Microsoft can plan a folding screen laptop

Six years of disputes: why Microsoft made an Android smartphone with two screens in the world where all devices are the same articles

On September 10, the first two-screen Android smartphone Microsoft-Surface Duo worth 1399 was on sale. Journalists of The Verge, Techcrunch, Windows Central and other publications note that this is an ambitious project that can become a model for a whole class of compact two.Screen devices. Albeit with reservations.

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The idea of ​​“ Surface” belongs to the director of Microsoft products to Panois Panai. He tried for several years to create a suitable device.

The path was painful for him and the entire unit: during the development they abandoned two devices, made a difficult and non.Standard partnership with Google and encountered many engineering problems.

The main thing from the history of the creation of Surface Duo and the first reviews of foreign publications.

Work on Surface Duo began immediately after Microsoft canceled the launch of Surface Mini. An eight.Inch tablet on Windows RT, which was supposed to be released in 2014.

According to Panay, the abolition of an almost finished device, although it was an emotionally difficult solution for the whole team, but Surface mini simply did not fit the company.

There were no suitable applications on Windows RT, and the dimensions and unfinished OS meant that users would still have to carry a smartphone with them.

After Surface Mini, the team began working on the Andromeda project. Microsoft employees are reluctant to say about his details and note that Andromeda is “not even close” to Surface Duo.

According to The Verge, Andromeda is a double-screen Windows device on a hinge, but thicker and larger than panay wanted. Given the experience, the Microsoft team took up Surface Duo.

“We had literally two pieces of metal and the loop that we collected together. I wore them in my for several months,” Panai notes. He tried to analyze how often he closes and opens the layout, whether it is possible to sit on it, how large the screen and dimensions should be to maintain the convenience of the mobile device.

From the idea of ​​a folding display, as in Samsung Galaxy Fold, they quickly refused. Two flat screens are more reliable. “We wanted a glass that will not scratch when working with a stylus, and a 360.Degree hinge. Without compromising the thickness of the device”.

The company abandoned the device with one screen, with a screen on the outside, with screens on different sides of the device and a wireless display. Microsoft focused on the reliability of the hinge and maintaining compact sizes.

So that Surface Duo lies well in the hand, Microsoft distributed the components of the device inside a single frame so as to preserve the thickness and balance its weight.

Surface Duo dimensions were a difficult test: when discussing the permissible thickness, I had to argue for every millimeter and microns, Panai notes. The team was manic in weight, symmetry and battery life.

For this, the company abandoned the NFC and 5G module, and also donated a camera. “This is not the camera that you expect in the flagship Android Smartphone in 2020,” The Verge notes. Her module is one of the smallest in the market, the thickness does not exceed 4.8 mm.

The type of screen also caused disputes within the team: LCD display arranged more image quality engineers, but was thicker than Amoled. And the first OLED prototype shocked them: at some viewing angles, a color shift was clearly visible.

Because of this, I had to work with manufacturers to expand the viewing angles and calibrate the displays: they received homogeneous colors, uniform contrast parameters and were synchronized with each other.

Lack of applications on Windows or Windows Phone. The main reason why Duo works on Android, Panai admitted. According to him, it was not easy to explain to the team that Surface would work for OS by Google. Over, the team had to not only accept this, but also finalize the system.

For Android Microsoft, I created an architecture with two screens and all the API for it, for example, to drag the application from the screen to the screen, and overall support for two.Screen devices.

But to finish the device, help was required by Google. In addition to Google Play services for Microsoft, it was important that its achievements become part of Android, not a shell. Otherwise, Surface Duo remained a “gorge with two screens”.

If Google refused to help, Microsoft would not produce Duo, Panai says: “Either we do it together, or we do not do it at all”.

Panai arranged a secret meeting with the Google top manager Hiroshi Lockhamer: showed him a prototype, spoke about his idea of ​​convenient launch on a mobile device of several applications at the same time and asked for help: “To realize the idea of ​​a double screen, you need your team, not mine”.

Several years ago, such cooperation was impossible to imagine: Microsoft spent years and billions, trying to “kill” Android using Windows Mobile and Nokia, and Surface was primarily a Windows promotion tool.

Everything changed when Microsoft was headed by Satya Valel in 2014, and the company focused on the cloud business instead of Windows. The main thing was the convenience: full.Fledged Microsoft applications on iOS and Android, the Edge browser switched to Chromium, and for the company it has already become habitually working with Google tools.

Google does not manage to capture the mobile market using Pixel, and Samsung and other manufacturers earn money on Android, Protocol notes.

Therefore, the company needed a powerful partner to promote the ecosystem, ideally one who could create new software and products for future devices with folding and double screens.

Microsoft became a good candidate who arranged Lokheimer. The most difficult thing remained. To persuade the teams to work together.

At first, many employees of both companies hardly perceived Google and Microsoft as a partner, not a competitor. There were legal and organizational problems, since the internal structure of companies differs even in the usual duration of meetings, not to mention where to hold them. In Google Meet or Microsoft Teams.

Everything seemed unreliable, the team had the feeling that the project was about to fall apart. Panai wrote entire documents for Google developers who did not always understand what was required of them, since they saw the system differently.

Features of the display

Thinkpad X1 uses OLED panel with a diagonal of 13.3 inches and very wide frames around the perimeter. Its resolution is unknown, as well as the number of simultaneous touches processed by the touch layer. According to the Gizmochina portal, the display resolution is Quad HD (2K) or 2560×1440 pixels, but Lenovo itself does not confirm this information.

Thinkpad X1 is deprived of not only the keyboard, but also the touchpad and physical mouse buttons. All control is carried out either using additional input devices, or due to the main display. Due to the design, the laptop can also be used as a tablet computer.

From the point of view of the design, Lenovo ThinkPad X1 is similar to the Samsung Galaxy Fold smartphone. The first folding vendor from the vendor from the first echelon entered the retail sale. Both gadgets have identical constructive disadvantages, despite the fact that Galaxy Fold’s debut took place in February 2019.

First of all, this applies to the gap between the halves of the display in a folded state. It is, and it is clearly visible. The ThinkPad X1 also did not bypass the problem with the hack on the display. Here, as in the Galaxy Fold, it is fully present (see. Video).

It is worth noting that gadgets with flexible displays without creases and gaps exist. This is shown in November 2019. Motorola razr folding smartphone. Oddly enough, this device is also developed by Lenovo, since Motorola belongs to it since 2014. In addition, both displays are designed and produced by the same company. Chinese Boe Display.

Lenovo and Intel showed the concepts of laptops with folding screens of the editorial

The device from Lenovo will cost 2499, and the cost of the laptop from Intel is still unknown.

Lenovo and Intel introduced laptops with folding screens. The presentation of the devices was held at the CES 2020 exhibition.

Lenovo announced ThinkPad X1 Fold: the device received a screen of 13.3 inches with a ratio of sides of 4: 3 in an unfolded form. You can connect a magnetic Bluetooth keyboard to it to work with ThinkPad X1 Fold as a full-fledged laptop.

Separately, for the “screen” you can buy a stand, then X1 Fold will look like a mini-PC. She will cost 24.

Lenovo worked on the folding screen with LG for about four years. At the same time, the manufacturer is confident in the durability of this device, writes The Verge. Lenovo also promised that the device will operate up to 11 hours from one charge.

X1 Fold will work on Windows 10 Pro. The company expects to release a laptop in mid.2020, the device will cost from 2499 (about 154 thousand).

Intel also showed a prototype of a folding laptop, it was called Horseshoe Bend. It is larger than X1 Fold and is more like a laptop in folded form, notes The Verge.

The device received an OLED display of 17.3 inches with a ratio of sides 4: 3. To enter the text, you can use a virtual keyboard or attach a magnetic physical.

In folded form, Horseshoe Bend is similar to a regular laptop with a 12.5.Inch screen, CNET notes. The device will work on Tiger Lake processors, which Intel plans to produce in 2020.

Probably in Apple, someone fainted, realizing that it was possible to stretch the touchbar and steam separately to Klava for 90% of the cost of the laptop

Apple probably simply cannot afford to take a flexible screens and wait until all the rakes will collect others, and then they will eat up the specialists and do something sane

And the stand is sold in just 1% of the cost of the device

The photo shows the so.Called “effective work”

All is not that. And Apple apparently waits for the years in 3-5 years to bent them. Well, or bend, in this context.

Come up with a way to fold the screen in half, which can be patented.

For me, such a laptop is more practical than a phone (Samfold).

It would be better to introduce the concept of a reliable and non.Buggy laptop.

Of course, I did not feel the most last series of ThinkPad, but x260 is quite reliable and not glow.

microsoft, plan, folding, screen

Because you need to sell something every year, and all that they can now attract this with an increase in memory, discs and operations, and for the most part no one needs. So you have to grab on any “breakthroughs”. Maybe now it is not so obvious, but I think all sensible manufacturers understand this.

By the way, the described in the post is a good example of how in our time it is not a demand that forms a proposal, and the proposal forms a demand.

Marketers put pressure on basic instincts to make you exchange your salary for the illusion of happiness they created, which is available only by acquiring their product.

In fact, it should be so that the proposal forms a demand. A person focuses only on what he sees in a circle, sees a good car and wants to buy it, and if he does not see it where the desire will come from that he wants it? This is how a person from the 90s will form a demand for a smartphone? They do not even understand what it is, many at that time mobile phones do not understand why they are needed. In addition, now people at the end of everything also need to show why they need it. Here Samusng showed his ball and you think so, well, what for him? And they take and show the video and you, “oo, yes, so cool”. So in terms of proposal and demand, everything works as it should. First innovation then demand.

Henry Ford: “If I asked people what they want, they would ask a faster horse”

The article describes a completely working device. In general, expensive equipment is bought not for happiness, but for convenience. 150k per laptop. Average in the hospital price, and cheaper. Most likely there will be money to the wind (he studied the question tightly this year).

Folding tablet. Quite a working device with a lot of cases.

Happiness. Always illusion, a thing is exclusively subjective. Respect for those who can create this illusion.

Technically, it is not a big problem to make 2-Fold or 3-Fold laptop. Not bending screen, but composite. This would solve the problem of 23 inches. Display for laptops. But. Do not want.

Razer had a concept of a laptop with a triple screen, it was stolen from the exhibition

At one time, I bought Lenovo Yoga with a 360.Degree turning. I have not seen more shit in life. In addition to the mechanism itself that cracked in a month of accurate use, it installed a completely disgusting Wi-Fi module constantly losing network and brake hybrid hard drive. Warranty three times glued pancake mechanism of the screen turning, and about the shitty iron said that these are the features of the model. I suffered a year, scored for a guarantee, through a custom adapter I installed a normal SSD, put a good Wi-Fi module with dancing and tambourines, but when the reversal mechanism finally fell apart (and it was used only at 360 at the beginning a couple of times if that), and the store and the store and according to the store and according to the store Top acer took the old memory. So innovation from Lenovo. Go to the ass.

I already buy a second yoga, excellent iron, a beautiful screen, the hinge works perfectly (which looks like a strap). But this is their top segment, possibly in the economy differently.

As for me, instead of this bending garbage, it would be better to develop touch screens that give feedback when touched.

Cool effect, a technology appeared, a bunch of manufacturers began to throw bricks into the air in the hope that they would develop into the wall and form something new in the overfed market. Along the way, to gain experience with this technology.

Microsoft develops Windows for flexible folding laptops

Folding smartphones will soon fill the market and, apparently, folding PC will soon appear behind them.

Royole showed the world’s first smartphone with a folding glass display at the CES exhibition last week. Samsung can present its new folding smartphone on February 20. Now Microsoft began to include in the assembly of Windows 10 hints indicating that the company is developing a version of its operating system for folding devices.

This step is not a big surprise. There are rumors that Microsoft worked for some time on its own two-screen and / or folding devices, although it is currently unclear whether the company will bring them to the market or Microsoft simply develops software for third-party equipment.

At the same time, the Intel Tiger Rapids prototype can pave the way for Windows computers with two screens. In addition, if you want a laptop with two screens (where one screen. This is an E Ink display that you can use as a virtual keyboard), you can already buy Lenovo Book Yoga C930.

But at the moment, Windows is not very optimized for devices where you may need to configure applications, tasks and other elements for different modes depending on how you use the device: is it folded in half for use, for example, how a tablet, Detailed for use as a large tablet or configured for use as a laptop with a touch keyboard?

According to Verge, “sources familiar with Microsoft plans,” they say that the company really works on the Windows version optimized for such scenarios. Hints in recent assemblies only confirm this statement.

Unfortunately, this is all that is known at the moment.

In recent years, Microsoft has a habit of producing a preview of new functions and asking community help in their testing. But there are certain products that the company continues to develop behind closed doors, and so far flexible folding devices and software for them are one of these products.

Microsoft has developed a “ laptop” with a folding display

According to company employees, the gadget can be placed in a. Writes The Verge, citing a leakage of internal documents Microsoft.

Numerous rumors around the potential development from Microsoft called Andromeda are actually 100% true-the company actually develops this device, positioning it not just as a tablet with an emerging display, but as a full replacement for the current generation of surfacial devices.

On the pages of The Verge appeared information about the “crazy” Surface Phone phone from Microsoft. In the final case, on the lower screen of the device, the icon of the keys from the Xbox One joystick icon.

Microsoft patent applications, rumors and mentioning in the Windows 10 code have more than once indicated more than once.

According to the located reliable information of The Verge, the current engineering prototypes of Andromeda look identical to the concept depicted on the basis of information from Patent applications by Microsoft 3D designer David Breer. It is clear that in the current prototype Microsoft works out the use of a digital pen.

Most likely, the new device will be an equally productive solution based on the ARM Windows 10, but it is still too early to make certain judgments and conclusions regarding what exactly Microsoft wants.

Andromeda, as before, is developed in Microsoft secret laboratories.

Microsoft expects to release Andromeda this year along with the same devices from the company’s OEM partners that will follow her example.

Intel is also working on similar devices with 2 screens, which in the final result will be used by Microsoft software for working with Andromeda.

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Surface Duo and Microsoft efforts on Android

In 2020, Microsoft will continue to expand its library of applications and services on Android. In 2020, we will see the deployment and subsequent steps for XCloud, Your Phone and the Office package. Microsoft combines the appearance of applications on different platforms, introduces a dark mode for a larger number of applications and provides a growing number of services for mobile users.

It seems that in 2020 Microsoft is changing its mobile strategy.

In addition to all applications and services that Microsoft creates for Android, they also go to the hardware space with Surface Duo. Although this phone with two screens will not become a direct competitor to companies such as OnePlus and Samsung, it will allow us to look at the vision of Microsoft regarding Android.

microsoft, plan, folding, screen

It is very interesting to see how the Android phone from Microsoft looks like. What will its starting screen look like? Will he have an updated version of Next Lockscreen? Will Microsoft add any functions on Android? These are just a few questions that we will answer in 2020.

Samsung is already integrating its developments directly into Note10. I can’t wait to see what Microsoft will do when it will have deep access to the software and hardware of the Android device.

Briefly: a laptop with a screen on a hinge, Duo 2 smartphone with two screens and other announcements of Microsoft Fall 2021 Articles

On September 22, Microsoft held a presentation at which she introduced new tablets, laptop, smartphone and accessories of the Surface line.

The largest update of the tablet line since Surface Pro 3.

The new tablet received a Pixelsense Flow.Increased up to 13 inch with adaptive frequency support up to 120 Hz, Dolby Vision technology and adaptive color temperature adjustment. It is 12.5% ​​brighter, and the resolution is 11% higher (I did not name the exact numbers of Microsoft for the presentation).

For the first time, two Thunderbolt 4 ports appeared in the new Surface Pro instead of USB-A, which allow you to connect several 4K monitors, high-speed storage facilities and external video cards. There is Dolby Atmos support.

Surface Pro 8 uses the technology of dynamic screen update in Windows 11 and automatically adjusts it depending on the tasks.

For example, the frequency of 120 Hz will be activated when working with a touchscreen with a finger or stylus. For the greatest accuracy of handwritten input and more smooth sensory scrolling in applications.

Inside Surface Pro 8, Intel Core i5 and Core i7 generation processors. Microsoft promises that the performance of the processor of the new tablet is 40% faster than in Surface Pro 7, and the graphic nucleus is 74%.

In the base model 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal memory, in the maximum. 32 GB of RAM and 1 TB of memory.

The attached keyboard Surface Pro Signature. The Verge in the preliminary review calls it “magnificent”.

The keyboard has a stand for the new Perface Slim Pen 2 pen. It knows how to give tactile signals in response to touching the tablet screen. Thanks to the Microsoft G6 processor, which is installed in Surface Pro 8 and Surface Laptop Studio. The vibration rod should simplify the work of artists and give a feeling of paper on paper.

The pen also received improved accuracy and lower delay due to the changed tip.

Surface Pro 8. Up to 16 hours. Cost. From 1099 for the base model.

The second folding smartphone Microsoft became the “work on errors”. It has a flagship processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 888, 8 GB of RAM, a new hinge with a reduced gap between two updated screens, a system of three cameras and support 5G.

An obsolete processor, a weak camera and a large gap between the screens were the main disadvantages of the first model, notes The Verge.

The smartphone has two rounded 5.8-inch OLED screen with a resolution of 1344×1892 each and a frequency of 90 Hz. They are connected by a small hinge, in a detailed state, the total diagonal of the screens is 8.3 inches.

The folded screens on the bend create a small panel. It displays the time and notifications when the smartphone is closed.

Surface Duo 2 received three cameras-a 16 megapixel is ultra-cheap, a 12 megapixel wide-angle, and a 12 megapixel telephoto lens, the last two support optical stabilization.

Also now the smartphone supports wireless charging and NFC. Autonomous operation time is not disclosed, but Microsoft promises that the battery with a capacity of 4449 mAh is designed to “work throughout the day”.

The company claims that it was optimized by two screens. For example, about 150 games, including Asphalt Legends 9, Modern Combat 5 and Dungeon Hunter 5, use the second screen as a virtual gamepad.

Smartphone works on Android 11. It will go on sale from October 21, the base model with 128 GB of memory will cost 1499 (about 108 thousand). Models for 256 and 512 GB. 1599 and 1799, respectively.

Microsoft introduced the successor of the Surface Book laptop line, in which she decided to abandon the unfastened display in favor of a hinge.

The device received a 14.4-inch PixelSense Flow (2400 x 1600) support with adaptive frequency supports up to 120 Hz and Dolby Vision support.

The new hinge allows you to switch between three operating modes. A laptop, a scene and a studio:

How to Connect Mobile to Windows 10 Laptop | Share Mobile Screen on Windows 10 Laptop

  • In a laptop mode, the user can work with a keyboard and a new touchpad with gestures and “tactile sensations”, the support of which will appear in Windows 11.
  • In stage mode, the user can put forward a display forward at the right angle. For games, watching videos, presentation or working with touchscreen and pen.
  • In the “Studio” mode, the display completely falls on the keyboard and turns the device into a semblance of a tablet for drawing, sketches and other creativity.
microsoft, plan, folding, screen

Microsoft does not mention the word “tablet” in the presentation, probably due to the dimensions of the device-its weight is 1.8 kg, and the thickness in folded form is 1.6 cm. And the pen may be attached to the back cover.

Laptop Studio received Intel Core i5 and I7 generation processors. The “youngest” model supports the built.In Intel Iris XE graphics, in the eldest. NVIDIA RTX 3050 Ti with 4 GB of video memory. Users can choose between options from 16 or 32 GB of RAM and up to 2 TB of the built-in SSD drive.

The device is equipped with four USB-C ports with support for Thunderbolt 4 and 3.5 mm headphone jack.

Surface Laptop Studio will be available at a price of 1599 (about 116 thousand from October 5. Along with Windows 11.

A small update received the cheapest tablet of the Surface line. Now it installed Intel Pentium Gold 6500Y and Core i3-10100Y processors, and Microsoft states that Surface GO 3 by 60% faster than the previous model.

The rest remained unchanged: Surface GO 3 has a 10.5-inch screen, a 5 MP front camera, 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage.

