Is it possible to connect a Wi-Fi adapter to the TV

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Buyers of television equipment today are increasingly interested in the presence of Smart TV. But what to do if your device is not the latest model and there is no built.In Internet there? Of course, think about acquiring an adapter Wi-Fi. But first you need to choose it.

If the TV marking contains Wi-Fi Ready words, then this model of the receiver provides wireless access to the network, but does not have its own Wi-Fi module. To connect such a TV to a world network without a cable, a Wi-Fi adapter will be required.

Considering the options for the device, it should be remembered that not every adapter is suitable for a specific TV brand.

When choosing such a device, it is necessary to take into account several of its parameters and technical characteristics. According to these data, they determine whether an adapter with a particular TV brand can work.

Criterias of choice

To establish whether this or that adapter is suitable for your TV, you should pay attention to:

  • TV connectors;
  • Adapter compatibility with your TV;
  • Supported data transfer standard;
  • Operating frequency;
  • Transmitter power;
  • Adapter range and other parameters.

Port on the TV

Televings uses three types of connection:

  • PCMCIA is an integration that belongs to the category of obsolete, but on some TVs is found;
  • USB is the most common port of the port that has almost all TVs;
  • HDMI. A port that allows you to transmit high.Quality media.Dimensions, t. E. The user receives the most clear image on the TV screen.

When buying an adapter, you need to make sure that the TV has a port under the device connector.

The highest quality video content is provided by HDMI TV port

Adapter compatibility with your TV

You can check the compatibility of the purchased device with your TV according to the technical characteristics of the adapter in the user’s instructions.

The manufacturer, as a rule, reports that this model can be used on TVs of a certain brand, for example, Samsung Ready. Sometimes a series of released TVs compatible with this adapter, for example, LG Series 5, are indicated.

In addition, you can always clarify compatibility with a sales consultant or specialists of online stores implementing electronics.

  • Specialized. Designed for use on televisions of only a certain brand,
  • Universal. Can work on TV receivers of different manufacturers.

The universal device, as a rule, is much cheaper than “branded”, but if you reinstall on TV, then a universal adapter, which previously worked properly, can lose compatibility with the TV.

Signal transmission standard

Another important parameter that must be taken into account when choosing an adapter is the signal transmission standard. There are several Wi-Fi standards that determine the signal transmission speed.

The standard of the acquired adapter must coincide with this parameter of the Wi-Fi router, which ensures the distribution of the signal in the room.

possible, connect, wi-fi, adapter

So, for example, if the standard of the standard 802 is used.11n with a bandwidth of 150 Mbit/s, and a standard 802 adapter is installed on the TV.11G at a maximum speed of 54 Mbit/s, the real signal speed will be 24 Mbps, t. E. 2 times less than could be with the right choice of an adapter (see.Table).

Table: The speed of the transmitted signal depending on the Wi-Fi standard

Standard Maximum theoretical speed, Mbit/ The real speed of the signal, Mbit/s
802.11a 54 2
802.11b eleven 3
802.11G 54 24
802.11n 150 fifty
802.11n 300 150

Work frequency

Most Wi-Fi devices have a working frequency of 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz. If your router operates at a frequency of 5 GHz, then the adapter for the TV should be selected with the same parameter.

The power of the transmitter

To obtain a stable and high.Quality signal from the router, it is necessary that the power of the adapter transmitter is 17–20 dBM. This is the capacity of the transmitter in most routers.

So that Wi-Fi does not cause complaints, it is recommended to avoid the so-called asymmetry. What does this mean? If the router has a 20 dBM transmitter, and the adapter, say, has 10 dBM, then there are places with a poor signal in the coating area. This is due to the fact that not only the adapter should “hear” the router’s signal, but also vice versa.

If the power of the transmitters of the devices does not match, asymmetric communication is formed and the signal may disappear.

Range of work

The radius of action or range of the adapter is measured in meters. In the technical characteristics, this parameter can be indicated for the room and for the open space. The range is chosen depending on the operating conditions of the device, focusing on the alleged mutual location of the router and TV. You should know that even in the W-Fi coating area, as they move away from the router, the signal will deteriorate. The quality of the signal is also affected by various interference. Walls, partitions and other obstacles.

possible, connect, wi-fi, adapter

The quality of the signal is affected by various interference in the Wi-Fi coating area-walls, partitions and other obstacles

possible, connect, wi-fi, adapter


Such a parameter as the encryption method determines:

Wi-fi-adapter: what is it and why does the TV need it

As we have already noted, the Wi-Fi adapter is a small device, thanks to which you can connect your TV to the wireless network of your router, like a regular computer or phone. It can be built.In or removable. We consider the removable devices in this article.

Outwardly, the device resembles an ordinary flash drive, which connects to a specific connector behind or on the side of the TV (USB, HDMI and other intenses).

