LG TV disappeared the image and there is a sound

LG TV no image is sound

How perfect the equipment was from the manufacturer LG, it is subject to wear and mechanical damage. This article is devoted to such a problem as the lack of image on the screen, when the sound continues to be broadcast, and the channels switch with the remote control panel. Here we will consider what the reasons for such a malfunction and options for eliminating these reasons can be.

  • Inverter malfunction;
  • Breakdown of the matrix;
  • The failure of the power supply;
  • Blocked capacitors;
  • The train from the screen to the board is damaged or left the nest;
  • Burnt LEDs;

In essence, all these problems are almost impossible to diagnose independently, for this we need special knowledge and at least a minimum set of equipment. Typically, in this case, the owner of the equipment immediately contacts the LG service center, but we will still consider each of the problems in detail.

The main reasons why the TV does not show the image and the sound is

Almost always, this option for a malfunction indicates a breakdown, and not shot down settings, or a problem on the side of the “transmitter”. This is checked by simple switching using the remote control to another channel. The remaining malfunctions still find themselves on the side of the owner of the TV and are divided into two types:

  • Hardware-the TV does not show the image due to a malfunction of the backlight (most often), display, or boards.
  • System-TV screen is serviceable, but there is no picture because of a bad television signal.

At the same time, the system problem may mean: the failure of the TV receiver or receiver (if he is connected to TV).

Does not turn on

Most often, LG TV owners have to face the fact that the device simply does not turn on. That is, the screen does not light up, remaining dark, and the LG TV power unit does not turn on, and the indicator light does not even burn in red.

In most cases, this is due to cable breakdowns. The most standard problem of wires connecting an electric network with a TV is damage to the cores, happening due to the fact that cable often advance. In addition to the veins, the pathway on the microcircuit can also be damaged, since the cable is often pulled. The fact is that in modern conditions a digital receiver is a small microcircuit covered with screening materials. In this regard, it is collected together with the cable connector.

In this video, you will learn more about the repair of this TV:

The main problem of repairing such a breakdown is the need to treat electronic elements with exceptional accuracy. Before proceeding to correct damage, they are pulled out of the connector. As soon as this was done without additional damage, the cable itself is repaired using a soldering iron and glue. The wires are returned to the places they put.

What you need to know before solving the problem

When there is a sound on the Samsung TV, but there is no image, you should understand the specifics of the work of your TV:

  • The analog signal is supplied “as is”, and the digital is encoded in package data, transmitted through the communication channel and deciphered in audio and video. That is, if your TV works with digital channels, the loss of data will affect the work of both the signal and sound. Lose the video signal so that there is a pure sound. This is, in principle, it is impossible. Perhaps the problem lies in the transfer of pictures from the receiver to the TV itself.
  • You need to determine what with the screen?! He does not show, or does not work at all (that is, the same with any lighting is “enabled”, which is “turned off”).

Malfunctions and their elimination by Elji TVs

Any household appliances breaks and repair of LG TVs at a certain moment turns into an urgent need for their owners. They can find light spots or stripes on the TV screen. It may happen that the picture disappears or the sound disappears. There are many other symptoms of the problems that it comes to face if you have Smart-TV.

The frequent problem of this model is the problem with the backlight

And each of such problems requires its solution. So, if some detail is broken, for example, the TV screen is broken, then the only way to fix it will be-its replacement. The same thing may be required if the LG TV does not turn on the indicator. A clear sign of a broken PSU.

You can repair the LCD TVs both in specialized services and with your own hands. Of course, if the owner does not know what to do if the image is simply in the wrong format, then the repair may seem to him too difficult. But actually it is not.

System part

Когда пропало изображение на телевизоре, но вы смогли выявить, что экран с подсветкой полностью исправен, но не показывают телеканалы – ищите проблему в соединении кабелей (замените их), в работоспособности декодера, правильности выставленных настроек канала.

The video of the video signal

When LG TV is associated with a tv tuner, wires are often involved in obtaining sound and picture, which transmit sound and video separately. If a black screen, but the sound comes, check the component and composite wires:

  • RCA (tulips). Often they are implemented to connect digital receivers to TVs focused on receiving only analog signal. Check yellow, red or both plugs. They are responsible for the picture. They may not be tightly connected, damaged or included in damaged connectors.
  • VGA/HDMI. These are component wires with the only plug with many PIN. When one of the wiring inside is damaged, the video simply does not work. It is recommended to replace the cable or use a cable of a different type (if it is implemented).

If you doubt the damage to the cable, check its work on another equipment.

Problems with a decoder

A malfunction is possible not only in the transfer of television signal by cable, but also in the problematic work of the decoder. It can be installed:

  • On TV. If the signal goes to the TV on the cable directly.
  • In the receiver. Upon receipt of the signal through the antenna cable and output of the picture on TV through component and composite wires.

