Logging into your Apple ID from a computer

How to access iCloud email?

Open the iCloud web page.com on your Mac or PC to check if you can receive email for your iCloud account. Select “Settings” [your name] iCloud and turn on the Mail service on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch device.

Go to the “Settings” menu iCloud. Click “Mail” under “Advanced”. Under “iCloud account properties,” select your email address. Tap the @iCloud email address.com, which you want to use by default to send mail from iCloud Mail.

logging, your, apple, computer

Authorize and de-authorize your computer to work with purchases made on the iTunes Store

Learn how to authorize your computer before syncing or playing content downloaded from the iTunes Store.

  • You can authorize up to five computers. This way, content can be played on up to five different computers.
  • The computer cannot be authorized from another computer or iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

Before you sell or donate your computer, or send it in for servicing, you must deauthorize it to prevent it from accessing secure transactions. Learn how to see which devices are logged in and how to remove them.

Store availability and features may vary by country or region.

Viewing on authorized computers

To log in to the Account Information page from your computer automatically, click here. Or follow these steps.

  • On a Mac, open Music, Apple TV, or Apple Books. On a Windows computer, open iTunes for Windows.
  • Sign in with your Apple ID.
  • On a Mac or Windows computer, select “Account” and “View my account” from the menu bar.
  • Sign in with your Apple ID.
  • Scroll through the Account Information page to the Apple ID Overview section. It will show the number of computers authorized using your Apple ID. The names of these computers will not be shown. If you have less than 2 authorized computers, this section will be blank.

If you have more than the expected number of authorized computers on the list, you may not have unauthorized computers that are no longer in use or were donated or sold. You need to deauthorize all of your computers, and then reauthorize the ones you’re currently using.

Deauthorize your computer

  • On a Mac, open the Music app, Apple TV app, or Apple Books app. On a Windows computer, open iTunes for Windows.
  • In the menu bar at the top of the screen, select “Account” “Authorization” “Deauthorize this computer.
  • Sign in with your Apple ID.
  • Select “Deauthorize”.

If the permissible number of authorizations is exceeded, it is necessary to deauthorize all computers

If one of the five authorizations has been made for a computer that is no longer in use, deauthorize it. If you authorized one of the five times for a computer you sold or donated, choose “Deauthorize All” from the Account Info page. Then authorize those computers you are currently using.

Get help

  • Find out what to do if your computer keeps asking for authorization when you try to play content.
  • You can deauthorize all computers once a year.
  • If the Account does not appear in the menu bar at the top of the computer’s screen or in the Music or iTunes window, check the Restrictions feature. You may have disabled access to the iTunes Store.

Store availability and functionality may vary by country or region.

Information about products not produced by Apple or independent websites not under Apple’s control and not tested by Apple is not endorsed or recommended. Apple is not responsible for the selection, functionality, or use of third-party websites or products. Apple is also not responsible for the accuracy or reliability of any third-party websites. Contact your supplier for more information.

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Guidelines for signing up for an Apple ID account without a credit card

An Apple ID is an account that gives you access to all Apple services (App Store, iTunes Store, iCloud). It lets you enjoy all the benefits of iOS, macOS, and tvOS. Without an Apple ID account, interacting with your iPhone, iPad, Mac or Apple TV will be incomplete, as you won’t be able to

  • Install/update apps and games from the App Store for iOS and macOS;
  • Sync with iCloud cloud storage;
  • set up the Find iPhone/iPad feature in case of loss or theft;
  • Use the streaming music service Apple Music;
  • Buy music and videos from the iTunes Store.

In addition, the Apple ID is needed when contacting Apple Technical Support or their branded Apple Store.

Apple ID registration is not complicated and does not require any special knowledge and skills, everything is very simple. In this article, we’ll look at 2 ways to sign up for an Apple ID account without a credit card connection:

Create an Apple ID account on your Mac or PC

To register your Apple ID on the computer, we need iTunes, if you are using a macOS (OS X) computer. MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, or iMac, it is already installed. For Windows computers you need to download and install it yourself.