Its case is 20% made of processed plastic found in the ocean, and the packaging is made of 100% of the processed materials.

Opening hours. Up to 12 months from one AA battery. The wireless mouse includes an exclusive theme for Windows.

This is a set of devices for people with disabilities that should help it use Surface devices.

The kit includes tactile buttons, tags with protrusions, port indicators with a relief texture and special tongues to open the laptop cover or put forward a tablet stand.

At first it seemed that in the photo there are five different devices lie in a stack.

Interesting, there are real uce cases for this mode? For example, I never use a tablet, even light when it lies on the table.

The news of the day

President Vladimir Putin proposed to consider the creation of the state information protection system. The country’s security council approved the draft Fundamentals of State Policy on Information Security.

Russia and the CIS countries will sign memorandums in the field of biological security. The adoption of such documents will not allow the United States to arrange dangerous experiments in the territory of third countries. This was discussed at a meeting of the parliamentary commission for the investigation of the activities of American biolaboratories in Ukraine. During the working meeting, new facts of Washington’s crimes against world biosics were announced. In particular, it became known that the United States studied the Ebola and Ospn viruses in Ukraine.

The Bulgarian government decided to reduce the amount of compensation paid to Ukrainian refugees for food and accommodation in hotels by 2.5 times. From 40 to 15 levis per day.

Ex-president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko wrote an article for Politico. In it, he offers to block the Friendship pipeline. In his opinion, this will become a powerful turning point.

Microsoft prepared a potentially revolutionary device for the release, designed to erase the line between smartphones and laptops and, if you’re lucky, arrange a coup on the personal electronics market like that in 2007 IPhone. He writes in detail about the project, summarizing the scattered rumors and supplementing them with his own information from the internal document Microsoft, the publication of The Verge.

The key feature of the new computer from the Surface line, under the code name Andromeda, will be two screens with curved edges, engraved in such a way as to form a single, almost seamless display in the unfolded form. Microsoft patent applications have repeatedly indicated such development, rumors and mentioning in the code of the Windows 10 operating system. As follows from the publication of the confidential email of Microsoft, the device, being a PC with Windows 10, will be able to fit in a

Here is how the upcoming “revolution” is described in the document: “This device is new for Surface Form Factor, which unites innovative“ iron ”and software, creating a truly personal and universal experience of using a computer”. Microsoft refused to comment on the leak.

According to The Verge, the current engineering prototypes of Andromeda look identical to the concept shown on the basis of information from the Microsoft patent applications by 3D designer David Breer.

@zacbowden @h0x0d @windowscentral #surface Andromeda Render According to the Latest Patents Picccom/Cmbvlfettu

When developing Andromeda, Microsoft is experimented with feathers and programs adapted for it. It is assumed that the “computer of the future” can be put into a tablet. For convenient viewing of sites or working in office programs, or folded out with screens in a kind of notebook to make notes. It is still unclear whether Intel processor will be used in the new product, or the developers will prefer a more energy.Efficient, albeit potentially less productive solution from Qualcomm.

Inquired about the project, sources in Microsoft warn that the company’s management can at any time cancel the gadget’s exit to the market. So at one time occurred with Surface Mini-the compact version of the Windows planet was “hacked” literally a few weeks before the already planned announcement.

“Media: Apple will install ARM processors in three new” poppies “read also

The corporation see Andromeda as a chance to recoup for an unsuccessful attempt to compete with iPhone and Android, releasing smartphones with Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile.

Opinions were divided

Companies that create concepts and real devices of this kind offer a variety of use scenarios. But it is clear that laptops with folding screens are very specific gadgets, which, most likely, not everyone needs.

There is an opinion that it is not needed at all, and the developers are sucked out of the use scenarios from the finger. There is a technology for creating flexible screens, which means that it began to be introduced not only in phones, but also in laptops. At the same time, the developers say that the systems with folding displays will replace both ordinary laptops and tablets after a while.

But the creators of various kinds of “transformers”, 2-in-1 systems.

Let’s discuss the relevance of technology in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. In your opinion, whether such systems of law to life deserve or is it a completely artificial idea?