Doshifrator repair or firmware. This procedure is not simple and requires the analysis of the equipment, replacement or connecting the programmer for flashing. If the firmware is justified at prices, then the replacement of the decoder is almost equivalent to the price of the new receiver. If the decoder broke on the TV, then it is recommended to replace the decoder, not the TV.

Other problems with sound on TV

We examined the situations in which the TV shows, but there is no sound, but sometimes there are problems with acoustics of an unusual nature:

  • The TV turns on, but there is no image and sound. The source of the problem can serve as a banal failure in start.Up or off, and a breakdown of the board. First of all, we advise you to remove the tv fork from the outlet, wait 10 minutes and insert it again. If this did not help, maybe the problem in the operating system, we try to install a new firmware on it. The last option is breakdown.
  • There is a black screen on the TV, but the sound is in some application, more often in the player. It may be a simple failure of the program or indicate the absence of support for a particular codec.
  • The sound with a certain frequency disappears, and then appears. Most likely one of the elements of the TV is overheating. Need to be given for repairs.

Several useful recommendations

Before carrying the TV for repairs or calling the master at home, you need to take a few simple actions to exclude the reasons for the failure of the equipment lying on the surface:

  • With a software failure, just turn off the device, and then turn it over again after a couple of minutes. Reloading will help start the picture.
  • With a defect in the plug or waste of the wire from the nest, you just need to pull out the cords, including the antenna, and then connect them again.
  • With problems in the stabilizer, the image can either appear or disappear. This will be clearly seen by the fact that other household devices on will work with interruptions. To solve the problem, it is enough to replace or buy a new stabilizer.
  • If there is no picture, and there is a sound, then turn on the speakers to all power, and then return the previous settings, after 2-3 minutes the image will return.

To exclude the failure of the TV, you need to handle it carefully. For example, you can not wipe it with a wet rag, for this there are special napkins and means. Do not strike at the case, including when moving, as this leads to a breakdown of internal devices.

The inverter most often fails. But this detail is expensive, so the specialist will recommend it simply to repair it. Often, Elji and Samsung TVs are experiencing a similar problem.

HDMI. TV connection tool to a computer. In the absence of an image, you need to check the integrity of the cable, and also whether there is a sleeping mode on the computer. If the breakdown is in this, then you can solve this problem yourself.

First, check if the cable of bends, creases, and breaks have no cable. In the presence of such damage, just replace the cable. If everything is in order with the cord, check the computer settings, he may have moved into sleep mode. When breaking the connectors, they need to be replaced, for this, just go to the service center.

How To Fix LG TV Blank Screen for Zero Cost !

Main reasons

The problem is common, in some cases you can even cope with it yourself. The most common reasons are when there is a sound, but there is no image on the TV:

To restore the image, you need to diagnose a breakdown and repair. Of course, you can contact the service center. Masters will eliminate the malfunction, but the price of their services will be very high.

Check the cable

If the TV with Smart TV does not show the image, but there is sound, you must carefully check the wires that translate the image:

We carefully check all the connectors, the integrity of the wires. Take out a plug, check the contacts. If the sound appears, but the image is bad, it constantly disappears, then you need to check the antenna.

Problems with the matrix

A common problem why the image disappears on the TV, and the sound works. This is when the matrix broke. Signs:

The matrix fails mainly due to the careless actions of TV owners-this is a random fall or a strong blow. It will take a complete replacement of the part, in some cases it is better to immediately purchase a new TV. The cost of replacing the matrix on some Samsung models will be comparable to the price of new devices.

LG Smart TV No Sound Problem Fix

If the problems arose without any prerequisites, for example, the picture began to double or sharply worsened the image quality, then repair is possible without replacing the entire module.

image, there, sound

It is impossible to perform independent repair of the matrix without proper skills. Already at the preparation stage there will be serious problems, since it is very difficult to find the necessary spare parts. They will need to be ordered in specialized stores, but it will not be easy to choose the necessary.

The capacitor burned

The capacitors are unstable to strong voltage surges, so they fail with enviable regularity. The defect is manifested as follows:

image, there, sound

If you remove the rear cover of TV and look at the board, you can see the swollen capacitors. In special cases, he can even explode.

Usually in parallel with the capacitor, the fuse burns out. When diagnosing it, you need to check. The replacement of the capacitor is best entrusted to the specialist.

We test the swipe of the matrix

Когда у телевизора LG звук есть, а изображения нет, осмотрите шлейф матрицы. Most often, the following points indicate its breakdown:

No one will repair the train, it will be much easier to completely change. It is impossible to repair the element yourself. A train. A fragile part, it is easy to damage.


If the backlight lamps broke, then checking it is very easy. Turn on the TV in the most dark room, and closely shone with a flashlight in the monitor. In the place where you shine, the image should appear.

