LG drum cleaning how to turn on. Regarding dirt prevention

LG’s drum cleaning function what is it?

Drum Cleaning. A feature specifically designed to keep your machine’s tank and drum clean. It allows you to remove insoluble particles (sand, fabric fibers, etc.) deposited on the surface of the plastic tank and drum after washing.

  • Switch on the washing machine with the “Start” button
  • Locate the two star buttons on the Control Panel
  • Press the power button again
  • The duration is about 90 minutes.
  • When the cleaning process is complete, the washing machine will beep.

How Often to Do the Cleaning of the Washing Machine Drum. How to clean the drum of a washing machine: the sequence of actions

In the process of using washing machines, many parts are exposed to water with detergents dissolved in it and dirt from clothes. Over time, it entails both the formation of lime scale and elementary dirt (soap deposits, oil deposits, and so on), which subsequently leads to fungus and a corresponding smell. This problem is particularly acute for washing machine drums. How to clean the drum in a LG washing machine. will be described in detail in this material.

LG washing machine drum cleaning function

Modern LG washing machines are equipped with a special “drum cleaning” function. The purpose of this program is to rid the tank, the drum and the rubber pipes of fungal growth and insoluble substances, and to extend the life of the appliance.

Instructions for using the function

Important! Cleaning the drum in a machine equipped with a specialized function takes place without detergents and cleaning agents. The drum should also be empty.

To start this program, follow the instructions:

  • Start the washer-dryer by pressing the “Start” button;
  • Locate the 2 buttons marked with a snowflake. Press and hold for 3 seconds;
  • Press “Start” again to start the cleaning function;
  • The duration of this function is an hour and a half;
  • Leave the hatch ajar at the end of the cleaning process in order to dry the drum.

Models with drum cleaning function

These features will help you make a choice among models that have a drum cleaner feature.

И F1280ND5. Are in the medium price category. The capacity of the cloths is 6 kg. Equipped with 9 modes, including a fast and a daily wash, allowing to refresh the laundry without stubborn stains in a short period of time. In addition to the standard programs, the second model has the “Child lock”, “Leak proof”, “Fluffing” and “Laundry loosener after spinning” programs.

F-1296 ND3. Has a smart washing system and mobile diagnostic technology, as well as allowing a quick wash.

F1003NDP, F-10B8ND and F1203NDP equipped with a direct drive motor (Direct Drive system), which ensures silent washing and a long life with a 10-year quality guarantee.

14 U2 TDh2 N и FH 2 A8 HDS4 have a steam wash and “freshen up” steam mode. “6 care moves” technology adapts drum rotation options for different types of fabrics. Equipped with quick and everyday washing and drying programs. They also have a drum cleaning function.

Other ways to clean the drum

  • Cleaning with citric acid is as follows: 150 g of acid (. 50 g) must be poured into the detergent compartment. Then set the highest temperature on long mode and start the wash with an empty drum.
  • Using 9% vinegar Pour 1 cup of detergent into the detergent drawer. Next, you need to set the highest temperature mode and run a long wash. After mixing the vinegar and water, the liquid heats up, at this time you should pause the wash for 1 hour or more. Then continue washing until the end of the process, clean the drain filter of accumulated debris and limescale, then leave the hatch open to air out the vinegar odor. Vinegar should not be combined with other chemicals to prevent deterioration of parts.
  • Calcined soda Apply as follows: add water to the soda powder 1:1. Apply the mixture to the drum and the rubber gasket on the door. Then keep it for 30 minutes and remove the soda with a sponge. Run a quick wash to wash away residual dirt.
  • Chlorine cleaning is performed by pouring 1 cup of chlorine solution directly into the drum. Next, you need to run a long wash at the highest temperature and with an empty drum.
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Advice! Means for cleaning the washing machine should be used once every 2 months (if you wash twice a week things of medium contamination).

Prevent the formation of limescale, dirt and mold in the drum can Calgon for washing machines. is a product consisting of sodium tripolyphosphate and baking soda. How to use: with each wash add to the laundry detergent in an amount from 1/3 to 1 measuring cup, depending on the hardness of the water.

Important! The rubber gasket on the door should also be cleaned of dirt to prevent the formation of mold and mildew. Apply a solution of copper sulfate to the rubber gaskets. After two hours, rinse with water and wipe dry.

