has such a socket, you will not have problems with synchronization. You do not need to look for a special cable. Only the one that connects the monitor to the system unit. The absence of a VGA-intense in your TV will not be a problem-you can always find a converter that converts VGA into HDMI, RCA or Scart.

It is important to note that VGA, like DVI, has no audio. This means that to connect a TV to a computer, instead of a monitor, you will need a separate channel to transmit an audio signal. If your computer has your own speakers, and you are satisfied with their performance, you can leave the audio output unchanged. If the sound is not required, this type of connection is suitable for displaying images and video files.

The image size in this case will be 1600 × 1200 pixels. What connection is suitable even for those who play on a computer using headphones. VGA-Inteateis can be found even in netbooks with a diagonal of 10 inches. Since watching films on the screen of such a device is inconvenient, the use of VGA-Inteats will improve the situation by transferring the image to a larger screen. If your netbook has a sufficiently powerful audio output, you will not have to wonder how to transfer the sound to the TV.

possible, connect, instead, computer

A more perfect compound, which works with both analog and digital monitors. He has his own subgroups:

Very often you can find DVI-A or DVI-I cable connected to VGA using an adapter.

Connection by steps

Using DVI-DVI or VGA-VGA cables, you can convert your TV into a computer monitor. To do this, follow the connection scheme below:

  • Insert the cables into the corresponding connectors of the TV and computer.
  • Insert the plug into the audit of the TV. This is indicated by the audio integse.
  • Turn on the computer and TV. Go to the TV settings and select the signal source. VGA, DVI, depending on the selected method. You can quickly go through the input button.

TV vs Monitor. Can I Use Tv as Monitor?

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantage of connecting the monitor to the TV (without a computer) is a more affordable cost, the absence of the need to buy a new TV. This option allows you to perfectly save when transforming the old TV monitor, which can be converted into telly. Another advantage is also considered high resolution in a computer display, as well as the possibility of supporting more formats.

  • A smaller review of the LCD display, viewing is possible only at a short distance. High.Quality picture is available when placed immediately in front of the screen. An ordinary TV can be watched from afar. The number of spectators is not limited.
  • The small size of computer displays-the dimensions of the old models vary within 15-19 inches, they are designed for installation in small rooms;
  • Poor image quality, especially in old models with a matrix that has lost some properties;
  • Lack of speakers, the need for additional installation of the columns.
possible, connect, instead, computer

Alteration of a computer display requires in some cases professional knowledge. In their absence, you will have to call a specialist from the service center. The procedure takes a lot of time and requires additional costs. It should also be borne in mind that there are methods to connect a monitor to a TV that does not require effort and investment.

How to duplicate the PC screen for Wi-Fi TV

When dealing with wired methods, it is important to note that there are several wireless methods, and not all of them require the presence of a router and a home network. Just read further to decide which method you choose to duplicate the computer screen on the TV via Wi-Fi.

  • DLNA involves connecting devices to one wireless home network. This means that data transfer is not limited to your computer and TV. The delivery set may also include a tablet, smartphone or game console. The most important thing is that Wi-Fi includes the device. The official Samsung Allshare works with this technology, as well as LG SmartShare. By default, the program begins to search for content for broadcasting in the root catalog “My Documents”
  • Wi-Fi Direct allows you to disable the router from the connection. In other words, Wi-Fi Direct means a direct wireless connection between one device and another. This type of connection does not require Internet access and can be somewhat similar to Bluetooth. However, the quality of the connection with Wi-Fi Direct is much better.
  • Widi was created on Intel. Initially, his purpose was to allow TVs to synchronize with tablets, smartphones and personal computers. He can transmit high.Quality sound without losing volume. This is the one you need to choose if you want a home theater.

In addition to the above, other wireless protocols can be used:

  • Home Media Server software can be installed free of charge. It is used by many people who loved him for ease of use. The software itself converts the transmitted signal into the required format.
  • Miracast works with Wi-Fi Direct without requiring the Internet connection. If you have not yet figured out how to synchronize the computer and TV in the opposite direction, broadcasting the screen on the monitor, Miracast can help.
  • In terms of convenience and functionality, Wild Media Server is not inferior to the two previous programs, but differs from them by the availability of payment for installation.

Of the many available options, you can choose how to connect a computer to the TV, first evaluating your resources and skills.

Samsung TV setup

Connecting Samsung TV to a computer using wireless data transmission requires special software, one of which is Samsung Allshare PC. Follow these actions:

  • After turning on the TV, press the button on the remote control to open the main menu and select the “Network” bookmark. In the sections list, select “Network Settings”, where you need to search for existing wireless connections by pressing the “Start” button. After choosing a network name, enter the password in the corresponding field if it is safe.
  • The computer must be connected to the same network using network connections.
  • Open the browser on your computer and go to the official website of the manufacturer, where, indicating the device model, you will find the AllShare PC download.
  • Now you need to create a folder on the computer in which all files available for broadcast will be stored. The address to it must be entered in the “List of devices” menu.
  • Open AllShare Play on your TV. The menu on the left will list the types of files available for streaming. Select the one you need (music, photo or video), and then the program will show you files in this format for playback.

SONY TV setting up

Sony TVs are connected by wirelessly to other devices using Wi-Fi Direct. Before transferring the image from a computer to a TV, you need

  • In the conductor on the computer, go to the Network tab. As soon as you see that the overall access to the files is disabled, right.Click on Discovery. This will allow other network members to gain access to your media files. Next, click on the line “Create a personal network”.
  • Be sure to indicate that you create a home network so that your devices can trust each other.
  • Activate Wi-Fi Direct on TV: In the “Network” section, install the flags “Built-in Wi-Fi” and “Wi-Fi Direct”.
  • In “Direct Wi-Fi settings” you will find the name of your computer among available devices.
  • Confirm the connection with him.

