Is it possible to connect the headphones to the Samsung TV

How to connect headphones to a TV

Good day, dear readers. Surely you know that modern TVs are not just a technique that reproduces digital television signals. These are powerful and modern devices that have the ability to enter the Internet, and also have cool additional functions that allow you to connect other types of equipment to it, including smartphones and game consoles. However, not all modern televisions have convenient headphones intenses. That is why, in today’s article, we want to tell you everything regarding the headphones for TVs, as well as how to connect them.

Whatever the true reason why you want to use headphones for the TV, and, in fact, it all comes down to 2 main points, which we will tell you about now.

  • Headphones are connected in order to provide you with maximum comfort and immersion in what is happening on the screen. Almost always this happens during the games so that the player can fully concentrate on the game, and so that extraneous sounds do not distract him.
  • The second main reason is that in the headphones you will not interfere with your households, especially if you have small children. And your parents are unlikely to be happy when they hear the nervous cries of your Timmate, who will blame everyone around, but not himself. Over, not always censored.

No matter how it is, and headphones are a wonderful thing that allows you to divide the comfort zones. But in the case of headphones, some problems arise. Not all TVs have standard headphones for headphones. Yes, and there is little pleasure, sit even in front of a 32 inch TV at a distance of 1.5 meters, namely, most headphones have such wires.

Conclusions can be drawn from all this. You need to take either special headphones or wireless. But connecting them is still the task. That is why we make an article for you, in which we will tell you in detail about all the nuances of the connection.

Possible problems

Problems with connecting wireless accessories to the device are in the accessories themselves, more precisely in their manufacturer. The optimal synchronization process is possible between Samsung devices. The rest may require drivers or special parameters.

The same situation with the transmitter. We recommend, if possible, to purchase everything from one manufacturer so that the settings sewn in their integration do not conflict among themselves.

How to connect columns to a TV? How to connect headphones to a TV?

This can be done by any of the above methods. To find out how to connect the speakers to your TV with Smart TV, you should take into account the type of system and outputs available on each individual Samsung or LG model.

Keep in mind that Smart TV is equipped with a Wi-Fi module, which allows you to use another method of wireless connection (of course, if the AC itself supports this option). The procedure is similar to the synchronization algorithm for Bluetooth, but in the settings you will need to enter Wi-Fi, and then find the required name and confirm the connection.

As you can see, you can connect any type of columns to modern TVs. The way out can be found even when the ports and modules do not match.

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How to connect columns to a TV? The article shows a step.By.Step guide whether it is possible to connect the speakers to the TV. Hyde and tips for connecting speakers to LG, Samsung and other brands. FAQ from EARPHones-Review. Help and advice! Characteristics ratings reviews advice

How to connect wireless headphones to Samsung and LG TVs

Sony and Philips TVs running Android TV easily connected to the wireless headset of any company. Samsung and LG TV models are a little different.

Most TVs support exclusively original devices (cameras, keyboards, remote controls and others). The same problem with headphones.

It is possible to connect the original Bluetooth-stereo of the headset without difficulties for LG and Samsung TVs. But with simple headphones, sometimes problems arise. It all depends on the model of the TV, series, versions of the firmware and year of manufacture.

In order not to waste time, we recommend checking whether the TV is equipped with a built.In Bluetooth (if you have a Smart TV, then, most likely, there is). In some models, it must be connected by a separate original adapter.

If the TV does not recognize the headphones, then you can use a special Bluetooth transmitter (there is also a way to connect via RCA (tulip), or optical audio output), and headphones are already connected to it.

  • Open the TV settings, go to the “Sound” section. “Settings of the loudspeaker”.
  • Turn on the headset and place it near the TV.
  • Run them into connection mode. Blue indicator should blink.
  • Next, select “List of Bluetooth headphones”.
  • Select the desired device and the setting is completed.

The sound from the Samsung TV will be broadcast on the headphones on Bluetooth. In the case of their disconnect, the sound will proceed using the speakers of the TV.

