Make a business card online and save on a computer

TOP 5 free applications for creating an electronic business card (in search of the perfect application for an electronic business card)

Once on the eve of a business trip to a major international exhibition, my colleagues and I were puzzled, where it is quickly and budgetary to make business cards without long design and printing in printing house.

As a result of the search, I discovered a new type of business cards. Electronic digital business cards. It became interesting to me whether it was realistic to find a free mobile application with the full functionality of electronic business cards to quickly share a visit with partners and potential customers directly from the smartphone. As a result, I decided to write this small overview to the market of electronic business cards (exclusively options with the application for Android or iOS) in Russia and abroad.

To begin with, what is an electronic business card (or, as they are also called on the Internet: online business card, QR business card for free, create a business card online for free, business cards application, application for business cards, a program for creating business cards, create a NFC visitor, a smart business card. Smart business card and t.D.)

To make it clear what it is about-an electronic business card is a specialized online service or an application for convenient transmission of your contact information. Which is convenient. The recipient of the business card does not need to install anything. Like ordinary business cards, digital business cards can be created, configured and shared with anyone. The main difference between electronic business cards and paper is the rapid conservation of contact. I received a business card, or rather a link, pressed a button and all user contacts are stored in a smartphone.

Digital business cards do not limit the space. The user can add as much information to the business card as he wants. In addition to standard contact information (such as the name, e.Mail, company and phone number), the user can complement the video or photo business card, logo and profiles on social networks and in some solutions. Add his presentation or information to the meeting in the form of photos. This is directly very convenient: I shared a visitor and your new acquaintance calmly leafed through in the smartphone what you are telling him about. Actually replacing the projector or connection to the screen. All this information can be displayed in several languages.

In general, electronic business cards, in the world, were very developed: according to Google, or rather Market Research Future [1] Electronic Smart business cards around the world are gaining momentum and reaches 242.3 million. Doll. By 2027, at the average annual growth rate 11%.

The same report provides the main players in the international electronic business card market: Haystack (Australia), Hihello, Inc. (USA), Inigo (USA), L-Card (USA), Switchit (USA), Adobe (USA), Snapdat (USA) and Camcard (USA).

Automatic Business Card Software || New Template Designing Visiting Card 2019

For my review, I have chosen several Western companies and a couple of companies from Russia (Service of electronic business cards MyQRCARDS and DBCARDS).

The ability to share an unlimited number of times through SMS, QR code, Telegram. Whatsapp, Messenger, and email;

Personal account in which you can create business cards immediately for a group of employees (corporate version).

In my review, all electronic business cards have mobile applications that allow you to create, edit and share business cards. True, not everyone had a corporate version and Russian language, but about everything on the lock.

I installed five applications on my smartphone: 3 foreign services (Switchit, Hihello and Haystack) of digital business cards and 2 services from Russia (MyQRCARDS and DBCARDS).

First of all, I downloaded and installed the application of each service (Myqrcards, Hihello, Dbcards, Haystack and Switchit) electronic business cards from GooglePlay or if you have an iPhone from Applestore;

make, business, card, online, computer

Registration in electronic business cards

In all services of electronic business cards, I easily registered, indicating only my email and confirmed the registration of the link from the letter. Only the inconvenience. Foreign services Hihello, Haystack and Switchit support only English.

Entering data for its electronic business card

Here I, too, almost did not experience any difficulties and introduced the fields I needed for the business card in each application, and also added a photo. I apply screenshots for each application (Myqrcards, Hihello, Haystack, Switchit, Dbcards).

The main screen of an electronic visit to the MYQRCARDS, Hihello, Haystack, Switchit, Dbcards editing mode

Additional fields in an electronic business card: In addition to the main contact information, I needed to indicate the working email, zoom, Skype and phone number, and I also wanted to indicate a link to my personal site with a portfolio. As a result, I can say that MyQRCARDS and Hihello, against the background of other services, are noticeably distinguished and even in the free version you can create many additional fields, both personal data about yourself and data about the company and social networks.

