Mi band 4 watch won’t turn on

To connect the Smart bracelet M4 to the phone, you need to install a specialized application on your phone, which will work with the bracelet. Usually a link to it in the form of a QR-code is placed in the instruction, which is included in the bracelet package.

Such application is ” FitPro ” (Android, iOS). You can also use the applications ” WearFit “, ” Yoho Sport “, ” LeFun Health ” and others.

  • Turn on location detection (GPS) and Bluetooth on your phone;
  • Install the “FitPro” app on your phone;
  • Launch the app, and give it the permissions it requires;

After the QR code is recognized, the bracelet will be connected.

Press and hold to turn on or off the Galaxy Watch device. Press to turn on the screen. Press and hold for more than 7 seconds to reset the Galaxy Watch. If the watch screen is open, tap to go to the apps screen.

How to restart your watch with the power button

Press and hold the power button for three seconds or until the watch turns off. Note. Some watches have three buttons on the case, in this case the power button will be in the middle.

How to connect a fitness bracelet to your phone. Instructions for Xiaomi, Honor, Huawei, Samsung, etc.д.

The first question that arises after buying a new tracker is how to connect a fitness bracelet to the phone? After all, most devices of this type without pairing with a smartphone or tablet are nothing more than just an ordinary piece of jewelry on your arm. Neither set the time, nor adjust the appearance without connecting, it is often impossible. To view statistics, again, you’ll need a proprietary mobile app.

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How To Fix Mi Band 4 Smart Watch Dead Problem 100% Work.Sure Or Not???

In this manual we will try to describe the process of connecting a fitness bracelet to a smartphone in maximum detail and step by step, using some of the most popular models from manufacturers such as Xiaomi, Honor, Huawei, Samsung, etc. as an example.д. By the way, the process of connecting Smartwatch is not much different from pairing a fitness tracker.

Depending on the model and manufacturer of the fitness bracelet, the process of connecting the fitness bracelet to the phone may be different, but the principle of connection is the same:

  • Download and install the mobile app.
  • Run it and if required, register and log in.
  • Connect the fitness bracelet to your phone and synchronize data.

Mi band 4 watch does not turn on

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Mi band 4 not working

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Added (1). Please give me a full manual!

How to fix a “dead” MI Band3 | MI Band4 | MI Band 5

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band, watch, turn

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Mi Band 4 battery discharge

The natural, and desirable for the buyer, option of the bracelet not working is a full battery discharge.

Take out of the box branded cradle for charging the gadget, put the Mi Band 4 capsule in it and connect to the charger or computer via USB.

If the battery discharge was normal, in just a few seconds the screen will display an animation of charge, you just need to wait about two hours and Mi Band 4 is ready to use.

There is a worst case when the bracelet has been in the package for a very long time and the battery has been deeply discharged. In this case, connect the gadget to the charger and leave it that way for a long time. up to 24 hours. If it still does not charge after a day of being charged. contact the seller if the bracelet is new to return the product, or an authorized service center. Repair shops have special devices that allow you to charge batteries that are deeply discharged.

A good device will turn off automatically after you finish charging it. If there is insufficient electrical activity in the battery, the device refuses to turn on. Solves the problem by increasing the charging time. You can put your device in the freezer for a few minutes, then leave it at room temperature and reconnect it to the charger.

There is a chance that the battery will run out of power. If so, the charging image will appear on the screen when you connect to the network. After 2 hours the gadget will be ready to use.

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The new Xiaomi fitness bracelets are characterized by a deep discharge. In this case, leave the device connected to the network for 24 hours. If the display does not turn on, you will need to contact your dealer.

  • Charge your device fully.
  • Install the Mi Fit app on your smartphone and sign in with your Mi account information.
  • Turn on Bluetooth and connect to the bracelet from the app. If the device is working properly, it will vibrate and the display will indicate that pairing is complete.

To do this, swipe down on the fitness tracker screen and find the “Advanced” section. In it, open the “Settings” section, scroll down to the “Restart” line and press it. The “Restart” question will appear on the screen?”, checkmark and X. Press the checkmark and the gadget will restart.

To do this, swipe down on the fitness tracker screen and find the “Advanced” section. There, open the “Settings” section, swipe down to the “Restart” line and tap it. On the screen, you will see the question “Reboot?Reboot”, a checkmark, and a cross. Tap the checkbox and the gadget will restart.

Once on the main application screen, you need to click on “Profile” and then “Add device”. From the list of devices, select “Bracelet” and agree to the collection of activity data. After a short wait, the smartphone will show a notification to confirm the connection on the bracelet itself.

What to do if Mi Band 2 does not turn on after discharging

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 bracelet does not turn on immediately after purchase or after the time of use. a common problem of gadgets. A smart watch that will assist the user in organizing a healthy lifestyle, keep track of physical activity has become a fashionable addition to any smartphone. Such a digital device can not only notify about the number of steps taken, heart rate, and displays notifications from your phone on the screen, informing the owner of all the changes without having to constantly check the device. Malfunctions with the tracker can occur for a number of reasons.