Microsoft Remote Desktop Settings on a tablet. Airdroid

Windows 10 OS for PC and Android OS for smartphones remains a preferred choice for many users. Both OS are very popular and continue to develop with updates and improvements. As their user, you always vouch for greater integration between the two platforms to facilitate access to data.

Wouldn’t it be a huge advantage if you could remotely gain access to your PC with Windows 10 using the Android device so that you have access to files and programs when you cannot physically be in the same place? One of these applications that helps easily connect Android device to PC with Windows 10 is Microsoft Remote Desktop for Android.

Features of Microsoft Remote Desktop for Android

  • This is a free application that is easy to download in the Google Play store.
  • Using this application, you can access remote resources through the gateway of a remote desktop.
  • It provides ample features of multi.tank with a remote desktop (RDP) and RemoteFX protocol supporting Windows gestures.
  • It offers a safe connection with your data and applications using the revolutionary technology of network level authentication (NLA).
  • Simple control of all remote connections from the connection center
  • It supports high.quality flow transmission of video and sound with improved compression and use of a bandwidth strip.
  • Support Azure RemoteApp.

Setting a remote desktop for Android on Windows 10 includes three simple workarounds.

  • Setting up your Android device, such as a smartphone / tablet
  • Setting up your PC with Windows 10
  • Creating a connection for a remote desktop on your Android device

Instructions: Setting up the connection to the RDP server from the device with Android OS

For technical awareness of customer outsourcing customers, our team has prepared an exhaustive guide to configure the connection to the RDP server from the device with OC Android. After reading, you can independently add a connection to the new server.

To configure RDP connection, you will need the following data:

You can get these data from contact person in your company.

Open Google Play, enter RD Client in the search bar, the Microsoft Remote Desktop application will appear in the results list. Install this application:

After installation, open the application (pay attention to the fact that the application is called “RD Client” on the phone’s desktop).

Add a new connection to the server by clicking on the button with the image of the plus:

In the menu for adding a new server, select the DESKTOP item:

After adding a new connection, return to the main screen of the application and click on the image of the added server.

microsoft, remote, desktop, settings

Please note that, perhaps, before entering the server, you must connect to the VPN network, how to do it, you can read according to the following links Setting L2TP/IPSEC VPN shifts on the Android OS

Connection instructions for Android devices

This instruction considers the procedure for connecting to the cloud services of Mars Telecom (such as “rental of a virtual server”, “lease of dedicated server”, “rental 1C in the cloud”) and setting up RDP customers through the Parallels Client applications and “Microsoft Remote Desktop” for devices under the control of the Android operating system.

This instruction is also suitable if you use the application of another RDP client, The settings will be identical. The difference is only in the application intensity.

In case of questions, you can always seek help from our technical specialists.

We find, install and open the Parallels Client application from Play Market.

To create a new connection, click on the “” button in the upper right corner of the application integration.

By pressing the Remote Application Server, select the “Standard RDP” item from the list opened list.

Next, fill out the fields “understandable name” (connection name in the application), “server address”, “user name”, “password”, on the “General” tab, settings from your connection instructions sent to an authorized email address by our technical specialists.

On the “Additionally” tab, you can configure additional connection capabilities.

Click the “Save” button, then connect to the server and start work.

We find, install and open the Microsoft Remote Desktop application from Play Market.

To create a new connection, click on the “” button “in the upper right corner of the application integer and select the” Desktop “item in the menu.

In the window that appears, click on the “Add Manully” button.

In the “Host Name Or IP Address” field, enter the “connection server” from your connection instructions sent to an authorized email address with our technical specialists.

Click on the Enter EVERY TIME menu item and select Add User Account to add a new user. In the window that appears, fill out the user name and password fields from your connection instructions sent to an authorized email address by our technical specialists. Click “Save” to save settings.

Remote computer control from a phone or tablet in TeamViewer

In order to fully use TeamViewer, you will need to install it on a computer, to which you plan to connect remotely. About how to do this I wrote in detail in the article Remote computer management using TeamViewer. It is enough to install TeamViewer Quick Support, but in my opinion, if you are your computer, it is better to install the full free version of the program and configure “uncontrolled access”, which will allow you to connect to a remote desktop at any time, provided that PC is included and has access to the Internet.

Gestures for use when managing a remote computer

After installing the necessary software on the computer, start TeamViewer on your mobile device and enter the ID, then click the “Remote Management” button. At the password request, indicate either the password that was automatically generated by the program on the computer, or the one that you installed when setting up the “uncontrolled access”. After the connection, you will first see the instructions for using gestures on the device screen, and then. your computer desktop on your tablet or on the phone.

My tablet connected to a laptop with Windows 8

By the way, not only the image is transmitted, but also the sound.

Using buttons on the lower TeamViewer panel on a mobile device, you can call the keyboard, change the mouse control method or, for example, use the gestures accepted for Windows 8 when connecting to the machine from this operating system. There is also the possibility of remote rebooting the computer, the transmission of key combinations and scribbled with a pinch, which may be useful for small telephone screens.

