LG TV does not show movies online

LG TV doesn’t show digital channels. what to do?

Nowadays, it’s hard to imagine a home or apartment without a TV. And more and more often users choose TV sets with SmartTV, which allows watching movies and TV series in high quality. Connecting digital TV is not difficult, but it happens that there are no channels. Consider the situation when LG TV does not find digital channels, and how to solve this problem.

Let’s start with the instructions on how to configure digital channels. The procedure for setting channels is the same on all modern LG TVs. Only the menu items may differ slightly in name:

  • Turn on the TV set and go to the main TV menu by pressing “Home” button on the remote control with a house picture.
  • Open the section “Settings” or “Settings” by clicking on the gear icon.
  • Select “Channels” section from the list.
  • Then select “Search channels and settings”.
  • Select “Terrestrial TV (DVB-T/T2 and Analog)” from the list, and click “Next.
  • If you are only interested in digital channels, you will need to tick the appropriate item.
  • After that, the TV will start to automatically search for digital channels. After the TV finds the channels, it displays them on the screen. If the list is missing some of the channels, then change the position of the antenna and repeat the auto search.

You can also try changing the search parameters, such as choosing a different country. If the TV is released after 2011, select Russia. If after, then one of the Western European countries. In this case, set the Russian language, so that there will be no problems during the subsequent configuration. Or try a manual channel search.

If LG TV does not find digital channels, then first you need to identify the causes, and then eliminate them. In some cases you can correct the situation by yourself, but sometimes it is worth to ask for help of a specialist.

Problems with the tuning of digital channels arise due to lack of signal, or if there is a connection failure. It’s necessary to check the operability of each device.

First of all you need to make sure the TV supports DVB-T2 broadcasting format. You can check this on the official LG website in the specifications of the broadcasting system, among the TV models you have to choose your device. If DVB-T is specified, you will need to buy a set-top box, as this format does not support digital broadcasting.

If you have made sure the TV supports digital broadcasting, but LG TV still does not find digital channels, you should check the antenna. Incorrectly positioned antenna is the most common mistake, why no channels are tuned. On the official site with a map of towers you can enter your address and see where the nearest to you, then deploy the antenna to the tower. For analog signal transmission use MV antennas, for digital. DMV.

LG TV does not find digital channels even after you check the antenna? Check the cable as well. Even a slight bend in the wire can affect the quality of digital television. You need to look at the whole cable for damage or kinks. Also check if the plug works. If you find damage, the wire must be replaced.

Sometimes the reason why LG TV does not find digital channels, can be the wrong connection of the equipment to the TV. Before carrying out channel tuning, you need to make sure that everything is connected correctly. If you have a UHF antenna, it is connected to the receiver first, and only then to the TV. If you have cable TV, the wire is connected to a separate input of the device.

Another problem in the configuration of digital channels can be a software failure. It can occur if the wrong frequency is selected, or if the software in the receiver is not updated and is no longer supported. To update the software, you must download the latest version of the update from the manufacturer’s website and reinstall it. Sometimes a simple reboot of the devices helps from the software failure, for this you need to turn them off and disconnect them from the power source for 15-20 minutes, then reconnect them. Sometimes you can resort to resetting and re-set the channels.

The quality of the broadcast can affect the weather conditions such as rain, thunderstorm or severe frost. In this case, you will need to turn off the TV and continue watching later. Also, from time to time providers carry out technical work, in which case you can contact them and specify the term of the end of the work.

If you have one particular TV channel which doesn’t show, it is possible that it has stopped broadcasting or has changed the frequency. You can find out about this on the official website of the TV channel.

In all other cases the equipment is out of order. To diagnose it you need to contact the service center, where they will determine the cause and conduct repair work. If the problem is in your TV, please contact the LG service center.

YouTube doesn’t work on LG TV: causes, solutions

If you decide to watch a video on your TV with Smart TV, you will most likely use the YouTube app. YouTube is one of the most popular applications in the world, with tons of interesting content. The application of the service is multiplatform and is available not only for TV sets, but also for tablets and smartphones. Sometimes the application breaks down, and sometimes YouTube can disappear from the list of applications altogether. This problem can occur with any Smart TV manufacturer. Let’s find out why YouTube doesn’t work on LG TV.

