Mi Band 3 does not connect to the phone

Mi Band 3 Pairing Problem Fix | Mi Band Couldn’t Connect to Phone | Android and iPhone Issues

Sometimes the solution lies on the surface: if a second-generation tracker was previously linked to the branded application, you need to unlink it and only then connect the new device. We have already written an article on how to use multiple bracelets at the same time. Familiarize yourself with it and share your experiences.

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Not original device will not sync with Mi fit. This chip helps to easily distinguish a fake version of the tracker. If the device does not connect to the phone, this may be the problem.

There are other signs that give away a fake.

Will not connect to your phone

The process of first pairing a fitness bracelet is pretty simple.

The menu is intuitive and in Russian. Usually users have no difficulties. Especially for those who have used similar devices before. But the lack of contact strains the nervous system. What to do? Perform operations step by step:

  • Didn’t have time to charge the smart watch, now you need to do it.
  • Make sure that the technical requirements are met: the operating system Android 6.0 and up, for iPhone iOS 10.0 and above, optimally Bluetooth 5.0, but versions from 4.2.
  • Check if the wireless module is working. Delete from the list the devices, which haven’t been used for a long time. Reboot Bluetooth.
  • Turn on GPS. Also, in the app settings on your smartphone, allow the Mi Fit to search for a settlement.
  • Place the wristband nearby. You can put it on your arm if it is more comfortable. Remember that the gadget should not be more than 10 meters away from the source.

All steps done and Mi Fit still doesn’t see the Mi Band 5. Do the following steps:

  • Restart the smartphone. Once enabled, re-pair with the fitness tracker, pre-activate Bluetooth and GPS.
  • Reinstall the software. If the program asks for permission to send notifications or location detection when you open it, answer in the affirmative.
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After these manipulations, the initial connection failures should go away. Otherwise, we advise to contact the service center to determine the cause. There may be a factory defect, and it is better to return the tracker to the seller under warranty.

If the bracelet still does not vibrate, you will have to completely restart the settings, first disconnecting the tracker from your smartphone and then reconnecting it. The cause of the incorrect work of the alerts can also be a conflict of applications.

Mi Band 3 Connect To App To Update | Problem Issue How To Fix

Restarting your Mi Band 3 using your smartphone

To reset Mi Band 3 using Mi Fit, you need to open the application, select your bracelet and press the Unlink button. Next on the screen will be tips for further action, you will need to confirm by pressing the button on the bracelet.

Diagnosing problems

If the battery is fine and the Mi Band 3 does not turn on, you may be experiencing these problems:

  • Contacts. Connectors are dirty. Dry or slightly damp cloth can be used to wipe the contacts on the cable and the capsule. After cleaning, it is recommended to check the tightness of the charging strap and attach the bracelet to the PC. Indicators light up to let you know the operation was completed successfully.
  • Mechanical damage. it can be a blow, as well as the impact of water. The manufacturers of the tracker claimed level of protection IP67, but that does not mean that the device can take a blow of any force and survive after that. Regarding water, it should be clarified that a long stay will adversely affect the performance of the bracelet. Therefore, the recommended maximum water test time is only 30 minutes. You can check this in two ways: connect your phone or PC, laptop. When the charge is complete, the bracelet will vibrate and require disconnection from the cable.
  • Problem four, why Mi Band 3 does not turn on is a broken tracker and the only possible way out. buying a new device.

Full discharge

Since the bracelet spends a lot of time on the road to its owner and is not recharged, the battery can become completely empty. The gadget is always on and in normal circumstances, once purchased and removed from the box, you can immediately put it on your arm and start using it. If the screen is dark, then, most likely, the battery has not withstood transportation and completely discharged.

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The first step is to check if the bracelet is charging. If the process starts after plugging in the cable, then there is no reason to worry anymore. If the Mi Band 3 does not turn on, you may want to leave it charging for a long time. It usually takes two hours, but if fully discharged, it can take up to an entire night. Users also bring the battery to life with cold, simply by putting the tracker in the freezer.

Connecting the Xiaomi Mi band 3 bracelet to your phone

In order to use all the features of Xiaomi Mi Band 3 (track steps, monitor your physical condition, monitor your sleep, etc.), you need to tie this bracelet to your smartphone. For many, this process will seem complicated, t. к. Often there are problems when you try to synchronize. But actually you can do it in a few minutes. Next about how to connect Mi Band 3 to the phone and what the initial settings need to be done.

If you have problems with synchronization, it is recommended to reboot the device, activate and disable Bluetooth. It is obligatory to have the GPS module on before searching the device.

Sometimes it helps that the fitness bracelet is on the hand, although it seems strange.

You should check the list of available devices via Bluetooth, for which you need to go into the settings.

If there is no synchronization with the custom apps, you should look in the Mi Fit app settings to check the “Connection limitation” option. The blocking must be disabled.

You should try to use Notify Fitness or Mi band Master utilities.

If the first connection was successful, and at repeated attempts to connect fails, it is worth to perform a number of actions. First, the gadget is detached from your Xiaomi account, then it is removed from the list of connected devices in the Bluetooth settings. You can also use the function of clearing the data in the list of applications on your phone. The next step is to synchronize with Mi Fit again.

If this doesn’t help, you can try resetting the settings from the built-in menu. Note that it is possible to perform such actions only when the functionality of the gadget is unlocked.

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When the Mi Band 4 doesn’t show up via Bluetooth, installing the NRF Connect app may help, if it’s due to an unstable connection.

Options: When connected, check if the phone has internet, bluetooth, (GPS) geolocation enabled. Try updating the Mi Fit app on your phone to the latest version If nothing helps, try uninstalling the Mi Fit app from your phone and reinstalling from Google Play.

Why the Xiaomi Mi Bend 2 does not connect to your phone

  • 2.1 Restart Bluetooth.
  • 2.2 Reboot your smartphone
  • 2.3 Stop Mifit app.
  • 2.4 disconnect the device
  • 2.5 Checking for authenticity
  • 2.6 Charging the fitness bracelet

Mi band 3 why it is not connecting to mobile

  • Open the “Mi Fit” app, turning on Bluetooth on your smartphone beforehand.
  • At the very bottom of the main window, go to the “Profile” tab.
  • Select the connected bracelet by clicking on “Mi Band 3”.
  • In the menu at the bottom press “Disconnect”.
  • Wait for the disconnection procedure to finish.
  • fully charge the gadgets;
  • Install the app recommended by the manufacturer on your phone;
  • Register an account on the network;
  • Set the user parameters in the account and application;
  • turn on the phone Bluetooth;
  • Select the bracelet in the list;
  • confirm the connection.

If the bracelet is not detected, put it closer to the smartphone and search again. If it is still not detected, then you need to go to Google Play again and download the BLE Scanner app from there. Install, open, then open Mi Fit again and run the Mi Band search. Now it just has to be found.

  • Remove the Mi Fit app from your smartphone;
  • Search online and download one of the older versions of the app, such as 1.0.652.188, install the application;
  • Turn on Bluetooth, and then connect the wristband to your computer via a USB cord;