At the end of the data input, the DBCARDS was waiting for an unpleasant surprise, it turned out to be shared by a visitor, I could only pay 499, yes, it’s a shame. In addition to the business card, they offer a QR codes scanner and something like a board of ads with published business cards of the owners that in my case it was not necessary.

From the additional functions at Myqrcards noted the availability of an electronic business card card in Apple Wallet and the ability to order additional accessories (NFC visits, QR code of a business card and various nFC technology on the site in the service store).

What does an electronic business card look like in various services

Here I will dwell a little more: after registering and filling out all the data I need, you can look at the appearance of the business card. Let me remind you that each electronic business card is, in fact, a web page (miniland on a closed link on the Internet).

For each of the applications, I took a screenshot of an electronic business card to understand what your interlocutor will see by opening an electronic business card by link on the Internet.

Screenshots for each of the applications of the electronic business card already on the Internet with access to the link) Myqrcards, Hihello, Haystack, Switchit. Dbcards is not here, since I did not pay a subscription for the test.

make, business, card, online, computer

As you can see, all applications have domains under their addresses, and then there is an identifier of your business card. Unfortunately, in foreign services, the main intensity of the electronic business card itself is not available in Russian, which is not very suitable for me to present your business card.

FOLDR-service free online businessmen

Hello everyone, this is the founder of FOLDR Ilya Losinsky. We make a service to quickly create digital business cards. Today I will tell you how this idea was born and why the online visits is cooler than paper.

A few weeks ago I needed to make a small page for myself, where it would be briefly written who I am and where I can be found on the network. Being a completely lazy person, I was not going to write this simple functionality with my own hands.

In the yard 2021, I thought, I would now find a ready.Made solution on the Internet. A few hours later, there was a complete disappointment: there are no beautiful minimalistic templates, and from the nearest spirit of services there is only a conditional Taplink, which is designed to generate leads, but not to create a certain likeness of a visit on the Internet.

MS Word Tutorial-How to Create Visiting Card or Business Card Design in Microsoft word

It seemed to me extremely strange that such a simple idea has no good implementation. And then I decided to fix it and in my free time I wrote the code from my main work. So Foldr was born.

Foldr is a service where the user will be able to collect in one place all his social networks, links to portfolio and contacts for communication.

We believe in diversity, so now we provide users with several options to design their business card. For example, lovers of the common voice social network can choose the topic “Club”, and fans of the dark topics will find an outlet in the form of “Katerina”.

The finished page can be used in different ways. I will give a couple of examples:

  • Place a link in your social networks so that your audience can find you everywhere, or contact you convenient for you
  • Send the link along with the resume so that the customer can look at your portfolio on different services
  • Show the QR code from the phone to quickly give your contact during business meetings or when meeting

The path from creating a traditional business card can occupy from one day to a week. You need to decide on the design, select several contacts (after all, the place on the business card is limited), select material and paint for printing. This is not all: do not forget that you will need to go to the neighboring area (if you’re lucky) to pick up the set from the printing house.

You can make your business card in a few minutes without leaving your own apartment. And yes, if you make a mistake in writing your mail, then you no longer have to order a new circulation and start all over the beginning.

No more you need to steam whether you took a couple of business cards with you. Or they simply ended with you, and you need to call the printing house again and ask to print a couple more.

Each Foldr user has its own QR code that is easy to share with others. Just open and show them your page.

Even if the printed business card is with itself, it does not solve all the problems. After all, the data from the business card must be rewritten to the address book, at the same time, check if you were sealed. This is tedious and monotonous, especially if you have several similar meetings every day.

Everyone who will open your business card on Foldr will be able to add all your contact details to his phone book in one click.

Literally the day before yesterday, the fifth major renewal of the service came out, at the same time, I must admit that it is far from the ideal that I imagine.

Nevertheless, now you can indicate links to all your accounts and briefly tell about yourself, and as a result, get a beautiful page, with the ability to share it using a QR code and the function of adding to contacts.