File transfer to TeamViewer for Android

In addition to computer management directly, you can use TeamViewer to transfer files between the computer and the phone in both directions. To do this, at the ID input stage, select “Files” at the bottom of the item. When working with files, the program uses two screens, one of which represents a file system of a remote computer, the other. a mobile device between which you can copy files.

In fact, the use of TeamViewer on Android or iOS is not particularly difficult for a novice user and, a little experimenting with the program, anyone will figure out what’s what to do with it.

Android Mobizen connection app

Mobizen is one of the most popular application for managing Android smartphones and tablets from a remote place. The program has several unique and intuitive functions that make it so demanded among users. Use this reliable solution if you want to quickly transmit videos and photos stored on remote Android devices.

The application supports the transfer of files between a desktop computer and a phone, create screenshots and capture a video from a smartphone screen. With it, you can remotely control the desktop, and if the touch screen is on the PC, then draw on the screen, and even move (dragging) files and icons with a swipe, as on the screen of Android devices, instead of using classic hardware key commands and mouse click control elements. The application makes it possible to save the screen screen images with one click of the button. Connection with a remote device can be made of a browser or from the application.

How to connect to a computer on Android. Microsoft Remote Desktop

Microsoft Remote Desktop another program for remote control, access to applications, desktop on a computer with Windows operating system.

With its help, you can get full access to the computer programs using a safe connection.

In order to connect to a computer, remote access to the computer should be installed on the computer. In Windows 10 with Fall Creators Update and higher (1709), for this you need to open a start. parameters. system. remote desktop. And set the switch to the ON position.

Windows 10 on iPadOS 15 | How to set up Remote Desktop | Windows365

To find out the version of Windows, you need to open the start. parameters. system. about the system. Below there is a section “Designing Windows”.

For users with Windows 7 and early Windows 10 assemblies, you need to download the remote assistant from the Microsoft website. He himself will set up the necessary parameters.

After that, you can start working with the phone. Swarf up the application on Android.

Using Microsoft Remote Desktop for iPad

Download Microsoft Remote Desktop free

Immediately after starting, you need to add a new computer. To do this, click on the icon with a plus at the top of the screen and select Desktop.

After that, the process of scanning your network will begin for, where your computer should be. To connect to a computer, it should be on the same Wi-Fi network as the phone. If the computer is not located, then you can add it manually by the Add Manoally button.

After that, a window in the entrance window will appear in Microsoft Remote Desktop, where you need to specify the user name or domain. This is not a computer name, to connect to a computer, you need to enter exactly the user himself. If you get the error “WE COULDNKE CONNECT to the Remote PC” 0xc07. If the user does not have a password, then I could not join.

All. After that, the connection is installed and you can work with the computer from the phone screen.

In Microsoft Remote Desktop, you can add more than one computer, but several. You can also configure the login so that you do not have to write it manually every time.

In the program settings, you can configure the gateway through which you need to connect if you have so tuned to Internet access; screen resolution, users, etc.

How to configure remote access to a computer via Windows Phone

Difficulty level: for advanced. Remote connection to your home or working computer may be needed if you urgently need any data or you will need to perform certain actions. This opportunity may also help you out if necessary to help inexperienced users. To solve these problems, Microsoft has released a special Microsoft Remote Desktop Preview utility for Windows Phone 8.1, and in this article we will learn how to use it.

microsoft, remote, desktop, settings

By default, in the operating system Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) is in a disabled state. Therefore, in order to access your working or home computer running Windows, you need to activate this protocol.

This will need to open a window of the system properties. In Windows 8 and 8.1 You need to click on the right mouse button in the lower left corner of the screen and select the “System” item. In the window that appears, click on the “Remote Access Settings” link, and in the next window, mark the option “Allow the remote assistant to this computer” and “allow remote access to this computer”.

Please note that this function is not included in the home versions of Windows 7, Vista and Windows 8, so you will need a professional version or higher, for example Windows 7 Ultimate to use it.

Connection to a computer using a smartphone running Windows Phone

First of all, go to the Windows Phone Applications store and install Microsoft Remote Desktop Preview on a smartphone smartphone. After starting it, press the button with a plus on the lower panel and add the computer data to which you need to connect. It can be the name of the computer or its IP address.

It is not difficult to find out your network address at all. You can do this in the computer network connection window. Click on the active connection with the right mouse button, select the “condition”, and in the next window “Information”. Find and write down the value of the line “IPV4 address”.

Enter this sequence of numbers in the connection window on the smartphone. Then you need to specify the login and password to enter the account of this computer. If you select the “Add Credentials” option, then the information you enter will be saved and subsequently re.enter the login and password will not be needed.

After a second waiting, your smartphone screen will take landscape orientation, and a computer desktop image will appear on it. Despite the significant difference in screens, it is quite convenient to control the desktop from a smartphone. In order to increase any part of the screen, a standard zoaming gesture or a special button on the top panel is used next to the computer address.