Preventive cleaning

Damp and warm temperatures in the washing machine after a wash are a breeding ground for fungus and mold. Trash, dirt and unwashed detergents. Trapped on the door rubber seal, drain hose, strainer and detergent drawer cause germs to multiply. Washing items that are heavily soiled with grease also causes undissolved sludge to accumulate on the drum, reservoir and rubber sleeves.

How often should we clean the drum of the LG washing machine?

To prevent fouling and blockages, it is sufficient to preventively clean the drum twice a month. We strongly recommend that you empty the drain filter before using this feature.

Cleaning the drum on an LG washing machine

  • Switch on the washing machine with the “Start” button. Wait for the beep.
  • Locate the two buttons on the Control Panel with the star icon.
  • Press the power button again
  • It lasts approximately 90 minutes.
  • Your washing machine will beep once the cleaning process is complete.

How to clean the drum in a LG washing machine?

Every housewife probably wants her washing machine to last as long as possible, to keep every function working properly for years to come. But not everyone understands what you need to do, what products to use, and what to do to maintain constant performance.

drum, cleaning, turn, dirt

In order not to harm the machine, the manufacturer’s instructions can help, to which, unfortunately, most often turn after the first breakdown.

Today we pay attention to the models of LG. Its models have one very interesting function, which we will talk about below.

Cleaning the drum: why do it?

To keep your appliance in service longer, it needs regular cleaning to remove scale and dirt. However, the process of cleaning is associated with something very difficult and problematic, so the owners of machines prefer not to think about it at all.

In such a situation, the self-cleaning drum comes to the rescue. To turn it on, all you have to do is press the button. Cleaning has several basic functions:

  • Removal of unnecessary elements from the drum: sand, fabric fibers, dirt and other;
  • Prevent accumulation of limescale and rust;
  • Combating unpleasant odors in the machine, ensuring constant freshness;
  • Ensuring the cleanliness of clothes after washing;
  • Extending the life of the appliance.

Cleaning the ram not only allows the machine to run more efficiently and longer, but also allows everyone in the family to enjoy clean and fresh clothes after every wash.

Advantages of LG drum cleaning system

It has already been said above that it is the self-cleaning mode that distinguishes LG washing machines from the others. However, the thought that you will have to clean the drum by your own hands simply discourages many people.

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This is where the details about the features of such a mode as self-cleaning in washing machines come to the fore.

  • Automation: you don’t have to do anything manually, as all you have to do to activate the mode is just press the start button;
  • The ability to customize the function the way you need it, specifying all the details and recommendations;
  • Ability to save and delete recommendations for the drum cleaning mode;
  • The ease and affordability of using detergents to support this mode of operation.

Drum cleaning mode is an ideal option for all those who do not want to spend a lot of time, effort and detergent to remove limescale and dirt from the drum, as well as other parts of the machine.

The only thing that is very important not to forget in the case of using this mode is the washing machine’s instructions.

How to turn on the drum cleaning in the LG washing machine?

It has already been said above that the drum cleaning function is characterized by its simplicity. At the same time, it is very important to understand what role the manual plays in this whole process. This instruction is quite simple, it includes several steps, including preparatory.

By paying attention to them, and learning them, you can then easily clean the drum and keep the parts in order. So, what are the steps included in the instructions for the descaling and dirt cleaning mode?

  • Free the drum from all clothes and other things;
  • Make sure that the detergent compartments are also empty;
  • Then press the power button and hold the two dots marked with an asterisk for three seconds;
  • Select the drum cleaning function, and if necessary, specify all necessary details for the mode;
  • When cleaning is complete, it is necessary to leave the door open so that all parts can dry.

You will also have to do some additional steps, if the instructions say so. For greater clarity, you should pay separate attention to each of the steps mentioned in the instructions. If you remove all the clothes from the machine beforehand, you can be sure that there will be no dirt or clothing fibers left after cleaning.

It should be remembered that the cleaning function does not require additional detergents, on the contrary, placing them in a special compartment, can only harm the case. It is important to understand that this function is designed to remove limescale and dirt from the drum, not from clothing. By holding down the power button, you can pre-prepare the machine for “idle” operation: it, too, needs to adjust to the new mode.

