Luggs apex on a powerful PC. Why can’t you start APEX

APEX Legends is a rather demanding game due to the fact that there is a large open world and a large number of objects and other things. In this article you will be told how to optimize the game and increase FPS, as it is of great importance.

  • OS: Windows operating system starting with 7 versions, but only 64 bits, since 32-bit versions are not supported
  • Processor: as for the processor, the 4-nuclear AMD FX 4350 or a similar one should cope. For Intel, 2 nuclear i3 6300 or analogue is suitable for Intel.
  • RAM (RAM): from 6 GB
  • Video card: Nvidia GeForce GT 640 on 2 GB / Radeon HD 7730 on 1 GB
  • Video card memory: at least 1 GB
  • Hard disk: at least 22 GB of free space, but in fact, about 56 GB will be required and approximately 3.8 GB for each localization in the game.

These system requirements are suitable for the game “on minimum”. You will be able to start and play the game with them, but there can be no question of comfort. Despite this, the pleasure of the game “on minimum wages” is unlikely to be able to get, so let’s move on to the next point.

Recommended system requirements

If you want to play with higher video settings and get more pleasure from the game, then your PC must meet the following requirements:

  • OS: 64-bit version of Windows 7
  • Processor: Intel i5 3570K or similar
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • Video card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 / AMD Radeon R9 290
  • Video card memory: 8 GB

These system requirements are suitable for a comfortable game in 60 fps. However, some players and these characteristics may not be enough for a comfortable game. Someone likes to play on maximum FPS with 144 HC monitors in this case, you will need iron more powerful.

What is the problem of performance

Why frisit Apex Legends? In general, Frisity Apex even on fairly powerful devices, this is due to the fact that many users simply incorrectly set the settings in the game, incorrectly install the video card settings, as well as the processor. In this case, everything is easy to do, you just need to roll back the settings to the standard level after you enter this game. If you have a new modern computer, then the difference you will see instantly, FPS will become normal even without additional actions.

However, you should look at what to do the owners of less powerful computers, or old models. For these devices, there is a whole scheme on how to increase the indicators. First, look at what requirements are imposed by developers and understand if your computer is suitable for playing. In addition, you should not discard the fact that the game is quite raw, although it came out a full, completed project. The first months after the release of the game were several updates that improved its performance, the load on the processor, as well as the video card.


On the official website of this game, you can see what minimum requirements for starting it are presented. If you follow at least the minimum requirements, then you will have about 30 FPS with minimal settings, as well as when you turn off most of the effects, while we are talking about texture effects.

For a normal game, there are already enhanced requirements, so the game will issue a larger number of FPS even when setting maximum settings. At the same time, the device will work normally even with multitasking, you can striming on all popular streaming platforms.

Problems with performance

Even if the game lags on a powerful computer, the root of the problem is usually incorrect configuring game graphics, video card or processor. The solution is simple. set the default settings. Often, players overestimate the operational power of their PC and set high parameters, which affects FPS (frames per second). If the computer is weak, it is better to immediately configure low quality, especially, this will slightly affect the process of the game itself.

If the computer does not pull the game at all, you can use a special guide that should help with the solution of this situation. Apex Legends has a number of minimum and recommended requirements. Having studied them, you will understand if your computer will pull or not.

Do not forget that Apex Legends is a new game. Although it came out officially in a “finished form”, in the next few months the game will be refined and optimized by the release of new patches.

Minimum system requirements

What minimum systemic requirements for launching the game can you focus:

  • 64-bit operating system Windows 7 or 10;
  • Intel Core i3-6300 3.8 GHz / AMD FX-4350 4.2 GHz
  • 6 GB of RAM;
  • NVIDIA GT 640 graphics card;
  • 20 GB of free space on the hard drive;
  • 1 GB of memory on the video card

Such system parameters should provide 30 FPS with minimum parameters and disconnecting all additional effects.

Recommended system requirements for normal work:

  • 64-bit Windows 7 or 10;
  • Intel i5 3570K processor or similar;
  • 8 GB of RAM;
  • GEFORCE GTX 970 video card;
  • 30 GB of free space on a hard drive
  • 8 GB of memory on the video card.