In the near future, there will be more opportunities for customization of their business card: new topics, changing design-patterns, adding your links and formatting descriptions.

You can use this service for free. I will be glad if you try it. An honest review and objective assessment is what our team needs very much.

Which constructor of business cards to choose? My rating of applications and online services for creating paper and electronic business cards

Hey. I am Anna, Marketing Manager and Communications of the Consulting Group of Companies. Recently, I needed to make a new design of business cards for one of our organizations, and I began to look for a suitable online designer who would simplify my work.

Of course, it was possible to turn to the designer in the old fashioned way, but summer is the time of vacations, and the creation of business cards is not such a difficult task. Plus, I did not limit myself only to finding online services to create business card layouts and decided to look at the question wider.

  • I studied available tools that can help quickly create a model for printing business cards in the printing house;
  • I looked for alternatives to paper business cards. Applications and services of electronic business cards;
  • Rated trends in creating business cards in different countries.

I share the results. Maybe for someone it is also relevant.

To begin with, the problem can be solved in several ways:

  • Order the design of business cards in the studio or from the designer, and then give it to the printing house for printing;
  • Create a template for business cards with a design in one of the free or paid online services that allow you to create a model for printing business cards (I will list the services that I managed to try);
  • Get away from paper business cards by replacing or complementing them with electronic business cards.

Unlike paper digital business cards:

  • Do not end;
  • Information in the business card can be changed without the need to reprint previously issued business cards;
  • In one of the services, I found a personal account for organizations where the administrator can create and manage employees’ business cards;
  • It is impossible to forget an electronic business card. It is always in a smartphone;
  • The cost of electronic business cards is lower than that of paper, even in the case of using paid services.

Therefore, before choosing the designer of business cards, decide how you want to organize the process of managing business cards of employees in the future.

In my case, we are talking about several hundred people.

We move directly to the services and designers of business cards. Below is my top 3 in electronic business cards and top 3 in paper.

Online service Myqrcards offers a comprehensive solution to manage and create electronic business cards in the company. Company location: Russia.

The system allows you to completely switch to electronic business cards from paper, and supplement paper business cards with a digital analogue.

Design can be anything and overnight under the company’s company style. Examples of design from the developer website:

To get an electronic business card, the interlocutor does not need to install any applications. He either receives a link through the messenger, or scans the QR code from the smartphone screen, or applies a smartphone to the NFC card with a visit.

  • The administrator registers a personal account on the site and creates in it employees who need business cards. You can order your design of business cards to the company’s corporate identity;
  • The employee receives a notification that an electronic business card is available to him;
  • Having set the application (iOS or Android) and authorized by corporate e-mail, the employee receives opportunities:
  • Share business cards;
  • Edit business cards, add photos, social networks, etc. Even without access to the Internet;
  • Create additional business cards for meetings and business trips.

For myself, I have identified several main advantages of MyQRCARDS electronic business cards in front of QR visits made in the QR code of generators or on free services:

  • Personal account of the company with employee business cards;
  • Mobile app;
  • Design in the company’s company style and the ability to share not only text data, but also photographs, profiles in social networks, messengers, etc.P.

According to the developer, EGO is a unique electronic business card, a business tool intended for any level of managers, representatives of service companies, individual entrepreneurs, and top managers. Company location: Russia.

The card is made in electronic form and filled with any useful information about themselves and their company. This is a personal card, and a mini-resume, and even a mini-proportion.

In fact, through the service you fill out a virtual business card with your data (last name and name, photography, company name and position, company logo, phone, e-mail, messengers: WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, Skype, Signal, WeChat). Next, you can edit the card or share a link via QR or messenger.

In design, you can edit the color scheme, but you can not create your own design in its entirety. There is also no personal account from which all employees can be centrally managed.

The YOURCF service offers to purchase a NFC card or a sticker that allows you to share contact information. Company location: Russia.

In your personal account, the user fills out personal data and indicates the sequence of reflection of links in the business card. You can also configure an automatic redirect on one of the links of the business card.