Parts and additional settings play a significant role in this process. Cleaning may include draining and wringing and drying, at your discretion. Despite all the simplicity, one push of a button to remove limescale and dirt from the drum without the use of detergents will not be enough.

Self-cleaning of the washing machine drum from dirt and limescale, although it depends on computer support, it is impossible without human control and intervention.

What is Eco Drum Cleaning mode?

Samsung eco bubble washing machine drum cleaning function. The drum of the washing machine is made in the likeness of a bee honeycomb, it allows you to whip laundry detergent into bubbles and saturate them with oxygen, so that the laundry is washed much better quality.May 19, 2020.

Cleaning the drum and heating elements of the washing machine from scale

  • 2 cups of alcoholic white vinegar (preferably) or regular table vinegar 9%;
  • 1/4 cup baking soda;
  • 1/4 cup of water;
  • Sponge with a hard side.

Let’s use citric acid

Another working folk remedy for limescale, plaque and odor is citric acid. In terms of effectiveness, “limonka” is better than baking soda and vinegar, as it is able to dissolve calcified lime and eliminate mold. Especially if you use it together with sodium bicarbonate and acetic essence. To clean a citric acid drum, you must follow a strict sequence:

  • Take 150-250 grams of citric acid or a commensurate volume of freshly squeezed citrus juice without dyes or preservatives;
  • Mix with 100 g of baking soda;
  • connect the dispenser to the mains;
  • Make sure that the drum is empty;
  • Activate any mode with a heat of 90 degrees;
  • Wait for the washing machine to fill the drum;
  • put the program on pause;
  • Pour lemon in the dispenser;
  • continue the cycle;
  • after 15 minutes, suspend the washing and leave the machine for 1-1.5 hours;
  • after 90 minutes to continue the program;
  • When switching to rinse, mix citric acid with vinegar and pour the resulting solution into the center cuvette of the tray.
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After completing the cycle repeat the rinse and dry the dispenser. Also check the cuff and drum of the washing machine. it is possible that pieces of limescale are stuck in the folds and holes.

What can be used to clean the drum?

Why you can not clean a washing machine with citric acid: consequences Crosses of the tanks of washing machines medium and economy segment are often made of aluminum and silicon alloy. Silumina. This metal is destroyed by aggressive media such as: citric acid, chlorine, and chlorine bleach, etc.

Cleaning the drum on the LG washing machine

The “Drum Clean” mode, provided in many modern LG models, is needed to ensure that your washing machine lasts as long as possible. The drum is considered the most vulnerable part of the washing machine, because it is in contact with different types of dirt (grease, dirt of organic and mineral origin, etc.).д.), but also with active substances of detergents.

In addition, with frequent use of the machine (and this is considered 1 wash every 3 days), the moisture does not have time to evaporate from the drum, tank, rubber nipples and other “insides”. This leads to mold and putrid odor, which is harmful both to humans (micro-particles of pathogenic flora get on clothes during washing), and dangerous for the washing machine, as it significantly reduces its life.

Proper and monthly cleaning of the washing machine drum will help prevent this.

How to turn on the LG washing machine drum cleaning

Many LG washing machine models are equipped with a special “Drum Cleaning” function, designed to clean internal parts from dirt. Starting the cleaning mode is very simple:

  • Turn on the washing machine with the “start” button. Wait for the beep.
  • Locate the two asterisk buttons on the control panel.
  • Press the power button again. This command activates the cleaning mode.
  • Duration. approximately 90 minutes.
  • The washer-dryer will beep once the cleaning process is complete. Turn it off in the normal way and open the door ajar to dry the inside of the tank.

Note that the drum should be cleaned without any special agents and with the tank completely empty (no laundry).

Also, in order to minimize contamination of the washing machine drum, experts recommend:

  • At least once every seven to ten days, wash the garments with hot water (but not more than 70 degrees Celsius).
  • After each wash, check that there are no elements of detergent or other detergents left in the tray. If necessary, wash the tray and leave it ajar to allow it to dry.
  • Wipe the door’s rubber gasket dry after each use.
  • Leave the washing machine tank open for at least 60 minutes after each wash to allow the inside to dry.

Before you start cleaning the drum of the washing machine, you need to clean the filter to make it easier to drain the water.