But there is one important thing. it is already possible to create an account today, alas, not all versions of iTunes. Starting with version 12.7, the program no longer has the App Store and so you should check the version you have installed before proceeding:

If you have iTunes 12 installed.7 or higher, there are several solutions:

Register your Apple ID in iTunes

Step 2 Go to Programs. by selecting it from the dropdown list in the left corner of the panel, near the navigation arrows

Step 3 In the same panel (top of the window), click on App Store. Then find any free application in the store and click Download

Step 4 In the window that appears, click Create New Apple ID

Step 5 Enter your current email address (email), which will be our Apple ID, think of a password, and enter it in the appropriate fields

  • At least 8 characters;
  • Be sure to have at least one capital letter and one number;
  • you cannot use several of the same characters in a row (111, aaa);
  • The password must not be the same as your Apple ID account name;
  • it must not be easy (qwerty, password, 1234567890).

After filling in the fields E-mail and password, choose the country for which you want to create an Apple ID and check the box “Terms and Conditions”, to go to the next step, you must click Continue

Step 6 Now enter your personal data: name, surname and date of birth. Among the available questions, choose those that are appropriate for you and give them the answers, better write them down somewhere so you do not forget. Confirm your information by clicking on the Continue button

Attention! An important condition for registration is the obligatory use of secret questions and answers, as they are needed to confirm that the Apple ID belongs to you. For example, if you forget your Apple ID password, or want to change some information in your account. So take this very seriously!

Step 7 Choose “Payment Method”. NO, you will always be able to link the payment card to your Apple ID in the future

Enter your home address and phone number. If you register not in the Ukrainian App Store, but, for example, in Russian, American or other App Store, you need to enter the address and index of the country where you are registering: Russian for Russia, American for America, etc.д! You can enter an address of absolutely any kind, Apple does not check this

Step 8 You’ll receive a confirmation email from the email address you entered as your Apple ID, with a validation code, enter it, and click Validate

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That’s it! You can now log in to your Apple ID in iTunes.

Creating an Apple ID account on the iPhone and iPad

Registration by this method is done directly in the iOS operating system itself on the iPhone or iPad in the App Store app.

Step 1 Open the App Store app and for devices with iOS 10 and below, select Top Charts from the menu at the bottom. Go to the Free tab, where you choose the application of your choice and click on the DOWNLOAD button. and then INSTALL. This is the only way we can register an Apple ID without a bank card

For devices running iOS 11 or later, go to Today, find any free app, click Download or Get

Step 2 A login window will appear, where we select Create Apple ID

Step 3 Fill in the e-mail address that will be used as your Apple ID name and make up a password. You can read the requirements for creating a password a little bit above. Choose the country for which we want to create an account and click Next. Do not forget to check the “Accept terms and conditions” option

Step 4 Just like when you create an Apple ID on your computer: fill out your name, date of birth, and security question boxes (choose test questions and answer them). When you’ve filled out all the required fields, click Next

Step 5 In the payment information, enter NO, because we want to create an Apple ID without a credit card. Provide your home address and phone number, and click Next

Step 6 Now all we have to do is to confirm our account, after which the Apple ID registration is done. Check our mailbox, and from the letter that Apple sent us, enter the verification code in the appropriate field. Click on Confirm to finish

Congratulations! Now you have your own Apple ID, which you can use in the AppStore, iTunes and other Apple services.

logging, your, apple, computer

As you see the registration is quite simple and you can choose the way you like.

How to sign in to your iMessage account?

Messages app: select Messages, Settings, and click Accounts. Select your iMessage account and click “Sign out”. Now sign in again with the Apple ID you used on your Apple ID account page.

Press the Windows Start button and select Pictures. Click “iCloud Photos” or “Photo Stream” in the Favorites menu in the left-hand panel. To view photos, double-click the “My Photo Stream” album. In the window that appears, it will also appear as a folder.