On these parameters of the system, you can safely set high settings. Even at maximum settings, the performance of the game will be higher than 100 FPS. The game on these parameters should be comfortable and without unnecessary lags.

The reasons for the appearance of the lags in the game

Apex Legends is a rather big game, so the appearance of bugs and lags in this game is quite expected. What are the main reasons:

  • Small RAM. The most common problem of poor gaming quality is a weak RAM.
  • Excess processes and open programs. RAM is distributed between simultaneously open programs and other processes. To solve this problem, you need to open a problem dispatcher (Ctrl Alt Delete) and close unnecessary tasks.
  • High parameters in the game. The problem can be solved by using the guide, which are later given.
  • Classrooms on hard disk. This situation is quite rare, but it can be identified using utilities, for example, Crystaldiskinfo.
  • The dustiness of the system unit. Almost all users of old computers face this problem. Verce and processor covered with dust heat up greatly, which affects the performance of the whole PC.

An additional reason may be incomplete disclosure of the processor potential. For correction, a special program is used. CPU Unpack. All its functionality consists of normalizing the processor settings. It is completely safe and will not have negative effects on the computer.

FPS in Apex Legends

Greetings! I am faced with the fact that the FPS can sag in different places of the map and during shootings, which affects the accuracy and general sensation of Aim.

I sin on my processor. Ryzen 7 2700X drawings are periodically found, even if you play at the most minimal settings. On maximum, in principle, the picture is the same. In many places on the map, when you look straight ahead, into the distance of the map, the FPS can fall from 140-180 up to 70, which is very noticeable on the 144Hz monitor. I play FullHD resolution.

Config: Ryzen 7 2700XVEGA 6416 GB of RAM 3200

Is it worth trying to change your processor to Ryzen 5 5600x? Will it give stable 140 fps?

The processor not only consists of nuclei, I keep in the course

The processor is “excellent”, but not for gaming in 144 FPS

In such a game, boldly holds on 144, turn on vertical synchronization and you will have 144. I have subsidence only in the ship, but there the whole card draws.

You can check for viruses, I’m not joking, I had a virus so recently and FPS flew into the garbage

I play at the 2700s with a view of 2080s in 2k and 144 FPS. Soldering are up to 115. But this is extremely rare

But the apex is 100% shit

I have this LOK with a two.sidewall, I xs how

Nobody knows how your iron works and whether it is warming whether acceleration is used, how much the Windows is set, and t.P. Start small: look for guides to optimize the Windows and the game itself, drop all the acceleration (except XMP operations), renew the BIOS of the motherboard for the last and take it a rule to play the jumper in the competition on the full minimum wagons. In general, in my opinion, I can say that the problem in the AMD itself is almost accurately, and the video cards are especially problematic, no matter how bitterly it sounds bitter for all owners of AMD. And the fact that the processor does not load 100%, it does not mean anything, look for how it all works, because no one will do this for you. I set up the Apex on the Panjno guides several times, everything is told there right, I think such a content on YouTube was piled up. The main thing is not to use the fucking ISLC (Intelligent Standby List Cleaner), which he promotes in each of his vidos, I have blue screens from it

“Is it worth trying to change your processor to Ryzen 5 5600x? Will it give stable 140 fps?”

How To Find YOUR FIRST MAIN In Apex Legends!

I have a razen 1700 for several years, I have been playing the apex from the release. If you say something, then come on, or go SRI in another place

So the first zen garbage, there is nothing to do

Soldering for Batleroilev norm, because the detailing of the card is different and the number of characters are different at different loks. You need to sin on a video card, not on the processor. This one with a head in games

I just heard the version that the engine in the game is a processor.dependent game.

Well, this is a SURS, it really can be so, but the fact is that the ACEX does not use SURS FICHES

The problem is not always in the plane of the power of components. A friend had just problems with the promotion. 9900 seems to be with a card 3080ti. The apex soded only one core. Like the update of bios and firewood helped. You watch loading graphs and you can see what and how it is loaded.