  • You need to decide on the type of smart business card / stickers, add goods to the basket and pay;
  • Create an electronic profile;
  • To coordinate the design layout (the designer will contact with whom you will discuss your preferences on the layout, he will also ask to send a photo / logo of the company to the post).
  • Further, the designer will develop it, agree with you a ready.Made prototype;
  • You will be delivered a ready-made NFC visitor in your design.

It will remain not to forget to take her with you, putting it in a or purse.

To share such a NFC visitor, just attach the card to the smartphone supporting the NFC function.

For me, the fundamental moment was the opportunity to create and edit digital business cards in the personal account of MyQRCARDS. In addition, you can make an NFC card with an electronic visit as a souvenir or element of branded merchants.

If you have a small company, then you probably have no problems with constant re.Release of business cards. Ego in this case will be a convenient tool.

Templates of business cards for free. Ready.Made examples for creativity

The printing house “Article” offers ready.Made business card patterns for any profession and areas of activity that you can independently edit for yourself and your company. Among thousands of examples, you will certainly find for yourself a suitable design mock and, if desired, complement it with original details. Online business card designer will help to create an original business card on your own!

Make stylish business cards online in the constructor in 1 minute. This is possible. Ready templates presented on the site allow you to make a business card without attracting designers. For this you just need to fill out the lines of the selected layout with the necessary information. The main advantage. You pay only print circulation.

Working with the designer

The designer of business cards online will help make excellent business cards for yourself and your company. Our catalog presents a large assortment of ready.Made business card layouts that are divided into a number of thematic categories. At the same time, each of them contains a set of topics that can even narrow the search for the desired sample. If you have chosen some category, but have not chosen the topic, in this case you will see options on all topics of this category. By pressing the template you like, you will get into the editor of the business card.

Editor functions

  • Creation and deletion of text lines, as well as a change in any line or multi.Line text (font, color, formatting, etc.D.).
  • Creation of geometric objects (circle, rectangle, stars, lines and.T.D.).
  • Loading images.
  • Operating in layers (t.E. The sequence of the location of the objects).
  • Turning elements of the layout to an arbitrary angle.
  • Copying and removing template elements.
  • Formation of the map by entering the address in a special field with the ability to set the level of map scale.
  • Formation and placement of a QR code.

Working with a calculator

Having finished with the design of the layout, you go to the calculation. The built.In calculator will calculate the cost of manufacturing printing products. By changing the color parameters, paper density, circulation volume, you can set an acceptable price.

The history of your orders is preserved in your personal account, which we will automatically create for you when placing an order. If necessary, you can repeatedly print your old orders, as well as make the necessary edits in them.

Online designer for making business cards saves time, money and nerves

Probably, many thought that it would be nice to “get” a business card for themselves. But something stopped. Well, you need to go somewhere, negotiate with someone, then painfully try to explain to the designer how exactly the business card should look, but as a result it turns out that the designer understood everything incorrectly. Yes, and not cheap is pleasure.

Since you were on this page, then you have a chance to fulfill your dream without leaving your home.

At your service online designer design of business cards design.

First. The word “designer” does not mean a profession here, but a functional tool. To obtain the final result (which cannot but arrange you, since you yourself have come to it), you are step by step from ready.Made elements to collect a business card to your taste.

Second. Online. This is online, that is, without leaving your computer, you, having completed the “game” to our designer, send an order. Everything, actually! It remains to wait for him to be ready.

The deadlines, by the way, also depend on you. You indicate them at one of the stages (you yourself understand what is more expensive, the more expensive, but in any case, the manufacture of business cards with the help of an online designer will cost less than the traditional path).

It is very simple to use the designer.

At the first stage, you choose the type of product (one click). In our case, these are business cards, but actually our online printing house suggests collecting postcards, leaflets, booklets, etc.D.

Then select the size and sides of the seal.

