Make ringtone to iPhone online m4r

best M4R ringtones maker apps for iPhone (free / online / paid)

Want to create ringtones for iPhone M4R with your favorite music but you don’t have a good iPhone ringtone maker?

iTunes gives you the ability to make your own iPhone ringtones on your PC or Mac. But most iOS users don’t know the method or prefer not to use it. Because it’s too complicated.

With that in mind, this post will recommend the 10 best iPhone ringtone maker apps so you can make M4R ringtones with any audio file you have. If you want to make ringtones for iPhone 4S / 5/6/7 / SE / 8 / X / XR / XS or other iOS devices, you can find the right M4R ringtones maker.

Converting Mp3 to iPhone Ringtone

If you need more information about making a ringtone via iTunes, check it out here.

Free online application to convert MP3 to M4R. M4ROnline Free Ringtone Maker

If you do not have iTunes 12 or for other reasons, you can replace iTunes with online audio converter to convert MP3 to M4R for free. M4R converters online can be divided into two aspects: free use and no registration.

And relatively, audio editing filters will be less than MP3 to M4R converter software. It’s up to you. For people who need to convert audio formats and cut certain music sections, this is enough. And I will show you some online M4R converter to create ringtones for iPhone from web browser.


Key features: Convert MP3 and WAV to M4R for free; automatically delete all downloads in a few hours.

Note: select an audio file up to 50MB in size.

How to convert: Click “Browse” to download audio in MP3 format click Download Now blue button tap Download M4R blue link to save.

Free Ringtones Software.

Key features: Convert AAC, FLAC, M4A, MP3, OGG, WAV and WMA as ringtone; customize ringtone with filters.

Note: Select “Clear Queue” to delete the wrong MP3 audio files.

How to convert: Click Download files to import music in MP3 format go to your page to find a ringtones editor set Start Time and End Time length, or you can move the sliders manually adjust the volume and tap Play to preview Click Make ringtone trim.

Convert MP3 to M4R

Key features: Convert MP3 file to M4R ringtone online for free with easy steps.

Note: You need an email address to receive converted M4R files.

How to convert: Select the files or URL you want to convert by clicking the Select Files icon. or just drag the files to the first box select M4R format from the file list enter your email address to receive the converted file click Convert Button to complete the conversion.

Audio Converter

Key features: Support more than 300 different file formats including video formats, convert them into MP3, WAV, M4A, FLAC, OGG, AMR, MP2 and M4R (for iPhone ringtones).

Note: Offer advanced settings and edit track information.

How to convert: Click Open Files button to select music in MP3 format from your computer or directly from Google Drive, Dropbox or enter URL to select iPhone ringtone as output format, here you can also choose the output file quality if necessary you can change the bit rate and set the smooth appearance, disappearance, etc. д. under “Advanced Settings” Click Convert Button to complete the conversion.

M4R. Is the extension of iTunes ringtone file. The MER file was created to be used for custom ringtone sounds. Working for different purposes, the M4A file has been renamed to M4R. The M4R file can be opened by iTunes, and you can use VLC to play the M4R file, which is not copy protected.

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Compared with Android ringtone in MP3 format, M4R is an iOS ringtone format. So if you want to change the customized ringtone on your iPhone, you first need to create an M4R file. This is what we will show you in the following description.

Visit mp3cut.

Press “Open File” and select the song you want to create a ringtone from. You can also add a song via a direct link, from Google Drive or Dropbox.

make, ringtone, iphone, online

Select the beginning and the end of the ringtone by moving the blue sliders. Set a more precise interval using arrows on your keyboard.

Note: If you want the ringtone to begin smoothly by gradually increasing the volume, set the Soft Start switch to the active position. The “Soft Fade Out” option works the same way, but for the end of the ringtone.

Select the format of “Ringtone for iPhone.

Once the ringtone creation is complete, click “Trim”. A big plus of this service is that the download of the trimmed song is direct, without the need to, for example, view ads.

Done! The ringtone has been uploaded to your computer already in the format.m4r. All that’s left is to add it to iTunes and synchronize it with your iPhone.

Table of Contents

At the beginning of this article, you may have been surprised to learn that you can download a ringtone or music to your iPhone without iTunes. Yes, it’s quite realistic.