Watch tests first. My 2060s with Ryzen1600 144 issues

To give out whether another question is stable whether? In such a dynamic game, every couple of seconds with a drawdown are already affecting shooting. Well, or I’m just a strong parliament.

My 2060 and i5 10600k holds everything stably. The matter is clearly not a processor. You can cut off the 3D drawing on characters in the settings and see the difference

Yes, this game began recently, I have Ryzen 7,2700 and Vega 56 stably gave out more than 140 frames, and yesterday this garbage dump was a stable one and everything gives and everything

No, in my past seasons it was so. Just already boiled this time) And about your situations, perhaps after the update is so. Try to sit in the menu for 5-10 minutes, and then just start the game. It is caching something after updates, IMHO.

I understood what you are talking about, but this is another case, I monitored Redid and there people also talk about a similar problem

I’ll try to guess. FPS falls on Olympus. Especially when you look from the edge to the rest of the card (towards the turbine, for example). The very problem has 3600, RX5700XT. Fullhad. Low settings stand, stands Lock FPS for 189. And the FPS falls up to 100 at such moments. I noticed in the Capitol at the edge of the world such. In the area of ​​stream huts. Honestly, I do not believe that iron suddenly miraculously stopped pulling. This crap began a couple of seasons ago, because before everything was stable. Here or update firewood for everything that you can: vidyuha, chipset, bios. Or make your config and turn off the shadows there, which will give Bust FPS. Because even when the shadows are turned off in the play settings, the game will still leave them at the minimum level. A friend has a card and the percentage of AMD, only a little worse and stable 144 on the Low settings. This is the point of optimizing the game and the sigh of developments.

Infinite download APEX Legends: Doesn’t go to the game

We tell you how to fix an endless resumption in Apex Legends and what to do in this case if you can’t go into the game. Apex Legends is a young but already popular game. However, she is still raw and fails to avoid. One of them is just an endless load.

You could see that the menu is loaded, initialization occurs, after which the window freezes completely. After rebooting, re.freezing occurs. Why is that? There are several reasons for the failure:

  • APEX Legends synchronization problems on Windows. For example, a cache or OS itself is clogged, there may be problems in DLL-bibliotexes, in RAM or with DirectX.
  • Warmlings of servers or problems with them. Optimization of server work is a constant issue for developers. Not everything turns out smoothly, therefore they carry out technical work.
  • Incorrect network settings.
  • Unstable connection with the Internet.

How to get rid of endless loading?

If the problem is with servers, then this is not a question on your side and you just have to wait. Technical support tries to solve such issues quickly, but individual work can take up several hours.

For your part, you can change the settings of the game itself, reconfigure the Internet connection or delve into a computer settings. Let’s go to steps.

Check and set up the network

  • Restore the router. If there is a dynamic IP, turn off Wi-Fi or local connection for several minutes.
  • Restore the services responsible for the network connection. Use the combination of Winr. Then enter the word Services. A list of available services will appear. DHCP and DNS Clients should be rewritten. You can update other services.
  • Reset the cache DNS and IP. The cache is cleaned through standard programs, but do this with the rights of the administrator.
  • Try connecting through public DNS. In the network settings, find “Properties” and drive for Google: 8.eight.eight.8 and 8.eight.four.4 or for Yandex 77.88.eight.8 and This is suitable for type TCP/IPV4. For cases with a router, DNS is driven directly in the connection settings.
  • Restore the computer.

Check Windows

Pay attention to OS itself. Try to unload and optimize the computer. The recommendations presented below will help to cope with this task:

  • Check the “Task Manager”. Complete all unnecessary processes.
  • Go on auto.loading. Disconnect everything that you think can affect the game or the Internet. Most often, add.ons to browsers and game customers interfere.
  • Check Windows for viruses. They can block the connection of the game and clog DNS screens. By the way, when you run the game, you can try to disable the antivirus program.
  • Use CCleaner to clean the registry.