Further the most interesting. You find yourself in our library, in which 800 finished templates are stored, and choose among them the one that suits you the most. If nothing is suitable, the online designer of business cards makes it possible to download your layout or image. If you still have chosen a ready-made template, you edit it (such an opportunity is also provided) and confirm-they say, everything is ready. This is exactly what was needed. Then a little routine. You have to choose a circulation, terms and cost of printing. (I see, after all, execution options are possible).

On this, actually working with an online designer to create business cards completed. You go to the “basket” and place an order.

How to create a business card online?

Contractor designer. This is an online program created for manufacturing design of a business card with the subsequent saving of the file on the user’s computer and printing on the printer. The model of the business card template facilitates the task of printing in size. (saving nerves and time).

To create a business card, you can choose a template from pre.Installed or create your own unique business card from a clean sheet. The collection of clipart and figures will make the design of a business card for any activity or service sector. It is possible to load the Images with the extension PNG and JPG.

The model of the business card template specially designed templates to save the result in files.DOCX and.PDF allow you to immediately print a business card with the specified dimensions in the plural in A4 format.

Customer stories for inspiration and motivation

The story of Tatyana Kislitsyna is a brand Who Am I? Studio

TOP-5 services allow you to make a business card online and save it to your computer

Consider the most popular services with which you can design a business card online.

Canva.COM simple installation of business cards

International resource canva.COM has a fairly wide tool for creating various graphic designs. Business cards, logos, presentations, posters and other graphic and text templates, allowing you to easily create a business card online.

To work with Canva, follow the following:

  • Go to Canva resource.COM, and go through the registration procedure (you can use the data of your account on Google or )
  • On the screens of the creation of designs, select a “business card”;
  • Decide on your favorite business card by clicking on it;
  • By clicking on the text of the business card in the editing window, make your changes to the right;
  • Decide on other elements that are available in the control panel on the left (elements, text, background);
  • To save the result, click on the “download” on the right, select the type of stored file, and again click on “Download”.
make, business, card, online, computer

JMI.By-online designer

Belarusian service JMI.BY has a simple and convenient designer of business cards, and you can get the result created with its help using e-mail. The entry of data for the business card itself, the choice of the background and the logo occurs on one large screen, the user remains to fill out all the data on the page, and then click on the “save” below.

JMI use instructions are presented below:

  • Go to the JMI service.By;
  • In the upper row, select the desired template for the business card;
  • Decide on the background and logo (if necessary, load your own with PC);
  • Below, fill out the fields of the text of the business card, decide on the font, its sizes, color and so on;
  • When everything is ready, click on “save”.

Vizit-Ka.Ru. Visual engine

VIZIT-KA service.Ru has absolutely similar functionality with the JMI service I already mentioned.By. The business card creation window is divided into several main fields in which you can enter text data for your business card, determine the font, background, download the picture, select other settings.

After installing the necessary settings, click on the yellow button “Download PDF”. Bring the necessary parameters of the saved business card, and then save it to your PC.

Printmaker.Pro for those who want to make a business card with their own hands (-)

Printmaker service.Pro is a professional project with many opportunities, including the presence of business cards templates. It is equipped with a convenient Russian.Speaking integrate, as well as the possibility of free preservation of the result to yourself on PC.

To work with Printmaker, you need to follow the actions:

  • Go to Printmaker service;
  • Select “Create a business card with your own hands” or “choose from a collection of templates” (I recommend using templates for more convenience);
  • Select your favorite business card template;
  • Click on the text of the business card to change it;
  • The buttons on top allow you to add the text to your business card, as well as upload the desired graphic object from the computer to insert into the business card;
  • After the necessary elements are entered and your business card will be ready, click on the “Free Download” button on the right, and save the opened page in PDF format on PC.

Degraeve.COM powerful tool

This simple and convenient English.Language service offers free tools for free creation of business cards online.

  • All you need is to switch to Degraeve’s resource.COM enter the text for a business card.
  • Download your logo for the business card using the Upload Logo button, press the “preview” to view the result, and then on “Download” to save it on a computer in PDF format.