Here is a list of possible options for unstable YouTube and give step-by-step instructions on what to do to make the application work properly:

  • YouTube app says it’s no longer supported when you open it.
  • YouTube is not in the app list on your LG TV.
  • The app icon is there, but YouTube doesn’t update or doesn’t load.
  • YouTube is slow and the image is distorted (e.g., squares appear).
  • App opens but video does not play.
  • It gives a network error, and the corresponding inscription appears on the TV screen.
  • Throws me out of the application while watching video online.

This is not the whole list of possible problems, why doesn’t YouTube work on LG TV, but there are some universal methods to restore the correct work of the application. Let’s look at examples of TVs from before 2012 inclusive and from 2013 onwards.

As many people know YouTube is owned by Google. And back in 2017, Google announced that it was moving to a new version of the YouTube app. That’s why on all TVs released before 2012 the old app doesn’t work anymore. And when opening YouTube you would get the message that the application is unsupported. You cannot download the new official version of YouTube and install it on your outdated TV. But the problem can be solved:

  • Buying a new TV. It will improve the picture quality. Since modern devices support 4k video display.
  • Buying a Smart set-top box. This is a more budget option. You can connect the set-top box to both outdated Smart TV and a regular TV.
  • Duplicating the screen from your smartphone to your TV. Duplication is possible in two ways. Or using Wi-Fi and Miracast technology, but it is required that both devices support wireless data transfer. Or using an HDMI cable.
  • Watching YouTube in the browser. But not all televisions in this situation will continue to support watching YouTube through the browser, most likely it will not be available.

If your LG TV is from 2013 or later, you should be able to watch YouTube. But even with these versions of TVs you can face a situation when the YouTube icon disappears after a software update. If you encounter a situation like this, you need to take the following steps:

  • Press the “Home” button on your LG remote control (picture of a house).
  • On the pop-up bar that appears, find and open “LG Content Store” in the list of apps.
  • YouTube is usually right on the start page in the popular apps section. If it’s not there, enter “YouTube” in the search engine (located in the upper right corner).
  • Click on the “YouTube” icon that appears, and then click on the “Install” button.
  • Wait for the app to fully load and install it, then the “Install” button will change to the “Run” button.
  • After clicking the “Launch” button, YouTube will launch and the icon will appear at the end of the main menu list.

If you encounter a situation when YouTube won’t load, hangs, or doesn’t play the video, try turning off your LG TV and unplugging it for 10-20 minutes. It is very important to wait for the specified period of time for the system cache to clear. This way helps to eliminate the occasional operating system crashes. YouTube should work correctly after that.

Sometimes, disconnecting LG television does not help, then it is worth to make sure that the TV is connected to the network and the Internet is stable. To check it, it is recommended to open the browser and download any site. If you get a message that there is no connection, try disconnecting the LAN cable and reconnect it. Alternatively, restart your Wi-Fi router and reconnect by selecting the correct network and entering the correct password. If it does load, it means the connection is not the problem.

Try to check if the date, time and time zone are set correctly. If not, you need to fix it, as this could also be one of the causes of the YouTube app not working correctly. Set the automatic date and time settings.

Another way to restore the work is to update the LG TV software. If there is no auto-update, the update will be set according to the following algorithm:

  • Open the “Settings” section.
  • Next is the “General” subsection.
  • Next “TV info”.
  • Start the automatic update search.
  • Download and install the latest firmware version.

You can find the latest version of the update on the official LG site, download it to a flash card and install it on the TV set using the USB port.

Sometimes on LG TV sets when starting YouTube, you may encounter the inscription that “Could not find the DNS-server. In this case, it is recommended to enter DNS manually:

  • Go to the “Settings” section of your LG TV.
  • Next, select the “Network” section.
  • Go to “Wi-Fi network connection” menu.
  • Select the “Advanced Settings” line.
  • Press the “Change” button.
  • Uncheck the “Automatic” box.
  • On the “DNS” line type in “”.
  • Click on the “Connection” button.

After these steps, the YouTube application will work again. If none of the above helps, you can try reinstalling the app itself:

  • Press the “Home” button on the LG remote control (the image of the house).
  • In the popup that appears look for YouTube in the list of apps.
  • Aim at the icon and press and hold the “Ok” button. A cross should appear above the icon. In earlier versions of webOS, you need to press the up arrow on the remote control twice.
  • Click on the cross and in the window that appears, confirm that you want to remove the application.
  • Open the “LG Content Store” and download YouTube again in the same way as described before.