We optimize the game through Origin

  • We drop the Origin cache and games. To do this, start the BAT file (it can be found forums). The file will delete all temporary conservations of the game and the game client. After cleaning, the system will restart.
  • Check compatibility settings. To do this, find the main folder of downloaded game. Clicking on the label, go to “Properties”. Put a launch on behalf of the administrator and set compatibility with Windows 8.

Solutions for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

Sometimes endless loading is observed on PlayStation4 and Xbox One. Correct the situation will help to make changes to the settings of the console or router. Sometimes you enough to restart the network and change the type of connection, for example, move from a cable to Wi-Fi.

On this we have everything. Share whether you managed to fix an endless resumption in APEX Legends.

Control list of freezes and failures APEX

If you have fulfilled all the minimum APEX requirements and still puzzle over why you cannot join the game, there are several settings that you can make to your system that can help solve the problem.

Update your driver

When playing APEX, it is extremely important to update drivers. AMD and NVIDIA have released drivers for their video cards that optimize and correct the problems associated with the game. Install them and see if they will act.

Small the version of your driver

If you have updated the driver to the last versions mentioned above, but it still does not work, it is recommended to return to the previous version of the driver.

Disable Freesync, G-Sync and others

Some video cards have synchronization parameters that can cause APEX problems in combination with their own vertical synchronization of the game. Disconnecting this function can solve the problem of hanging and failures.

AMD processors

Several players on forums reported problems with AMD processors FX-6000 series. Some say that small settings, such as the game in the window mode, solved their problem, while others say that the disconnection of two of the six processor cores through your BIOS solves the problem.

Please note that the execution of the first option will sharply reduce the performance of your PC and can cause problems in another software.

Restore game files

Restoring the game files is often a quick and simple solution to the problem of hanging and failures.

When the Origin is launched, go to your library, select Apex Legends and click the gear icon to the right of the orange playback button. The menu with the repair option will open.

Reinstall Origin and Apex

If hangs and malfunctions still interfere with your game, reinstalling Origin and Apex will not hurt. Problems may arise due to Origin, programs that are often unreliable.

Add the exceptions of the firewall for Origin and Apex

Several players reported that their Windows firewall blocks access to Origin and Apex. Try to turn it off manually.

Disconnect FPS on Origin

It seems that the ORIGIN imposition showing your FPS counter may affect the performance of your PC. Follow our guide on how to enable FPS. But instead, remove the flag in Origin.

“My game hangs”

On EA support forums there is a theme called “Guide to eliminate community failures” with additional offers that can be tried if you still have problems with freezing and failures.


How to eliminate fruits of machine loading?

In order for the processor to work properly, and the lags are eliminated in the APEX Legends, you need to deal with the freezes of workload. To do this, you need to simply delete them. There are several options for solving the problem.

The first way

It is logical and appropriate, as practice shows, to remove unnecessary launch parameters. Traditionally, the algorithm of action looks as follows:

  • opening of the library of games in the Origin system;
  • the choice of the name of the game of interest, in our case it is a legendary apex;
  • indication of parameters, properties, expanded settings;
  • elimination of all teams that are superfluous.

Often the users prescribe the “-HIGH” parameter, it is often that leads to an excessive load on the processor, so that it must be urgently removed.

The second method

The developers of the game, along with the main product, offer several general recommendations that help reduce the load. These include the following significant points:

  • restriction of FPS indicators in the general launch parameters or directly in the game, in the second case this is especially important, in particular, if the machines are extremely weak;
  • reduction in the priority of antithee in the task dispatcher;
  • Deterioration of graphic settings. the quality of the picture is unlikely to suffer greatly, but there will be fewer lags;
  • The return of the devices that were dispersed to their original natural state.

This, of course, is far from all tips, but they are basic and should be taken into account first of all.

What other recommendations should adhere to?

The problem of fries can have a close and direct relationship with an error associated with compatibility. In order to correct it, it is necessary to adhere to the next algorithm of actions:

  • click on the right mouse key on the label of Apex Legends directly on the desktop;
  • select a item containing a tab dedicated to compatibility;
  • press the launch key to eliminate problems with it.

