lenovo tablet hangs what to do. Hard measures

Lenovo tablet hangs what to do?

To solve the problem when the lenovo tablet hangs, and the turn off button does not help, you will have to remove accessories from the device, such as SIM card, battery, memory card. After that you need to wait a few minutes and install these elements back in their rightful places.

In order to restart the frozen tablet with the reset button you need to press it with a bent paper clip or rod. When you press it, you will hear a characteristic click, and then the device should shut down. Then all that remains is to turn on the tablet with the power button, keeping it pressed until vibration.

Ways to restart your Lenovo tablet

To reboot your Lenovo tablet, you can use any of the three methods listed below: standard reboot, reboot with a special button, factory reset.

The methods are outlined from the simplest to the most categorical. So I recommend trying them in the order they are written.

I also want to give some tips before restarting your gadget if it hangs, such as the Lenovo Yoga tablet:

  • If the tablet hangs while working hard (for example, in a game with nice graphics or with several dozen tabs open in the browser), leave it alone for 5 minutes, and most likely the device will come to its senses and no reboot will be needed;
  • Low battery power can be the cause of slow performance, so first charge your gadget properly before looking for what to do if your Lenovo tablet hangs;
  • Be aware that any unsaved data, be it a notepad entry or progress in the game, will be lost due to reloading (luckily, most of the same notepads automatically save any changes made to them).

And do not restart the device with a discharged battery, otherwise it will simply shut down because the energy to turn on may not be enough.

Standard reboot

The classic way to reboot the tablet computer. holding down the shutdown button. After a couple of seconds, a small menu will appear on the screen, where you need to click on “Reboot” or “Reboot”.

The frozen Lenovo tablet will shut down, then turn on, and in most cases, the device will start and be fully operational. Sometimes the above menu may not appear, but this is not a problem. Simply hold down the power button longer (until the display goes out).

The gadget will either reboot or shut down. If your device is off, turn it on by holding the power button. If the device does not respond to a standard reboot or is still slow, go to the second and third method.

Using the button

On all tablets of this manufacturer, there is a separate button to reboot. It is usually located next to the power button or just above the SIM card slot.

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On older models, this special button is no different from the others, only much smaller, but on modern devices it is built into a small hole. This is done to avoid accidental presses.

You can deliberately get to the button with a needle or a paper clip, which is always included with the tablet. On some models, next to the special button there is an inscription “Reset”.

If this special key is held down for two or three seconds, the device will restart or shut down. In the second case, just turn it on with the standard key.

Try not to hold down the special key for too long, otherwise an unwanted factory reset will occur.

Restart with factory reset

The most categorical method. reset to factory settings. It should be used only if there is no other choice. For example, if the tablet hangs up and does not respond to either the classic method of rebooting, or by holding down a separate key.

Reset is a factory reset. That means you will have all your apps and data backed up just as you had it in its original state.

This almost always solves any software level problems, but if the problem was hardware, this method will not help. Keep in mind that after resetting all user data will be deleted, so back it up. To save all app data, sync your Google account.

Backup in Google Settings

You can use cloud storage or an external drive (PC, memory card) to save files. As a cloud storage for photos and videos, I recommend the Google Photos app. It is even pre-installed on Lenovo tablets.

Step-by-step steps to reset to factory settings:

  • Turn off your device.
  • Turn it on by holding the power and volume up button. On some models, you must use the volume down key instead of the volume up key. If you have a home button on your device, you need to hold down the home button instead of the volume button.
  • The restore menu will be shown. Navigate through the menu items using the volume up and down keys. Select with the power button.
  • Select “Wipe data/factory reset”.
  • Confirm your choice by pressing “Yes”.
  • Confirm your selection by clicking “Yes. delete all user data”.
  • Reset process will start. It will not take more than a couple of minutes and then the restore menu will appear again.
  • There select “Reboot system now”.
  • Your gadget will reboot and you are ready to use.