Wireless connection

If there is no headphone jack, then the only option to connect them to the TV is a wireless Bluetooth module. TV must have support for this technology, as stated in the instructions for the device. Otherwise, you will have to select a headset with a transmitting module that connects to the TV via a USB port. He looks like an ordinary flash drive.

Important! LG TVs can only work with their own production set. Some models from Samsung are also picky for the headphone manufacturer. Technique from Philips and Sony under the control of the “Android” platform accepts any third.Party headset.


Almost all of the company’s TV technology operates on the company’s company platform. If you draw parallels with devices of other brands, then the process of connecting headphones to the LG TV is noticeably more difficult. First of all, it is necessary to update the software if this was not done earlier.

The process of connecting wireless headphones:

  • Turn on the headset.
  • Open the menu and go to the “Sound” section.
  • In the “Audio Exhibition” tab, put a checkmark on the line “Sound synchronization LG (wireless)”.
  • After leaving the menu, we wait for the end of the synchronization procedure.
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Some brand TVs are fertilized even to the headset of their own production. The built-in Bluetooth module on board is designed to work with remote controls of the Magic Remote format and other external equipment of the company. Therefore, an external Bluetooth headphone, as well as an alternative connection scheme may be needed.

possible, connect, headphones, samsung

Samsung Smart TV: How to Connect/Pair Galaxy Buds (Buds 2, Pro, Live, etc)

  • We go to the TV menu and open the Bluetooth module settings.
  • Choosing the item “Bluetooth device”.
  • Click on the green button and wait for the end of searching for the headset.
  • From the presented list, select the connected headphone model and click OK.
  • We introduce a four-digit pin code and leave the menu.

Samsung TVs

Samsung brand TV technology is not so picky for the headset manufacturer as LG, but precedents are still found. Before connecting headphones, the software will update. In some firmware, the name of the menu items may change, but the principle of synchronization remains the same.

  • We go to the settings and go to the “Sound” section.
  • Click on the line “Settings of the loudspeaker” and activate the search.
  • We bring the on headphones as close as possible to TV.
  • In the list of found devices, select the connected headset.

Tvs on the Android platform

PHILIPS and Sony Bravia brand TVs mainly work on this operating system. The “Android” platform is more flexible in terms of synchronization of gadgets, so there are no serious problems with it.

  • Open the Android TV menu.
  • We go to the “Wire and Wireless Network” tab.
  • Turn on the Bluetooth protocols and click on the “Finding device” button.
  • Next, we activate the headset and place it no further than 5 meters from the TV.
  • From the list presented, select the desired headphone model and click “Connect”.
possible, connect, headphones, samsung

In the same section, you can control connected devices: deactivated them, remove and synchronize with new.

Connection of headphones depending on the connector

Consider the wired methods of connecting the headset to the TV. In some cases, adapters and converters will be needed, but about everything in order.

3.5 mm (mini-jack)

A common method. Format connector 3.5 Mm is used in the vast majority of electronic devices. Accordingly, if it is on the TV, then there should not be a connection of problems. How the connector looks and how the connector is shown in the picture.

  • Take the wire of the headphones and insert into the connector 3.5 mm for telepressions.
  • Check the TV settings so that the sound is transmitted to the desired output (called Headphones, headphones, aux, etc.).
  • If the length of the cord is not enough, take the extension cord: 3.5 input by 3.5 Exit.

What to do if STETER 6 is on the headset.3 mm. Take an adapter for 3.5 mm. When looking for adapters and extension cords, they watch that there are 3 contacts on the plug (with two black stripes). The fourth contact on the microphone is not needed.

Game set is equipped with two mini jacks. In this case, they do without adapters. Connect one plug responsible for the transmission of sound. It is painted in green.

RCA- “Tulip” with an adapter for an audio output

RCA is an analog connector painted in different colors, hence the name “tulip”. There are several of them on the TV, but the connection is performed to two, signed as Audio (white and red). Insert the mini-jack 3 directly.5 mm will not work. You will need an adapter: 3.5 mm input on 2 RCA output.