The USB cable can go with the adapter

The most important settings

Когда Wi-Fi USB адаптер для телевизора подключен к компьютеру, и установлено нужное ПО, техника должна заработать. But further configuration is also necessary:

  • The password is indicated for access to the settings of the device.
  • A checkmark (in a special window) is put to connect to the network by automatic principle. Condition. The network should be within sight.
  • The user determines how he will encrypt data.

After these actions, a highly disinterior wireless data channel is ready.

How to choose a Wi-Fi adapter for TV?

The most banal error when buying a device is that people spend hours and weeks to choose from, selecting by the speed of the connection, power and size, but forget about the compatibility of the devices. And then come home, connect the adapter to TV, and nothing. Anyone would be upset in such a situation. But it could be avoided if people started the selection correctly-with the compatibility of the TV and the Wi-Fi adapter.

When purchasing a device, carefully read the technical characteristics, even if you saw the word “universal” in the description. Unfortunately, most of the manufacturers are far from holy people and mislead their buyers, promising a multifunctional device at the price of a ticket to the Moscow-St. Petersburg train compartment. Therefore, be sure to pay special attention to the “Compatibility” item. If you have not found this parameter on the box, then study the technical passport.

The easiest way to avoid unnecessary expenses is to purchase an adapter of the same manufacturer as the TV in your home. This will be able to protect you from a useless waste of money.

Communication standards

The next parameter that needs to be kept in mind is the wireless standard and the working frequency. This characteristic looks like a set of numbers and Latin letters. For the uninitiated, the decoding of these data may seem to be an overwhelming task. In fact, everything brilliant is simple. The data transfer standard is responsible for the maximum wireless speed and signal range radius.

For proper decryption of indicators, use the table presented below. She will help you not get confused in numbers.

Как полключить телевизор к интернету. Wifi адаптер для ТВ

Wireless connection standard (802.Eleven) Frequency, GHz Throughput, Mbit/s
B 2.4 eleven
A 5 54
G 2.4 54
N 2.4 300
N Dual Band 2.4-5 300
AC 5 1300

Keep in mind that real indicators in any case will differ from the above. After all, many factors (wall thickness, electromagnetic waves from other devices, etc. Will be affected by the device.D.).

Interesting fact. The optimal distance from the router to the adapter is 5-10 meters. At such a distance, even with 1-2 walls (with a thickness of not more than 20 cm), the signal will reach quite stable.


As we have already said, the frequency of devices will also be able to affect the work of the adapter. It is important that the signal transmitter and receiver work with one frequency. Otherwise, the connection cannot be set.

Remember! Most by a router work with a frequency of 2.4 GHz. But they can also support a parameter in 5 GHz. Therefore, if you have installed an increased threshold for greater protection of the channel, then your adapter should work at this frequency. And nothing else!


The power of the router is another parameter that is responsible for the stability of the signal transmission operation. The optimal value of this characteristic varies from 17 to 20 dBm. Do you need a more powerful device? Maybe. It depends on many factors. For example, from the meter of the room and the location of the accessories.


Here, by the way, it is worth saying about another parameter that you need to pay attention to when choosing a Wi-Fi adapter for TV. Namely for the radius of the signal. This characteristic is calculated in meters and directly affects the quality of the signal. The larger the number of this parameter, the further a TV with an adapter from a router can be located.

Type of encryption (protection)

Another important point is the type of encryption. To minimize the likelihood of a hacker attack on the network, use an adapter with WPA/WPA2 encryption support. Fortunately, modern manufacturers produce just such devices, and the WEP protocol gradually goes into oblivion. But in any case, it is better to show vigilance.

Connection and configuration

Connecting the adapter Wi-Fi to the TV and setting up its operation, as a rule, do not cause difficulties thanks to the accessible Philips televis. To use the adapter to connect with a wireless network, you need:

  • Insert the adapter in a USB connector located most often on the side panel of the TV. In some cases, a USB wire may be required;
  • Wait for the installation and settings of the network parameters for the device to start;
  • Perform points of step.By.Step instructions that will appear on the screen;
  • Use the WPS standard, if it is provided in a router transmitting a signal;
  • Use WPA password for installation if WPS is not provided.

In addition to a wireless Internet connection, a Wi-Fi converter provides:

  • TV control through the phone, tablet or computer keyboard;
  • View media and recording of etheric television programs;
  • Access to a large number of applications.

Connecting Wi-Fi adapter opens access to a large number of applications

Is it possible to connect an old TV?

Want to know if you can connect an old TV TV through a Wi-Fi router? In fact, the only way to modernize the technique and gain access to the World Wide Web on the screen is to buy a special Smart setup. Just keep in mind that just any receiver will not work here. So first you need to find out which prefix to choose for an old TV. And then go to the store for her.

Finally, we will consider possible difficulties-to fix the problems with the Wi-Fi network as follows:

  • Enter the “Network” point;
  • Go to the “condition” block;
  • Select “Setting IP. Write manually”;
  • Indicate the IP address, as well as DNS and the subnet mask-this must be done manually.

You can find the necessary data for the Internet Wi-Fi here:

  • Open the “Start” menu, then. “Parameters”;
  • Select “Network and the Internet”, then. “Control Center”;
  • Click on your connection and click “Information”.

We told how to connect a TV to the Internet through Wi-Fi Roter Rostelecom or equipment of any other brand. Choose the right instruction and act!

Обзор wi-fi передатчика AnyCast

Problems and ways to solve them

Often there are difficulties when trying to get online from a television device. We list the most common problems and ways to solve them:

  • It is not possible to identify the router. You need to restart both devices. If it does not help, roll back to factory settings. The prefix for connecting the Internet to the Internet via Wi-Fi should have the latest version of the software.
  • The wrong network was chosen. Indicate another in the settings.
  • Physical equipment malfunction. Inspect gadgets, look for external damage. If they are, you need repairs in the service center.
  • Inability to connect. Check the correctness of the specified password.

“By air” you can transfer not only Internet content. For IPTV users, we will tell you how to connect digital television to the TV via Wi-Fi. This is convenient: you do not need to pull the wires from the TV set to the screen, especially if both devices are in different rooms.

The transmitting device must support the IgMP protocol. It is used to transmit video data. This functionality must be activated in the router settings using the accounting data specified on the router sticker.

If the prefix does not have Wi-Fi support, you will have to purchase equipment called “Bridge”. These are two devices. Transmitting (connected to the router) and receiving (to the TV). To connect, use Ethernet cable.

How to connect a TV set to the Internet via cable

  • After connecting the Internet cable, open the prefix menu and find the section responsible for network settings. For example, this may be the section “Inte Weight Parameters”, subsection “Settings”, then “Device” and “Network”. In it, find the option of the wired connection (by cable, Ethernet).
  • Take the steps offered by the service. In many of them, the connection will occur automatically, but sometimes it is necessary to enter the provider’s data. In the latter case, you will have to look into the contract with the provider or contact him by phone.

Here, as in the case of a TV setting, options are possible. Your TV may have a Wi-Fi module or not have it. In the second case, you can buy a TV setup with a built-in Wi-Fi module or a device called a Wi-fi adapter, the choice of which we wrote above. Consider these options.

How to connect a TV with a Wi-Fi module built-in

If you have your own Wi-Fi module on the TV, you only need to connect it to a home wireless network that your router gives out. To do this, take the steps described below.Connection algorithm:

  • On the TV menu, go to the section that is responsible for setting up network parameters. Let us give an example: section “Settings”, tab “Network”, parameters of the network. Another example: tab “Wired and wireless networks”, Wi-Fi item.
  • By going to the wireless networks section, wait for the list of the list of all those networks that are available for connection. Your home network will appear in them, provided that your router is configured and distributes the Internet. Select your network and enter the password to it. If you forgot it, read the section above “How to connect the TV prefix through the built-in Wi-Fi”. Save the changes.

How to connect a TV via Wi-fi adapter

  • Insert a Wi-fi adapter into a suitable port port.
  • Using the TV remote control, go to the menu and find in it the section responsible for the network settings. It can be “settings” and “network”, “network” and “open network settings” or something similar.
  • Select in the list of types of networks the option of a wireless network (“Wireless”, Wi-Fi) and in the built list of available networks, select your Wi-Fi home network (the one that distributes your router). Enter the password from it and click the “Ready” or “OK” button. After that, a message should appear that the TV is connected to the Internet.

How to connect a TV to the Internet via TV settings

If your TV does not have a built-in Wi-Fi, then it may be more practical to buy a TV-stand with Wifai for him, not a Wi-fi adapter. This is mainly due to the fact that many SMART settings provide wide functionality, which the adapter cannot do. In addition, at prices, many adapters are comparable to smart consoles.To provide a TV by the Internet through a TV set, you need to follow its settings instructions. Usually, after the first entry in the prefix menu, a setup master is launched, in the course of work with which you need to choose the proposed operating modes. On one of the steps of the master, the Internet is set up on the same principle that are described in other algorithms of this article. That is, you need to find a network of your router in the list of networks and connect to it using a password. But the network can always be adjusted separately, going to the section on network settings.

possible, connect, wi-fi, adapter

How to connect a cable Internet TV

  • After connecting the cable to the network nest, go to the TV menu and find the network of network settings there. Select the “wire connection” or similar and activate the connection.
  • If necessary, set the requested provider settings.