How to sign in to iCloud from your computer

Today, we’re going to help you understand a question that probably arises from time to time for many users. It’s about how to sign in to iCloud from your computer. To date, experts offer several similar methods that allow you to access iCloud from the operating system Windows 10. 7.

Some of you will wonder what this is for. By entering the above-mentioned cloud storage of information, it will be much easier and more convenient for you to perform various operations with photos (to make copies, add all sorts of notes and messages with reminders). Sometimes, the ability to work with iCloud, will help you find the iPhone, which can be lost or stolen.

Now we’ll tell you how to sign in to iCloud from your computer.

If you don’t have the desire to install what. or on your computer device (different operating systems), use exactly this way. For this, first of all, you need to find a site called iCloud.com, and log in to it. Then you need to enter the name of your Apple ID. That way you can sign in to your iCloud and access your personal data stored in your account. You will be able to log in to iCloud mail in a web interface. iCloud mail is now always available to you if you sign in from your computer.

After that, you will be able to access photos, notes, calendar, all sorts of Apple ID settings, as well as all iCloud Drive information. You’ll have access to all of this using a special feature that lets you work with your Pages, Numbers, and KeyNote personal documents that you store online and in iCloud.

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Therefore, logging into iCloud is not that hard. You can do this from any computer device with a browser installed.

And if you want to download photos from the aforementioned cloud storage to your computer device automatically, you can also use a different method. We are talking about the official Apple Street.

Go to the official site of the company “Apple” and download the iCloud program designed for Windows OS. This will also allow you to use iCloud on your laptop or desktop computer with Windows 10, 8 and Windows 7.

After installing the program, you need to reboot your computer device. Then sign in with your Apple ID and make the initial settings (if you need to).

Now wait for some time (while data synchronization will be performed). You will be able to see your photos and all iCloud content and add photos and all sorts of files with information to the cloud from your PC and save them to your computer.

Login to iCloud.com

The easiest way, which does not require installation of any additional software on your computer (apart from the browser) and works not only on PC and notebooks with Windows, but also in Linux, MacOS and other operating systems, in fact this way you can enter iCloud not only from your computer but also from your modern TV.

Simply go to the official iCloud website.com, enter your Apple ID information and you will be logged into iCloud with access to all your data stored in the account, including access to iCloud mail in the web interface.

You will have access to photos, contents of iCloud Drive, notes, calendar and reminders, as well as to Apple ID settings and the ability to find your iPhone (search iPad and Mac in the same item) with the corresponding function. You can even work with your Pages, Numbers, and KeyNote documents stored in iCloud online.

Add to notes to watch later?

As you can see, logging in to iCloud is easy and can be done from almost any device with a modern browser.

However, in some cases (for example, if you want to automatically download photos from iCloud to your computer, have easy access to iCloud Drive), you may also need the following method. Apple’s official utility for using iCloud in Windows.

Unable to connect to the iTunes Store. Unknown error occurred. How to fix it?

Fixing the problem is easy if you have an iPhone or other smartphone with the ability to distribute the Internet (enable Modem Mode) to your computer. On iPhone:

Go to Settings. Cellular communication; 2. Enable Mobile Internet (Cellular Data) first, then Modem Mode. If there is no Modem Mode section, then try to fix it using these instructions. 3. Connect to the newly created network from your computer via

a) Wi-Fi (if your device is equipped with a wireless network module), or;

b) via Bluetooth (turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone and computer, pair your iPhone, enter the code from the PC screen, then connect to your iPhone from your computer) or

c) via USB cable (connect your iPhone to PC or Mac and select USB option on your smartphone).

Just log into your Apple ID (an EDGE connection will suffice for this). After that you can rid yourself of the leisurely Internet and switch to the usual high-speed connection.

Done. you are logged into your account and now you know how to solve such a problem in the future!