Optics/HDMI/Scart with an adapter-converter

Optics is a connector with an angular shape. On the TV panel is signed in different ways: Optical, Digital Audio Out or S/PDIF. For connection, not an adapter is used, but an adapter that acts as a converter. The fact is that a digital signal is transmitted through the optical connector, and in order to transfer it to the headphones, it is converted to analog.

HDMI. An integration available in every new TV. A digital audio signal is transmitted through it, respectively, suitable for connecting the headset. But the question of how to translate the “number” into an analog signal. Solution-acquisition of an adapter converter from HDMI to 3.5 mm.

SCART is an outdated integral integration until HDMI has appeared. Massive, with many contacts, and sometimes signed as RGB. To make a connection, you also need a converter. But these devices are RCA-SCART adapters. That is, you need two links: Scart-2rca and RCA-3.5 mm.

By USB (through the adapter or directly)

USB. A connector not designed to transmit an audio signal. This integration is used to connect “flash drives” and hard drives. However, if the passport to the TV indicates that the USB is possible for sound, then there will be no problems. The connection itself is simple: connect the headset cord.

Many models of gaming headphones are connected by radio channel. As a rule, this is a wireless headset with a USB adapter, which is inserted into the appropriate port.

Through the RGB/DVI Audio integration

This is a nest of suitable diameter, but the headphones cannot be connected to it. The integration is intended for the “bunch” computer-television.

Connection via Bluetooth transmitter

If the TV does not have a built.In Bluetooth, you will have to purchase an additional device. Transmitter. The main parameter of the Bluetooth transmitter is the number of simultaneously connected headphones. One wireless device can be connected to any transmitter, two will be connected to a more expensive product, but more. While the modern technique is not able to do this.

MPOW Streimbot-Bluetooth for a modern TV worth 25-30, will give a great sound for one pair of headphones. He has a built.In battery, in addition, he can receive a signal from other devices using the Bluetooth system. All devices that transmit the sound to wireless speakers can be listened to without tuning.

If users want to connect two pairs of headphones, then the price of such devices immediately increases: for example, Avantree Priva will cost you 57, and Miccus Mini Jack is one dollar more expensive. These transmitters will help you connect the headphones to the LG or Samsung TV without any problems.

possible, connect, headphones, samsung

We offer a step.By.Step algorithm how to connect headphones to the TV using such a device.

  • We turn on a pre.Purchased transmitter. It may have a separate power supply from the network or it will be necessary to insert the nutrition elements.
  • It is necessary to attach it to the RCA connector, if your TV has a different entrance, then you need to buy a adapter in advance.
  • You can turn on the transmitter by pressing a special button, but many are activated immediately when connecting to the network, as reported by a special LED indicator.
  • The connection between the transmitting device and the headphones arises in automatic mode, because they are configured to one frequency. If the sound does not appear, then press the settings reset button. The product will automatically find your gadget and connects to it.

If TV without Bluetooth module

In old models and some new ones there is no Bluetooth transmitter, which does not allow us to connect headphones. There are several options for actions here. Read the instructions for the TV to understand what types he supports. You can buy radio-shutters or Wi-Fi headphones operating through a wireless network. Although there are more universal outputs than buying such devices.

Using the transmitter

You can purchase a Bluetooth adapter for connecting headphones. It is performed in different forms, looks like a small box that connects to an audio output or through a tulip. Food is provided by a battery or battery.

The principle of action is simple: charge the battery, it lasts 8-12 hours and connect it to the connector on the TV. In fact, just stick. Now take out your “ears” and put them in the search mode. After some time, the connection between them and the transmitter is activated, so the sound will go through them until you turn it off. On the TV, it is worth switching in the settings the issuance of sound from speakers to headphones, this will improve sound quality.

With the help of a prefix

The prefixes for TV are connected through HDMI, in the rare case through other types of connectors. They are designed to convert the signal to the format that the TV is able to understand.Also have different functions, such as rewinding a few hours ago. You can buy different models, there are several types of those in which the Bluetooth or Wi-Fi modules are built-in and which are used to connect audio devices.

There are several more types of prefixes, like IK settings and opticals that are created for their types of devices. They do not have such universality as ordinary transmitters or consoles with the desired function, so it is worth using if the rest did not fit for some reason.

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