This way will solve almost all system problems, including cleaning of viruses. If you didn’t have a chance to back up your data before the reset, you can restore some files with special programs on your PC.

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Among them is the russified software with an intuitive interface. All you need is to install the program on your computer and connect the gadget to the PC via USB-cable.

What to do if Lenovo tablet hangs on power?

The first thing that is recommended for users who encounter tablet freezes is to turn off and then turn on the device again. Thus, it performs a simple reboot. Enough to turn off the device for five minutes. To perform this operation you will need to use the Power button.

In the case of the tablet hangs up

If after rebooting the situation has not changed, then you should unplug the tablet and remove the battery for a short time, but often they are not removable, then you must wait until the device is completely discharged.

Hope our tips helped you. Try to follow the universal algorithm described above. If I have missed any method that helped you with this problem, it is very desirable to write about it in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев below: it will definitely help some of our visitors. See you on our site!

Tablets from Lenovo are quite common in the market. Despite the fact that it is one of the best manufacturers of world electronics, Lenovo devices (in this case tablets) can freeze hard during operation, not responding to users. In such cases a usual reset saves. Let’s see how to do it.

Turning off and on

The first thing it is recommended to do for users who encounter tablet freezes, is to turn off and then turn on the device again. Thus, a simple reboot is performed. It is enough to disconnect the device for 5 minutes. To perform this operation you will have to use the Power button. You can also restart your tablet by pressing Reset, but you will need a sharp object for that.

Switching off and on

The first thing recommended for users who encounter tablet freezes is to turn off and then turn on the device again. Thus, we perform a simple reboot. It is enough to turn off the device for five minutes. To carry out such an operation will have to use the Power button. In addition, you can restart the tablet by pressing Reset, but this will need a sharp object.

Restarting your Lenovo tablet

In fact, the process of restarting the tablet of this manufacturer is almost no different from that of other companies. There are a total of two options for rebooting:

  • Standard. In this case, the chance of losing user data is minimal;
  • Hard. It is recommended to use only if the device does not respond to any action at all. There is a risk of losing user data from the device memory.

What to do if your Lenovo tablet hangs

When the Lenovo tablet hangs up, it raises a natural question. what to do?? Often the owners of tablets are limited to rebooting the device, but it is a one-step solution to the problem. Naturally, when it comes to hardware problems, you can’t repair your device yourself. you need to hire specialists who can replace the part whose defect is causing the situation where the tablet’s OS won’t boot. But when the cause is a software error, the user can fix the problem on their own. In this case there are two possible options. the freeing of memory and hard reset. But at that it is worth considering that the second option involves deleting user information and rollback the device to the factory settings.

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When problems occur while switching on the tablet and the device freezes on the splash screen with the logo, there are problems in the hardware. These symptoms signal that one of the important elements of the hardware is broken. Therefore, when the manufacturer’s icon appears on the screen and the tablet hangs on the logo, please contact the service center. in this case the repair is needed.

And now the answer for those who are interested in how much it costs to repair the tablet, which hangs up. The price of repairing the device depends on the nature of the problem. The cost will be fixed by the master after the diagnostics. But before this you need to order the service. For this there is a multi-channel call center, which operates around the clock. Call the phone number listed on the site, and the operator will advise on every issue related to the restoration of faulty computer equipment. After you have talked to the customer, the call manager will pass the order form to the service center manager who will send a courier to the customer’s home or business address. Delivery is free, as well as the diagnosis of the faulty tablet Lenovo, which hangs. When you need to repair urgently, it’s enough to tell operator about it and corresponding note will be made in the request.

Use of specialized equipment and original spare parts ensures quality repair. After the Lenovo device is restored to working order it undergoes quality control testing. If during the test no errors are found, the tablet is delivered to the owner free of charge. The warranty is issued for further operations. The length of the warranty period depends on the cause of your Lenovo tablet freezing. If a repeated failure occurs in the device, the repair will be carried out free of charge in the service center.