The advantage of such a connection is that you can work even without the Internet. You just connect two devices and transmit data between them.

Setting up TV LG

These branded TVs have their own software, which helps in output from a computer to a TV. For LG TVs, the settings algorithm are as follows:

  • Before synchronization, your computer should be installed on LG Smart Share software. You can find it on the official website of the developer.
  • After installation, the program will ask you what type of media files you want it to look for it. It can be a photo, video or audio. Just click on one of the categories, and the program will find all the files in the corresponding formats.
  • For convenience, you can create several folders to sort files allowed for streaming.
  • Now you need to start Smart Share in the TV menu.
  • On the “Connected Devices” tab (connected devices), you can choose the name of your home network.
  • After connecting, you can open “all folders” to select the right file.

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Setting up does not take much time and does not require special knowledge and subtleties in the field of information technology. Having tried this solution, you will find that watching films from a computer on the TV is easy and convenient. An important advantage is the lack of the need to buy missing cables and adapters.

Wending TV connection to a computer

You can connect the PC and TV using cables with the same connectors or adapters.

  • Display Port. A signaling standard for digital screens (supports 8K).
  • HDMI. High.Clay multimedia intenses (supports 8K).
  • DVI is an outdated integration for transmitting video images to the LCD Monitors, projectors (maximum resolution of 1920 × 1200 pixels)
  • VGA is an obsolete screens connecting on electro-ray tubes (MAKS resolution 1280 × 1024 pixels).

In addition, you can use adapters (the first connector is connected to the video card, the second to the TV):

If you connect the display for PC and TV simultaneously, connect only one video card. Do not connect the devices on to power so that this does not lead to the burnout of the ports.

In Windows settings to select the mode:


Now we got to the question. How to connect a TV to a computer. I will show with an example of hdmi connection. But you use any of the adapters or cables that I noted above. It is best to use direct Connect without an adapter: VGA. VGA, DVI. DVI, HDMI. HDMI (without intermediaries).

  • You need to connect the cable to the desired entrance. Also see that there is a signature “in”, which means “entrance”, and not “output”, that is, we will send a signal from the computer to the screen, and it will receive it.
  • Find the “Win” and “P” keyboard on the keyboard and click on them at the same time. Now choose the type of data transmission. If you use the TV as a second computer monitor, then it is best to use “duplication” or “projector”.

TV instead of a computer for a computer. Which is better

To choose the right TV for PC, you must first decide on your goals and budget. A better device with high resolution and a good picture will cost more in price. If the goal is to select the highest quality TV for PC, then you should pay attention to the following characteristics:

possible, connect, instead, computer
  • Resolution (the higher it is, the detailed the picture will be);
  • Response time (important parameter for computer games);
  • Diagonal (for presentations and films, it is advisable to choose TV with a diagonal above 42 inches);
  • The presence of smartwas (if the TV is used exclusively with a computer, then there is no need for this function);
  • Available ports for connection (usually the device is connected to PC via HDMI output);
  • The presence of special modes for working with PC (allows you to improve the response or adapt the picture for long.Term viewing).

The best is the best suits that are compatible with game consoles. In this case, you can expect a high level of smoothness, the absence of artifacts both during work and in games. To view films and TV shows, any TV that HDMI or VGA has an output for a trouble.Free TV to PC is suitable.

To get acquainted with the most common questions that arise during selection, it is recommended to study the following table:

When the game mode is turned on, the response time of the matrix decreases. This is important when playing online shooters or any other game that requires the fastest reaction. As a rule, when the game mode is turned on, all member and improves are disconnected.

Almost any modern video card (including budget) will be able to issue 4K resolution in everyday tasks (using a browser, office programs, viewing photos and films).

Many manufacturers are already offering monitors that do not differ in size from TV, but their price remains at a fairly high level, therefore, with a limited budget and purpose, to get the largest screen, you should choose TV.

To install a reliable connection with high quality of the picture, it is necessary to use the HDMI cable.

To use the TV as a monitor, it is not required to carry out complex settings. After selecting and buying a device, you must connect to a computer via a cable or a wireless network.

How to Use Your TV as a Computer Monitor. Updated 2020

The choice of TV should be paid to special attention if it is used to solve a narrow kind of problems. For constant broadcast of a static photo, AMOLED matrices should be avoided, since they may remain a residual image with a long display of a static picture.

Possible difficulties

Before synchronization of the devices, it is better to turn them off, and after connecting the cable after connecting them. Computer will automatically find a TV. If not, you can do this through the “Find” button. Next, install the display scan: the “Monitor” item, where they select “Frequent screen update”. If TV still does not broadcast the picture with PC, they are tuned further.

Windows 7 users need to press the right mouse button in an empty area and select the “screen resolution”. Monitors will be indicated there (they will be numbered). Chick choose the right one, the one that will work as the main one confirm and save. If necessary, for both displays to work, in the section “Several Screens” click on “duplication”.

To achieve a quality picture, in the properties of a video card you may need to change the resolution or adjust the colors.

It is not difficult to configure the TV as a computer monitor. A large screen will allow you to watch films comfortably, and if the characteristics of TV allow, then play the games. Plus and at the same time minus. A large screen. Yes, it contains more information, but you will have to increase the distance to the screen, and this is not always convenient. As a temporary measure, the TV is suitable instead of the monitor, but it is not recommended to practice this on an ongoing basis. Vision is more expensive.