Is it possible to turn off Wi-Fi on a router

Blocking access to Wi-Fi to a specific user

When buying a device for distributing the Internet, people want only them to use it. That is why some begin to think about how to disable the user from Wi-Fi. It is worth noting that if you wish, you can block access to a wireless network to all unwanted elements. However, before doing this, you need to figure out how to do it right.

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Wi-Fi shutdown on the router

Rotter owners can completely turn off the distribution on the device or leave access to the Internet only to a certain circle of people. Limited access is made using filtering by Mac or IP address. No mechanical interventions are required to make any changes to the router, just set certain parameters in the settings of the device. Let’s figure out how to do it in more detail.

In order to completely disable the distribution of the Internet, just go to the ruter configuration and change certain settings. If you carefully follow the instructions, there is nothing complicated in this.

  • Go to any browser available on the computer, and in an empty search column, write down the IP address of the router. Usually it has this designation: or 192.168.One.1, but sometimes this value may differ from the standard.
  • Click on the Enter key to go to the authorization window.
  • Enter your username and password. This is necessary for authentication. By default, if there were no changes earlier, in the column “user name” you must write “admin”. Click on the OK button to go to the next tab.

View connecting other people’s devices

To find out who is connected to the Wi-Fi router, you do not need special programs or complex actions. It is enough to enter the web-intese of your router and see who is currently connected to it.

Depending on the model of the router, the menu items may differ, but the principle is general: you need to find a list of connected Wi-Fi clients.

How to Disable Your Wifi on your AT&T Equipment ( 2020 )

possible, turn, wi-fi, router

On D-Link routers, we open advanced settings, in the “Status” section, click the link “Clients”.

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In the TP-Link routers in the “Wireless Mode” section, you need to select the item “Statistics of the Wireless Regime”.

For old versions of the firmware “Station condition”.

In ASUS routers, the necessary information is in the section “Network”. “Clients”.

You will see a list of MAS-Addresses of connected users.

In some routers, the number of connected devices is displayed immediately on the main page. Like Keenetic:

The easiest way to identify a stranger is to compare the number of devices connected to the network with the number of you used. For example, you have a smartphone and laptop on Wi-Fi, and three clients are displayed on the router.

For the purity of the experiment, turn off your devices from the network alternately from the network. They will disappear from the list. In the process you will identify a connection that will always be actively. This is an outsider.

In this situation, you can simply change the passwords of access to Wi-Fi. But not the fact that this is guaranteed to solve the problem. It is more reliable to block extraneous devices for MAS-adures. This will not allow them to connect to your network even if they know the current password.

How to disable Wi-Fi on an asus router

To turn off Wi-Fi on an ASUS router you need to open a web-intese and go to the “Wireless-Professional” section. In this section, you need to turn off the router radio module. To do this, you need to switch the “Enable Radio” parameter to the “No” position, and then apply the settings by pressing the “Apply” button.

Pay attention, radio modules for ranges 2.4 and 5 GHz are disconnected separately. Therefore, if your ASUS router supports 5 GHz, then you first need to turn off the radio module 2.4 GHz, then go to the settings of 5 GHz and turn off the radio module again.

How to disable Wi-Fi network on a router

Sometimes a situation may arise when it is necessary to turn off a Wi-Fi network on a router so that it stops distributing the Internet on a wireless network. The most striking example. You do not use Wi-Fi at all or the child does not want to learn lessons and constantly “hungs” in through the phone.

On many modern modems and routers (for example, Zyxel Keenetic, ASUS, NetGear) there is a special button that allows you to turn off the Wi-Fi module and then turn it on only by pressing. Usually it is located either on the back of the case or on the side walls. Pressed. Turned off. Pressed. Turned on.

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At the same time, some models have an inclusion indicator directly on the button. Otherwise, it is necessary to look after the indicators on the front panel of the device:

But there are devices (for example, modems and routers TP-LINK), on which there is no buttons of turning on/off the radio module. What to do in this case?!

Then to turn off the Wi-Fi network, you need to go into the router‘s settings using its IP address (usually or 192.168.One.1) and open the menu item “Settings of wireless mode”:

How to turn off the wifi signal on your internet router

Here we find the line “Turn on the wireless broadcast” and remove the checkmark next to it. Click on the “Save” button.

If you have a router of another manufacturer, then to turn off the Wi-Fi network. Simply look for an “Enable Wireless” or “Enable Radio” box in the main parameters of the wireless network, remove it and save the settings.

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After a wireless Wi-Fi network, the abyss should. To turn it on again. Just put the daw and save the settings again!

Shutdown of a router or Wi-Fi network: what may be required for?

In general, it is important by default to monitor the electrical appliances installed and connected in the house. So, it is necessary to completely turn off the router from the mains in the event of a thunderstorm or due to a long departure.

Important: Under poor weather conditions accompanied by a thunderstorm, it is recommended additionally, except to disconnect the power adapter from the outlet, disconnect the network cable from the router in order to avoid intra.Net jumps and breakdown of the router. Information on this issue is described in this article: after a thunderstorm, a Wi-Fi router stopped working.

How much electricity does a router consume

So, is it necessary to turn off the router at night in order to save electricity? Let’s try to calculate this.

The energy consumption of a conventional modem or a router with a Wi-Fi module is small, like an LED or energy-saving light bulb-about 5-10 watts, that is, it is approximately 0.005-0.01 kW per hour. If he works all 24 hours for a month, then it will turn out 3.5-7 kW per month. In my house, electricity fees are 3.31 per kilowatts. Thus, the ADSL modem or Wi-Fi router “eats” from 10 to 25 per month. Even if you take one of the powerful two-band models, as well as take into account the USB devices connected to it, we will get 50 per month. If you turn off the router at night for 8-12 hours, then save from 5 to 15 per month. In addition, at night the load on the device is generally minimal, and therefore the power consumption will decrease to a minimum. That is, in fact, the saving comes out penny and there is absolutely no meaning in it.

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How to turn off Wi-Fi through a router settings

If you can not turn off Wi-Fi hardware on every router, then this can be done programmatically on almost any model. To do this, you need to go to the device web-integer using its address, which can be viewed on a sticker located on the lower part of the case. This is usually an IP address 192.168.One.1 or 192.168.0.One. After authorization, open the settings section responsible for Wi-Fi work.

Typically, on the page with the base parameters of the wireless network there is a switch that allows you to disable Wi-Fi distribution. It can be made in the form of a slider, as in my example, either in the form of a drop.Down list, or in the form of round checkboxes “Enable” (turn on) and “Disable” (turn off). Accordingly, in order to turn off Wi-Fi, we move the sliders to the “disabled” position and save the settings. That’s all! To enable the wireless network on the router again-again open the Wi-Fi parameters and move the slider in the “enable” value.

Note: If you have a two-band router, then in this case it is usually necessary to turn off Wi-Fi in both ranges-2.4 GHz and 5 GHz, respectively.

On more expensive and advanced models of routers, it is possible to configure access to the wireless network. Thanks to which you can disable access to Wi-Fi for some devices without turning off the entire wireless network. In English firmware, this item is usually called Wireless Mac Filtering.

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In this case, it is usually enough to activate the black list (Blacklist) and add to it the MAC address of one or more devices that will not be able to connect to Wi-Fi after that-the router will simply discard them.