Lights for TVs in a very wide price range. Can cost both very few and very much. It is unlikely that you can replace this part itself, so having determined the reason, feel free to contact the service center.

What to do with the inverter

If the TV Samsung, LG, Sony or any other model does not have an image, but there is a sound, an inverter could fail. This breakdown has too many signs:

  • The broadcast is distorted;
  • Sound immediately appears, and the image only after a few minutes;
  • The picture is too darkened, it is difficult to see what is happening on the screen;
  • On the screen constant ripples.

After a detailed examination and diagnosis of the failed inverter, anyone can repair it who can use a soldering iron, multimeter and owns knowledge in electronics.

Power Supply

If the sound appears when connecting to nutrition, but the broadcast appears. There is no or appears with a significant delay, the breakdown must be sought in the power supply unit. It must be carefully inspected and only then make a decision on repair.

  • Remove the back cover, check all the wires for creases, examine the fuse.
  • We find all the capacitors, check if there are swollen. If such are found, you need to immediately change them.
  • Test voltage. The resulting parameters are required to coincide with the documentation for TV.
  • TV responds to minor tapping, jumping an image, shades change. You need to check all the contacts.

If there are no visible defects, then you can’t do without the help of the master.

Common breakdown, when the sound is reproduced on the TV, but the screen does not work

At repair forums, telemasters often discuss breakdowns in which the screen does not burn. In this case, the sound and backlight of the TV control buttons can work. Most often, this malfunction is observed on cheap devices of little.Known brands.

It is also not uncommon for a fake of popular TVs from LG, Samsung, Toshiba and others. Inexpensive models are equipped with low.Quality backlight modules. As a result of the short operation of the TV, the screen goes out.

And you can save it only by replacing the diode tape or the equipment associated with the backlight. The tape usually consists of an aluminum canvas with several diodes placed on it (5, 6 or 7 pieces).

The ribbons are placed on the substrate at a certain distance from each other so that the light is distributed throughout the screen. If as a result of the audit it is determined that one of the diodes has failed, it is replaced by a new. To quickly fix the breakdown, sometimes a cut out diode is applied from other tapes.

But this approach can only temporarily fix the breakdown. Since each tape can have its own tension. When changing this equipment, there is also a need to configure the inverter inverter driver. If one or more diodes are disabled, dark spots may appear on the screen.

Black screen on the TV when turned on, as well as the presence of sound, they still do not say that the breakdown can be serious. Before you get to the internal modules of the device, you need to check other possible reasons.

What you need to know before solving the problem

When there is a sound on the Samsung TV, but there is no image, you should understand the specifics of the work of your TV:

  • The analog signal is supplied “as is”, and the digital is encoded in package data, transmitted through the communication channel and deciphered in audio and video. That is, if your TV works with digital channels, the loss of data will affect the work of both the signal and sound. Lose the video signal so that there is a pure sound. This is, in principle, it is impossible. Perhaps the problem lies in the transfer of pictures from the receiver to the TV itself.
  • You need to determine what with the screen?! He does not show, or does not work at all (that is, the same with any lighting is “enabled”, which is “turned off”).

Why is it best to turn to the technology repair master?

If the primary advice that I gave you above did not help, then I advise you to attribute the TV for repairs to the master. Why? I’ll tell you now!

Yourself you are unlikely to be able to carry out high.Quality and safe repair. Such an intervention in the TV system endarous not only technology, but also yourself.

Homemade Woe Master destroyed more than one hundred TVs that could have a second chance. But the harsh fate befell them, so now they are either handed over to spare parts or are in a landfill.

Home repair is not always an output. Sometimes it is better to pay a professional. Remember, stingy pays twice!

Thanks for reading my article! I hope that I could help you establish the work of the TV!

Hello! Most likely the backlight diodes burned out. It is advisable not to operate the TV until the recovery of backlighting. The fact is that, in the place where the diodes burned out, the diffuser begins to melt and it will be very difficult to fix it. After melting, the linema will be visible on the TV.

Take a flashlight and shut on the TV screen at an angle. Look if there is an image. If there is, then the reason is in the inverter (but this is a rare case). Most likely burned the backlight of the TV.

The child threw a toy in the TV. The screen was covered with cracks. Is it possible to repair the TV screen or should be replaced?

Good time of the day! If the matrix is ​​broken, then it is definitely under the replacement. The fact is that the matrix costs 50-60 % of the cost of the TV. Plus replacement. Easier to buy a new TV.

The TV works, the screen shows. When switching the channel source to the prefix tricolor, black screen and no image. What can you advise.

1) Replace the wire with which the prefix connects to the TV. 2) try to connect the prefix to another TV to make sure of its performance.

This is not a breakdown of the TV. Your provider encode channels. Perhaps expired for service fees.