How to fix this problem?

Even in the LG specialist’s answer, there is no information about what you can do in this situation.

There is no way to expand the memory of the TV. Connecting USB sticks and hard drives doesn’t help.

The only way out is to watch movies and listen to music, using the special applications which are already installed on your TV. You can also install other software, see instructions on how to install applications on LG TV.

You can also update your TV software. Perhaps in the new version of software, this problem will be fixed.

If you know anything about this problem, write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. I will be grateful!

Why are the channels lost on the STB??

In most cases the factors of disappearance of several channels on the digital set-top box are technological violations related to signal reception. Also it happens that a broadcast of digital television is interrupted due to technical maintenance, which is an obligatory item for maintaining functionality of the system.

Why does not the second multiplex of digital TV show Often, the reason that does not catch the second multiplex is improper setting search and mismatch antenna and set-top box. The TV also plays an important role. Digital signals are received in DVB T2 format.

Reasons why IVI lags and recommendations for solving the problem

Before you can swear at the app itself, you need to check if all the factors that affect the operation of the online movie theater are in good working order.

  • Reboot your TV. Everything in the world sometimes glitches and gets dumb because of fatigue, people and equipment alike. Your TV probably just needs a spiritual reset. To do this, unplug it from the outlet for a couple of minutes.
  • Check your internet connection. Sometimes the solution can be very simple. Try to unplug your router for a minute and then log back in to the app. If IVI still lags, change the IP address from which you start the application. Alternatively, try your tablet or other mobile device.
  • Change your DNS server address. Sounds scary, but sometimes it works.
  • Reset all of your TV’s settings to their original ones. The procedure will not touch the TV firmware, but there is a nuance: all the channels you configured earlier will be automatically deleted, so this method is recommended only as a last resort. For different brands this procedure is done differently. For Samsung please make sure your TV is certified for servicing in Russia. Otherwise, Smart Hub will be blocked. To check this, just look at the sticker on the TV at the factory: the correct device code ends in XRU, and also has a special EAC icon.
  • Reinstall the app itself. Uninstall and re-download IVI. To do this, go to the app gallery, type IVI into the search engine and download the. Every TV brand has its own app store:
  • Google Play on Android TV
  • Smart and Samsung Apps on your Samsung
  • Premium on LG
  • Toshiba Places on Toshiba
  • Smart TV and App Galery on Philips
  • Opera TV Store on Sony

  • Update your TV firmware. It is quite possible that you cannot enjoy watching movies, watching a constantly hanging picture in front of your eyes because of the technical specifics of your TV model. Unfortunately, there’s rarely much you can do about it. However, there is still one solution. Probably the firmware of your device is old and can’t run the application. In this case, check your TV for the latest updates.
  • Finally, one of the most effective means of getting the cranky service to work: resetting the Smart Hub. This operation deletes all downloaded applications and their data and reinstalls the factory applications, but removes possible errors.

Reinstalling the app

To reinstall an app on Samsung TVs, find the Samsung Apps store in the upper right corner of the home screen and click on the. Among the programs, find Megogo. Press the “Enter” button with the remote and wait for an additional window to appear. Select the “Reinstall Application” icon and wait for the process to complete.

Reinstallation time depends on network settings. After completing it, the megogo app should start working.

Reset Smart Hub settings

Another way to fix the problem can be a reset Smart Hub. the service through which all the additional functions of your smart device are available: applications, store, browser, search. Its resetting will allow you to delete unused applications, unnecessary files, clear the memory.

Before resetting, it is important to find the factory sticker on the back of the TV and make sure the device is certified in our country. If your device is not made for Russia, it can be blocked.

To reset your Samsung Smart TV, go to “Settings” section. “Support.”. Then select the “Self-diagnosis” button and click on “Reset Smart Hub”. To do this, you need to enter a pin code. If you have not changed it, the default code is 0000.

Reset will take some time, when it is finished you need to go to the home screen, click on Apps store. Then information about the initial settings of the application will appear on the screen, press the “Ok” button. Accept the terms of the user agreement, all add-ons will start downloading immediately. The download time depends on the speed of the Internet.

How to connect your flash drive to your TV?

If the TV does not read the hard drive, the reason may be as follows: The external hard drive is not getting enough power; The TV’s software is technically outdated; The devices’ file systems are incompatible.