The Urban Legend of the Troll in the Closet - leprechaun midget census taker captured


leprechaun midget census taker captured -

Called his father and says "Dad I caught something! Dad I caught Something! I have it locked in the closet!!" Dad is like "What is it" and son says "come home." So the dad comes home and he has a Census Taker LOCKED IN THE CLOSET!!! Here the census taker is a midget and the son hit him in the head with a frying pan and put him in the closet! Mar 03, 2010 · When the mom got home she found that her son had indeed captured a wee someone: a midget census taker. The boy, who had never seen a little person before, had scooped up the man and put him in a hall closet, bracing the door with a wooden chair wedged beneath the doorknob. Fortunately, the census taker had the luck o' the Irish—and a cellphone.Author: Claudia.

In 1850, this country had a population of 23, 191, 876, and a total number of insane and. Ms Paris Rose ☆ Explore sexy and fresh Amateur & Big Tits videos only on. April 2010 versions, while again presenting the victim as a census taker, had him mistaken for a leprechaun instead of a troll, a bit of story re-engineering that worked to make the tale a wee bit.

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