Another action option is that you need to try the restoration of the game in Origin. To do this, you need to adhere to a clear instruction of the actions:

  • Directly in the library, click on the right mouse key according to the name of the game;
  • select the recovery option;
  • Install a setting on a window resolution or select a “window without a frame”, these recommendations are given by the developers of the game.

Practice also shows that when using a full.screen mode, an increase in performance is observed.

Deverlet deactivation

So that the lags to the apex come to naught, it is recommended to turn off the extra overlays. This is, first of all, about elements such as Discord, GeForce Exp, FPS Counter, Aura for Asus and many others. All of them are deactivated quite easily, by pressing the corresponding keys.

Disconnecting unnecessary processes

This game experts recommend deactivating all unnecessary processes and remove certain programs from automatic loading. The procedure is traditionally as follows:

  • You must first squeeze Win R and introduce MSCONFIG;
  • open a section with services;
  • install a checkmark in the area “Do not display services”;
  • remove unnecessary programs;
  • visit the automatic load tab;
  • disconnect everything that you think is superfluous.

It remains only to restart the computer, after which the lags must disappear.

Rollback drivers

Considering the question of how to remove lags to the apex, you should definitely pay attention to this method of action. That is, you should roll back the drivers of a video card or any other firewood, especially if their installation is accompanied by the appearance of fries. You can solve the task if you use special NVIDIA and AMD applications.

It is also worth personally configuring the parameters of the game through video card applications. For example, you can use the Radeon Settings system in the application settings tab, turning off Freesync. Some users note that this particular method leads to the desired result, and it can be achieved as soon as possible.

Trinous portrait of ports

The redirecting of the ports was the last measure of each player who was waging a war against the lags. The ancient method allows players to configure the method of sending packages to a game server from their computers, as well as optimizes the process of obtaining.

Port redirecting can be extremely useful if the path appointed to you by your Internet provider and the game server to which you are connected have low performance. Such low performance can be caused by the number of people on the same line or simply general problems with the server on the side of the Internet provider.

Changing your ports will greatly depend on the model of your modem and its intese. Find the manual adapted for your router, or find the appropriate part in the user guide.


  • PlayStation 4: 80, 443, 9960-9969, 1024-1124, 3216, 18000, 18120, 18060, 27900, 28910, 29900
  • Xbox One: 80, 443, 9960-9969, 1024-1124, 3216, 18000, 18120, 18060, 27900, 28910, 29900
  • PC: 80, 443, 9960-9969, 1024-1124, 3216, 18000, 18120, 18060, 27900, 28910, 29900


In rare cases, when none of the above solutions works and the APEX support service can find the cause of your reasons, you may need to contact your Internet provider, since problems with the Internet infrastructure of your home may arise. Tell your Internet provider about all the decisions you tested.

Most likely, they will be able to solve your problem remotely or send a team to your home to check your cables.

Luggs apex on a powerful PC

Lenya, reinstalling with full cleaning of the registry, optimization from Nvidia in Jay Force, and then in the game settings on the schedule. Oh yes, the launch parameters are also without.High. It helped me, now the load is no more than 30%


Dmitry, lol, not only my lags? I have frisit sometimes for a second and two. Although before that the apex always went stable.

Dmitry Vladimirovich answered Deleted

Dmitry Vladimirovich answered Dmitry

Julia Novikova answered Lena

Lenya Singaev answered Julia

Julia Novikova answered Lena

Lenya Singaev answered Julia

Julia Novikova answered Lena

Lenya, I know that the problem is in the game, for I myself have already bought the operations, as they thought about it. Perhaps in season 10, developers will think about community and deign something to do.

Lenya Singaev answered Julia

Julia Novikova answered Lena

Julia Novikova answered Lena

Lenya, I more or less solved the problem, the percentage does not hide at 100. Yesterday and this morning I chased Diamond, zero lags

Lenya Singaev answered Julia

Julia Novikova answered Lena

Lenya, I opened the game, turned, opened the task manager, and sat for about 10-20 minutes in the background, followed the load. The load fell just a little bit, but went into the rink and the percent does not hide at 100, there are no lags

Lenya Singaev answered Julia

Julia Novikova answered Lena

Glory Guryev answered Julia