We have a simple solution for you: the WALTR audio and media app for iPhone, which does not require iTunes or Jailbreak. The only requirement is that you must already have a ready-made ringtone in M4R format on your computer.

With it you can download not only ringtones and music to your iPhone but also movies of different formats that will be converted on the fly.

make, ringtone, iphone, online

We made sure that working with the application was easy and fast. WALTR is easy to use and requires no special knowledge or additional settings. Works on Mac and Windows.

Now we offer you to download WALTR 2 on your Mac or Windows. The only condition is that you already have an M4R format ringtone on your computer.

Open WALTR 2.

Design is simple and intuitive and no need to click the mouse on the application.

Connecting iPhone to PC

Then drag the M4R format file into the application.

Receive a notification that there is a new ringtone on our device. All that’s left is to set it as a ringtone.

Go to your phone settings and select a new ringtone you’ve created.

We hope that you found this article useful and that you did not have any difficulties when installing the ringtone on your iPhone. Now you have WALTR and to learn more about the program and its features, I attach a short list of what WALTR can do:

  • Upload music to the iPhone in MP3 format (all versions of the device are supported: iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6s and later)

  • Set the best ringtones on your iPhone

  • Upload movies and videos to the iPhone in any format (MKV, AVI, MP4)

All operations of downloading files to your iPhone do not require iTunes

WALTR not only works with iPhone, but iPad and iPod as well. Now everyone can download and watch your favorite movies or videos offline as a download video on iPhone.

If you have an iPad, the article How to Download Movies to iPad with WALTR will save you time and forget about converters and iTunes.

Ripping music with iTunes

In the past it was difficult to create a ringtone by yourself, you had to install special programs which were complicated to manage.

Now you can make your unique call online right on your iPhone.

The easiest way to do this is with the standard iTunes program. It will allow you to edit the selected song and make it an individual call.

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So, to get a unique ringtone for your smartphone, you need to follow the instructions:

Now you need to select the fragment you like. To do this, in the program menu, select Information. Settings. In this tab you need to set the duration of the melody.

Selecting a song via iTunes

Setting the duration of a part of a melody

  • Once the time of the song is selected, you need to click on the song with the right click and specify that the version should be created in AAC format. A little later the application will give a beep which will mean that the program has processed the melody and a new call is ready.
  • Now you can set the track to your ringtone, as well as move it to any convenient folder.
  • In the application you should delete the created fragment in AAC format. If the program asks you to remove the file or leave it, you should choose the second option.

How to install the ringtone on iPhone without iTunes

But today you will learn a quick and easy way to add a new ringtone to your iPhone, and how to do it without iTunes. As a bonus, we’ll tell you how to make your own ringtone for your iPhone.

The first difficulty a user encounters is the ringtone format. Unfortunately, the iPhone can not play audio in MP3 as a ringtone. The format that is supported by M4R.

There are several ways to solve this problem: download iPhone ringtones in M4R format or make your own iPhone ringtones using an online audio converter or software.

Creating your own iPhone ringtone.

Are you tired of the default ringtone on your iPhone. You can make it yourself, taking 15 minutes to do it. Yes right, it’s not like the usual, choose an mp3 song and press set the ringtone. Here everything is more complicated, of course, there is a simple way, but it is paid through the iTunes Store. Oh, these Americans are always free buttons hide very deep and without instructions do not understand. But it is possible to do it yourself through iTunes. Let’s learn it, and overcome your laziness.

To create a ringtone for iPhone we will need:

Basic preparedness. But you can only install a ringtone up to 30 seconds long on your iPhone, and it must be in the odd m4r format. Let’s begin !

The process of creating and installing a ringtone on iPhone can be divided into 4 steps:

  • Creating a part of a melody for your ringtone
  • Convert it to m4r format
  • Uploading a ringtone to your iPhone
  • Set up your ringtone for calls and SMS

Attention! If you already have a ringtone in the necessary format, go straight to step 3. You need to create a melody in m4a format? Then let’s create it through the standard iTunes program.

Step 1: Create a part of melody for your ringtone from selected song

Launch iTunes. Click on the “Songs” button. Go to the iTunes menu item, click on the button in the upper left corner of the program. We press the item “Add a file to the media library”, Specially all circled:

Choose our file with a song or music (mp3, mpeg, etc.). format):

Our tune appears in the media library. Now select it and right click on it. Click “Info” in the dropdown menu:

iTunes will try to find the cover of the album the song belongs to. You have to wait for the process to finish, oh, that iTunes with its automation.

A window pops up, we go to the Options tab. Check start and stop as shown below. That’s where we cut it down to the 30 seconds we want. We can change these parameters, but without an opportunity to listen to a fragment it is senseless, though it is possible to use any mp3 player in parallel. Select the fragment and press the “Ok” button:

Set the desired interval of the song, but know that it should not exceed 30 seconds.

Choose a song and click on it with the right mouse button. Choose “Create AAC version”. Here it is, converting to a special format that suits iTunes:

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We got a 30 second long piece of music. in “AAC” format. It has the extension “m4a.”.

Step 2: Convert it to m4r, or rather, simply rename the extension of the file

How to Add M4R to iPhone

Open the folder with our tune. In iTunes, you will need to click on the tune and click on “Show in Windows Explorer:

In the window that appears, right-click on the file and choose “Rename”:

Change the file type to “m4r” and press “Enter”. Press “Yes” on the warning message that pops up:

If you don’t see the file extension, but only the file name, you should turn on the checkbox in the folder settings to show the extension of the file. How to do it. Start. Control Panel. Folder Options. switch to the View tab. find “Hide extensions for registered types” and uncheck.

The ringtone for calls is ready. Congratulations, we have passed the most difficult step. It’s time to put it into your phone.

How to Transfer M4R Ringtones to iPhone [FASTEST METHOD EVER]

Step 3: How to download the ringtone to your iPhone 3g, 3gs, 4, 4s, 5, 5s, 5c via iTunes

Connect your iPhone to your computer, and wait until synchronization is complete. In iTunes, click on the iPhone in the upper right corner:

Go to “Sounds” tab. Check “Synchronize sounds” checkbox. Click on “Selected Sounds” and check the box next to the ringtone. Click “Apply” in the lower right corner:

When the process is complete, click “Done” and then “Apply”:

Our new, free ringtone is uploaded to your iPhone.

Step 4: Change the default ringtone to a new iPhone ringtone

Grab your phone and go to Settings:

Scroll down and select the “Ringtone” box:

We select the ringtone we made and enjoy incoming calls:

Sounds of SMS, calls, mail, reminders, programs and widgets are changed in the same way. Now you can put a ringtone on your iPhone and change it for free.

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Solution two. Convert MP3 to M4R on your computer

If you think iTunes is too complicated to convert MP3 to M4R, you can consider the third-party software in this piece to convert MP3 to M4R.

iPhone Ringtone Maker

Aiseesoft M4R Converter is a professional M4R converter to change audio and video file to M4R. Let’s check its features:

Convert MP3, AAC, FLAC, AIFF, WAV, WMA, OGG, etc. Д. IN M4R.

Modify MP4, MOV, AVI, FLV, SWF, WMV, MKV, etc. Д. On M4R.

Directly transfer M4R ringtone to iPhone / iTunes / computer.

Synchronize iPhone ringtone with computer.

Now let’s see how to convert MP3 to M4R:

Step 1 Download, install and run this program on your computer. Click “Add File” to import MP3 file into this software.

Step 2 Tap the MP3 file, edit the ringtone length, fade in and fade out effects.

Step 3 If you want to install the converted M4R to iPhone directly, just connect your iPhone to your computer, check “Add to iPhone” and click “Create” to start converting MP3 to M4R.

Free Ringtone Maker

Free Ringtone Maker is a free ringtone converter to convert video and audio to M4R. It can convert MP3, OGG, WMA, WAV, FLAC, etc. Д. To M4R and modify MOV, MP4, AVI, MKV, WMV, FLV, etc. Д. On M4R.

Step 1 Free download, install and open it on your computer.

Step 2 Click “Add File(s)” to import MP3 files.

Step 3 Select “M4R” in “Output format” and click “Convert” to start converting MP3 to M4R on your computer.