Movements are carried out by swamps in the right direction, and the click of the mouse corresponds to the slippers on the screen. In addition, you can enter the text using a special keyboard, which contains an additional row with Windows functional keys.

In order to close the remote connection, just press the physical button “Back”. As a result, you will fall on the start screen of the Microsoft Remote Desktop Preview, and another pressing of this button will lead to the exit from the program.

Currently Microsoft Remote Desktop Preview for Windows Phone 8.1 is still in development, so not all the necessary functionality is fully implemented. For example, there is no file transfer function, remote inclusion and reloading of the system, there are problems with connecting to those accounts in the login of which Cyrillic characters are used. However, the program is often updated, and let’s hope that soon these shortcomings will be corrected.

Microsoft Remote Desktop

Of course, it is difficult to compare with TeamViewer in ease of use, but Microsoft still managed to create a rather practical service. The main feature of Microsoft Remote Desktop is that for remote control you will not have to install any applications on the computer: the standard Windows OS will be used.

All you need to do on a computer is to make appropriate settings. Firstly, in the section “Management Panel”-“System”-“Setting Remote Access” should be allowed to connect remote computers (it is recommended to select the option “With authentication”).

After that, you should indicate by what accounts on this computer you can make a remote connection. Note that a prerequisite is a password, without it you will not be able to establish a remote connection. Therefore, if you use a computer without a password, go to the “Management Panel” section. “User Accounts” and select the “Change your password” link.

Install Microsoft Remote Desktop on a smartphone or tablet. It is available for free loading in Google Play or at TSMM (4.4 MB). Windows Phone: TSSM (2.7 MB). Add a new connection by pressing the “” button “.

Come up with an arbitrary name for the created connection, and then enter the name of the computer to which you plan to connect (you can see it in the “Control”. “system” section). Also specify the user name and password from this account. If you correctly introduced all the parameters, then the desktop on the computer will be blocked, and you will get access to it from a mobile device. At the same time working on a computer and remotely control it from a smartphone at Microsoft Remote Desktop.


The recognized leader in the software list for remote computer management is the TeamViewer service. The application is completely free for non.profit use. You can download the PC installation program from the official TeamViewer website.COM or by TSM (6.5 MB). The mobile version of the program is available both on the official website and at (12.4 MB). Note that the mobile version of the application is available not only for Android OS, but also for iOS and Windows Phone.

For a remote connection to a computer, you need to run the application on PC. Here you will receive a unique access code to this computer and a dynamic password (which will be changed at the next time the program is launched). It is they who need to be used for remote connection to a computer. Note that you can configure a permanent password for a remote connection (or completely activate the account in the TeamViewer system) to get constant access to all your computers.

Note that TeamViewer can also be used to direct files between two devices, as well as to control a computer from another computer.

Windows 8 Controller free

The Windows 8 controller is suitable when you need a simple remote control for the operating system integer, and not complete remote access. You can download it to your Android device from GooglePlay, and for your Windows 8 system you can find the server application on the official website.

On the application server you have two buttons: parameters and certificate. You can also see your IP address if you want to connect manually or if you just have an automatic connection on your Android device you need to press Auto Connect or Manual Connect using the computer IP addresses.

microsoft, remote, desktop, settings

TeamViewer for remote control

TeamViewer offers simple, quick and safe remote control, being one of the most popular providers in the world. You can control any computer with Windows, Mac and Linux or any Android device. TeamViewer is free for personal use, and you can download it from the official site or search for Google Play or Windows Store.

After you download and install it, start the program on both of your systems, and connect to Windows 8 from your Android device using the identifier and password shown in the TeamViewer window.

Setting Microsoft Remote Desktop

RDP is a protocol that provides remote access to a computer via the Internet without using special utilities. Windows operating system began to support this system component in version XP. Now each user of more modern versions, including Windows 7, 8 and 10, can take advantage of the functional opportunity. This function is known for a wide audience of users, but few of them know how to configure remote access.

This instruction will tell you how to properly organize the work of Remote Desktop, both on laptops and PC with various operating systems, including Windows, Mac OS X, and on Android smartphones, iPhone.

It is worth noting that carefully following understandable recommendations, each user will be able to configure the remote desktop in a short period of time.

How to use Microsoft Remote Desktop

Microsoft has developed an option that allows you to use the capabilities of the remote type. RDP Protocol provides for connecting one device to another. In this case, both computers should be connected to one local network. It is important to take into account that there is a method by which the protocol is used when connecting via the Internet. It is also mentioned in this article.

To correctly configure remote access, knowledge of the IP address of the device will be required. Given the constant changes in this address in home computer configurations, the user will have to indicate a static indicator that will relate exclusively to the local type network. Statical IP address is in no way connected with the Internet provider. This is an integral preparatory phase that cannot be ignored before making a protocol connection. The following steps are required from the user: